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Song Fic Sneak Peek

I haven’t finished it yet but hope to soon. It’s an AU as you will probably be able to tell but I do see the AOS Spirk guys not TOS.

Anyway, I thought I’d share it here since I currently have nothing else to post here.

It’s based on the song, One More Night by Phil Collins.

Spock had a dilemma.

Unfortunately, he had found himself with this dilemma for some time and had found that he was not as much of a man of action as he should be. But the truth was he was in love with a Human and that Human was leaving Vulcan tomorrow.

For the past three months, Ensign James T Kirk of Starfleet, had been on Vulcan on a temporary assignment at the Earth Embassy in ShiKahr. Spock had become acquainted with him. They were, Spock considered, friends.

Spock realized nearly two weeks ago that Spock wished to be more than friends, but he had never taken the time to discuss this with…Jim.

Tomorrow Jim would return to Earth and Spock…would be left with regrets.

He only had one more night, and perhaps that was all he needed.

The problem, though, was he was hardly the only Vulcan who admired Jim. Spock had been aware that Jim had not lacked for company the three months he had been there. He’d gone on numerous dates, with Vulcans, and with other species that made their home on Vulcan. Though Spock did not have direct evidence, he was fairly certain that some of these dates involved certain levels of intimacy.

Intimacy with Jim that Spock had been unable to secure.

Spock had always been introverted. To his detriment. Jim was anything but. He was full of mirth, beauty, and enthusiasm even Vulcans found themselves unable to resist.

Spock looked down at his communication device. He could contact Jim and see if he was available to attend a social evening with Spock. They had, actually, gone out for tea and Vulcan food a time or two as friends. Perhaps he would be able to present his plans in that manner and Jim would agree.

He began to open the device but then abruptly closed it.

What if Jim was not alone?

This was entirely possible.

He might contact Jim, Jim would answer, and Spock could possibly hear someone in the background with Jim. Or Jim could simply say he had other plans. It was his last night after all.

Had Spock missed his chance? Jim was leaving. What kind of relationship could they have? Spock was supposed to start his second year at the Vulcan Science Academy next week.


He turned to see his mother approach him in their home. He stood at the window overlooking her garden, unable, apparently, to do anything.

“Mother, I…”

“What is it, Spock?”

“I have developed feelings, most illogical feelings, for another and I have been unable to disclose their nature to the recipient.”

She stood beside him, looking out at the garden the same as him. “And you wish to?”

“I fear I have left it too long.”

“Why do you believe that?”

“He…departs Vulcan in the morning. Then he will likely be assigned to a starship.”

“Oh.” She nodded. “It is your friend, Jim Kirk.”


“If you do not at least make the attempt, Spock, you will regret it. Always.” She sighed, shook her head. “When I met your father, I held back my feelings for a long time. I thought we would never suit, we had nothing in common. It turned out Sarek was doing the same. One day, when it was, I don’t know, nearly time for us to stop seeing each other, we both admitted to our attraction.” She smiled. “You are the result.”

“I have wasted so much time.” Spock sighed. “And I do not believe there will ever be a time he will feel the same.”

“Why, Spock? Surely, you know your worth.”

“I do not know. He has so many choices.”

“You won’t know what he chooses until you present yourself as one of those choices, Spock.”

Cosmic Love, Chapter 1, April 07, 2021

“Tarsus Preparatory School,” Captain Christopher Pike read off.

Jim nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Pike frowned. He was seated behind his desk, going over Jim’s application for admittance to Starfleet Academy. “Rough time.”

“Fortunately, the school was evacuated before the worst of it,” Jim replied. He folded his hands in his lap and tried not to twist them together.

“By your headmaster.”

“That’s right, sir. Retired Starfleet captain Robert April.”

“Yes, I knew April. Left active duty after the partial loss of his left leg. Settled on Tarsus IV.” Pike pursed his lips. “Got you all off but he was not as lucky.”


“How was the school before all that?”

“I learned a lot,” Jim conceded. “My mother taught me not to speak ill of the dead, though.”

Pike smiled slightly at that. “Confidential, James.”

“I prefer Jim for the most part, Captain.”

“Okay, Jim. Tell me what you thought of Captain April.”

“He evacuated all of us students and ultimately saved our lives. For that he’s a hero, sir.”


Jim shrugged. “He could be a strict disciplinarian. Which is why I was sent there in the first place.” He paused. “That being said, I think he should be remembered from his heroic acts. 

“I see. You might be interested to know that there’s a currently enrolled cadet who also came from the school.”


“Spock is his name. Son of the Vulcan ambassador to Earth. Know him?”

“Only rather nominally, sir. I spoke briefly to him when we were both waiting for our parents on the space station after evacuation. Not even sure he’d remember me after all these years.”

“Understood. Well, if you run in to him, I didn’t want you to be surprised.”

Jim smiled. “Run into him, Captain?”

Pike returned the smile and stood up, hand thrust forward to shake Jim’s hand. Jim rose too.

 “Congratulations on being accepted into Starfleet Academy, Jim. You’ll be starting this next semester.”

“Thank you, Captain Pike, I appreciate it.”


“I want a milkshake. Do you want a milkshake?”

Jim shook his head, amused at his mother as she sat across from him at the diner they’d headed to after he came out of Christopher Pike’s office. They decided to celebrate by coming to this old diner before boarding the shuttle back to Riverside. The next semester didn’t start for a few weeks, so he’d spend most of that time back at the farmhouse.

His mother had told him that back in her academy days she’d gone to this old diner numerous times with Jim’s dad.

“I’ll pass.”

“No milkshake?”

Jim laughed. “I’m already getting a cheeseburger. I have to fit in my cadet uniform, Mom.”

