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Still here and still in limbo. Ma hasn’t eaten for five days now but she still drinks a tiny bit of iced tea. I go there every night now to help get her into the bathroom and into bed. It’s taking up a lot of my time other than work and what free time I do have, I try using for fun things like video games or something like that. I am doing a tiny bit of writing when I can fit it in, as you know from what updates I have done.

Anyway that’s where things stand right now.

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Some Personal Updates

So yesterday I had a mental health day off from work. Did a bit of shopping and writing (I updated the last two chapters of Clarity the past few days and I am proud to have finished another one).

But just after lunch I got a text from sister to go pick up Mom who had fallen again. She had a big blood bruise on her back but otherwise seemed mostly okay. But those are the kinds of things I can expect at any time.

Today, sister gets her hair done and she’s now afraid to leave Mom alone, so I’ll be going over there shortly for several hours to watch her. This consists of me mostly sitting on the couch while she dozes in her chair.

Monday I go for my second doze of the Pfizer vaccine. I am anxious to get it over with. I have that day off too as the vaccine is in the morning and I decided might as well take the day in case of any side effects. I generally don’t get them from vaccines but you never know. I’ve been reading that, much like a flu shot, you’ll likely need to get additional shots as the years pass. Interesting times we live in for sure.

Anyway, I should have the next chapter of Cosmic Love up Monday, though I have yet to write it. Probably will tomorrow. Other than Cosmic Love, I am now down to only 6 wips. That is excellent for me. I once had 13 going at once. I’m running out of new ideas though, so maybe, I’ll stop after those 6? We will see. I mean how many times can we read about Jim meeting Spock at the Academy or Spock finally breaking up with Uhura to be with Jim?

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This Week’s Rambling 05/19/2020

Finally got my posting date for the T’hy’la Bang story. It’s June 22nd. Yaoichan12’s is June 23rd. So we aren’t first but we aren’t last either. I did manage to write a bit more and I have to have it pretty much done by the end of this month. It will be. I don’t have that much to go.

As you know I finished Cadet Ashayam and my next plan is to finish Nine Lives too. I’m already very much itching to begin fleshing out Vanik’s story, aptly named, The Matchmaker. It will be part of my Starfleet Academy series.

I plan to continue a few threads of flashes for the June flashes, so stay tuned for that.

I must admit there are some really fantastic stories on AO3 right now and it’s a little intimidating. I love it as a reader but as a writer, yeah, I’m a little envious. Ah, well. Such is life I suppose. There is always someone better than each of us at something or other I guess!

I bought myself a desk. Don’t recall if I mentioned this. But I had been at my dining room table for six weeks working from home. I have two monitors. So every single weekend I had to take my equipment down off the dining room table just so we could have a dining room table. My stuff took up a huge amount of it. Six weeks of this.

So I broke down and got a desk for about $220. It’s you know cheap Ikea type furniture, but it works. I’m off the dining room table and by the cat box, ha ha, but it is what it is. I figure I will be here at least another six weeks maybe more, so…desk it was.

We also bought a little bistro set for our patio so we can sit out there this summer and enjoy since we can’t really go anywhere. Things are starting to open up slowly but we figured sprucing up our patio was rather overdue anyway.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend already. So it’s three days off for me and I’ll stop work at 1 on Friday like I would have if I’d been at the office but now I won’t have to walk home. I have a special flash for that Monday too.

And that’s the news that’s fit to print!

Rambles, May 09, 2020

Don’t really have any May pictures yet. So you get one of theirs. Nice, huh?

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Today I heard that a place out here called the Soup Plantation was going out of permanent business. If you don’t have those out there, it’s basically a buffet restaurant, think Hometown Buffet or Golden Corral, is you have those. Basically they don’t think the health agencies will ever let them operate again under this modern day life with the pandemic, so they closed down. I’m not much of a buffet person, but that place was okay, when I went there, and it’s more sad to me that 4,400 people are permanently out of jobs.

This time, this year, is just…there are no words really.

