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“Is he conscious?” Spock demanded of Doctor McCoy.

“Mostly. He’s going in and out.”

“Can I see him?”

“Just don’t stress him out. Keep things low key. I want his vitals to stay stable while I continue to monitor him for systemic infection.”

Spock agreed not to upset Jim and went to the biobed where Jim lay after yet another injury he sustained on a planetary mission.

Jim’s blue eyes followed his approach and Jim’s lips curved in a tiny smile. “Hey.”

Spock pointed to his hair. “That bit of gray is your fault.”

Jim laughed quietly. “Nice try. You have no gray hair.”

“I do not know why,” Spock said softly.

“I’m sorry.”

“I am aware.” Spock smoothed the hair off Jim’s face. “You should rest. Get some sleep.”

“How’s the ship?”

“It is fine. Do not be concerned. Close your eyes. I will be here when you wake.”


“Always.” As Jim closed his eyes, Spock leaned down and kissed his forehead. “I love you.”

But of course Jim was asleep.

Five Plus One (and One)

It’s that time again, time for a 5 plus 1 story. And since I did a 5 times Jim told Spock he loved him and the one time Spock told Jim, well… I am sure you get the theme.


Spock hadn’t ever said I Love You to Nyota. He had managed to get by with things like “I hold you in the highest regard” and “I care about you” and even “You have my affections”.  Once he had said, “There is no one else I would rather be with”. That had been true at the time. Until it wasn’t true anymore. Yes, he still cared and still held her in high regard, but ultimately someone else held his affections and he did want to be with Jim, their captain.

Their breakup had been messier than Spock had wanted it to be. They’d ended things before Krall and Altamid, back when Spock had thought he was going to New Vulcan. And when he changed his mind, based on Jim’s needs—but no, based on his own needs—Nyota had misunderstood. He had gone to save her when she was in danger, because of his affection for her, and he had attended Jim’s birthday party to spend time with her, but also Jim, and she had thought it meant he wanted to continue their relationship.  When Spock explained the truth, well, the end had been messy. They were better now. All of them.

Spock had established a romantic relationship with Jim when Jim expressed a mutual interest. The sexual part had been beyond anything Spock could have imagined.

Two months into that relationship and spending almost every single night with Jim, either making love or just sleeping together, Spock had dared to whisper those three words for the first time in his life, “I love you.”

He had felt Jim’s smile against his bare arm and Jim had given him a hard squeeze.

And said, “Who do you think should be on tomorrow’s landing party?”

Spock had replied, dutifully, of course, and the moment passed.

Flash Fic Wednesday May 24, 2023

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I’m off for another adventure and won’t return until Sunday afternoon, so have some Vanik and Jim. One of my favorite combinations!

Jim felt weak, sweaty, and like he was probably going to barf again. He struggled to lift his head when he hear the sound of someone approaching his bed. Not an easy task because his head felt like it weighed eighty pounds.

“I have come to check on you again as promised.”

He eyed Vanik out of blood-shot eyeballs. “Did you check on me only ten minutes ago?”

“Negative. It was thirty minutes ago. I promised Uncle Spock that while he was away I would keep a very steady eye on you.”

“Yeah, okay, but how am I supposed to rest if you keep coming in to check on me every ten minutes?”



“Uncle Spock was called away and gave me task until he could return. He was given the task by your own friend, Leonard McCoy, the doctor.”

“I know, I know.”   

“Doctor McCoy was required in Georgia for a family emergency. Neither the doctor nor Uncle Spock thought you should be left alone for long periods of time.”

“I have the flu not a fatal illness.”

“During the year of nineteen hundred eighteen on planet, Earth, it is estimated anywhere from seventeen million to fifty million died from influenza.” Vanik paused. “It is time to take your temperature. I have brought the one to scan your forehead.”

Jim sighed, sunk his head back down on the pillow and gave into the inevitable.

“Your fever had reduced a degree but is still alarming. I will check again thirty minutes from now. Do you require tea?”

“I’ll just barf it back up. When does Spock return?”

“His last message estimated nine o’clock this evening.”

“What time is it?”

“Two in the afternoon.”

Jim sighed again. “Okay see you again in thirty minutes.”

“You can count on it.”

Flash Fic May 22, 2023

I had promised that I would eventually get around to the second part of the flash where Jim and Spock have a son “Tommy” and the mother visits the space station. Taken me a while but here it is. I added the first part too, to remind you of the story. Here’s the thing in full. Enjoy!

