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Flash Fic, January 21, 2022

A little OMS fluff

“What is this, Jim?”

Jim, who stood in the apartment kitchen, drinking from the cup of coffee he just poured for himself, glanced out to where Spock stood by the dining room table.

“Brochures for our vacation.”


“After the last month or so, I think we’ve earned a vacation, don’t you?” Jim stepped out of the kitchen and over to the table to look down at the brochures for all the exotic locales he’d chosen as potential destinations.

They’d only just returned from saving Earth and bringing whales to talk to the probe sent for them.

“Risa?” Spock’s brow arched up. “I think not.”

Jim smiled faintly. “Just one of many choices, Spock. We could even visit your folks on Vulcan if you’d like.”

Spock shook his head. “We only recently came from there. I find no immediate reason for returning.”

“Okay, then some warm, tropical place it is. Don’t worry, Spock, I plan to relax and take it easy.”

“Why would I worry?”

“Well, you once said that Humans and are desire to play on our vacations instead of rest was illogical. I’m paraphrasing of course.”

“Of course.” Spock picked up one. “This is said to have a large aquarium of exotic species.”

“Right. Is that where you  want to go?”

“I am not certain,” Spock admitted.

“Well, go through them and decide. We have time to make a decision. I’m thinking one of the tropical islands like Hawaii.”

Spock nodded. “Very well I will look at them after breakfast.” He paused. “Have I ever been to any of them?”

Spock was still having some memory issues. Jim wasn’t sure he would ever get everything back, but he remembered enough, including his affection for Jim, and that was more than enough.

“Nope, we haven’t. So any place we visit will be new to both of us.”

Spock nodded again as Jim joined him at the table for their breakfast of pancakes. He glanced at one. “Hawaii does look nice.”

Jim smiled, leaned over and kissed him. “Whatever we decide will be perfect.”

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Back but tired

I am back from my short trip but quite tired. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. No I did not win anything this time.

Bloody Mary
Slot Machine
Room view

Glass Sculpture thing in hallway of hotel

Fun times but I sure am feeling glad I took tomorrow off too.

Flash Fic, January 14, 2022

I step away today from the conversations after missions idea and instead have a brief scene where Kirk contemplates his future with Spock after the events of the Motion Picture.

Everything was over and back to normal.

Whatever normal was.

Kirk wasn’t sure he knew anymore.

Spock was back, but for how long?

He’d been great, the V’ger situation was handled, and Jim was back in command.

Of course Decker was gone. And Ilya. An outcome he wouldn’t have wanted. He’d know Decker’s father and the loss there. But he couldn’t change that outcome and he couldn’t change this one either.

But Spock…

They’d barely talked since it all ended. He swore he could still feel Spock’s grip when Spock had held his hands in sickbay.

Was there a future for them? Kirk once thought there was, back after the end of the mission, but Spock had walked away, gone to Vulcan, and tried to logic away Kirk’s very existence.


Speaking of…

Kirk turned from his observance of space to greet Spock.


“Do you have a moment?”

In fact, he had all the moments Spock needed, if he wanted them. Kirk smiled. “I do.”

Flash Fic, January 11, 2022

This conversations must definitely needed to happen after Galileo 7

Jim noticed Bones leaving Spock’s quarters and nearly called out to his friend to ask him what was the deal, but something made him hold back and just watch Bones leave.

After McCoy moved out of sight, Jim went to Spock’s door, and after a moment was granted access. He’d been expected and Spock was setting up the chess game when he entered.


“Jim,” he gently reminded Spock. “What did Bones want?”

Spock stiffened around the shoulders a bit. Then he turned around. “To offer an apology.”

Jim frowned. “For what?”

He took his seat and waited as Spock brought them over beverages.

“Spock? For what?”

“His recent behavior on the mission,” Spock replied after a moment.

“Behavior? What behavior?”

Spock did not answer immediately and seemed reluctant.

“That’s an order, Mister Spock.”

“At times the crew of the Galileo were insubordinate,” Spock said, moving his first chess piece.

Jim narrowed his eyes. “To you?”

Spock nodded. “McCoy among them. The situation was stressful and tense.  After Latimer was killed, I hoped to avoid further destruction of the natives on the planet where we were forced to land. The others wished to kill them outright. One of them killed Gaetano and the crew blamed me.”