My company seems to be indicating now that we won’t be getting back into the office for months. They are even temporarily closing entire offices so they don’t have to pay for space/electricity we are not using. I definitely don’t anticipate going back at least through the summer. This really is stunning and unprecedented to say the least. I don’t think they want to rush anything only to have us all sent back out again. But it has made for a significant adjustment.

And I feel like I am whining a bit because I have a job still, at least for now, unlike so many many others. And I am not sick, at least for now, and they are continuing to take steps to ensure not too many of us do get sick.

The media and government on all sides these days makes me a little nuts so I have cut back on my amount of news intake. I recommend you all do the same if you haven’t already.

A few good things with working from home is absolutely no commute. I get to sleep in about an hour later. When I turn off my computer in the afternoon I don’t have to get in a car and drive anywhere. I just move to the couch! I can change the sheets on the bed while at work and I can throw a load of laundry. I can also serve myself good coffee as often as I’d like. I get to see my cat all day, every day. So yeah good things. And I think we have to think of good things in this life when we can.

I still have four more flashes left to write for May, so if anyone has a suggestion, and by that, I mean a SIMPLE one. PLEASE. Not some long involved multi-chapter thing. I have enough of those now! Anyway, let me know.

Rambles for the end of March 2020

A message from a child at my condo complex

I sure would like to think and believe in this positive message.

Tomorrow, when I go into the office, it may well be the last time in quite a few weeks. My job has lost patience with waiting for laptops that seem as scarce as toilet paper and hand sanitizer and has decided that we must all bring our desktops home and work from home. So with a bit of stuff I must do in the office to make the transition smoother, I will be also disconnecting my equipment and bringing it home, all the while crossing my fingers that it all works like it’s supposed to once I get it all hooked up at home.

M’s working from home has been extended to May 31st. I have no idea how long it will be for me.

I have mixed feelings. I really don’t like the work at home thing. But on the other hand I won’t have to drive every day, which I hate, and can get up later and get home sooner. It’s better for my asthma to stay home. Don’t have to worry about what I look like etc.

But yeah. Not happy. But it is what it is. And I have a job for now so can’t complain.

I got all the Monday flashes done and scheduled for April.

I updated Our So-Called Life. Have not written a single word on the Bang story since I turned in my rough draft to prove I had written 6,000 words a week ago. And all I can say is meh. So we will see. Later this week I hope to update The Carrier if I can kick myself into doing it.

And so today is the last day of March, which turned out to be an absolutely miserable month. I once had such high hopes for it.

Good Riddance March 2020

March 23, 2020 Rambles

So, what’s going on? I’m home today as I have today and tomorrow off work. I have to go back into the office on Wednesday and Thursday as we are “exempt” from the stay at home thing and I don’t have my laptop yet. My plan for those days is to scan my files electronically so that when I do get my laptop I have the necessary files to work at home. I honestly thing this stay at home thing is going to go through at least May. We shall see.

Watched Contagion last night. I’ve seen it before, years ago, when it was out, but man, it’s so similar to what’s happening now I think it was a mistake to watch it. It’s like a horror film really.

I am almost up to the 6,000 words for the Bang story. I plan on getting it to that point today. I am at 5,000 now. Once I reach the 6,000 I will get the next chapter of The Carrier up. Boy do we all need Spirk distractions right now!

Then it’s on to Just When I Needed You Most. So we will see what I can get done.

I have asthma so I am not going to lie, I’m concerned. I feel good. No fever or anything. But I am…still a little concerned. I will stay as safe as I can be.

I hope that you will too.

Some beautiful artwork done for a scene from one of my own stories
by mylochka

March Walk With Me

An old Farmers Insurance Building in our City is being torn down to be replaced by mixed use stuff (apartments, park, restaurants, etc…)Was vacant for years but still dramatic.
More- the building is from yesterday by our Target
Very gloom day for March. Seemed more like a December day or something. About to have a week of stormy weather, probably the last of whatever we’re going to get but cool and gloomy
This truck has seen better days!
More Gloomy Sky
Some Beauty Among Dirt and Weeds
Wild Growing Rosemary
The Gloom Continues
Cute Little Flowers
Little tree
Another Little Tree
The Gloom

Rambles 03/01/2020

Happy March

Well here we are in the third month of the year. Barely, but it counts.

