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Flash Fic, October 20, 2021

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“It feels so cold.” Jim shivered as he stepped past the threshold of the house. He suddenly regretted letting his friends talk him into going into the creepy house.

“Well.” Janice scooted next to him. “No one’s occupied it for years, so there’s no heat or anything. It makes sense it would be cold.”


He was there with Janice, Christine, Bones, Sulu, Uhura and Spock. Jim had a big time crush on Spock, but so did Uhura. She had been jonesing to go out with Spock and get her nails into him since the beginning of the semester of the Academy. That was the sole reason she was there that night. Because of Spock.

Jim had a little hope, though, because Spock had only agreed to go into the creepy house because Janice had talked Jim into attending. Bones told Jim that Janice liked him, but Jim had eyes only for Spock. Yeah, it probably sucked for everyone.

Despite the hope he did have, Jim wasn’t convinced it meant Spock was sexually interested in him. It could just be that he thought Jim was stupid enough to get himself hurt at the creepy house and admittedly they were friends. Spock had sort of made himself Jim’s personal bodyguard ever since Jim’s acrimonious breakup with a girl whose brother wanted to kick his ass.

“Okay, sure,” Jim agreed. “But it seems like…unusually cool. Like blast freeze.”

“Or ghostly visitors?” Bones asked with a knowing smirk. “Trying to go for atmosphere, Jim?:

He shrugged. “This wasn’t my idea.”

He saw a room at the end of the hallway but the others seemed to be headed in the direction of the kitchen. For some reason, Jim felt drawn to that room, so he lingered behind from the group and headed in that direction instead. He put his hand on the outside of the door which almost felt like he was touching a block of ice.

A voice in his head told him not to open the door, but he ignored it, twisted the knob and went into the room.

It appeared to be an old ballroom, from back in the days, he guessed, rich people had those. The room was so cold, Jim could see his breath, and he started to shake uncontrollably.

I shouldn’t be here. Something bad happened here. Really bad.

“Spock,” he said out loud, though he couldn’t say why.

As he turned around to head out, he suddenly realized he was somehow in the middle of the room, though he couldn’t remember walking that far in. Cold fingers touched his neck and he blanched. Suddenly coming toward him was a wisp of smoke or mist and for some reason he found he couldn’t move.

The door of the room slammed open like an explosion in the empty room and then warm fingers seized his wrist and yanked him with unusual force from the the room.

“We are leaving,” Spock’s voice said directly into his ear.

The next he knew, he was outside of the house entirely and being held in Spock’s strong warm arms. Spock was rubbing his back and he was speaking softly but Jim wasn’t sure what he said.

Slowly he began to feel warmer and become more aware of what was happening around him. He realized the others were there too.

“It is all right, Jim. You are safe now,” Spock spoke softly.

Jim nodded and snuggled in closer to him. “What was that?”

“I do not know. Leonard says you suffered from a bit of shock but he gave you something and you are coming out of it.”


Spock’s hold tightened. “I am going to take you home as soon as you are well enough to walk away from here. I think the sooner the better though.”

“I’m ready. Just…not sure I want to be alone.”

“I am taking you home with me,” Spock assured him.

Jim summoned up his first smile in quite some time to look into Spock’s face. “Yeah?”

“Of course.”

Nearby Uhura sighed and muttered, “I don’t know why I ever bothered.”

“Told you,” Sulu whispered back.

Spock took Jim’s arm and they all began to walk away from the spooky house. Some looked back as they did, warily, but Jim kept his eyes firmly away. He never wanted to see it again.

But at least…Spock. Something good had come out of it. But it would be a long time before he’d come anywhere near this area.

November’s Theme

Well, I still have four flashes to write for October. Slow going, not going to lie. Sigh.

But anyway, the theme for November is Jealousy

So that’s what you can expect to see in the flashes I post. MWF? Maybe. I might have to cut to MF. I’ll try not to but ya know, Christmas is coming.

