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Updates A Plenty

Recently, as most of you know, I updated A Heart Needs a Second Chance where Jim’s conversation with Rex revealed clues to the truth many suspected regarding Jim’s alleged cheating. A chapter along time coming in more ways than one!

I have a flash scheduled for tomorrow.

I am working on the next chapter of Our So-Called Life but since it will be their first sexual experience together it’s taking a bit of time. They have waited a long time for this, as have we, so it needs to be good. I don’t kid myself that it will be perfect. Look for that some time this week.

After that I’ll get to updating Cosmic Love and Welcome to the Enterprise. And of course after that the highly anticipated next chapter of Random Stranger (I’m joking of course).

All of my regular stories took a necessary step back due to the holidays, but with those behind us we can go back to regularly scheduled programming.

In the meantime, my company gets a holiday this next Monday for MLK and so the sister and I are off to one of our weekend adventures. I’ll be gone Saturday-Monday. This will be the last long weekend adventure for a couple of months so I will use it well.

Thank you for listening.

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Random Things (September 04, 2022)

I decided to delete my tumblr account, so it’s gone. I’d been thinking of it for a while now and just hadn’t gotten around to it. I really don’t get anything from it anymore and those I used to like to see on there are gone themselves, so…it’s history. I had like 280 follows on there but most of them were inactive themselves. I am actually surprised it hasn’t shut down.

Going to sister’s later for a BBQ. Well, we intend to spend the day inside instead of out as we normally would. It’s going to be another 100 degree day. Think we are supposed to have 8 days in a row, which is not normal for us. By next weekend it’s back in the 80s, thankfully.

I’ve gotten Monday’s and Wednesday’s flashes up but still need to do Friday’s. Have no fear, I will get it done.

After posting chapter two of A Heart Needs a Second Chance (cheating Jim story) I had several requests to post again soon to it so for now I intend to keep going with that story. Expect chapter 3 up later this week.

Went to a Fleetwood Mac tribute concert last night. It was fun.

Don’t know if I mentioned this but Luna has jump anxiety. She seriously does. Anyway, I am sure I have told the story of having bought for the brat this luxurious soft cat bed some years back. She refused to go anywhere near it and kept her flat not luxurious cat bed. The nice one sits in the garage.

But recently I got her this scratching post thing that has a top part for the cat to make themselves comfortable (see picture with Luna in it)

She loves it. But cannot or will not jump into it because of that jump anxiety. So she has figured out how to ask us to pick her up and put her in it. Yes, she is incredibly spoiled. But I am thrilled she actually likes it!

Quick Update

I’ve tested negative for almost a week now and I feel good. (Good for a geezer anyway).

This weekend I am off again to a special dinner and overnight trip Saturday for M’s birthday. It’s a little early as it’s at the end of the month but sister and I will be in Vegas for the convention then so we are doing an early celebration. M is staying home with Luna!

In other news, I am so so so busy at work I think my brains are leaking out. It’s stressing me out. I have ants in my bathroom looking for water (with so many states in drought who isn’t), I’ve been trying to lose weight again, and we’re still trying to have a family barbecue (postponed when M and I got Covid) sometime in September.

I’m working my way through stories too. I don’t have time to write anything new right now though I want to. Next update will be The Mysterious One. I hope to finish that one this year finally. But I don’t have time to get to it until next week probably.

Ayi yi. At least my August flashes are done and scheduled!

Here’s a pretty picture!

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Coming to an AO3 Update Near You

Time marches on and so do expectations.

My next writing adventure (chapter) will be Our So-Called Life. When last we left our intrepid T’hy’la pair Spock was off to Starfleet Academy, leaving Jim once more behind.

And soon enough I am going to be skipping right ahead three years to Jim being an adult and joining Spock there. I haven’t decided whether to have one more chapter at 15 or skip ahead to Jim going there.

I’m at 37 chapters and I think 40 might be a good place to stop and it would be nice to have three chapters of them both as adults. But it’s not like there’s a rule that says I can’t do 41.

But that might be a few days as I am understandably behind at work and life in general.

Look for that next though!

And as the sergeant used to say at the end of every Hillstreet Blues (old show), “Let’s Be Careful Out There.”

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The Rest of the Year’s Themes

Before you know it July will be done!

For August, I will be posting flashes only Mondays and they will relate to missions gone wrong

September is Academy month (I do this for back to school at least it always was here in the US), I think it will be MWF for this.

October is Autumn/Halloween themed. Not sure what days will post yet

November is Family Gatherings. Not sure what days will post yet

December is Holidays. Not sure what days will post yet, whether it will be the 25 days or 12 days or what. We shall see.

That’s the scoop folks!

Sunday Rambles

I was in a store yesterday and ta da they already were putting out fall. Yeah I was agog, too. I love fall as much as the next one but sheesh

On the other hand look at this cool flower in the garden section of a hardware store

Anyhow because I need to write MORE (sarcastic) I am writing a new song fic/five story thing. It’s being proofed and when it’s ready I hope to post the first chapter soon.

June 22, 2022 Rambles

I am working diligently (or attempting to) on the final chapter of my 5 Things story. It’s about half done and I’m working on the sexy times part or about to, anyway. That will be my next update before the next chapter of The Mysterious One.

In other news I am rewriting the first two chapters of the Jim cheats on Spock story, Not too Few Regrets. I started it as first person but decided to go back to third and I intend to change the title. It’s going to be angsty obviously when i start posting it again but I want to get a bit done before that happens.

Still have a few Christmas in July’s to write but I am in pretty good shape there.

Sister just feels like she has a cold though still testing positive. Next week we go to Morro Bay for a couple of days June 30-July02. She thinks she will be good to go so the three of us are planning on it. Me, M, and Sister.

Over time continues. I did get an extra $200 last paycheck and an extra $400 this latest one so there is that. Given the prices of everything and my upcoming trip to Vegas at the end of August I’ll need it.

Last night we actually got a touch of rain and it’s 90ish today. Many parts of the country have it worse weather wise than us so I am not complaining! Yet.

If you are looking for something to read of mine, I will suggest Potions. I can’t link to it at the moment but if you find my “Stand Alone Series” it’s number 21.

I leave you with a picture of M’s world famous red, white and blue margaritas, this was from Memorial Day this year.

Time to Remember and Ramblings

Went and saw the latest Jurassic Park for nephew’s birthday. It was fun having a theater to ourselves (well friends and family) but my sister missed out as she tested positive for COVID. She’s fine with only a scratchy throat but man was she disappointed. I loved seeing the original cast.

Besides that we watched The Lost City on our big screen TV (55 inch) which has Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum and basically is a redo of Romancing the Stone. Cute though and spoiler alert Brad Pitt had a brief role with an…abrupt end shall we say LOL.

Finally we also watched Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie, No Time to Die. Basically your typical hyper masculine Bond movie.

Here’s a new story for you to check out, starts off pretty wicked angst but it definitely has a happy ending.

False Memories.

Jim thinks he and Spock are together, but nope, they aren’t.

Real Quick

The over time over the next few months is going to be more hours and more complicated than I thought initially. I may be fairly scarce but I will do my absolute best to give you content in fics when I can. Nothing is abandoned and I will finish everything and do updates. I promise.

But it’s a good thing I said I would only do Fridays for June. We’ll see for July.

Here’s a picture of the dessert I had Sunday night for my latest little getaway. Pretty huh? Chocolate mousse and ice cream.

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