Jim sat alone at a two-seater table in the corner of a canteen restaurant on Space Station 12. He had his PADD with him, but at that moment he was people watching.

Half-listening for the beep from his PADD when he received a new message. He was waiting for one from Spock.

They’d been parted now for nearly four months and it was wearing on him.

Jim hadn’t accepted retirement, but he had accepted that he wouldn’t be captain of a starship anymore. Instead he was acting as the military head of this very space station.

And Spock had taken on the ambassadorial duties of his father when Sarek had been too unwell to complete them. Spock was spending his time between Earth, New Vulcan, and Space Station 12. And it seemed to Jim that his location got the least amount of attention from Spock.

Jim got it. He did. And it wouldn’t be forever.

The blood he’d received from Khan all those years prior had insured he would live a life far more matched to Spock’s and for that he was grateful. But he would very much like to spend that life with Spock more often.

Last time Spock was here, he’d been there only a month before leaving for New Vulcan. Jim had traveled four months ago for a visit with Spock on Earth, for a mere two weeks, and he’d had to return.

He spotted the Human woman the minute she’d entered the canteen. She was dressed all in shiny silver, a mini skirt with a halter top. Her white hair was pulled back in a pony-tail reminiscent of the way Uhura had once worn hers. Dangling from her ears were large silver hoop earrings. Even her makeup was silver, glittery. And she looked his way.

When she reached him, she sat down without invitation.

“Admiral Kirk.”

“Jody. I wasn’t aware you were on the Station.” Which annoyed him. He should be alerted to all who arrived. Some security.

She smirked. “Sorry, sir. I should have let you know I was coming. You’re alone?”

He shrugged. ”Unless you’re sitting on someone very tiny.”

Jody laughed. “You haven’t changed.”

“Did you expect I would?”

“No.” She sighed. “Where is he?”

“In class. He doesn’t get out for another two hours.” Jim sighed and picked up his coffee cup, taking a sip, then grimacing when it was cold. “He’ll be glad to see you.”

“What about you, Jim? Are you glad?”

“That ship sailed, as you know.”

“True. I’m just passing through. I’ll be on my way tomorrow, so you needn’t worry I’ll overstay my welcome.”

“Where are you off to?”

“I’ve taken a job on Caltos 6. Six-months. I wanted to see my son before I went.”

He nodded. “As I said, he’ll be glad to see you.”

“Where’s your husband?”


“You two, always busy.”

Jody, of course, had been Jim’s mistake before he and Spock ever got together. Back on a place just like this. Yorktown. They’d spent a few weeks together pretending to have a romance, Jim supposed. It was only ever sex for him as he loved Spock even back then, but he had liked her.

But then after she left, after it was over, she informed Jim she’d gotten pregnant. Their son, Thomas, stayed with Jim fulltime. Jody didn’t want to be tied down to a child, she’d been clear about that, but she did visit Thomas when she could, and they did have a loving if somewhat distant relationship.

“I’m waiting to hear from him now.”

“He’s coming to the canteen?”

“No. He’s on New Vulcan.”

“Oh.” She nodded. “I’ve got some things to take care of. Can I meet you at Thomas’ school in a couple of hours? Maybe we can have take-out together at your apartment.”

“Sure. Okay.”

She smiled, stood, and leaned down to kiss his forehead. “See you in a bit, Admiral.”

Jody turned around and walked right into a tall, thin Vulcan.

Jim stood up immediately, aware he was grinning like a fool. “Spock!”

Spock arched a brow at Jody and stepped around her to accept Jim’s embrace.

“I was waiting for your message.”

“I decided to surprise you,” Spock said. He looked at Jody. “Clearly this is your day to be surprised.”

“Nice to see you again, Spock,” Jody said. “Don’t worry I am leaving again tomorrow.”

“I was not, in fact, worried.”

“She’s going to eat with the family tonight. She wanted to see Tommy before she’s off on a six-month assignment,” Jim explained.

“She will be welcome.”

Jody laughed. “Doubtful, but I appreciate the sentiment. I will see you soon.”

Jim watched her walk away. He put his hands on Spock’s arms. ”Sorry about that. She did surprise me.”

“It is not your fault. And I am actually glad I will be here for her visit.”

“I don’t think I need protecting from Jody.”

Spock gave him a reproachful look. “I do not think she will attack you, but I wish to be there with my family.”

Jim linked his arm with Spock’s. “And we want you there, too. How long are you here this time?”

“For the foreseeable future, Ashaya.”

And now with Spock beside him, Jim knew he was ready to face anything. Even his son’s mother.


