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Flash Fic, September 23, 2022

“You look grumpier than usual.”

Bones did not reply, but he did glance up at Jim as he continued to wrap Jim’s middle.

Jim sighed. “Okay, I’m sorry. I should have told you. I just…” He trailed off when Bones glared.

Spock had departed right after Bones had arrived and assured the Vulcan Jim wasn’t seriously injured and wouldn’t require hospitalization. Jim suspected Spock’s goal was to confront Owens for what happened to Jim. He tried not to be anxious about it.

“The truth is…the whole thing is humiliating,” Jim said, softly.

“What? Why?”

“Because, I’m not a victim, Bones. I hate that these assholes got the best of me at the bar and—”

“It was like three against one, Jim.”

“I know. And nothing happened to them. They were allowed to come into that bar and gang up on a civilian and they got away with it. If Pike hadn’t come in, I don’t know what would have happened.”

“I get it. I agree the Fleet should have done something.”

“Yeah, I mean I keep wondering what I should have been differently. I thought when I made a joke about them going to get more guys, I meant to diffuse it but it had the opposite effect.”

“Those guys were going to be macho dickheads no matter what you said or did at that point, Jim. They were spoiling for a fight and they set their sights on you.”

“I know that, but that’s where the humiliation comes in. I didn’t think I’d have to deal with them here, let alone have one of them come after me. So I wasn’t prepared and they got the best of me again. And it made me feel weak.”

“Jim, you are a lot of things but you aren’t weak or a victim. Being victimized doesn’t mean either. Now I can’t pretend to understand what thugs like Owens are thinking, but you can bet you won’t have to deal with him again.”

“Indeed, the doctor is correct.”

“Spock!” Jim smiled as Spock reentered the apartment holding a pizza box. “If that’s really a pizza, I’ll marry you.”

Spock arched a brow. “It is, so I look forward to the ceremony.”

Jim laughed.

Spock put the box down on the kitchen counter and then turned toward Jim and Bones.

“Cadet Owens is now former Cadet Owens.”

Bones finished wrapping Jim and stood. “Does that mean he’s no longer with Starfleet or that he no longer lives?”

Spock shrugged. “Take your pick.”


“He has been expelled,” Spock said. “And his accomplices are even now working on formal apologies to you if they want to remain with Starfleet. They expressed regret over Owens’ behavior and no direct knowledge of it.”

“Apologies huh? You accomplished all that in the short time you’ve been gone?”

“I work fast.” Spock paused. “Which you are personally aware of.”

Jim laughed again. “Boy do I.”

Bones snorted. “On that note, I’m outta here.”

Jim frowned up at him from where he sat. “You don’t want to stay for pizza?”

“And interfere with your wedding dinner? No thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Jim got up and followed Bones to the door. “Okay see you.”

He turned back to Spock with a smile.

Spock suddenly looked uncertain. “Jim, we need to talk.”

Here I Am to Babble

Yep, me again.

I like to keep you up to date on what’s going on so you know what to expect. You may or may not care. It’s all good.

We are coming up to that most busy time of year both for me writing-wise and social-wise/personal-wise. Already I have a bunch of things planned in my personal life. And as you may or may not recall on October 01 I begin watching all my scary movies in honor of Halloween (my dose of scary is milder than many though I know most of you reading this are chickens, lol)

This Saturday me, sister and M are going to one of our favorite steak restaurants. I don’t recall if I mentioned it here but recently I did a favor for my big boss at work. To me, it was part of the job, but to him, he decided I went above and beyond and he gave me an award that allowed me to choose gift cards to use. One of those I chose was a $50 Gift Card to this steak place so that’s pretty cool.

In October, I have a few things already planned too. M’s cousin wants us to go to Solvang with her for a day trip (Danish village I have mentioned and shown pictures of). The first week of November, sister and I have another three day trip plan, this one includes a trip to the world famous San Diego Safari Park. So yep, lots of plans. So little time.

I ended up dropping one of my claims for the Advent Calendar so I am down to only 5 now. HA

I Knew You Before, my Academy fic for September will end next Friday.

I’ll be wrapping up Joined either today or tomorrow. Yippee, another one finished!

But before I start updating my remaining WIPS I intend to get all of my October flashes done and scheduled. By my calculations if I write MWF that’s 13 of them. Yeah, no small amount. But you know if I don’t get ahead of this I get twitchy. You don’t want that.

As a reminder October will be Autumn/Spooky flashes.

That’s where I’m at. I hope you will continue to join me on the journey!

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Flash Fic, September 21,2022

Spock stared in dawning horror at the boot-shaped bruise on Jim’s abdomen just above his pelvis. His gaze rose from the bruise to Jim’s face.

“Who has done this?”


“That was quite clearly done by someone. You cannot pretend you injured yourself. I want a name.”

Jim nodded and exhaled, lowering is uniform to once more cover the bruise.

“I also want to take you to the hospital for medical attention.” Spock put his fingers on Jim’s wrist, but just as a light touch.

