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May Flashes

Flash Fic, May 29, 2020

This comes from a prompt from J, but I like it and might try to somehow work it into the Best Friends universe, if I can make it work. I might have to tweak it or something as it’s been a while since I read that story: Best Friends. But I think it can work. Anyway, here you go…

“What do you want?” Spock asked his brother, Sybok. Spock was standing on the terrace of their father’s home overlooking the mountains and the city in the distance.

“Well.” Sybok shrugged. “I thought you might like to talk.”

Spock gave him the side eye. “About what?”

Sybok came to stand next to him and looked down to where Spock’s gaze was fixed on the level below. A young blond human laughed, conversing with another.

“The birds and the bees.”


“You know. The birds and the bees.”

“I do not know what you are talking about.”

Sybok sighed. “Sex.”

Spock glanced quickly at him, expression carefully blank. “I know about sex, brother. I am not a child.”

Sybok’s lips turned upward. “At least I got your attention. If it helps, I’m fairly certain T’Pring is no more interested in maintaining your ill-advised bond than you are.”

As they both watched, the blond human suddenly glanced up, smiled, and waved at them. Spock, before he had a chance to think otherwise, returned the wave. But he regretted instantly, his cheeks warming, as the blond human winked.

Spock moved away from the edge of the terrace.

“He likes you too.”

“I do not know what you are referring to,” Spock said, primly.

“No?” Sybok asked. “Oh. Well, then. If you are not interested in James Kirk, then I will…”

“No,” Spock said quickly, his voice coming out in a snarl.

Which only caused his brother to laugh. “Yeah, I knew you knew what I meant.” Sybok looked over the edge. “I think he’s coming up here.”

“He is?” Spock’s heart began to race.

“Yes, he’s headed to the stairs leading up here. Shall I leave you two alone or do I need to chaperone?”

“I am not a child,” Spock insisted again.

“And you’re sure you don’t need the sex talk?’

Spock took a step toward him. “Leave.”

Sybok held out his hands. “I’m going, I’m going.” Just as he turned away, he spotted James Kirk at the top of the staircase and his brother, wringing his hands, waiting anxiously. Sybok grinned and went back inside.   

Flash Fic, May 27, 2020

Spock had thought Jim asleep since he had not spoken for many long minutes after their lovemaking. He’d just been deciding how best to extricate himself from Jim, who had snuggled up to Spock’s chest and had a hand lying there, just under Spock’s nipple. He was not altogether sleepy and had decided that he might wish to meditate after the extraordinary circumstances of the evening. Most unexpected and entirely welcome.

But just as he contemplated easing away from Jim, Jim’s fingers stroked along his chest and down to his abdomen, freezing there.

“This feels like a scar,” Jim whispered, curiosity in his voice.

“It is.”

“From a battle?”

Spock shook his head. “Not the sort you refer to.”

Jim lifted his head, looked down at the scar, and then up to Spock. “Looks like a word.”

The old memories threatened for a moment, but Spock pushed them away. “Yes. It was supposed to be. They were interrupted before they could finish it.”

Jim leaned over the scar. “Half…” His gaze flew to Spock’s, eyes wide, the beginnings of emotion welling up to make those blue look like gemstones. “Spock.”

He swallowed. “Yes. They meant to write half-breed. They never got to finish. I was able to get most of the scar removed, but a small part remains. It reminded me for many years that I didn’t fit in with Vulcans or Humans.”


“That is no longer the case, T’hy’la. I know exactly where I belong and that is with you.”

Jim kissed him fiercely and Spock forgot about getting up to meditate.      

Flash Fic, May 25, 2020

The first person familiar to him in the crowd that gathered was Nyota. She was gesturing to him, her face somber, her attire that of their dress uniform, hat firmly in place.

Spock stepped up to her and allowed her to lean forward and kiss his cheek. She pulled back and looked into his eyes. “How are you holding up?”

“I…well enough under the circumstances.”

She nodded, sympathetically, and then drew him forward. “The others are seated already.”