“You were making decisions based on the available information you had at the time. I read your report.”

“Yes, but they did not see it that way.”

Jim drummed his fingers on the table. “All of them? Bones? Scotty?”

“Mister Scott was not insubordinate directly, no.”

“But the others were, including Bones.” Jim grimaced. “I’ll talk to them.”

“McCoy apologized. I would rather it was dropped.”

“What about Boma?”

Spock shrugged.

“It’ll go on his record,” Jim stated.

“As I said, Captain, I would rather it was dropped.”

“And I would rather the crew respect the first officer of this ship. Spock, you aren’t going to just accept that kind of thing. And I’m not going to either. I’ll have a word with both Bones and Boma. If I don’t get a satisfactory response from Boma, it’s going on his record. What about Mears?”

“Like Mister Scott, she was not directly insubordinate.”

“Okay. I know we’ve discussed this, Spock. I really want you to tell me about this kind of stuff.” He sighed and leaned back. “And I added to it.”


“Teasing you on the bridge about your emotional response and calling you stubborn.”

“I was not offended, Jim.”

“Still.” Jim shook his head. “I’m sorry, Spock.”

Spock covered the hand that rested on the table with his own. “I accept your apology, Jim. The game?”

Jim smiled, turned over his hand to touch their palms together briefly before moving his hand over to grab his coffee cup.

“Right. I believe from last time we played I was about to checkmate you.”

Flash Fic, January 07, 2021

Continuing my conversations after mission episodes…

Jim supposed he should have checked with Spock to see if they were still on for chess tonight after one hell of a day, but he found himself pressing for entry and a little to his surprise the door opened.

Normally Spock still wore his uniform when they played, but he was dressed far mor casually tonight, wearing loose fitting trousers that could have been exercise attire or something similar to a Karate gi.

“Am I interrupting anything?”

“No.” But it was said with reluctance and Jim got the feeling Jim would have canceled if Jim had thought to check with him.

“Listen, about…Stiles…”

That caught Spock’s attention and he looked up at Jim, dark eyes curious. “What about him?”

“His family …the Romulans…” he trailed off, shrugged. Then he shook head. “That doesn’t excuse his behavior.”

“No. But I’m used to it.”

Jim frowned. “Used to it?”

“I have experienced a number of incidents related to my interactions with biased Humans.”

“Bias,” Jim repeated. “You mean bigoted.”

“As you say.”

“You shouldn’t be used to it, Spock. Next time someone says something to you, you tell me.”

“I will not.”


“That would not improve the behavior, and in fact would likely make the number of incidences increase.”


“Jim. If you do not mind, I would like to postpone tonight’s match. I find I do not have the capability to concentrate.”

Jim nodded. “Okay, sure. God knows it’s been a terrible day.” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “I started off officiating at the wedding of Tomlinson and Martine and now…I came from the chapel where Martine was…yeah, terrible day.”

He turned away.

“Captain. Jim. Perhaps…”

Jim looked back at him. “Perhaps?”

“We might experience a level of compatible comfort in each other’s company even without chess tonight.”

He smiled faintly. “What do you have in mind?”

“You might like to read one of your books in here while meditate.”

It wasn’t something Spock had ever suggested before and though it had been on the tip of Jim’s tongue to brush off the invitation with a ‘No, that’s all right’, it suddenly occurred to him what it must have meant for Spock to even suggest such a thing. He could not imagine Spock would with anyone else, and if he refused, that invitation would not come again.

He allowed his smile to widen. “Let me go grab a book and I’ll be right back.”

“I’m going to have tea. Shall I make one for you?”

“Yes, thank you, Mister Spock.”

And Jim went through their shared bathroom to fetch a book, his glum mood much improved.   

Flash Fic, January 05, 2022

Spock has been unsettled ever since the events surrounding Psi 2000. Oh, he is back to his normal self, no longer feeling any effects of the infection, and yet Spock still suffers some…embarrassment…from his behavior.  

He hovers outside the captain’s quarters, feeling an inexplicable need to either or apologize or explain himself and the things he said, but now that he is there, he feels more uncertain.

