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Flash Fic, June 01, 2020

Spock watched somewhat apprehensively as the human’s boy’s gaze skittered over the room, landing nowhere.

“This will be your room.”

“Okay,” Jim said in a small voice.

Earlier, Spock’s mom had made cinnamon cookies and she had given one to Jim. To Spock’s discomfort, Jim had merely stared long and hard at the cookie. Spock had been about to advise Jim that he should eat it when his mother had firmly shaken her head at him.

Jim had then asked for a napkin and when he’d received one, he had carefully wrapped it around the cookie.

Spock’s mother had advised him that he wasn’t to make a fuss over anything Jim did unless it was directly harmful to Jim or someone else. So now Jim still had the wrapped cookie in hand and while Spock watched he walked over to the chest full of drawers, opened one of them, and placed the cookie inside.

Spock wanted to tell him that no one, no one, would take the cookie from him. In fact, Jim could have all the cookies he could eat, Spock would make sure of that, but his mother’s words of warning still rang in his head so he remained silent.

Earlier, Jim had showered under the supervision of Spock’s mother. His hair was still damp and plastered to his head and surprisingly he looked even smaller and slighter than before.

That Sarek thought Jim should go to another family on Vulcan in the condition he clearly was in, was quite unfathomable to Spock. For all that Sarek was married to a human and had a human foster daughter, Spock did not think Sarek knew humans very well at all.

“You should rest for the night, Jim,” he told the boy. “The bed has been made to be comfortable for you. There should be everything you need here. I am not far should you need anything, however. There is also a call button next to the bed if you need Mother.”

“I understand.”

Spock wished to say more but didn’t know what. So he turned to leave, his hand resting near the off switch for the light.

“No,” Jim said urgently.

Spock turned quickly back.

“Can you…leave the light on?” Jim wouldn’t look at him. “The…darkness…I don’t…”

“Yes,” Spock said. “I will leave it on.”

Jim nodded. Still not looking at Spock.


When he stepped outside, Michael was waiting for him. Spock was not surprised.

“How is he?”


“I can see why.” She reached down and pulled a stuffed dog out of her bag and handed it to Spock. “Give him this.”

Spock frowned. “I do not think…”

“Give it to him. It’ll help.” She turned and went back to her room.

Spock turned back to Jim’s door and knocked softly. Then he opened the door and stepped inside.

“Jim, Michael thought you might wish to have this while here.”

Jim eyed the dog. “I’m not a child.”

He nodded. “That is what I expected. I will tell her that you are not interested in having it.”

“You can…leave it. There on the bed.”

Surprised, Spock brought the stuffed dog to the bed and left it there. Jim still not meeting his gaze.

“Goodnight,” he said. And once more left Jim’s room.

Flash Fic, September 18, 2019

Just one more part to go for this series of flashes!

When Spock arrived at the Rec Room, early, he quickly noted that the captain was already there, again not his usual practice, and he was seated at a table for four with McCoy, Scott, and Keenser. They were playing some sort of card game.

Spock approached. “Captain?”

“Oh hi, Spock. Got involved in this game here with the guys. I meant to message you to tell you no chess game after all.” Jim smiled. “Sorry. Another time?”

He could not help it, he felt himself stiffen, even as the other three occupants of the table stared up at him. Spock could not have said why, but he was convinced that Jim had started the game himself with the other three deliberately to get out of the game with Spock.

“Very well, Captain. If you will excuse me.”

And as Spock walked away, he heard McCoy whispering to their captain.

After that, Spock decided there was a reason Jim would not agree to spend time with him, and whatever it was, Jim would tell him when he felt like it. In the meantime, Spock would cease to bother him with invitations to play chess or other time together.

A week went by before, Nyota pulled him aside into the turbolift.

“Spock, what’s going on with you?”

“To what do you refer?”

“You’ve been ignoring the captain for days. Barely speaking to him. Everyone’s noticed.”

Spock frowned slightly, “Has the captain noticed?”

Nyota gave him an incredulous look. “Of course he has. Haven’t you noticed the looks he’s been shooting you? Spock, if this is the way you intend to woo Jim, I’m afraid you’re going to fail.”

“I am not attempting to woo him.”

“Why not?”

“Because he has given no indication that he returns my affections. And in fact…”

“No indication?” She slapped the wall of the turbolift. “I give up. You two are too much for anyone.”

The doors to the turbolift opened and Nyota hurried out, leaving Spock standing there by himself.

