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First blog post

I’m trying this again, a fan fiction site separate from the one I use on AO3. For now I’m not widely advertising it while I see what I do with it.

I’m posting a work in progress that takes place after Star Trek Beyond, called Where My Demons Hide.

I’ll probably post photos and stuff that inspire me. Right now I’m fixated on a picture of Zachary Quinto in the snow that I just have to use for Spock.


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Flash Fic, October 05, 2022

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“What are those?”

Jim looked down at his plate then up at Bones. “Pumpkin rolls. Similar to cinnamon rolls but they had gooey pumpkin in them.”

Bones reached for one and Jim smacked his hand away. “Hey!”

“Did you ask if you could have one?” Jim smirked.

Bone grimaced and sat across from him in the booth. “I just wanted a bite.”

Jim reached for a knife, cut off a small bite and handed it to Bones on a napkin.

“Don’t be overly generous or anything.” Bones rolled his eyes. He popped it into his mouth and chewed. “Oh those are good. I want some.”

“I got the last.”

“Figures. Anyway that’s hardly a nutritious breakfast.”

“What are you my doctor or something?” Jim laughed. “I know. And Spock will give me a lecture when he finds out.”

“Where is lover boy?”

Jim shrugged. “Beats me. I woke up this morning and he was already gone. Came in late to bed, too.”

“Maybe he’s the boogeyman.”

Jim took a sip of coffee. “The what?”

“Well, you know, there have been all kinds of rumors about a mysterious figure that appears in the fog.”

“And does what exactly”

Bones shrugged. “Scare people to death? Sounds like Spock’s MO to me.”


“Modus Operandi.”

I know that. I’m not a dummy. I’m merely doubting your sanity.”

“Was a girl found last week in the park, covered in soil.”


“Yeah I guess there’s been more than one like that. Weird huh?”

“Beyond weird. And implausible too. Why would the boogeyman throw dirt on his victims?”

Bones ignored him. “Her hair turned white, too.”

“Hmm.” Jim considered. “Come to thing of it he did smell like dirt last night when  he came to bed.”

Bones stared at him. “You’re kidding.”

“Of course I’m kidding. Gimme a break.”

“Good morning, Doctor.” Spock appeared next to their table.

“Hiya sweetheart,” Jim greeted him as he slid in next to Jim. “Scare any girls lately?”

Spock arched a brow. ”There was a cadet who failed my test yesterday. She seemed frightened.”

“Only one?” Jim laughed. He gestured to the pumpkin rolls. “Have a roll.”

“Hey,” Bones protested. “I get one tiny bite and Spock gets a whole roll?”

Jim smiled. “It’s called love.”

“Bullshit is what you mean.”

Jim laughed. “Maybe I should feed it to you, Spock.”

“I’m outta here.”

Spock watched the doctor leave. “What is with him?”

“He thinks you’re the boogeyman.”

“I will never understand humans.” Spock tore off some of the roll.

“Me either.” His gaze went to Spock’s hand. “Hey, is that soil under your nails?”

Today…I Go Into the Office

My Old View

That picture was my view outside of my window by my desk before I was sent away in 2020. The last day I worked in the office was April 01, 2020. I did go back in June of that year to clear out my desk.

A lot has changed since then. The world, obviously. But more than that they redid the entire office building to take away individual desks. It’s just sort of a free for all now. You can go to any desk anywhere in the building. Nobody gets space anymore to call their own.

They now have free lunch.

My employer would like to encourage people to go in more than they have been. Not every day or even every week, but when they figured out how often I should/could go in a while back it was decided 1-3 times a quarter.

My boss has these things called One on One meetings where he just checks in with you. He emailed me to say he was going to be in the office tomorrow and did I want to come in for it. I said no.

I live about 35-40 minutes away. I hate driving. I said, maybe next time.

I have two co-workers I have never met. One was hired 2 years ago, the other one this week to replace the one that left. So the one who has been there 2 years said she was going in to meet with our boss (and meet him as she has never met him in person, the hiring was all by phone meetings) did we want to go too? She would drive us.

We all live in the same LA suburb. The new hire is her niece (yep nepotism LOL).

So yes, it’s only for a couple of hours for us all to meet blah blah blah. I said yes. Because I know I will eventually have to go. I’m anxious. Because I am. But she will drive. I just need to get my ass to a nearby parking lot and she will go from there.

So my first time back at all since June 2020.

Should be an experience for sure!

I Might Regret This

But I’m writing a Spirk romance story to add to my K/S Holiday Collection for October.

In the past I have done, On the Edge, October Romance, On the Edge Again, On the Edge Redux, and A Cabin in the Woods.

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The first chapter should be posted tomorrow!