He followed her to where Lieutenant Sulu, Ensign Jayleh, and Lieutenant Commander Scott were seated. There was a spot left for Spock. A few aisles away he spotted Carol Marcus. He looked away quickly and took the offered seat.

Admiral Morrow walked up to the podium. “Thank you for coming on this day to remember those from Starfleet we have lost, not only in the last year, but in all our years.”

Then to Spock’s amazement, Morrow turned to the side.

“We welcome, Captain James T. Kirk, who has only just gotten out of the hospital this very day to attend this ceremony honoring those who have fallen.”

Doctor McCoy wheeled Jim out in a chair toward the podium. Jim wore a dress uniform but looked shockingly pale. Spock was half out of his seat before Nyota gently pushed him down.

“Did you know he was going to do this?” she asked.


“I don’t think the captain should be out of the hospital,” Sulu spoke up.

“He should not,” Spock said curtly.

Jim stopped at the podium and then was helped to stand by the doctor. Spock’s jaw tightened as Jim swayed.

“Today, we are gathered to remember our fallen brethren, including a member of my own bridge officers, Ensign Pavel Chekov.”


“Captain!” Nyota rushed at him after the ceremony. “You shouldn’t be out of the hospital.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” McCoy grumbled. “Damn fool insisted. And he’s going right back.”

Spock dropped to his knees beside Jim. “T’hy’la. Why? We talked about this and decided you would stay in bed.”

“You decided,” Jim said softly. “For Pavel. I had to.”

Spock inhaled, counted to ten, and then nodded. “Very well. But you will not leave again until you are well. Promise.”

“I promise.”

Spock stood and took control of the wheelchair from McCoy, ignoring the doctor’s rolled eyes, as they all followed behind as Spock brought their captain back to the hospial.

For those lost…we remember

Flash Fic, May 22, 2020

The turbolift suddenly lurched and stopped abruptly.

Jim frowned and looked at the controls. “What the hell?”

“Perhaps if you let me look—”

“Yeah, because you know so much more about it,” Jim snapped. His headache had just gotten way worse. He stepped aside and gestured. “Go ahead, Mr. Spock. You’re the expert on everything.”

Spock gave him a look but wisely said nothing as he moved in place to the controls.

It was just the two of them in the lift. And they’d been bickering all day prior to this.

Jim smirked as Spock stepped back. “Can’t fix it?”

“No,” Spock replied, clearly reluctant to admit defeat.

Jim went to the comm. “Kirk to Engineering.”

There was no response. In fact, it was as though the comm didn’t work at all. He hit again.

“Captain, I am certain that pounding on it to oblivion will not make it work.”

He shot Spock a look.

“This sucks.”

“We are in obvious agreement on that.”

Jim mumbled, “Well, at least you agree with me on something.”



“I believe you referenced something about agreeing with you.”

“If you heard me, then why say what? Geez.”


Jim folded  his arms across his chest. “Listen, mister, don’t take that superior, commanding, snooty-ass tone with me.”

“Snooty-ass is nonsensical.”

“Oh, yeah? Well so are your ears.”

Spock’s mouth opened and closed.

“Aha! Finally got you to shut up,” Jim said, triumphantly. Okay maybe he was being a bit childish. And definitely surly but…

“That begs the question.”

“Begs what question?”

Spock arched a brow. “How do I get you to finally shut up?”

“Are you…you know what…that’s it.”

Jim launched himself at Spock, pushing the Vulcan against the bulkhead. Spock’s eyes widened just before Jim’s mouth slammed down on his. Spock made a little bit of a squeal noise and then began to return Jim’s kiss.

The turbolift began to operate again, but Jim and Spock paid it no heed, continuing the frantic slide of mouth against mouth.

The doors slid open on their floor.

There was resounding applause.

“About damn time!” Uhura exclaimed.

Jim reluctantly tore his mouth from Spock’s and they both turned to look out at the crowd gathered on the deck. They were still clinging to each other.