Reorganizing Stories on AO3

So over the last few days, and continuing for the next few, I am putting all my stories in certain categories/series for better structure and finding when trying to read me.

Now each story will be in only one series. For example in the past Professor Spock was in both THAT series and The Professor-Cadet series. That will no longer be the case. With one exception, The Fantasy is going in both its existing series and the “Mirror” tag noted below, because that one story “The Fantasy” involves another universe and the others do not.

I’m moving a lot of stories around so if you found my stories in any particular series and go through series bookmarks, that might change.

I’ve created new series too. “Stand-Alone Stories” means just what it says. They can be read without having to read any other connected stories. I also created a “Mirror” series so any stories I have written as some part of a Mirror universe goes there. I also started one for just “Five Plus” stories.

When the as yet unnamed Christmas story is finished it will go into my winter holiday collection.

So you get the idea. Eventually within each series they will be in the date order of when they were published.

All of this is just FYI if you start seeing weirdo things on my stories in AO3.


Thursday Ramblings, November 08, 2018


This corner is right by my work! There you go, a glimpse into weekday life for me.

Probably should have the next part of WDPLUF up where you are reading this but the truth is this week has been…challenging.

Nevertheless I got a lot done on my updates on AO3, so that’s something.

My Christmas story is up over 10,000 words now and I am up to the part where I am writing sex. Which of course means I am stalling! HA

Busy weekend of stuff to do both Saturday and Sunday. Ugh. You know how I feel about that.

Next to update when I can is My Heart’s a Virgin. Things were looking up for our boys as Spock asked Jim to stay. So that should be a good update. Also All I Ever Wanted is after that. Spock and Jim are experimenting with memories and mild melds.

Anyway, we’ll see what I can get done what with work and socializing etc.

Friday is Outlaw King (not Wednesday like I thought…oops)

We aren’t ready to do this in the very near future, but M and I have talked about getting another kitty for Luna and for us. I’ll keep you posted on this.

In the meantime, be well, my friends, and remember to be kind to yourself.


Ramblings of the Week, September 30, 2018

Our trip to the Queen Mary was great. Lots of fun. My cousin quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately, she had too much to drink that night though and ended up puking and having a hangover. She also lost her contact lenses. She’s a mess but we love her, LOL

Here is a picture of the Long Beach Fire Boat in the bay showing off for us while we ate dinner at Chelsea’s on the ship.

IMG_3615 Cousin went back to Maine Saturday. It’s never long enough, really. She loves it here and loves us and we her. She usually visits in Spring but this year visited us at this time.

While we were gone, M received a vegetable/fruit box and he gave a key to our neighbor to bring it in to our house for us. We had just replaced this lock August after putting up with it for far too long not working right. Somehow the neighbor bent something in the new lock when she entered our house so it would no longer work. Ugh. So yesterday I had to get another new one to replace it. Not fun.

I need to do the next chapter of Where My Demons Hide so that’s what I plan on working on next. After that probably back to my Christmas story as I am loving it so much.

I have a bit of a cold, I think. Woke up with stuffy nose, sore throat and a little headache. I downed some emergency so hopefully it won’t get too bad.

Rambles, August 15, 2018 Edition

I’ve been thinking about the past for the last day or so. It’s been twenty-three years since I went to Ireland now. One of my most fondest memories of my lifetime and it was so long ago. Kind of sad in a way.

Twenty-one years ago I had my gallbladder surgery, right after I came back from Disney World. Ha. Well, almost. We went in July (and don’t even talk about being in Florida in July, ugh) and my surgery was in September. It’s also hard to believe it was so long ago for Disney World.

For that matter, it’s been seventeen years since I went to Austria and Germany.

Where does the time go? I really don’t know. There’s a song by Five for Fighting that is called 100 Years and it talks about having 100 years to live (which of course we don’t, most of us) but what really strikes me is the line I’m fifteen for a moment. Because, really, that’s how it is for us. Life goes so fast.

Anyway, in a couple of days I am off for San Diego for three days. Before I know it that will be done as well. And then August will fall right behind it and it will be September again.

I’ll be working on All I Ever Wanted, next, I think. Not sure when I will have it up, or if I will, before I leave. I am also working on the Professor Spock sequel and at the moment I am actually leaning toward concentrating on that for a bit. I also worked on my Christmas story a bit, yesterday, creating a new beginning for it which will need to be tied together with what I have already written.