Flash Fic, October 03, 2022

And so October flashes begin!

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“Oh. Hey kid.”

Vanik was pleased when Jim stepped aside to allow him to enter the apartment Jim shared with Vanik’s Uncle Spock. He glanced around, already anticipating Jim’s Halloween decorations throughout the apartment.

Jim closed the door and turned to Vanik with his usual congenial smile. “Would you like a snack?”

“I would, yes.” He followed Jim into the kitchen. Jim always kept the best snacks. Spock didn’t prior to meeting Jim. Vanik was responsible for their relationship and he was quite proud of that.

“Cheese flavored chips or pretzels?”

“Where are the decorations?” Vanik asked rather than respond to the question. He didn’t really want to make a choice, he wanted them both.


“The bats, the skeletons, the ghosts. It’s October.”

“October third.”

“Yes you had two days to begin.”

Jim shrugged. “I’m going light on decorations this year.” He pointed to the coffee table. “I have a pumpkin.”

“That’s it?”

Jim smiled. “Chips or pretzels?”

“Both?” Vanik said hopefully.

“A kid after my own heart. Both it is.” Jim got out a giant plastic bowl and filled it with the cheese chips and pretzels.

Vanik started munching as he sat on the bar stool next to the kitchen counter. “Uncle Spock won’t eat these, huh? Since it’s got cheese dust.”

“Well, yeah, and he thinks their messy. His loss.”


Jim eyed him with a sudden frown. “Put those chips down.”


The adult grabbed his arm, surprisingly gently, and brought him into the kitchen, pointing to the sink. “Wash those hands. You’re wearing your school uniform and your Uncle Spock and parents are gonna kill me if you get stuff all over it again.”

“But I want—”

“I’ll put you in a big T-shirt. Just clean up and we’ll take off that shirt.”

A few minutes later, back perched on the stool munching chips and pretzels, Vanik said to Jim, “You are wise.”

Jim laughed.

“You’ll need more decorations for the party though,” Vanik said, returning to the reason he had come.

“Party?” Jim paused with a beer bottle halfway to his mouth.

“Halloween. If you will recall you had one the last two years. It will, admittedly, be difficult to top last years.”


“What does uh mean?”

“I hate to break it to you, kid, but we’re not having a Halloween party this year.”

“You…are not?” Vanik scrunched up his face.

“Nope. Parties are a lot of work and expense, Vanik. Your uncle and I decided not to have it this year.”

Disappointment washed over him, but with a heavy sigh, he popped another chip in his mouth. “Got any strawberry milk?”

Jim rolled his eyes and went into the fridge for a small bottle that he handed to Vanik. They kept the milk especially for him and Vanik loved that.

“What are the plans for Halloween then?”

“Scary movies, snacks, and cuddling on the couch.”

The door to the apartment opened then and Vanik’s uncle entered. He stopped short on seeing Vanik, then shook his head and reclosed the door.

“Did we expect you today?” Spock asked.

Vanik watched as he came to Jim and gave him a quick kiss. Spock had definitely changed. Thanks to Vanik, of course.

“No. I came to check on the Halloween plans.”

Spock frowned. “Halloween plans? We are not—”

“I know. Jim told me no party. What snacks are we having?”


Vanik took a sip of his milk. “I’ll skip the cuddling. I can sit on a chair instead of the couch.”

Spock glanced at Jim, who smiled serenely. He turned away then, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I am getting a headache.”

Vanik looked to Jim. “Snacks?”

Jim laughed. “We have time to think about it.:

He nodded satisfied and realized, mournfully, between he and Jim, the chips and pretzels were gone. He sighed regretfully and slipped off the stool.

:”It is fortunate that Mother, Father and I now live in the same apartment building as you,” Vanik declared as he made his way to the door.

“Yes it is,” Jim agreed, amiably.

Jim was a good egg, Vanik thought. And he said his goodbyes, retrieved his school uniform shirt, and left.

For now, of course.

If You’d Like to Read Something

to get in the mood, may I suggest

October Romance

It’s not scary!

Extra September Flash (Here’s the Pinto part of the blog)

Couldn’t quite get this scene out of my head so I figured I’d just pin it on here. For those who might enjoy!

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“Hang on, I want to get a pumpkin latte.”

Chris stopped in his tracks and stared at Zach, dumbfounded.

“A what?”

Zach smirked. “A pumpkin latte.” He somehow managed to point at the Starbucks beside them with his shoulder. Chris didn’t know how he shrugged so well, it was a talent.


“Yes, Christopher, that’s where they sell them.”

He made a face. “I don’t go in there.”

“I know, you like your little coffee place two blocks from your house. And espresso.”

“Well these big chains are horrible.”

