Probably NSFW

“Let’s make love.”

“Are you sure? Spock continued to be surprised by Jim. They had just been preparing for bed, when before getting into the hotel bed, he had turned to Spock and said those words.

“Spock, our time is limited. If you go back that is.” Jim shook his head. “And I don’t want you to.”

Spock nodded and opened his arms to pull Jim close. Jim went easily and Spock put his hand on Jim’s jaw and brough their lips together.

When they came up for air, he whispered. “Nor do I, but…I do not belong here.”

“Just…fuck me.”

They managed to get their pajamas off and fell onto the bed together. Spock kissed Jim everywhere and when he went to reach for a condom, Jim stopped him.

“Forget about that. I just want to feel you as you are inside me. Besides, in your time, surely they’ve eradicated sexually transmitted diseases.”

“They have,” Spock agreed. “If you are sure—”

“I am,” Jim whispered, kissing him with such intensity Spock felt dizzy.

Spock prepared Jim with the lubricant and then slowly pushed into the Human. His Human.

Spock knew perhaps he shouldn’t, but even as he moved deeper within Jim, he sought a deeper mental connection. His hand moved toward Jim’s face.


“Vulcans are-are touch telepaths, I wished to-to do a meld with you. If permissible.”

Jim arched up as Spock thrust. “Will it hurt?”

“It should not, no.”

Jim moistened his lips. “Do it then.”

Spock did not need to be told twice. Now that Jim knew the truth of who and what he was, holding back a part of himself was not required.

He rested his fingers on Jim’s face. “My mind to your mind,” he whispered. “My thoughts to your thoughts.”

And just like that, he slipped inside Jim’s mind as though they were made for each other. No meld had ever been so easy, so welcome, so right.

“Spock,” Jim moaned.

In Spock’s mind he saw Earth, as it was now, and then he saw Vulcan as it was when he left, the planets moved to line up right next each other, which he knew was not their exact location, and then Jim, bathed in bright sunlight, like Las’hark, appeared. Spock saw himself bathed in the colors of the desserts of Vulcan. Jim walked toward him, hand outstretched, and Spock reached out and took it.

Spock’s hand slipped off Jim’s face as they both found their release together.