Spock supposes he wouldn’t have even thought about it, but there’s no doubt that Kirk has treated him somewhat differently since their encounter in the conference room. He is about to turn away, deciding not to speak about it after all, when the door of Kirk’s cabin suddenly opens, and the captain looks startled to see him.

Spock does not blame him.

“Mister Spock? Was there something you wanted to speak with me about?”

Did he? Well, if there is one thing Spock is not, it is coward.

“If I may have a moment?”

“Sure.” Kirk steps back to let him inside.

The door closes behind him, after his entry. He doesn’t want to stay long, he wants this over and done with.

“I wish to apologize.”



Kirk cuts him off with a shake of his head. Then, “Forget about it, Spock.”

“The things I said while in the conference room—”

Kirk smiles. “I’ve already forgotten about them.”

“Have you?” he asks doubtfully.

“Of course. Many of us did and said things we now regret, Mister Spock. I don’t hold that against any man or woman.” He pauses, his smile widening. “Especially you.”

“Why especially me?”

“Well.” He shrugs. “Those things we experienced. The out of control emotions and the insanity that went with them—”

“One of the reasons Vulcans follow Surak’s teachings is because we view many emotional responses as…insanity.”

“I know. Which is why I don’t blame you most of all. It was something none of us were used to, and especially you. Whatever you said, whatever you felt while under the influence of the infection…I’ve forgotten about it. And forgiven too. I suggest we, all of us, move on from that.”

Spock is more than willing to move on, so he nods. “Very well, Captain.”

“Is that all, Mister Spock?”


“I was about to go to the mess for some dinner. Care to accompany me?”

Spock nods again. “That would be agreeable.”

They exist the cabin and fall into step beside each other even as McCoy suddenly appears to join them.

“Where are we going?”


“Excellent, I’m hungry.”

And for the first time since they left the dying planet of Psi 2000, Spock feels like most everything has returned to the way it should be.

Flash Fic, January 03, 2022

This month begins a series of flashes for The Original Series. I don’t know know how often I will post, it will be to my whim, honestly. But here is the first one. Some of these are going to be “pre-slash” as I use some series episodes.

If Spock was surprised to see him, he didn’t show it. He just stood back and let Jim in to his quarters.

Jim had a moment where he wondered why he’d come himself. But he had to get this out, he guessed.

The door slid closed after him and he stood rather awkwardly there. He spotted a chess set up where Spock had clearly been playing against the computer. He’d played Spock a few times in the rec room, but never privately.

“How’s the game going?” he asked.

“I am winning.”

Jim smiled. “Of course you are, Mister Spock.”

“You wanted to say something?”

“I wanted to…thank you.”

“Thank me, sir?”

Jim nodded. “For saving my life. When that…creature attacked me, I froze. I didn’t know how to fight against it. It was sucking the salt out and…”

“You are welcome,” Spock said. “But, of course, I merely did my duty as your first officer.”

Jim smiled faintly. “Yes, of course, your duty.”

“Any capable officer would attempt to save their captain,” Spock said calmly.

“I know. But if you hadn’t come along, I would be dead. McCoy was not able to react rationally in that moment.”

“He saw only Nancy.”

“Yeah. So…thank you. Again.” He slid his gaze off of Spock, feeling awkward and uncomfortable, and it landed on the chess set. “If it wouldn’t disrupt your match with the computer, care to challenge me, Spock?”

Spock nodded. “It would not. If you will give me a moment, I’ll set things up.”

“Of course. Thank you, Mister Spock.”

Spock didn’t respond to that, but he did move to set up the game, and after a time, Jim moved in to begin.  

Flash Fic December 31, 2021

Happy New Year

Jim smiles to himself as the message makes it to him. Not via PADD, although he’s certain that’s waiting for him, too, but he’s walking back from HQ to the apartment and he hasn’t looked.

It’s now 12:01. He hadn’t meant to leave so late, but there was so much to do, so much to plan for, and with Komack currently out of commission it fell to Jim.

Happy New Year, he said in kind, then added, I Miss You.

He stopped on the way at his favorite pizza place, knowing Jock would keep it open for Jim, which was why had had called ahead.

“Here you go, Admiral. Extra cheese just like you like it.”

“Thank you. And Happy New Year.”

The apartment was dark, of course, until Jim set the lights on, then put his pizza down. There was some old legend, he’d long forgotten the source for it, that said you’d spend the year doing what you did that first day, so that meant he’d be eating pizza, he guessed.