“You go to a grocery store chain for food right?”

Chris shrugged himself. “Only if I absolutely have to. I prefer the little local markets.”

“You’re such a…beatnik.”

He laughed. “Where’d you get that old word from? Hey the sixties called. They want their word back.”

Zach snorted. “Maybe even the fifties. I don’t know. Ma used to use it. Do you mind? I want my coffee!” He made to move to the door, but Chris stubbornly stayed where he was. “Are you planning to wait out here?”

“Why not?”

“Because the paparazzi will eventually notice you trying to look nonchalant while pretending you aren’t and pretty soon you’ll do that dorky ass thing you do where you take a picture of them back with your fingers or hands or whatever.”

“What am I doing with my hand now, Zachary?” Chris asked, flipping him the bird.

Zach just laughed. “Come on. I’ll buy you one.”

“A latte?”

“Whatever you want. They have espresso.”

“Fine. Just this one time.”

“Of course,” Zach murmured, his face Spock blank, as he led the way into the place.

I Apologize

If I am short or snappy with anyone.

I have a lot of anxiety right now and it’s making me grumpy and overreactive. I’m trying to deal with it but please know that I appreciate all of you who read this blog and read my stories on AO3.

Even if it might not seem like it sometimes.

Thank you and please take care.

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Flash FIc, September 28, 2022

Surprise! Today actually concludes our September story, I Knew You Before. I’m sorry to say that means no flash for Friday but look for this story to appear soon on AO3.

October 03 begins with a Vanek flash!

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But as Spock watched Jim open the pizza box to remove a slice, Spock knew there was yet more he ought to bring up with Jim.

“There is something else.”

Jim frowned as he held up the slice to his mouth. “Can I eat this while you tell me?”

“Yes. Of course. I apologize. I know you are hungry.” Spock pursed his lips. He walked into the kitchen himself and prepared to make himself some rice and a pot of tea. The pizza was, of course, for Jim. He did not eat pizza himself.

Jim chewed and nodded. “When you’re ready, come sit at the table with me.”

He took the pizza box to the table and sat eating while he waited for Spock.

A short time later, Spock brought his tea and rice to join Jim.

“Well?” Jim was smiling.

It occurred to Spock that Jim was a very amiable mate.

“I did not mention this on Vulcan when you were there as I did not wish to overwhelm you.”

“I was already pretty overwhelmed.”

“Mm. I came on strong.”

“You did. But it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. You never forced me.”

“Perhaps your aunt would not agree.”

“When we invite her to the wedding she’ll see how perfect you are for me.” Jim winked and he was smiling again.

Spock fought the answering smile. He was Vulcan after all.  

“We are…T’hy’la.”

“Are we?”

Spock frowned. “Do you know what that is, Jim?”

“I know Vulcan. Gilda taught me before we went to stay there. You think that’s us?”

Spock would never get over how surprising Jim was. He nodded. “I believe so. A Vulcan priestess would need to examine our minds together to fully confirm my suspicion but everything that is between us convinces me that we are.”

“Vulcan soulmates.” Jim grinned. “I think that sounds great.”

“You do?”

“Look, I mean, even with the T’Pring thing, you deciding on me at that exact moment, her being there at that exact moment, you coming to me, me agreeing, doesn’t it seem…meant to be?” Jim sighed. “I don’t know, Spock. Even then I couldn’t quite shake this feeling that I knew you before.”

“Knew me?”

“Yeah. I mean we’d never met before yet…it felt like we had. Like I’ve always known you. In another universe, maybe? I don’t know. But my heart knew yours. Even then. If that’s T’hy’la, I have to welcome it.”

Spock blinked and he felt warmth blossom all over. He held his fingers toward Jim and was gratified when Jim immediately touched his fingers to Spock’s.

“Taluhk Nash-Veh K’dular.”

Jim leaned in for a Human kiss. “Ashau Nash-Veh Tu.”

Look for more of these two in the future! A sequel will be coming where we will even get to meet Aunt Gilda!

A Short Update for September

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I couldn’t be more thrilled to say that I have finished I Knew You Before. As soon as the last part posts it’ll get ready to be posted to AO3. Because yeah I’ll post it there. I am looking forward to the reactions to the end.

I’m going to be moving on to those October flashes.

I haven’t even started the advent calendar stuff but I will (edited to add, I was up to 6 again but I actually deleted my own prompt as I decided it had too many elements to the other ones I had chosen to do LOL) I also need to update Cosmic Love, Welcome to the Enterprise, and A Heart Needs a Second Chance. LOL. Yep. I got lots more writing to do. It’s all good.

But to end another fic with the intent to post it is pretty exciting. That will bring me up to 348!

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