“You’re slim and fit. But okay. I won’t push. I’m getting a salad that way I can have the milkshake.”

“Okay.” Jim glanced out the window. “I’ll have to be careful not to come here too often.”

“Just like George. Did you know your Grandpa Kirk was turned down for the Academy?”

“Turned down?”

“Yep. Idiots. That’s why your father tried so hard to get in there, you know. Wanted to prove them wrong about the Kirk family. I think he’d rather have stayed on the farm to be honest.” His mother shook her head. “I’m not surprised you got right in.”

“Yeah well. Hey, I guess Captain Pike said there’s another cadet there from the school. Tarsus I mean.”


“Spock. From Vulcan. I guess his dad’s some dignitary or something.”

Mom pursed her lips. “Do you suppose he was sent there for getting into trouble?”

Jim laughed again. “Doubtful. I mean not everyone there was sent because they were a delinquent, Mom.” He paused. “Some were, obviously.

“Jim, if I could change—”

“I know. I know it was Frank. And the experience wasn’t all bad,” Jim said, softly. “Anyway, I am guessing not everyone who was there got there because of someone like Frank, but the truth of it is that I know nothing about Spock at all. Maybe he is a secret troublemaker.”

They both laughed at that. The idea did seem absurd.

Later when they had finished their dinner, they headed back for Riverside. Jim couldn’t wait to return to San Francisco to begin the next chapter of his life.

Coming Up for April 2021

So I think what I’m going to do for April with the MWF flashes that begin next week is connect the flashes into a Starfleet Academy/Riverside Fic. So the story will post April 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 23. 26, 28, and 30. They may not post at any certain time of the day if I don’t get the chapters done ahead of time, but for now that’s my goal.

In the meantime, here are some recent personal pictures.


April 01, 2021 Flash Fic

Here’s a bonus flash…look for regular flashes to reappear MWF of next week

“So, I’ve decided to resign my commission and retire to Risa,” Jim announced to his senior officers during a briefing on the recently completed mission. He’d risen to give his speech.

“Sir?” Sulu asked, frowning.

“I know it’s a big shock, but I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while.” Jim glanced at Spock, who sat nearby, blank-faced. “Probably a good time to tell you Spock and I got married two months ago too. So he’s coming with me. As to who will be captain–”

Everyone began to talk at once, so many in fact Jim couldn’t make out who was saying what.

“I knew it! You owe me fifty credits.”

“It’s about time.”

“I thought they were never going to get around to it.”

“I thought the idiots weren’t even at the point where they realized it themselves.”

Okay, that was Bones.

Jim sat back down and glanced at Spock. His first officer was looking very concerned. Jim figured he looked the same.

“At what point do I say April Fools?”

March 31, 2021 Flash Fic

This is the last of the 100 word flashes folks. I hope you enjoyed them. I don’t know what April brings yet. We will see.

Spock woke suddenly from a very bad dream. He did not normally have nightmares. But they were not outside the realm of possibility.


The name he had cried hoarsely in the dream was still settling in his raw throat.

Spock rose from his bed and went through the bathroom he shared with his captain. He quietly stepped into Jim’s quarters and padded barefoot to the side of the bed.

Jim was turned on his side, fast asleep.

Spock could breathe again. He touched his index finger gently to Jim’s cheek.


And soon Spock would tell him.

March 30, 2021 Flash Fic

“I have the great Kirk where I want him.” The Gorn put a scaly hand on Jim’s battered, swollen face. His other hand jabbed Jim in his injured stomach. “I’m going to split you open and cook your meat over an open fire. We will dine on your flesh tonight.”

“And here I thought you were vegetarians.”

The Gorn hissed. “Your insolent bravery will soon be replaced with cries for mercy.”

The whir of the transporter had Jim grinning, bloody teeth and all.

“Or not.”

He reappeared on the Enterprise and collapsed to the ground.

“What took you so long?”

March 29, 2021 Flash Fic

“I can’t stand that guy.”

Jim glanced over to the table in the cafeteria where Gary pointed. “Which one?”

“The Vulcan. Professor Spock. Bastard threw me out of his class.”

Just then Spock rose from his seat where he lunched with several other professors and headed toward them.

“What the fuck? He’s coming here,” Gary complained.

Jim barely stopped from smiling when Spock did, indeed, stop at their table.

He held two fingers out toward Jim, who met them immediately.

“I will see you tonight, Jim.”

When Spock left, Gary sputtered.

“You just Vulcan kissed him!”

“Yep. He’s my boyfriend.”

March 26, 2021 Flash Fic

Photo by Ruvim Miksanskiy on

“Damn it’s c-cold. Reminds me of the time you stranded me on Delta Vega. In violation of—”

“I do apologize.” Spock paused. “Again.”

Jim gave him a mulish look. “Now see that’s when your apology seems insincere. You adding that again.”

“Captain, I suggest rather than bickering about past matters that cannot be undone, we huddle together for body heat until the Enterprise can rescue us.”

Jim bit his lip. “We can huddle in that old dilapidated building.”

Jim took a step forward and the icy ground beneath him began to crack.

Spock reached for him. “Jim!”

March 25, 2021 Flash Fic

Jim mother’s face appeared on the terminal screen in front of him.

“Uh-oh. What’s wrong?”

Jim laughed. “Nothing.”

“My baby calls me out of the blue and nothing is wrong? Sure. Where have you been hurt?”

“Nowhere. Listen, I…I started a relationship. A serious one. And I wanted you to—”

“Oh.” Her eyes widened. “Where is she? Let me meet her.”  

Jim turned and reached out his hand toward Spock. “He is right here.”

Spock allowed himself to be tugged into view. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

She grinned and leaned forward. “The pleasure is all mine.”

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