After grabbing a slice, he checked his PADD and sure enough there was a message from Spock.

Happy New Year, T’hy’la. I miss you more than I can say. We’ve come along way together in the last two years and I know that together our love and bond will only grow stronger. I cannot wait to be reunited.

Jim smiled faintly. Two years ago, his heart remained cold to Spock when Spock returned after rejecting Jim. But a year ago, he’d given Spock a second chance. Their relationship was better than it had been before Spock had rejected him, and though Spock was currently off Earth due to Sarek’s illness, everything was good and Jim didn’t miss Spock too much.

But boy was his Vulcan a mushy romantic these days.

He typed that very thing and only a moment later he got a response.

Yes. You are eating pizza.

Through the bond

Jim chuckled. “How did you know?” he asked out loud.

I can smell it.

Smell it? Is there smellivision in the bond?

That would be convenient, but no. Open the door, Admiral.

Smiling big, Jim rose from the table, ran to the front door, and greeted his husband with open arms and a big kiss.

“Now it’s a Happy New Year.”

Jim and Spock from His Heart Remained Cold and Spock’s Second Chance

Flash Fic December 29, 2021

It was not normal for Jim’s first officer to hide in the labs after his shift, but that was where Jim found him.

They were supposed to be playing chess or Jim thought they were. He recalled some kind of promise to play chess a few days after the Crew Holiday Party and that was this day. Granted things were a it fuzzy from that time, but he didn’t think that fuzzy, so when Spock didn’t  show, Jim went looking for him.

Spock was sitting before a bunch of test tube looking things and because he didn’t seem to know Jim was there, he was allowing himself to frown very slightly.  

Earlier that day they’d returned from a difficult landing party mission and someone Spock had been quite friendly with had been killed. Jim was aware there were those who didn’t think Spock had any friends, present company exempted of course, because everyone knew of their friendship,  and Spock still maintained a sort of friendship with Uhura.

It hadn’t occurred to Jim at the time, even though he knew Spock was friends with Martinez, that Spock was upset. Sometimes Jim could be a little too obtuse. Now as he observed Spock, he realized just how upset Spock must be.

“Hey,” he said softly from the doorway.

Spock looked up, startled, his expression going instantly blank. “Captain. I apologize. Was there something you needed?”

Jim hesitated, but then said, “I might have gotten my days mixed up, but I thought this was the day we mentioned playing chess when we talked at the holiday party.”

“I had…forgotten. May we reschedule?”

“Sure, Spock. No problem.

And he supposed he should turn around and leave Spock alone, but instead he drew closer to where his science officer sat. Since he’d met Spock he’d seen Uhura hug him several times. Spock never initiated the hugs as far as he could tell.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Did you…did you ever hug your mother?”

Spock seemed surprised by the question, but he finally said, softly, more a whisper, “She hugged me on a few occasions.”

“But you didn’t embrace her first?”


Jim nodded. “I never did with my mother either. Pretty much I never hug anyone first.” He shook his head. “I might have done a sort of manly pat hug with Bones a time or two.”

“Manly pat hug?”

Jim smiled. “Yeah, you know. Anyway, uh, look. I’m really sorry about Martinez. I know you two were friends and I should have thought of that before.”

“I appreciate your consideration now, Captain.”

“So, is it okay, then, if I give you a commiserating hug?” Jim was embarrassed the moment he said it. He knew he was ridiculously red because of it. And he fully expected Spock would say, “Oh, no, Captain, keep your hugs to yourself.”

So yeah, when Spock stood up from the stool he was perched on and opened his arms, Jim was so startled he almost flubbed it.


Instead he went into Spock’s arms and wrapped his arms around the Vulcan just as Spock wrapped his around Jim.

He wasn’t sure who was hugging who and somehow it didn’t at all matter as they stood holding each other for a long time. Minutes for sure.

And then as Jim finally figured he should pull away and as he did so, Spock surprised him with, “Perhaps a chess game with you is just what I need, Captain.”


“Yes. I will come to your quarters shortly.”

Jim smiled nodded and squeezed Spock’s shoulder, then left the lab, feeling better than he had in a long time. He had needed that hug as much as Spock did.

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