A teensy sequel to yesterday’s flash

“There you are.”

Jim smiled at his husband as he closed and locked their apartment door. “Yeah, sorry. Mom and I had a few too many margaritas and decided to walk through the park.”

Spock held open his arms and Jim went into them immediately. He noticed how tight Spock hugged him.

“Hey, are you alright?”


Jim pulled away and looked at him. “How’d it go with your dad?”

“As usual. I apologize, Jim, I should have gone with you to see your mother.”

“It’s no big deal.”

“It is. You are my mate and your needs are more important than mine.”

“Spock, that’s not true.”

“It is to me. How was your dinner?”

“Good. It was good.” Jim took his hand and led him over to the kitchen. “You want me to make you some tea or something?”

“I am fully recovered.”

Jim smiled. The truth was Spock looked wrecked. He had dark smudges under his eyes and he still had a tremor in his hands. But Jim did not argue. “Tea?”

“I can get whatever it is you need,” Spock said instead.

He sighed heavily, grabbed Spock’s hand, and now led him to the sofa. He pulled the Vulcan down to sit and then perched beside him.

“Listen to me. I’m fine. I’m not injured. I’m not frightened of you. I love you. Everything is good between us.”

“Your tissue was torn—”

“Sure, a little. But it got fixed. We were both exhausted but of course we were. You have to stop blaming yourself for something you couldn’t control. We got through it and we’re both good.”

Spock closed his eyes.

Jim took Spock’s hand and put it on his face. “Meld us. You’ll see how good we are.”

A moment later, Spock’s eyes opened and Jim smiled again.


“I will never be all right with hurting you.”

“I know,” Jim said softly. “We’re good. I’m not hurt. I love you.”

Spock nodded and exhaled. “Do you think your mother would go to dinner with us tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I’m sure. But why don’t we invite her here and we’ll cook her dinner.”

“That is a good idea.”

“Tea?” Jim asked again.

“Let’s make it together.”

Jim chuckled, kissed him, and pulled him up from the couch. He’d text his mother later. Maybe after some very close time with Spock.