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Christmas in July, Flash Fic July 22, 2022

Who can resist the guys with a little girl?

“Are you sure you’ll be back for Christmas?”

Jim looked down at the little girl with long golden curls and pointed ears.

“Well. Pretty sure.”

She stuck out her plump bottom lip. “You should promise.”

Jim smiled and crouched down beside her. “I can’t promise, angel. There are far too many variables.”

“You sound like Father”

“How about in the meantime we do something my mom did when I was a kid?”


“Christmas in July.”

She looked at him doubtfully. “In July? That’s not logical!”

“Probably not. But see my mom wasn’t going to be around for Christmas, so she decided to give me and my brother Christmas in the summer when she was there. We decorated a tree, and sang songs, and watched movies, and even had presents.”

“But.” Her lip trembled. “If we do Christmas now, doesn’t that mean you for sure won’t be home for real Christmas?”

“No, it doesn’t mean that.”

“How will Santa know to come now?”

Jim smiled. “He won’t. Santa’s real busy right now getting ready for Christmas in December, so for this little mini Christmas your father and I will handle everything. We don’t want to overwhelm Santa.”

She smiled too, her eyes sparkling for the first time that morning. She clapped her hands. “Yay.”

“Want to make gingerbread?”

“With Father too.” She lost her smile just a bit. “You think he’s not busy?”

“Oh, he’s never too busy for that. Let’s go ask him.”

Jim contacted Spock through the bond so that as soon as they reached him, he would know.

“Father, are you—”

Spock’s gaze met Jim’s before going down to their little girl. “Did someone say Christmas?”

Christmas in July Flash, July 13, 2022

I said I’d do a flash for CIJ on the couple from Aftermath. So here they are. Living a quite happy life I think.

After getting out of bed and seeing to my morning routine, I expected to find my husband in the kitchen preparing our breakfast as he had been doing close to fifteen years now.

But when I came downstairs there was no sign of Spock. I frowned and went into the kitchen looking for evidence he had at least been there. He’d made me a pot of coffee and I spotted a discarded tea bag in the trash.

“Spock? Babe?”

There was no response and with a push at our bond, I decided Spock wasn’t in the house or even anywhere on the farm.


He hadn’t told me he had any plans which wasn’t like Spock.  

I had learned over the years since I had finally agreed to bond with Spock, a good five years into our ordinary Earth marriage, that if Spock were too far away I could only get a sense that he was alive and well and not much more.

With a shrug, I poured myself coffee and then took it out to the front porch to sit and wait to see what my husband might be up to. We’d added cushioned lawn chairs there a few years back.

It was July and already too warm to sit there for long. But I couldn’t deny my curiosity.

It wasn’t like I could contact him on a communicator as we’d given up our Federation devices when we left Starfleet back after the fiasco where they accused me of things I’d never do.

Eventually, I spotted our hover car heading down the dirt road toward the farm, and I relaxed. Not that I really was that concerned. Spock could take care of himself better than anyone I knew and I knew he would never ever leave my side willingly.

Still it was nice to be right and nice to feel that relief at his return.

“Jim,” he greeted me as he stopped the hover car. “You are up a little earlier than I anticipated.”

“It’s after ten. How long did you think I’d sleep?”

“We were up late with…activities.”

I chuckled. “Sex, Spock. It’s just me, you can use plain language. And you were up just as late as me.”


“Where’d you go?”

“To get a tree.” Spock paused. “Not very easy this time of year.”

“A tree? You mean to plant? Did you go to the garden center?”

“No.” Spock went to the back of the hover car. He opened the trunk and reached in. In a moment he pulled out about a five-foot pine tree in a pot.

I rose and shielded my eyes from the sun. “Is that…it looks like a Christmas tree.”



Spock shrugged as he carried it toward their house. “I thought…once…some years back during a meld you shared with me a time where your family had celebrated Christmas in July.”

I smiled faintly. “Wasn’t that an afterglow meld?”


I thought about it. It had been grandma’s idea. My dad’s mom. We were staying with her that summer, Sam and me, because Mom had just gotten married to the idiot and they were on their honeymoon. Which thinking about that part of it made me want to gag but you know.

I nodded. “Okay. But babe, wasn’t that meld like, I don’t know five years ago?”

“It was. But neither of us are getting any younger and I thought it would be a nice surprise.”

“Are you saying we won’t make it until real Christmas?”

“I certainly am not saying that.”