Despite Jim’s statement that he didn’t need protecting from Jody, Spock knew his husband well. He didn’t miss the tightening in Jim’s shoulders or the pinched look near his eyes. These were definite signs of Jim’s stress as he was well familiar.

Later when they were alone and could put Thomas’ mother’s visit behind him, Spock would make it his priority to care for Jim.

Spock could not help but appreciate that when they arrived at their son’s school, Thomas ran straight to him. He readily accepted the child’s enthusiastic embrace.

“Father! I didn’t know you were home.” Thomas shot a brief accusatory glance at his dad.

“Only just home a short time ago,” Spock assured him. “I managed to surprise even your dad.”

As Thomas released Spock and turned to speak to his dad his gaze rested on the approach of Jody, his mother. The boy’s eyes widened slightly and he put a hand on Jim’s arm.

“It’s okay, buddy. She wanted to surprise you,” Jim told his son. He smiled. “It’s okay,” he repeated.

Thomas nodded and then turned to greet his mother. “Hi Mom.”

He hugged her with much less enthusiasm but he did smile and Spock wasn’t even sure she would notice the difference.

“Hi baby. I wanted to surprise you.”

“I am surprised.”

She laughed and ruffled his hair. “I’m leaving tomorrow for a new planet but I couldn’t go by here without stopping to see you. Your dad and Spock generously said I could have dinner with you guys tonight.”

“Great,” Thomas said.

“I brought gifts too,” she told her son, putting her arm around him. She glanced at Spock and Jim. “Ready?”

“Sure thing,” Jim agreed.

They lived in a two-story villa on the Space Station that overlooked the main city area. The living room and their bedroom had a spectacular view of the city lights and the man-made water feature. Yorktown had nothing on Space Station 12. Jim had his pick of which one he’d be in charge of and he had chosen 12. Spock had approved.

“I’ll order something to be delivered,” Jim said when they arrived. “Tommy, why don’t you show your mom your room?”


And off they went.

Jim shook his head, went to the whiskey decanter, opened it, and poured himself a drink.

“Are you worried?” Spock asked.

“Worried? About what?”

“Her arrival.”

“No. I believe her when she says she’s leaving again tomorrow.” Jim took his drink to the floor to ceiling picture window. Spock followed him there. “I used to be concerned.”

“About wanting to take her son?”

Our son. He’s ours, Spock. Yours and mine. She shows up a few times in his life with a smile and gifts like it makes up for her wanting nothing to do with him.” Jim sighed.

“Like your mother did with you,” Spock surmised.

“I love my mom. She did the best she could,” Jim said softly.

“And you have a good relationship with her now. But when you were a child…”

Jim shook his head. “I know. But I don’t really think the situation with Jody is the same. And the truth is, I used to worry she’d come back to take Tommy but I don’t worry about that anymore. She doesn’t want him. She wants to live whatever life she has with no responsibilities to the boy she gave birth to. Tommy is ours and he wants to be with us. If I ever had to fight with her over it, you and I both know I’d win. But she won’t. It’s not what she wants.”

“I am sorry you sometimes have to manage all this without me here.”

Jim smiled, put his drink down, and walked into Spock’s embrace. Spock wrapped his arms around his husband.

“We knew what we were getting into when you took on the ambassadorship. And me this station. We always work it out because we want to. We love each other and there’s no one else for either of us. I don’t blame you when you aren’t here. But I do miss you.”

“And I miss you. I will be here with you, with our family for some time. What duties I currently have can be managed from here.”

“Fantastic.” Jim gave him a squeeze and then stepped out of his arms. “Guess I better order that food.”

“I will do it. You finish your drink.”

Jim blew out a breath. “Thanks. I love you, Spock.”

“And I always you. Eternally.”   

Flash Fic, May 15, 2023

A teensy sequel to yesterday’s flash

“There you are.”

Jim smiled at his husband as he closed and locked their apartment door. “Yeah, sorry. Mom and I had a few too many margaritas and decided to walk through the park.”

Spock held open his arms and Jim went into them immediately. He noticed how tight Spock hugged him.

“Hey, are you alright?”


Jim pulled away and looked at him. “How’d it go with your dad?”

“As usual. I apologize, Jim, I should have gone with you to see your mother.”

“It’s no big deal.”

“It is. You are my mate and your needs are more important than mine.”

“Spock, that’s not true.”

“It is to me. How was your dinner?”

“Good. It was good.” Jim took his hand and led him over to the kitchen. “You want me to make you some tea or something?”

“I am fully recovered.”

