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By the time I finish Totally Modern Jim I will have written a post pretty much every day for two months. It’s taking a major toll on me, not going to lie.

And we all know July and Christmas in July will be here soon enough and I know most of you look forward to that.

So…in June it’s going to be Flash Fic Fridays only (the only exception being J’s birthday). Sorry it’s gotta be that way.

Besides in June (at the end) M, sister and I are going to Morro Bay for a few days R and R.

Somehow I have to fit other updates in there too. I need to finish a couple other fics soon as I am getting a bit overwhelmed with my own pressure. And yes I pressure myself.

Let me tell you what I do NOT want to be. I followed a published writer for a number of years. I loved her work from the first story I read of hers and bought every story she wrote. Read them multiple times. She was the type who wrote a series, meaning you’d get couple A’s story in the first book, couple B’s in the next, couple C in the next and so on. I loved all her inter-related stuff and lots of others did too. She was always a bit “flighty” or “eccentric” and at one point she had promised story sequels that never materialized. She announced after one of her publishers went out of business that she was done and would never write those promised stories. Then last year she came back again, wrote a few of those “promised” stories and swore she was going to finish the story most of her readers wanted the most (not me, I preferred another story she had promised to write and it too was in the “queue” never to be written) I got excited again. Bought the stories I had missed and eagerly waited for the others. I checked her site a few days back and once more she has announced she doesn’t intend to EVER write those stories, and too bad so sad.

I do NOT want to be that person. I will never ever write a new story again before I will not finish those that are WIPS. I promise you the stories currently running will be finished. After that, I may quit. Honestly. But we will see. But not before they are all done.

Anyway, this is mostly to say, yes June will be light in flashes but not entirely bereft and I know that will be all right with all of you.