“I saw my friend, Leonard McCoy. He’s a doctor.”

Spock narrowed his eyes. “And what did he say about that?”

Jim took his wrist away. “That’s not fair.”

“You are in a relationship with a touch telepath. Some things you should get used to.”

“How am I to have any secrets?”

“Secrets pertaining to an injury of your person are not acceptable, Jim. Were the situation reversed you would not desire for me to hide an injury or illness from you. There is no need to protect the abuser who has done this to you.”

Jim sighed. “I know. And no Bones didn’t know about this. Just the scrape to me knee.”

“What happened?”

“One of those giant assholes from that bar in Riverside spotted me on campus. I never saw him before he stuck his foot out and tripped me. Tore up my knee, which Bones fixed. While I was lying on the ground, he came up to me and stomped on my stomach with his boot. Then he left. Hurt like hell too. But I’m fine.”

“You are not fine and we are going to contact your doctor friend to examine you right now.”


“If you prefer, we can take you to the emergency room.”

Jim closed his mouth.

“That is what I thought. After the doctor examines you and assures me of your recovery I will seek out the giant asshole and see that he is expelled.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“In fact, I do. His name?”

“I think that one’s name was Ben Owens.”

Spock nodded. “Very well. Contact Doctor McCoy please.”

“Okay.” Jim reached for Spock’s hand and squeezed it. “I’m okay.”

“I prefer to get a medical opinion.” Spock squeezed his hand. “I do not like bullies.”

Flash Fic, September 19, 2022

Spock had gotten home only a short time ago and he was expecting Jim soon so he knew he didn’t have a long time to contact his father. But it was best he get it over with than have Sarek do something stupid like show up at Spock’s apartment.

“Live long and Prosper Father.”

Sarek managed to look grumpy without his expression changing. He was good at that.

“The same for you, Spock. You received my message.”

“I did.”

“I sent it nearly twenty-four hours ago, it seems you did not find it terribly important.”

Spark inclined his head, ignoring the rebuke. Instead he said, “It is not.”

Sarek arched a brow. “Your bond to a Vulcan female is not important?”

“Former bond, Father.”

“You had your bond dissolved?”

“Negative, T’Pring did.” Spock paused and steepled his fingers.

Sarek’s eyes narrowed. “Why would she do that?”

Spock gave a slight shrug. “She felt that my attentions were on someone else. And in fact, she was correct.”

“James Kirk. A Human.”

His voice dripped with his version of sarcastic derision. Spock was quite used to it.

“Yes,” Spock admitted.

“That would not matter. There are many Vulcans that take other lovers besides those they are bonded to.” He sniffed.

Spock wasn’t sure how many did and he did not feel like asking Sarek if he happened to be of those.

“She also prefers another. Given that we both do, it made logical sense for her to seek the sever of our bond, which she has done.”

“And when were you going to tell me?”

“When you brought it up,” Spock admitted. “As you have done now.”

Sarek stared silently at him for some time without response. Spock could almost see the wheels turning in his head.

“Your mother has informed me that James Kirk lives with you now.”

“That is correct.”

Sarek nodded. “Very well. Live long and Prosper, Spock.”

And he was gone before Spock could provide any response.

It went better than he expected, but Spock couldn’t deny some measure of anxiety still pooling in his gut. Talking to his father tended to do that for him and no amount of meditation seemed to help.

Spock turned as he heard Jim at the door and a moment later his boyfriend entered their apartment.

Jim smiled at him and came toward him, arms outstretched. It was his typical greeting whenever they saw each other after a short separation. At first Spock had been uncomfortable with such displays, even in private, but now he looked forward to them, even if he would not admit it.

He pulled Jim close, leaning in to smell the vanilla bean shampoo Jim used.

“Oof.” Jim stiffened and eased back a little.

Spock frowned. “What is wrong?”

Jim’s tongue came out to lick his lips. “Well…”


Jim sighed and stepped back. His fingers going to the tunic of his cadet’s uniform. “Let me show you.”    

Can You Stand One More Post from Me?

Proably not.


I think maybe I bit off more than I can chew as I have just claimed now 6 for the December Advent. What in the world am I thinking?

And so, I shall be honest. Do not expect a fic every day in December here. It’s just not going to happen. I will do my best to do MWF. If I am lucky. I know you guys will be okay with whatever I can do, just wanted to give fair warning!

Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar 2022

The information about the K/S Advent Calendar for this year is up. Check it out! Thanks to J for the reminder as I forgot entirely when it was supposed to go live!

I have already “claimed” 4 prompts including one of my own. But should you desire to create one that you’d like me to attempt just let me know here in the comments which one once you posted it.

My particular Do Not Wants for these stories: McSpirk, MCD, BottomSpock, Rape/Non-Con, Mpreg, FemKirk, FemSpock

Other than that I am open to almost anything else.

Flash Fic, September 16, 2022

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” Bones knelt before Jim, examining the tear of his uniform and his bloody scraped knee.

They were on a short wall in a quad area of Starfleet Academy campus.