I have started a Christmas story to post on exclusively on AO3 but so far I’m not in love wit it. We shall see if that changes.

Whatever happens in December, where it’s an every day flash or MWF thing, I am sure you can guess the theme for that.

I am toying with January’s theme being TOS. That’s the plan for now.

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Flash Fic, October 18, 2021

A continuation…

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Leonard was surprised when two days later it was a fully showered and dressed Spock who came down the stairs while Leonard was helping himself to a cup of coffee and another pumpkin donut.

He’d been bored to tears for those days, finding there was little to do by yourself in a homestead in the middle of nowhere. He hadn’t dared go directly into the bedroom while matters were still commencing but he had kept a pained ear trained.


“Spock, nice to see you coherent. Does that mean it’s over?”

“It has…passed.” Spock went into the kitchen to make himself tea. “At the moment, the captain is sleeping.”

Leonard rolled his eyes. “The captain is it?”

Spock averted his gaze. “I suppose you have many questions.”

“You bet I do. But first I need to check on Jim.”

“He is asleep and in a mild version of the Vulcan healing trance I initiated for him. I would ask that you not disturb him immediately.”

“And I would ask where you got your medical degree,” Leonard rose and he held up a hand when Spock took a forward step. “I’m just going to check. If he’s sleeping and is in no immediate distress, I’ll leave him be.”

“Very well.”

Leonard took his medical bag and went up the stairs into the bedroom his two closest friends had been using. Jim was lying on his side facing away from Leonard. He ran a quick scan and was relieved to see his vitals seemed to be close to normal. He saw no evidence of excessive wounds or bruising either.

Going back downstairs, Leonard found Spock sitting at the table with his tea. In front of him was the Vulcan bread Kreyla.


“For now.”

Spock stared into his tea. “I am the last being you need be concerned would harm him. He is the most important to me in the universe.”

“Is that as a result of the Pon Farr.”

“My affection for Jim preceded that,” Spock said softly. “He has been the subject of my affections for some time.”

Leonard raised his eyebrows. “Was Jim aware of that before Pon Farr?”

“Yes. Our relationship was kept secret in the waning months of the five-year mission. I had discussed the possibility of my time with him and secured his consent prior to his commencement.”

“And what happens now?”

“We are a bonded pair.”


“A legal marriage in terms of the Federation. Should Jim wish to have an Earth marriage, I am amenable.” Spock paused, sipped his tea. “We intend to file the bonding papers once we have fully recovered.”

“I’d been sent to find you. Apparently some young Vulcans were having performance issues. Jim assured me you were not.”

“I was not. But to hear some are, is troubling.”

“Yeah, so they’re working on it. I informed everyone that you were okay and in the throes of it. I’ll let them know you came out of it fine.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

“Well, if this is what you both want, then congratulations, Spock.”

“Jim did say you were aware of his feeling for me.”

Leonard nodded. “Yeah, long time ago he confessed to me. You and Uhura were pretty serious back then and Jim’s not that kind of guy.”

“I am aware.”

“But if this is what you two want, then, I’m happy for you.”

Spock nodded. “I will always hold great affection for Nyota, but Jim is my T’hy’la. There can be no one else for me.”

“And I’m sure Jim feels the same way. Okay, Spock, I’m going to check on him one more time and then I’ll leave you two to it. I’m sure that you’ll see that he eats and takes care of himself.”

“I will, of course.”

Leonard smiled. “Of course. I have more own leave to get back to, so soon I’ll let you two get to yours. A sort of…honeymoon,”

Spock arched a brow. Leonard gathered up his few belongings and set out to check on Jim once more before departure.

He knew everything would be fine.

Flash Fic, October 15, 2021

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“Fortunes told.” Bones read the sign and then glanced at Jim. “You up for it, Jim?”

Jim scoffed. “Are you kidding? These fortune tellers are hokey as hell.”

He crossed his arms and stared at the sign. They were at a Harvest Festival. In Georgia of all places. Yes, thanks to Bones.

