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May 2022 Walk With Me

It’s been a while so I thought I’d get some pictures up of May here in So Cal. How long will this last considering we are on mega water restrictions? Who knows.

In other news, I am going to be working a lot of Over Time at work on a project for a few months so that’s going to cut even more into my writing. Sorry to say.

Someone commented recently about me working on Spirk fic on AO3 for pretty much a decade, which is close to true (9 years in August) and though they were complimentary it also got me thinking. How long is too long? I don’t know.

Palm trees and jacarandas are everywhere
The trees are indeed alive
Roofers on their mission to replace the whole complex’s roofs
purple flowers
More flowers but they are wilting
The Jacaranda trees are madly blooming
Lots of purple/lavender flowers around
Jacarandas bloom in spring but do their best to lose their blooms by summer as you can see! LOL
My little front yard decorated for spring and Memorial Day

A Few Housekeeping Things

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By the time I finish Totally Modern Jim I will have written a post pretty much every day for two months. It’s taking a major toll on me, not going to lie.

And we all know July and Christmas in July will be here soon enough and I know most of you look forward to that.

So…in June it’s going to be Flash Fic Fridays only (the only exception being J’s birthday). Sorry it’s gotta be that way.

Besides in June (at the end) M, sister and I are going to Morro Bay for a few days R and R.

Somehow I have to fit other updates in there too. I need to finish a couple other fics soon as I am getting a bit overwhelmed with my own pressure. And yes I pressure myself.

Let me tell you what I do NOT want to be. I followed a published writer for a number of years. I loved her work from the first story I read of hers and bought every story she wrote. Read them multiple times. She was the type who wrote a series, meaning you’d get couple A’s story in the first book, couple B’s in the next, couple C in the next and so on. I loved all her inter-related stuff and lots of others did too. She was always a bit “flighty” or “eccentric” and at one point she had promised story sequels that never materialized. She announced after one of her publishers went out of business that she was done and would never write those promised stories. Then last year she came back again, wrote a few of those “promised” stories and swore she was going to finish the story most of her readers wanted the most (not me, I preferred another story she had promised to write and it too was in the “queue” never to be written) I got excited again. Bought the stories I had missed and eagerly waited for the others. I checked her site a few days back and once more she has announced she doesn’t intend to EVER write those stories, and too bad so sad.

I do NOT want to be that person. I will never ever write a new story again before I will not finish those that are WIPS. I promise you the stories currently running will be finished. After that, I may quit. Honestly. But we will see. But not before they are all done.

Anyway, this is mostly to say, yes June will be light in flashes but not entirely bereft and I know that will be all right with all of you.

May Day Ramblings

I don’t know the date anymore, but it was several years ago, that M and I returned from a trip to find that sister and Mom had purchased for us our first “Smart” TV from Walmart and left it for us in our house. It was pretty small as far as those things are concerned but we only had a small space in our IKEA purchased entertainment center.

We’ve wanted to upgrade for a number of years now but we had the same old obnoxious entertainment center. This year we decided to get a new one, entertainment center, that would accommodate a bigger Smart TV. So M finally ordered one and we’ve been procrastinating ever since. Today we packed away our DVDs/BluRays and gaming systems so that we could finally put together the new one and get the old one out the door.

It’s a big project but we want that new TV and want this old entertainment center that’s been around since the 1990s, no not kidding, gone.

It reminded me though how many movies and television shows I actually own! Probably thousands of dollars worth. When and if the dang thing is ever finished I will post a picture once we get the new television.

Anyway that’s what’s going around here on a Sunday.

Ramblings About Requests

Believe it or not I get a lot of requests to write someone’s idea (less than I used to honestly). Many times I can do it. I definitely try and most times the results are decent.

But sometimes, I am glad I didn’t take on someone’s idea. I am going to keep this vague so not to offend anyone as much as possible.

Someone contacted me through comments quite a while back referring me to a link with their idea. It was very long and involved. It was for Spirk but there were many more involved elements including with characters I felt no affinity to, but I agreed to consider. This person was very complimentary about my abilities though I don’t remember a lot of prior interactions with them.

The more I read what they wanted though, the more I knew I could not do it. They wanted their idea written exactly as they saw it. And I am not that kind of writer. I have to be able to put my own spin on it. I gently tried to suggest they write it since that had such specifics. Basically they snapped that they couldn’t write and that’s why they wanted me to get it.

