“I’m sorry I ruined our wedding,” Jim rasped out. He felt hot and cold at the same time.

Surprisingly considering he had a gaping wound in his side it didn’t really hurt.

Spock knelt beside him, covered in red blood. One had rested on Jim’s arm and the other near his face.

“You did not ruin anything,” Spock said. “Save your strength.”

Jim could only vaguely remember things. Getting speared in the side. Standing beside Spock. Saying vows. The wrong order though, right?

“C-cold,” Jim stuttered, suddenly feeling as though he must have frostbite.

Spock looked over his shoulder. “Ensign Evening, please bring over the emergency blanket.”

A moment later Jim saw a female officer wearing a blue science dress hand Spock something. She looked down at Jim with deep concern and he attempted to give her a reassuring smile.

He didn’t remember her being at the wedding ceremony but he supposed his memory was compromised by his wound.

“Shh, rest easy,” Spock said, gently. He tucked the blanket around Jim. “Close your eyes, Jim. Try to rest while we wait for transport.”

Jim nodded or he thought he did. He closed his eyes.

“Commander, why does he think—”

“Silence, Ensign.”

“Y-Yes, sir. Sorry.”

Jim opened his eyes to see only Spock there, hovering over him. “Shouldn’t it hurt> I can’t really feel anything.”

“At the moment I am absorbing most of your discomfort.”

“You-you shouldn’t.”

“It is no hardship.”

He tried to snort but wasn’t sure what it sounded like. “Am I gonna die, Spock?”

“Not on my watch, Captain.”

“Good. I really want that honeymoon.”

“As do I. Sleep. When you wake you will be on the Enterprise.”

He nodded and closed his eyes again.

Jim opened his eyes to Bones running a scanner over him. To Jim’s surprise Bones half-smiled.

“Welcome back.”


“Yep. You’re going to live. Thanks to Spock.”

“Where is he?”

“Here, Captain.”

Bones moved away for a moment and was replaced by Spock who looked like every hair was in place. Jim sort of remembered he’d been covered in blood last he saw him.

“Everything okay?”

“It is now.”

Jim smiled. “I think Bones has pumped me full of happy juice.”

“Indeed. And when you have recovered I believe there is something we need to discuss.”


“The possibility of our marriage.”

And like that Spock moved away.

“Our what? Spock? Spock!”

Photo by Natalie Bond on Pexels.com