I decided to delete my tumblr account, so it’s gone. I’d been thinking of it for a while now and just hadn’t gotten around to it. I really don’t get anything from it anymore and those I used to like to see on there are gone themselves, so…it’s history. I had like 280 follows on there but most of them were inactive themselves. I am actually surprised it hasn’t shut down.

Going to sister’s later for a BBQ. Well, we intend to spend the day inside instead of out as we normally would. It’s going to be another 100 degree day. Think we are supposed to have 8 days in a row, which is not normal for us. By next weekend it’s back in the 80s, thankfully.

I’ve gotten Monday’s and Wednesday’s flashes up but still need to do Friday’s. Have no fear, I will get it done.

After posting chapter two of A Heart Needs a Second Chance (cheating Jim story) I had several requests to post again soon to it so for now I intend to keep going with that story. Expect chapter 3 up later this week.

Went to a Fleetwood Mac tribute concert last night. It was fun.

Don’t know if I mentioned this but Luna has jump anxiety. She seriously does. Anyway, I am sure I have told the story of having bought for the brat this luxurious soft cat bed some years back. She refused to go anywhere near it and kept her flat not luxurious cat bed. The nice one sits in the garage.

But recently I got her this scratching post thing that has a top part for the cat to make themselves comfortable (see picture with Luna in it)

She loves it. But cannot or will not jump into it because of that jump anxiety. So she has figured out how to ask us to pick her up and put her in it. Yes, she is incredibly spoiled. But I am thrilled she actually likes it!