They had a two week leave on Earth and somehow, he let the doctor talk him into going to Georgia with him.

Sure, it was true, Jim had no where in particular to go. His mom wasn’t at home in Riverside, and he had no real desire to hang out in the empty farmhouse. Spock planned on attending some science symposium in San Francisco and made no particular overtures that Jim’s presence would be welcome.  Which okay, they weren’t “together-together” but Jim thought maybe they’d been working their way in that direction.


“Maybe I should go with you, Spock.”

Spock had stared at Jim for a good minute without blinking. Amazing really.

“I am afraid you would be quite bored, Captain.”

And that was Jim’s clue that that illogical human captains were not included in the plans.

If he didn’t know that Uhura was going to Scotland with Scotty, he’d be worried they were reconciling despite Spock telling him that he was romantically interested in Jim.  

And he got dragged to the festival by Bones and his young daughter. There were pumpkins and hay. Definitely lots of that. And apples and cider and all things fallish.

“You sure, Jim?” Bones asked. “You seem interested.”

“Nah. I—”

“Please, Uncle Jim. It’d be cool!” Joanna exclaimed.

Jim looked down at the pint-sized McCoy. “Fine.”


Jim gave Bones a look who grinned back and then he lifted the flap and went inside.

The fortune teller was shrouded in veils so he couldn’t even see her face, but she indicated he should sit on the stool in front of her table. He did and she grabbed his hand.

“Oh you’re a man of some importance.”


“You’re going to meet a tall, dark haired man who will sweep you off your feet!”

Jim laughed. “Already did, lady.”

“See my fortunes are true.”

Jim smiled. “Uh-huh.”

“In fact…” She paused dramatically. “He’s waiting for you outside.”

Since Bones was the only dark haired man waiting for him outside, he laughed again. “Yeah, I don’t think so.”

“Go and see. That’ll be five credits.”

“What? That’s it? Geez.” He stood, reached into the pocket of his jeans and tossed credits on the table. What he did for kids.

He stepped out of the tent, shielded his eyes from the sun, and then-


Spock stepped toward him. “I grew bored at the symposium and missed you. I contacted the doctor and he provided your location.”

Jim embraced him. “Then this whole fortune teller thing was a setup.”

Bones chuckled. “‘Fraid so, Jim. That was Joanna’s mom, my ex.”

“I’ll get you later,” Jim promised. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Spock’s lips quirked slightly just before Jim kissed him.

“I’ve missed you too.”

Better Today

Not 100% or anything, but better

Yesterday was bad. I barfed up a lot. Me and Anesthesia  don’t do well. I had the same experience in 1997 when I had my gallbladder out.

I still have a touch of a headache but was able to have some soft food this morning without barfing, so that’s a plus.

I’m OKay

the anesthesia makes me barf so still a bit oogie

head hurts mouth full of blood but am okay face almost no longer numb

Will post more later not up to it now


Flash Fic, October 13, 2021

Jim pulled at the flesh flaking off his face. It was itching like crazy. He knew he shouldn’t have let himself be talked into wearing so much make up and fake skin. Sure, he looked the part of a zombie, but he was completely uncomfortable and probably having some kind of allergic reaction besides.

The zombie contacts were killing his eyes, making them red. Which okay might be a nice effect for his costume, but he was miserable and his eyes were watering and making his make up run.

And don’t even get him started on the zombie wig. His head itched something awful and he’d began to wonder if it really was new and not used as the Halloween shop guy had claimed.

He had managed to secure himself a spot in the corner of the party, where he sipped lightly at a cocktail with a beating heart. Okay it was really just a cherry but that’s what the bartender had called the drink, the Beating Heart.

Jim was sorry he’d come. No one he’d been told would be there had shown up. The band, the Crimson Ghoulies, were pretty awful.


Jim rolled his eyes. Ever since he’d arrived partygoers had been coming up to him and yelling BRAINSSSS in his face. He was over it.