“I fell.”

“You fell. You didn’t have help falling?”

Jim shrugged.


“I ran into one of assholes that tried to beat the crap out of me at the Riverside bar,” Jim replied. “Or he ran into me. He stuck his foot out deliberately and I tripped and well…you see the results for yourself.”

“Who is this dickhead? You should report him.”

“I know how to deal with bullies, Bones.”

Bones gave him a look and then ran a regenerator over the scrape. “Fixed up good as new. Though that doesn’t fix your pants.”

“I can sew the tear. Thanks, Bones.”

“You tell this boyfriend of yours. Or whatever he is.”

“Boyfriend, significant other.” Jim smiled. “Spock, Bones. His name is Spock.”

“Yeah, yeah. Have you told him about these clowns?”

“No, of course not. There’s no reason to. That was just …a one off thing.”

“Mm. When do I get to meet Spudnick?”

Jim laughed. “Spock. Geez, I’m going to smack you.”

Bones snorted. “Well? When?”

“We’ll have you over for dinner soon.”

“Good. And I mean it, Jim. Tell him about these guys harassing you.”

“One guy, Bones.”

“Tell him.”

“Okay,” Jim agreed, just to get Bones to leave it alone. He stood up and smoothed out his uniform pants. “I’ve got class and so do you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Let me know when for dinner.”

“Will do.” Jim smiled faintly as Bones moved off. Then he winced as he lifted his uniform shirt. He was getting a big fat bruise on his abdomen. He was going to have a hell of a time explaining that to Spock.  

Here I am Contemplating

Now that I’m cleaning up a few things (concluding them), my mind is set to the future.

So besides continuing the ever popular Welcome to the Enterprise and Our So-Called Life, and the new A Heart Needs a Second Chance,

I will be eventually writing the sequel to Didn’t We Almost Have it All (Should I Call it, We Did Have it All, LOL), and the adventures of Vulcan Jim and Vulcan Spock from Granted.

I might also take a stab (pun sorta intended) at more tentacle sex with Jim as well as this crazy idea: Spock Prime melds with young Jim on Delta Vega, but instead of Jim crying over emotional transference and them having to leave to save the day right away, they end up having wild sex on the cave floor because of what was in the meld.

You know, all this and your regularly scheduled flashes. October is still Autumn/Halloween stuff, November Family/Gratitude, and December whatever I get up to for the holidays.

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This is Why I Say Life is Short

Not for everyone. I recognize that. Some people live long, long lives, like Norman Lear who turned 100 this past July. Some people live longer than they want to in pain, suffering for it. I get that.


I have this former co-worker. I am friends with her on social media only now as a few years back she moved to Florida with her mother to be closer to her brother’s family. Her dad had passed away a few years before and due to some injuries my former co worker had, she had stopped working. I’ll call her “Beth”.

Originally Beth and her family were from New York. They were a traditional Jewish family that attended Temple. Beth moved to California with her then husband, who I will call “Ben”. Ben was an accountant and a pretty good one so he moved to California to be part of a pretty well-known accounting firm.

Beth took a job with the insurance company I worked for at the time. She was a secretary to one of the attorneys.

Unfortunately for Beth and Ben they moved here in late 1993. On January 17, 1994 we had a significant quake that did a lot of damage to the condo they were living in. Beth wanted nothing more than to return to New York.

Anyway, eventually, Beth loved California. I am not kidding. LOVED. It devastated her later when she left and to this day she posts about how much she misses it.

Beth’s parents decided to leave New York (and her brother) to move to California too to be closer to their beloved daughter.

Beth and Ben had a daughter, “June”, and not long after that, they ended up divorcing. After years of living in California with her daughter and her devoted parents, Beth’s father died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

It was only a few years after that, Beth, her daughter, and her mother moved to Florida to start a new life. Beth’s brother, divorced with a son himself, also had moved to Florida.

Years have past.

June is an adult now and starting a life of her own. Beth met a new man and recently married him this past August. They are very happy together.

I never knew Beth’s brother, Oscar, other than through social media posts Beth did and posts he did that tagged her. They were a loving, close-nit family. I always enjoyed their posts about their summer pool parties, their holidays, etc.

Earlier this summer Oscar married again to a woman he had been seeing. I loved their wedding pictures. And Beth’s and her new husband.

Two days ago, Oscar died on the way to the hospital of a massive widow maker heart attack. In front of his new wife. He was just 62 years old. This has hit me unexpectedly hard.

M’s dad died at age 55 of a widow maker. My dad’s best friend had that same heart attack at 56. I am way too familiar with it. So someone who was full of life just hours before is gone like that. And it troubles me and makes me quite sad.

My dad died at 69. To me that was way too soon. 30 years ago. My mother lived basically 29 years without the love of her life. I miss him every damn day. Every day.

So for Oscar, yes life was short.

Some people do not fear death. I do. I fear it for myself. And I fear losing more of those I feel I cannot live without. Yet it happens. And there is noting any of us can do.

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