Uhura smirked at them. “Congratulations.”

“Nyota, did you stop the turbolift?” Spock asked.

“No, well, technically it was Scotty.” She laughed. “We were all sick of you two.”

“I feel…manipulated.”

Jim cleared his throat. “What do you say we discuss this in my quarters, Mr. Spock?”

Spock inclined his head. “Yes, Captain. We are, once more, in agreement.”

Flash Fic May 20, 2020

a bit of silly humor

“Bones! Hide me.”

Leonard looked up from the ensign who’s sprained his arm. “Busy.”

“Well…shit.” He dashed into Leonard’s office and shut the door.

He shook his head. “Now that should be good as new in about an hour. Take it easy the rest of the day, but you should be good for tomorrow’s shift.”

“Thanks, Doc.” Ensign Dugan slid off the biobed and out the door.

With a sigh, Leonard went to his office.

“Jim, what the hell? Who are you hiding from now?”


Leonard smirked. “What did you do to him?”

“Nothing! I just…” He mumbled.

“What? Jim, speak up. It sounded like you said…I had beans.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “I did. I had beans and now I have terrible gas and we were supposed to see each other and I can’t.”

Leonard laughed. It started off as a slight chuckle and became a belly laugh.

“Bones, this is not funny.”

“It so is. So what do you want me to do? Tell him you aren’t home?”

“Tell him…I’ve taken ill and have to spend the night alone in my quarters with absolutely no visitors.”

Leonard snorted. “Think that’ll work? I can hear him now. ‘The Captain knows I am no ordinary visitor’.

Bones. Please. It took me forever to get his attention. I can’t ruin everything because of gas.”

“I’m pretty sure Spock can handle it, but okay, Jim. I’ll tell him.”

Jim blew out a breath.


The comm outside Jim’s quarters buzzed.

Jim swore. “Yeah?”


“Yeah, Spock?”

“The doctor says you are ill.”

“That’s right.” Jim coughed. “Feel terrible. Have to, uh, see you tomorrow.”

“But if you need assistance…”

“No! I don’t. Need. Assistance. I’ll be fine, Spock. Tomorrow.”

A long pause.

Jim bit his lip, feeling the gas coming on again.

“Very well, Captain. Have a good night and sleep well.”

“You too.”

“And Jim?”


“No beans tomorrow.”

Flash Fic May 18, 2020

“Father, I have returned home with the human, James Kirk,” Spock said to Sarek, who he had found in his study. “Which room am I to place him?”

Sarek shook his head. “He will not be staying here.”

“But I advised him that he would be.”

“You have advised incorrectly, Spock. James Kirk will be cared for by another family in Kir.”


“It has already been arranged.”

“Then unarranged it. I have advised him that he would and could stay with us.”


“Father, considering what he has been through, he cannot withstand such a disappointment. And I gave him my word. Surely you would not dispute that.”

Sarek sighed. “You are making this quite difficult. And your behavior is illogical. The family in Kir will be expecting him.”

“A small matter for you to explain. I will give him the room two doors down from mine and across from Michael.”

Sarek turned around. “Very well. You are dismissed.” Dismissed, perhaps. But victorious.

Flash Fic, May 15, 2020

Spock sat before the terminal in the captain’s quarters. In the corner by the closet, Jim was pulling off his command tunic and undershirt, and reaching into the drawer for a T-Shirt.

“Hey, babe?”

And that still took some getting used to. It was not unpleasant. Not at all. But the casual way Jim used an endearment for him was…exhilarating in a way he wouldn’t have imagined.


It did not matter whether Jim called him babe, baby, honey, sweetheart, or whatever silly thing he came up with, Spock liked it. And he found that he liked it, craved it even, was completely and utterly illogical.

“Yes, Jim?”

“You think the crew knows about us?”

Spock paused before he answered, choosing instead to watch as Jim struggled into his T-Shirt, admiring the exposed chest and abdomen of his lover.

“Spock?” Now Jim smirked at him, clearly noticing Spock’s admiration.

