Our trip to the Queen Mary was great. Lots of fun. My cousin quite enjoyed it. Unfortunately, she had too much to drink that night though and ended up puking and having a hangover. She also lost her contact lenses. She’s a mess but we love her, LOL

Here is a picture of the Long Beach Fire Boat in the bay showing off for us while we ate dinner at Chelsea’s on the ship.

IMG_3615 Cousin went back to Maine Saturday. It’s never long enough, really. She loves it here and loves us and we her. She usually visits in Spring but this year visited us at this time.

While we were gone, M received a vegetable/fruit box and he gave a key to our neighbor to bring it in to our house for us. We had just replaced this lock August after putting up with it for far too long not working right. Somehow the neighbor bent something in the new lock when she entered our house so it would no longer work. Ugh. So yesterday I had to get another new one to replace it. Not fun.

I need to do the next chapter of Where My Demons Hide so that’s what I plan on working on next. After that probably back to my Christmas story as I am loving it so much.

I have a bit of a cold, I think. Woke up with stuffy nose, sore throat and a little headache. I downed some emergency so hopefully it won’t get too bad.