Jim smiled. The truth was Spock looked wrecked. He had dark smudges under his eyes and he still had a tremor in his hands. But Jim did not argue. “Tea?”

“I can get whatever it is you need,” Spock said instead.

He sighed heavily, grabbed Spock’s hand, and now led him to the sofa. He pulled the Vulcan down to sit and then perched beside him.

“Listen to me. I’m fine. I’m not injured. I’m not frightened of you. I love you. Everything is good between us.”

“Your tissue was torn—”

“Sure, a little. But it got fixed. We were both exhausted but of course we were. You have to stop blaming yourself for something you couldn’t control. We got through it and we’re both good.”

Spock closed his eyes.

Jim took Spock’s hand and put it on his face. “Meld us. You’ll see how good we are.”

A moment later, Spock’s eyes opened and Jim smiled again.


“I will never be all right with hurting you.”

“I know,” Jim said softly. “We’re good. I’m not hurt. I love you.”

Spock nodded and exhaled. “Do you think your mother would go to dinner with us tomorrow night?”

“Yes, I’m sure. But why don’t we invite her here and we’ll cook her dinner.”

“That is a good idea.”

“Tea?” Jim asked again.

“Let’s make it together.”

Jim chuckled, kissed him, and pulled him up from the couch. He’d text his mother later. Maybe after some very close time with Spock.  

Flash Fic, April 12, 2023

He almost didn’t make it in time. Spock thought he might not, but then as they were about to hand the infant over to Spock, Jim appeared, somewhat out of breath.

His smile was radiant as he looked down at the tiny child Spock cradled in his arms.

“He’s just so beautiful,” Jim said. “Perfect.”

“As next to perfect as it is possible to be.”

“I’m sorry I’m late. I had a million meetings before I could get away.” Jim moved closer.

“You are here now.”

Jim stared down at their newly born son. Created with biological material from Spock and a surrogate Vulcan female. The boy was 3/4s Vulcan. The process had not only given them a child to raise but helped with the Vulcan population, which was why they’d ultimately decided on Spock’s involvement. But Spock was not nearly done with trying to convince Jim.

He handed over the sleeping infant to Jim, who’s smile got brighter if that was possible. Seeing his husband and son together filled him with an overwhelming emotional warmth and contentment.

“Now we should have one with you,” Spock spoke up, unable not to voice his opinion once more.

Jim shook his head, but he was smiling. “Who wants to pass my flawed self onto an unsuspecting baby?”



“And I do. I can only imagine how stunning our son or daughter would be that was created with your DNA.”

“Let’s just enjoy our newly born son for now, okay, Spock?”

Spock moved closer to his family and leaned in to kiss Jim and then then baby’s head. He would not give up. He wanted a child born of each of them and he was certain he could talk Jim into it.

“You are right, he is perfect.”

Flash Fic, April 10, 2023

No particular theme this month, just where the whim takes me.

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Jim woke alone in bed and as he placed his hand on where Spock was supposed to be it was cool to the touch and the sheet smooth.

He sighed in the darkness, straightened, sat up, and turned on the light in the bedroom. Definitely no sign Spock had ever come to bed.

Jim glanced at the digital clock and saw it was two in the morning. The room felt chilled.

He got out of bed, reached for his robe, and slipped his feet into slippers he kept by the bedside. He trundled over to the window, opened the blinds and observed that it was snowing. In April.

He almost went back to bed where it was reasonably warm. But it was also lonely and staying there by himself wouldn’t solve anything.

Jim turned from the window, left the bedroom and went down the stairs to find his Vulcan.

Of all the species and all the planets he’d visited over the many years, Vulcans were the most stubborn. And maddening.

He followed the lone light to the room downstairs they both used as an office and sure enough Spock sat at his desk, a cup of tea beside him, staring at a computer.

For a long time, Jim just leaned against the doorframe, observing Spock at work, tiny frown lines between his eyes as he furrowed over something no doubt too illogical.

Jim had no doubt Spock was aware of his presence. They were always aware of each other.

“Are you still mad?”

Spock’s gaze met his, those dark eyes warm. “I was never truly angry.”

Jim came into the office and over to the desk and Spock pulled him down and into his lap. Their lips met in a deep kiss.

“Then what are you doing down here?”

“I had trouble feeling sleepy,” Spock admitted. “I received a message from my father that has…unsettled me.”

Jim glanced at the computer. “What’s wrong?”

“He seems a bit unwell. Just vague mentions but he appears to be…depressed. He is hard to read. I fear he doesn’t have long.”

