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An October Walk With Me

Since we are coming to the end of October already I thought I’d post some “Fall” pictures for us.

Tree losing its leaves (yes the sky is that blue)
Proof some of our trees leaves change color
More changing trees and a super blue sky

Fallen leaves and yes that is my foot

A nearby neighbor’s decorations, Too cute right? A little girl lives there

I am beginning to write some of the holiday flashes. I haven’t finished November but right now I want to get a jump on the December flashes. Now is your chance to tell me in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to see.

I’ll probably repeat titles and ideas from the 2019 set. Last year, if you will recall, I did one story instead of the flashes. This year we return to the more popular flashes

November’s Theme

Well, I still have four flashes to write for October. Slow going, not going to lie. Sigh.

But anyway, the theme for November is Jealousy

So that’s what you can expect to see in the flashes I post. MWF? Maybe. I might have to cut to MF. I’ll try not to but ya know, Christmas is coming.

I have started a Christmas story to post on exclusively on AO3 but so far I’m not in love wit it. We shall see if that changes.

Whatever happens in December, where it’s an every day flash or MWF thing, I am sure you can guess the theme for that.

I am toying with January’s theme being TOS. That’s the plan for now.

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Just Stuff to Ramble About

So, got a lot coming up here personally. Lots of plans so…

I’ve written Friday’s flash and scheduled it. I will get Monday’s done to wrap up August soon.

M’s birthday is Friday (yep one day after CP’s but M is quite a bit older ha ha). We are getting a new dishwasher Saturday. Home Depot is delivering and installing. It’s been literally years since we’ve had one so that’s kind of cool. Sunday we are going out for dinner to celebrate M’s birthday.

I hope to get Sept 01, 03 and 06 flashes done in there somewhere.

I’ll be gone over Labor Day weekend. I will be home and have the day off September 07th. Then that weekend after, the 11th I’ll be helping my sister with some of Mom’s things again. She wants to put wood floors in her house so there’s a lot of work to do to get it ready. It’s now been just over 3 months since she passed away. Time sure does fly.

Anyway, happy 41st birthday to Chris Pine.

Ramblings for July 06, 2021

Say hello to my little goat friend. Yep I went to a fruit and vegetable stand that has a little farm and there’s one of the goats. Two, actually, because one is wisely in the shade in this picture. Anyhow, we haven’t gotten the beastly weather they are seeing in some parts of the west, but you know, hot enough.

I have now written and scheduled all but 5 of the Christmas in July stories and I know what two of those five will be.

Coming up and already scheduled is one for “Roommates”, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, TOS OMS set after TVH, a getting together flash, Vanik, and Kirk’s Children.

More to be written as I said.

Not yet sure what I will plan for August, but I promise I am already thinking about it.

Some Personal Updates

So yesterday I had a mental health day off from work. Did a bit of shopping and writing (I updated the last two chapters of Clarity the past few days and I am proud to have finished another one).

But just after lunch I got a text from sister to go pick up Mom who had fallen again. She had a big blood bruise on her back but otherwise seemed mostly okay. But those are the kinds of things I can expect at any time.

Today, sister gets her hair done and she’s now afraid to leave Mom alone, so I’ll be going over there shortly for several hours to watch her. This consists of me mostly sitting on the couch while she dozes in her chair.

Monday I go for my second doze of the Pfizer vaccine. I am anxious to get it over with. I have that day off too as the vaccine is in the morning and I decided might as well take the day in case of any side effects. I generally don’t get them from vaccines but you never know. I’ve been reading that, much like a flu shot, you’ll likely need to get additional shots as the years pass. Interesting times we live in for sure.

Anyway, I should have the next chapter of Cosmic Love up Monday, though I have yet to write it. Probably will tomorrow. Other than Cosmic Love, I am now down to only 6 wips. That is excellent for me. I once had 13 going at once. I’m running out of new ideas though, so maybe, I’ll stop after those 6? We will see. I mean how many times can we read about Jim meeting Spock at the Academy or Spock finally breaking up with Uhura to be with Jim?

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Coming Up for April 2021

So I think what I’m going to do for April with the MWF flashes that begin next week is connect the flashes into a Starfleet Academy/Riverside Fic. So the story will post April 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 23. 26, 28, and 30. They may not post at any certain time of the day if I don’t get the chapters done ahead of time, but for now that’s my goal.

In the meantime, here are some recent personal pictures.


Rambles and Mini September Walk With Me

So managed to update a couple things on AO3 this week including My Heart Wants to Sigh and The Carrier.

I am still working on getting October flashes done. I need to get my act together because I still have November ones and the Christmas story, oiye.

So I did a mini walk of September. See below.

Just looking down a pathway at a tree with pink flowers
This tree is beginning to lose leaves for the upcoming fall season
See? His leaves! LOL
These guys have lost a lot of their pink flowers now

Even the Jacaranda trees have lost all their pretty purple flowers
The sky is less smoky today then it’s been but we’re still in a bad air alert until Thursday
This tree has little flowers still but not sure what kind it is
One of the fallen ones!

Sorta Walk With Me August and Sorta Ramblings

Don’t remember if I did a walk for August so anyway, thought I’d post a few pictures around my area I took.

The last few days haven’t been bad and it even got into the high 50s at night. But Labor Day Weekend predictions are absolutely beastly with 106 on Saturday. I keep praying they are wrong.

An ugly hazy sky
More ugly haze
The little fountain by my house
Another view of the fountain
Cool flower
Sister-in-law’s cat, Mr. Kitty

Tomorrow will be the last of the summer themed flashes. I am still not done with September. I have 5 left to go. To be honest I am struggling because I feel like I have done everything and it’s hard to come up with something different. But maybe I am overthinking it and you’ll be okay if it’s something I’ve written before, just as long as you can read about Jim and Spock.

Anyway hope everyone has a good week.

August Rambles 2020

I’m in the middle of a massive heatwave.

Saturday my phone said 108. It’s supposed to be 100s all week. Yes I am melting. It’s hard to want to do anything when it’s hot like this. There are flex alerts and power outages and just all around bleh.

Doesn’t seem to bother Luna

But as you can see, I could see the smoke of a fire from my parking lot over my garage

Now have a pretty August flower to calm down

Anyhow, I have now written my flashes through September 11, but I still have like 8 more to go. That’s where my head is right now.

When I feel I can breathe on the flashes, I will get a new chapter of Clarity done. But until then…

Thank you for your time.

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