But when he glanced over at the latest one, it was someone else dressed in a zombie costume, fairly similar to his.

“Uh, yeah. Brains. Hungry for them.”

The other zombie stared blankly at him. He had his arms outstretched toward Jm.


“Yeah, brains. I get it. We’re both dressed like zombies.” Jim didn’t recognize the guy, but there were plenty of people at the party he didn’t know. He gestured with his thumb. “Bartender’s there in the back if you want to get a drink. I think he’s got one called Brains.”

The zombie guy continued to stand in front of Jim, his mouth hanging partway open. He smelled too, a bit like rotting flesh. Jim shivered.

“I think you’re taking the zombie thing a bit far, buddy.”


“Beat it, dude. I’m not interested.”

And as Jim was about to turn away and ignore the guy, a hooded figure came up behind him and shoved what looked like a Vulcan weapon straight through the middle of the guy. He collapsed at Jim’s feet, his now oozing flesh beginning to steam.

“Holy crap, what—”

The guy lowered his hood and looked calmly at Jim. “He was indeed a zombie.”


“I am Spock of Vulcan, a zombie slayer, if you will. Come with me.”


Spock sighed. “This area of Earth is about to be overrun with zombies. I have a ship that will take us away from Earth while the zombie apocalypse takes place. You will be safe with me.’ He paused. “Or would you prefer to take your chances with him?”

Jim looked down at the now disintegrating creature. “Oh my God. That’s so gross.”


He looked back up at the Vulcan. “You know my name?”

“I know everything about you. There is little time and you may wish to remove your costume. Come.”

“How’d you know I wasn’t a real zombie?” Jim asked, moving away from the corner where he was to follow Spock.

“As a slayer, I have the ability to distinguish them.”

“I still don’t understand—”

They got into the lift.

“Other than that guy, everyone else seemed normal.”

Spock nodded. “He is the start of it. Or is among those that are the beginning here in San Francisco. I would rather we leave and get you to safety before the city is overrun.”

“Me? Why?”

“You are…important to me. Once I have gotten you to safety, I will return to do my slayer duty.”


The lift opened and Spock grabbed Jim’s arm and tugged him out and down a corridor.  At the end of that was a door and he pulled Jim through.

A ship waited there.

A man Jim thought he had seen before in Starfleet stood outside the doors of the ship.

“You got him, then?”

“Yes, Mr. Scott.”

The door of the ship opened, and a tall, slim, dark skinned woman emerged. She smiled. “Thank goodness, Spock. You got your T’hy’la?”

“Yes, Nyota.”

Jim was brought on board and there were others there too.

Spock pointed. “There is the refresher. You can go in there to clean up. A change of clothes awaits you.”

“Spock, who are these people?”

“My crew. Other zombie slayers. Go, Jim. We are about to leave.”

Shaking his head, confused and a little wasted from alcohol, Jim went into the refresher to shower and remove all evidence of the costume. He ripped at the horrible contacts first.

He stared at himself in the mirror. His heart pounded hard in his chest as he felt movement under his feet. The ship was taking off.

“Well, Jim, you wanted excitement and adventure. Guess you’re about to get it.”

He got in the shower, closed his eyes and let the water wash away the grime of the make up. But then he opened them quickly. If there were zombies out there, he’d better be on his guard.

After he was finished and dressed in the clothes left for him, Jim exited the refresher.

Spock waited for him. “Teach me,” Jim said. “I want to learn to be a zombie slayer.”  

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Flash Fic, October 11, 2021

“Do you hear that?” Jim’s steps faltered as he walked along the foggy path toward home. It had seemed a short trip when he left the restaurant.

“Hear what?” Beside him was his “date” he guessed. Gary Mitchell. Only Jim was definitely not feeling it.

“Sounded like…howling.”

Gary snorted. “Howling? Geez. I know it’s October but cut it out with the stupid shit, will you?”