“Do you want to go see him?”

“I do not want to draw you away from here. You like being here.”

Jim smiled, his heart warming further. There was never any doubt that Spock would go alone. They never went anywhere without the other anymore. Hardly ever did, really.

“I like being here because we’re together. It’s snowing.”

“I know.”

Jim laughed at Spock’s disgruntled face. “We can go. We should go. He’s our only parent left, we should go and see him.”

Spock nodded, his eyes turning solemn at the reminder they only had Sarek left as their elder. It was a reminder, Jim figured, of their own mortality.


Spock looked at him.

Jim leaned down and kissed him. “We’re still here. I’m still here. And we have plenty of time.”

Spock returned his kiss and then looked at Jim with love. “Let’s go to bed. We can decide when to leave when we wake up.” And they left the home office together, arm in arm, heading upstairs.

Flash Fic, March 15, 2023

I was surprised to be greeted by Sarek when I arrived at the medical facility on New Vulcan. I had been surprised to be contacted at all by Spock or any of the Vulcans, really.

Spock and I had parted…not acrimoniously or anything, but at the end of our mission, we’d said our farewells, and for my part, though I regretted it, I had accepted this was the end of our great friendship, if that had ever been what it was.

Yet now I had been contacted two years later when Spock had been injured in a research ship crash on a less explored part of New Vulcan. I didn’t mind at all going to check on Spock’s recovery, and I had been told he would recover, yet still Sarek waiting for me as I arrived was unexpected.

“I hoped you would come,” Sarek said. He looked so much older than when I’d seen him last. Like something had aged him in ways that were not usual. The pain of living, perhaps?

“Of course,” I replied. “Spock’s my friend.”

He gave me an odd look. “Yes, of course. But more yes?”

I stared at him blankly for a moment trying to fathom what he meant. What he imagined perhaps. Though once I had thought…but no.

“You do not know, do you?” Sarek asked quietly.

“Know what?”

Sarek didn’t speak at first, but then he said rather stoically, “You are his mate.”


“His T’hy’la. A special bond that is rare among my people. That you are unaware…I cannot speak of such things, but, please, go and see my son.”

With a frown, I watched Sarek walk away. I turned and went into see Spock in the hospital bed. He was sitting up, looking pale and sickly, still weak and injured. There was a smudge of green blood by his left eyebrow and I felt a moment of outrage that no one had cleaned it from his face.

I stopped at the nearby sink, wet a cloth with warm water and went to do it myself. He silently watched me, gaze intent.

After I removed the dried blood, I returned his gaze.

“I saw your dad.”

“Yes.” He nodded. “I thank you for coming.”

“Did you ask for me?”

He looked away then, and nodded.

“Spock, why does your dad think I’m your mate?”

“Because…you are. We are T’hy’la.”

I slowly blew out a breath. “Why’d you wait so long to tell me?”

I had surprised him. He stared at me, eyes wide.

“Yeah, I knew. I mean, I thought. The ambassador…well he may have told me some things.”

“I did not think you would ever want me.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“A skinny, pale Vulcan? You are the radiant sun.”

I smiled and took his hand. I brought it to my face. “Let me show you.”

Bombay Flash

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Spock now sat in his living room, cat on his lap, trying to wrap his logical mind as to why Commander James T. Kirk would be the cat that Spock had rescued and was now fostering.

A line from an old Earth’s scribe came to mind.

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

From all accounts and Starfleet records, James Kirk was an ordinary Human. A brilliant, high-achieving one, notwithstanding. However, if the cat now staring at him with striking blue eyes was indeed Kirk than accounts were not accurate.

Now there was a chance that something on the planet the shuttlecraft had crashed on had somehow turned Kirk into the creature now in Spock’s apartment, but Spock didn’t think so.

He recalled after speaking with George Samuel Kirk that he read that the hole in the door of the shuttle had been too small for a Human to escape through, which was one of the reasons the authorities had decided that Kirk perished along with the others in the crash, even after not finding evidential remains. And that had been a logical conclusion if they did not have all the information needed to determine that.

But George Samuel Kirk had declared to Spock without hesitation that the hole in the door had been big enough for Jim. And if Kirk was in the form of this feline on his lap, that would make him fit through that hole.

Yet Kirk, if this was indeed somehow him, had not changed back to Human form.

“What are your secrets?” Spock asked Bombay.

Bombay made the tiniest of meow sounds, more like a kitten than a full-grown cat and then put his paw on Spock’s face.

Spock blinked at the cat. “You want me to meld with you?”

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