I did get the next part of The Love of a Lifetime up for publication here on Friday.

I am going to leave it here, that if another ST movie is made without CP (which I don’t think it will be but you never really know), I will be finishing the stories I have going and then quit writing for the fandom. I’m not interested in a new Kirk and I’m not interested in a movie without the AOS cast. I suspect either a deal will be made or they won’t make the movie, which if Paramount is against putting in any real effort to it, is frankly for the best.

On to other things. Don’t know if I mentioned it or not but my job is moving locations in 2019. There was all kinds of speculation as to where we would be moved (basically our building was sold, our lease is up next year, so we are being booted out), but they have made the decision and it’s literally down the street from where we are now. But ack, moving sucks, and I am not looking forward to it. Yeah it’s not for a year, but, gah. I’ve been in this building for years.

Anyway, that’s the rambles for now.  I leave you with a picture of where we are staying in San Diego.


Ramblings, August 13, 2018

So first, my couch arrived and it was the wrong color. I ordered brown and it came as gray. By the time I realized it the box was open and we were putting it together. Than later I was looking at what I ordered and what I had and realized they sent me the wrong loveseat altogether.  I ordered the “Copenhagen” and they sent me the “Palisades”.

Here it is with throw pillow we got to match our rug. (you can see a tiny edge of the girls’ pink furry blanket LOL)Couch2

Anyway, it’s likely not our forever couch but it will do for now and it replaced the old broken one!

The Hollywood Bowl was a grand time. All the Star Wars nerds with their light sabers was pretty cute.

All I have to say about the Star Trek/Hemsworth/Pine thing is that I don’t think any of us would like to be told by our employers that they were cutting the pay we were promised. It’s Bullshit and Paramount needs to pay up or ruin everything. Fuckers.

In writing, I didn’t do much over the weekend but begin my Professor Spock sequel. Today, I finished Young and Beautiful. YAY. And that’s about where I am at this point.

Temps are back to the norm for August. About 88 or so today. Not bad but we are getting hit with a little more humidity than we are used to getting. I don’t know where you live but the kiddies go back to school this week. Back in my day (yes, yes, old person) we didn’t go back until the Tuesday after Labor Day. But I guess the kids here get more days off during the year to make up for it. Like I know they get three weeks at Christmas, which we did not. The stores were crowded with back to school shoppers this weekend. But now that that’s about over, I expect to see the Halloween stuff show up at any time. I already spotted a Halloween Spirit shop coming soon in one of the vacant buildings near us.

Ramblings of the Week, August 06, 2018

So my time in Solvang has come and passed. It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it?

We had a great time even though it was beastly hot. I am afraid I gained back a couple of pounds but this is certainly a lifetime journey of getting healthy again. So today is a fasting day. Coffee, tea, and broth for me.

It was nice to have a weekend by ourselves. I got a new teapot and we also got some flavored vinegars and oils. They have a year round Christmas shop there that I seldom buy anything at but this time they had a gingerbread man tree skirt. The sister has a collection of gingerbread men similar to my elves, so we texted her about it, and sure enough she wanted us to get it. All they had was one on display but they were able to sell it to us.

This coming weekend is our night at the Hollywood Bowl. We pick one every year to attend, go to a restaurant there, and then enjoy the whole outdoor arena under the stars thing. One year we saw Star Trek 2009 there with music played live to it. We are doing something similar to that this year but instead it is Empire Strikes Back from Star Wars. They also had a night with Harry Potter which I would have preferred but sometimes you have to go with what everyone else wants to see or whatever day happens to work out better for everyone. Anyway, I go for the dinner and the whole Bowl experience.

I put up The Ties That Bind on AO3 (formerly Bonding). Next up to update is Where My Demons Hide and then we will see where I go with updates after that.

We are in the middle of an excessive heat warning. I just read that the entire world is going to be faced with many more of those with global warming and climate change. I am sure you read or saw about the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa, and fortunately they have beaten it for now. How scary. But I see Australia and Israel are facing severe droughts as well. So are we for that matter but I think it’s worse there. Humans are such wasteful creatures. So even if you aren’t facing a drought where you are, please consider some water conservation, for the planet if nothing else.

Have  a good week.


I’m At It Again…Sorry

Damn it I am at it again!

You’ve probably seen by now that I started a new fic called False Memories. I honestly was starting a one-shot and then it got me thinking it deserved more than one chapter and well…

I am really going to try to keep it down on the short side 2 maybe 3 chapters.


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