Eventually they did get another writer to agree to write some of their idea and this person did a pretty decent job considering what they wanted and that they didn’t like the same thing. The person requesting the idea didn’t kudo the work and though they claimed at first to like it had to come back a month later to say how disappointed they were that the writer didn’t write it exactly the way they wanted it to be done and the reasons they thought it should have been done differently. Their comment was quite offensive really. Frankly had I been the writer I would have deleted the whole thing. But wow, the whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth so to speak for this demanding person and feeling super bad for the author who tried to do what this person wanted and for what?

What is this all for? Just to share I guess. If I do someone’s suggestion, I am happy to do so but it must be under my terms and I don’t mean to be rude about that. I love receiving suggestions. Keep them coming. Some of my best stories have been suggestions but man this other writer’s experience sucked and I am so glad I rejected doing this.

Flash Fic, April 01, 2022

Fives Times Jim Almost Died and the One Time He Did

Just kidding, April Fool’s. I wouldn’t write that. Well, I did, actually. I have killed Jim off in a couple of one-shots and even a couple of stories.

Most notoriously The Strange Vulcan. I have had people tell me that story WRECKED them. It’s funny because there are so many elements to that story that I love so it’s a favorite of mine but I get it.

Fun fact or not so fun if you hate me for the above story. I originally intended it to be just a different meet between them. Spock time-traveling and ending up meeting Jim on modern Earth in Iowa.

But as I was writing that story I was marathon watching The Twilight Zone. Wow can some of those stories warp your mind. I remember one where the actress who played T’Pring (Arlene Martel I think was her name) that involved a plane crash. It was pretty freaky. She was a beautiful girl. Anyway, I digress.

Inspired by watching The Twilight Zone, I changed The Strange Vulcan to what it is today and yes, Jim dies. And, spoil alert, basically so does Spock. That’s not an April Fool’s joke.

If you haven’t read it, bring tissues or something.

But I digress. I didn’t write anything for today as I am giving myself this day off. If TSV is not your cup of tea there are plenty of them out there I have written that you can read instead.

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More Rambles to End March

The good news is I think the roofers are done with OUR building, although they are still next door. But at least they are no longer pounding over my head all day.

The also good news is I am feeling about ready to write something again. But it’s a chapter for Joined when I do. I have already played out much of the chapter in my head though the problem with that is many of the good lines I write in my head never make it to paper (or in modern times the Word doc). Some would say I should write it down as it comes to me but in all honesty I am not wired that way. So the great chapter in my head will likely be the so-so chapter once it’s posted. Happens to me all the time.

There are a few stories I am no longer feeling warm and fuzzy about so we’ll see what I have to do about those.

The next part of the Modern AU will be up Monday. That’s the one where Jim goes to Spock’s apartment with pizza and beer, if anyone’s keeping track.

We have relatives visiting from Maine right around Easter next month. My sister is going to Disneyland with them on Easter. Fortunately I get to miss that. I love Disneyland but not at the prices they charge now nor the crowds so I definitely am happy not to go. They might go to Universal Studios as well which I like even less.

I think that’s all the rambling I have in me at the moment.

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Just a bit of random updates and such

Tomorrow will be an introduction to a story that will eventually debut on AO3. I want to get a couple of other works in progress finished before I start posting new things. So Granted should be finished soon as well as My Hear Wants to Sigh. We’ll see about anything else. Anyway, in the meantime, you’ll see a taste of what’s to come tomorrow.

I believe Spring Fever stories debut this coming Thursday, so check them out if you can get a chance. They are posted anonymously. I don’t think the creators will be revealed until later in the month while I am on my trip.

Which a reminder, I will be gone from March 19-23. I will try and get flashes up for some of those days, but I won’t be able to respond to comments until I return.

I think that’s it for now. Thanks!

January Trees

I find January to be one of my least favorite months, if not the least. The holidays are over, the decorations are down, there’s nothing really to look forward to, often the weather is crap, it still gets dark a little too early, etc.

But today I took a walk around my area at a break and took a picture of what our January trees look like. These are not ever greens obviously, I didn’t take pictures of those trees who maintain their leaves year round. But these naked trees are also part of what I don’t like about January. As you will see though you can’t beat that blue sky.

Back but tired

I am back from my short trip but quite tired. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. No I did not win anything this time.

Bloody Mary
Slot Machine
Room view

Glass Sculpture thing in hallway of hotel

Fun times but I sure am feeling glad I took tomorrow off too.

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