Took a half day Friday and talked to Macy’s Fraud Dept. Still told it’s “in process”. In the meantime, received another bill where the thief bought sunglasses. For another $200. Filed yet another claim. I am now into 5 months dealing with this. Unbelievable. But…yeah.

Went to Drag Queen Bingo at the Elk’s Lodge last night. It’s for charity. A good time was had by all but we didn’t come anywhere close to winning a single game.

Was looking at some news report and check this out…

See that tiny apartment? It’s a bed, a toilet, sink and a shower. Don’t think it includes a kitchen. Anyway, this is London. So we aren’t the only one with too expensive places to live. $2000 per month for this. Yep.

Here’s crossing my fingers that this month will be better. I am going to Morro Bay for two days later this month, so I am greatly looking forward to that. As well as next week’s time change.

I think I have a good couple of flashes coming up this week.

Up next for AO3 if I get to it this week is Cadet Ashayam.

Still trying to get the Bang to shape up. I did finish the first chapter. That’s something. And if I am nowhere reasonable at the end of this month I will drop out. Hopefully that won’t happen.

I think that’s about it for now.

As My Financial Ruin Continues

As you know I have an ongoing fraud claim with Macy’s American Express. And when I say ongoing, I discovered fraudulent charges way back at the beginning of November. I called them to report it right away, as I am supposed to do.

Since then, I have multiple fraudulent charges on the same account even though they canceled that first card and sent me another. That I did not activate. Didn’t matter. The thief knew how it worked apparently and managed to use it anyway. They closed that one. I didn’t activate that one either. More charges. I received a $200 coat I did not order. I could go into further details but I think you know enough to understand my dismay and frustration with Macy’s and the thief they have allowed to continually victimize me.

In desperation, I stopped didn’t pay my statement in January and didn’t pay it on time in February, because I figured, maybe this would be the only thing that would stop the thief. If Macy’s actually told the fraudster, nope, sorry, but you are past due. I had asked for my account to be closed, mind you, but give everything I have gone through I knew not to trust them.

Since I had filed more fraud reports, I decided to finally send them a $200 check. But before they could even receive that, there’s more.

I am sitting at my desk at work on Tuesday morning and I get an alert from my bank, Chase, advising I am overdrawn almost $300. Needless to say my jaw dropped. I looked at my account. Macy’s took a $1000 payment from my account. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Which I did not have nor had I authorized, obviously.

Called Chase and disputed it. They filed a claim and would give me back the money while they investigated it. They recommended I close that checking account and open a new one at my earliest opportunity.

Called Macy’s from work. They wouldn’t talk to me from my mobile phone so Tuesday night I called from home and told them they had stolen from me. The customer rep, Cataleen, said she was marking it as a fraudulent payment and would send me an email confirmation. I never got that email, by the way. I cannot trust them. I am now forced to take a half day on Friday to call them again (their hours are all Eastern and their fraud department closes before I get home, conveniently) and make sure they give me back my $1000. We figure what happened is the thief tried to charge something yet again and was told the account was in arrears. They must have than authorized this $1000 payment over the telephone from my account (which Macy’s American Express had my account information).

As you can imagine I am beside myself over this. Distracted from writing? You bet.

Tuesday night I went into the bank, put a freeze on the old account (I am not able to close it yet) and opened a new one. Thankfully they did give me back the $1000 but that is a temporary credit until their investigation is done, so I am still left fighting with Macy’s. Cataleen had the nerve to ask me if I wanted a new card sent to me. I said no I want it CLOSED. CLOSED. She claims it is. But now I will confirm when I deal with all of this on Friday.

Filed a complaint with the FTC. Froze my credit. Reported a Fraud Alert on my credit.

If you have a Macy’s credit card of any time I would hasten to close it. They are thieves and have no clue how to prevent fraud. None. M thinks it’s an inside job at Macy’s. Could be.

So the saga continues. And continues. And continues.

February sucks again.

I regret now filling out the first check-in for the Bang because it’s well…distracting. I will try to get through it. Trying.

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