“You refer to their obvious observation of us earlier in the mess room?”


“Yes, I suspect that at least some of them have surmised we are together.”

“Does that bother you?”

“Not in the least. Does it you?”

“Nah. I mean they were going to find out eventually. I’m not going to want it to be a secret.” Jim came over to the desk and looked down at what Spock was doing. “Reports?”

“They are past due.”

Jim sighed. “I know. But you shouldn’t have to do them for me. I can do them if you want to move.”

“I don’t mind attending to them, ashayam. Go ahead and have your video conference with your mother. I will work on these.”


“Of course.”

“Ashayam? That’s new. What is it?”

“It is…babe.”

Flash Fic May 13, 2020

“I think we should place bets.”

Scotty eyed Ensign Marker. “On what, laddie?”

“When the captain and the commander are gonna get together.”

The captain and commander were currently standing next to each other at the replicators. There wasn’t an inch to spare between them.

Sulu grinned. “I’m in. And I say it’s gonna be forever. They’ve been dancing around each other for a over a year. Over two.”

“You saying they aren’t into each other?” Davers asked.

“No, they are. I’m just saying they won’t admit it anytime soon.”

“You in, Mr. Scott?” Marker asked.

“I’ve got better things to do then to involve myself with such nonsense. If they are or aren’t, it’s none o’ my business.”

“Jaylah?” Sulu directed at her.

“No, it is not necessary.”

“Oh? Good for you, lassie, not involving yourself in games.”

Sulu frowned. “Wait, why is it not necessary?”

Jaylah shrugged. “They are together, Commander Spock and James T.”

“What?” Marker demanded. “How do you know?”

“I have seen them.”

Seen them?”

“Outside the door. Kissing with their hands and with their lips.”

“Damn it, that would have been easy money!”

“Hey, what’s going on?”

They all looked up startled into the smiling face of their captain. Next to them was their first officer looking blandly at them, as yet again, there was not an inch between them.

Scotty cleared his throat. “Nothing, Captain. We were all about to finish up and head back to our stations.”

The captain’s smile widened. “Probably a good idea.”

They all scrambled up out of their chairs and grabbed their trays to discard them.

Spock shared a look and a shrug with the captain as they headed out of the mess towatd the bridge.

Flash Fic May 11, 2020

Spock didn’t know how it had gotten to this point. How it went so horribly wrong. He should know. He should. But his ability to analyze, to think, was compromised. He hoped not irreparably.

Somewhere in his pain-wracked mind, he could recall that only the prior night, he and Jim had finally ‘stopped dancing around each other’ as Nyota had put it. They’d been…intimate. And Jim had been so gentle and loving with him.

He’d allowed himself the ill-conceived emotion of hope. Which now, under these circumstances, felt particularly foolish.

“You’re going to be okay,” came the broken whisper and it was not at all convincing. Spock tried to come up with a reassuring response of his own, but he found he lacked the energy to form even words, let alone complete sentences.

 He heard in the distance, or it seemed so very far away, the call for beam up from the Enterprise. It went unanswered and Spock knew from the desperation in the voice, he was out of time.

He had to say something. Had to get the words out, before it really was too late. No matter how much energy it might cost him.

“Get to safety,” he rasped. “Leave me.”

The palm of the hand touching his face was warm and callused. Even before the word was spoken, he knew what it would be.


He tried to shake his head, but thought he failed. He had no will left, only pain he could no longer control, and even that was fading, though he knew that could not be good.

His head was lifted with utmost care, then lowered into a lap. Arms came around to hold him. He was comforted that in this, his end, the one he loved was there, with him.

“Spock…I love you.”



“He’s coming around.”    

Spock blinked, slowly, his eyelids feeling absurdly heavy. A hand on his face, warm, callused again.

The face leaning over him blurred, then came into focus, blue eyes like an oasis he’d been seeking in the desert.

“Jim,” he croaked.

A smile that lit up the room. “Yes, Spock. Yes.”

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