Another busy week for me.

Tonight is the Queen + Adam Lambert Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Tomorrow we are going to see Cars 3.

Then Friday is a birthday party dinner for a relative. Then of course after that comes the 4th of July thing. The 4th decided to be on a Tuesday this year and my company decided only to give us that day off even though M has Monday the 3rd off and so does a couple of our friends. And they all work in the same industry as I do. Nuts!

One of the cities around us does their fireworks on the 3rd. I have no idea why, they just always have. This is where M’s cousin lives so that Monday night, we will be headed over to her place to BBQ and watch the works from her driveway on a hill.

Then more family and fireworks on the actual 4th! Too much! HA HA

I am supposed to be updating What Happened to Spock next and I hope to get to it soon but I’d actually also like to update You’re in My Veins. I plan to, hopefully, conclude Forever I Am With You by the end of July.

And nothing is better on a Monday than a pretty picture of Chris