Jim felt himself blush, but attempted to ignore Gary just the same. “It’s cold tonight.”

“I’d offer you my jacket, but you’re the dummy who didn’t bother to bring one.”

Jim’s jaw clenched. “It was warm today, I didn’t think about it.”

“That’s the thing, Jim. You don’t think.”

Jim stopped in front of Gary’s apartment building. “Okay. Here we are. See you.”

“What? You aren’t coming inside?”

“Why would I?”

Gary gave him a look like he thought Jim was a moron. Jim figured Gary was the moron for even imagining Jim would sleep with him.

“To finish our date.”

Jim laughed. “Our date is finished.”

“Fuck you, Kirk.”

“You wish. Get lost, Gary. Have a nice night.”

Jim began to walk away in the fog, leaving Gary behind as he headed in the direction of his own place.

He was less than a block away when he heard a man’s scream, followed by snarling and then another howl.

His heart picked up pace, beating hard in his chest. He didn’t care what Gary said, something was out there in the fog.      

Jim decided to run, feeling as though his life likely depended on it. He had only a few short blocks to go, but it felt like miles and the fog seemed endless. When he thought he could go no further, his apartment building was in sight. He ran up the stairs to the front glass doors and turned around, feeling like his heart was in his throat.

There was nothing there. No one seemed to be chasing him. And as he stood there, panting, the fog began to lift, and the area around the apartment building cleared and came fully into focus.

But he was not alone, because coming up the walkway was the Vulcan, Spock. A professor at the Academy that lived in the same Academy apartments as Jim did. He had to admit the Vulcan was insanely hot.

“Oh. Hello. Uh, Spock. Did-did you come from that way?”

Spock arched a brow. “Obviously.”

“Yeah.” He laughed nervously. “You hear anything?”

“Such as?” Spock joined Jim on the steps by the doors.

“A scream or-or howling.”

“I did not.”

“See anything?”

“It was most difficult to see clearly in the fog, Cadet. But it seems to be clearing. Shall we?” Spock reached past him and opened the door to the building. “You do look rather pale.”

“Yeah. Seems like my imagination freaked me out a bit.” Jim smiled and headed for the lift that would take him to his floor. Spock’s apartment was on the ground floor so required no lift. “Goodnight.”


In the morning, Jim was sipping coffee in the cafeteria when Bones appeared.

“Hey. Didn’t you have a date with Mitchell last night?” Bones asked, as he sits down.

Jim rolls his eyes. “If you could call it that. Big mistake. He’s a jerk.”

“Well, don’t think you’ll have to worry too much.”

“Huh? Why?”

Bones shrugged. “Mitchell has disappeared.”

Flash Fic, October 08, 2021

You are in luck! This one is not scary!

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Leonard stopped his hover car in front of the Kirk farmhouse.

It was mid-October and the house was decorated for Autumn and Halloween with pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, leaves and witches. It made Leonard smile.

No matter what everyone thought of Jim, he could be entirely sentimental about such things.

The Enterprise crew was on an extended leave after the end of the five-year mission. Most had signed up for a second one, very few had not. Though Leonard had been dubious about going on another, Jim had wheedled him into with a…

“Bones, I need you.”

He’d already spent a month visiting with his daughter and he intended to go back once this task was over. He didn’t really know how he’d got roped into it, actually.

He got out and went up the steps to the front door. Along each step, Jim had placed pumpkins. At the top was a white one.

Leonard knocked and as it took a really long time for the door to be answered, he realized he had stupidly not let Jim know he was coming. Maybe Jim wasn’t even there.

But then finally the door opened and a bleary-eyed Jim stared out at him.


“Jim! You look like hell. You been sick?”

“What? No. Come in.” He held the door wide and Leonard noticed that save for the kitchen, there were no lights on in the house.

He looked fully at Jim for the first time.

Jim wore only a pair of pajama bottoms. His hair was askew. He had dark circles under his eyes and what looked like bite marks on his chest and neck.

“I’ve interrupted something, have I?” Leonard asked with a smirk.

Jim just gave him a look. “Coffee?”

“I don’t want to be any trouble.” He glanced at the stairs. “Is she up there? Let me guess. Orion.”

Jim snorted. “You’re always trouble. Coffee or not?”

He was already making a pot, so Leonard agreed.


“No. And he’s sleeping.”

“Wore him out, huh?”

“Something like that.”

Jim bent down and reached into the fridge. He took out half and half and a plastic box. “Pumpkin donuts.”

“You went all out.”

“Mm. These are a couple of days old, but they should still be good. I’m starving.”

Jim brought them to the table, poured two mugs of coffee and then sat down. Leonard joined him.

“Thought you were in Georgia.”

“I am.”

“I have something to tell you, Bones. This is Iowa.”

“Hardy har har. Think I want to be here? Bothering you on your leave? I was with Joanna.”


“M’Benga and Starfleet contacted me. The Vulcans are looking for Spock.”

Jim frowned. “Spock? Why? What’s wrong?”

“Guess there’s something going on with a lot of the surviving Vulcans. Many of the younger ones have been going into pre-mature…uh…there’s this thing. Called—”

“Pon Farr.”

“You know about it?”

“Spock mentioned it to me some time ago. At that time, he expected if he went through it, it would be with Uhura. He wasn’t sure as he’s only half Vulcan.”

“Right. So I guess they haven’t been able to reach him to find out if he’s having some of the symptoms. Because I’m CMO of the Enterprise they asked me to try to find him. He’s not on New Vulcan and Uhura hasn’t heard from him.”

Jim took a bite of a donut. “They’re not together.”

“I know. But I thought if he was desperate and he had no one else he might seek her out. Hasn’t though. I tried contacting you for the last few days but you haven’t been answering, so that’s why I came here.”

Jim winced. “Sorry, Bones. I’ve been, uh, busy.”

Leonard smirked. “So I know now. Some of the younger ones facing it have been having trouble mating and that’s why they want to check on Spock. See if he’s experiencing any of this.”

“Trouble mating? Like what?”

Leonard shrugged. “The urge is there but the equipment’s not working. They have medical personnel and healers working on it to save them. I doubt there’s—”

He stopped as he heard footsteps on the stairs.

“Jim? I woke and you were not—”

Leonard felt his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Standing at the bottom step of the stairs was a naked Spock. He looked a bit dazed and flushed.

“Uh, yeah. Sorry, sweetheart. Bones arrived looking for you.”

Spock blinked in Jim’s direction, but he said nothing.

“I needed some food too. I’ll be right back. Go up to bed and I’ll be there in no time.”


“I promise, Spock. I’ll be right after you.”

Spock barely glanced at Leonard, but he nodded, gaze a little lovesick as he looked at Jim, but then he turned on his heels and went back up the stairs.

“You could have said he was here,” Leonard said sharply.

“I was protecting his privacy,” Jim murmured, sipping his coffee. “He’s, uh, in Pon Farr right now.”

“So I gathered. You and—”

“Yep. We’re bonded. And I gotta say, he’s had no trouble with his equipment.” Jim finished his coffee and donut and stood. “I really need to get back up there as it’s not over.”


“You can stay if you want, but I gotta warn you it might get loud.”

Leonard pinched the bridge of his nose. “I’m torn. Part of me thinks I should stick around for it to be over so I can check you two lovebirds medically, but the other part of me can’t wait to get out of here. Either way, I’ll notify M’Benga and Starfleet and Vulcans that Spock’s fine.”

“Thanks.” Jim headed for the stairs. “If you decide to stay, there’s a room down here to the left of the stairs.”

“How much longer has he got?”

“Hell if I know. This is the end of day three. See you, Bones. Soon or not.” Jim chuckled and then made his way up the stairs, favoring one cheek as he did so.

Leonard sighed. He probably needed to get his medical bag out of his hover car and stay a few days.


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