I snorted and hugged him, kissing his cheek. “I’m teasing. You’re too cute. You just want to keep me on my toes.”

“I simply intend to make every day, every year of our lives together as memorable and loving as I can,” Spock said, simply. “I still have a lot of mistakes to make up for.”

“Spock, babe, I don’t—”


I kissed him. ”I love you.”

“Then help me decorate our Christmas in July tree.”

I laughed and hugged him again. “You’re on!”

Flash Fic, June 24, 2022

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This is the same Jim and Spock it has been all month

“You just had to go and get yourself injured.”

Jim rolled his eyes at his mother as she hovered by his hospital bed. A moment ago she had tucked the covers around him tight enough to make him think she was trying to make a mummy out of him.

“Right, because I did it on purpose. I thought ‘well, Mom wants me to put lights on the roof and that’s a perfect time to come crashing down.’”

“No, but for Heaven’s Sake, why does it always have to be you?”

Jim opened his mouth to reply when he was interrupted by the arrival of Spock who rushed in looking grim.

“Jim! I received a message that you had been gravely injured.”

Jim took hold of Spock’s hand and shot a glare to his mom. “She exaggerates.”

“He fell off the roof!”

“And only cracked a few ribs and got a concussion.”


Spock clung to his hand. “Why were you on the roof? I went to the store for groceries and the next thing I know I receive this message.”

Mom sighed. “My fault. I asked Jimmy to go up and install these tiny solar lights I bought to go up there. I should have hired someone.”

“I managed to do it fine,” Jim insisted. “It was when I was getting down that I slipped.” He smiled at his worried looking husband. “They repaired the ribs and they just want to keep me overnight for observation. Mom, here, tried to make sure I never moved again.”

Spock glanced over at the tucked in blankets. “Are you certain you will be all right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“As I was saying when you arrived, Spock. Jimmy’s always getting hurt.”


“He’s broken both arms.”

“Not at the same time.”

“This is his fourth concussion.” She paused. “At least. They should probably check you for brain damage.”

“Brain damage? Mom—”

“Can’t tell you how many times he’s cracked his ribs.”

“You’re freaking Spock out.”

She gave him a look. “And of course there’s the time you actually died.”

“Mom, you aren’t even supposed to know about that, I told you in confidence.”

“I’m not supposed to know my son died?” she exclaimed.

“Ssh. You are not helping calm Spock.”

“Well.” She looked sheepish, but then she smiled. “Maybe this will cheer him up.”

Jim frowned. “What?”

“Sarek’s on his way. When he heard about Jim, well he wasn’t too far, so he got on a shuttle and—”

“That does not keep me calm,” Spock said flatly.

“How did he hear about me?”

She shrugged.


“Lovely. We’ll have a lovely family dinner when you get out of the hospital. It’s best for Sarek and I to get to know each other since we’re all family, you know.”

Jim mouthed sorry to Spock, who leaned down and kissed him.

“All will be well, Ashayam.”

He snorted. “Sure. Wait until we have that kid she mentioned.”

Flash Fic, June 17, 2022

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“And this is Jimmy when he was six months. See how cute his tooshie was?”



Jim covered his face with his hands. “I don’t believe this.”

“If you two have a child someday imagine how beautiful they will be?”


His mom smiled in his direction. “It could happen. There are all kinds of methods.”

“We’ve only been bonded for—”

“Almost a year now, right?” Mom asked.

“Yes.” It was Spock who answered and though he wore no particular emotion on his face, Jim felt his amusement from their bond.

“Now, let’s see Jim at two.”

Jim jumped up from his seat and took the PADD with the digital pictures of his life away from her. “Let’s not. You can torture me with them later. We were all going to take you to lunch, remember?”

“Okay.” She smiled. “I’ll stop for now. Let me go get my coat.”

When she left to do so, Jim rolled his eyes and turned to Spock. “Sorry about that. She’s a little bit enthusiastic.”

“Her enthusiasm is sweet. She is pleased you are happy.”

“She is. Yeah. But I didn’t think she’d start in with the naked kid pictures.”

“You were adorable,” Spock assured him. “And she is not wrong.”

Jim laughed. “About my tooshie?”

“That too. That a child we would have would be beautiful.”

Jim’s eyes widened. “You aren’t actually thinking about that, are you?”

“I am.”

“Spock, we’re still on the Enterprise and…”

“After the next mission is over, of course.”

Jim snorted. “Of course.”

Spock patted Jim’s arm. ”There is a lot of time to think about it. In the meantime, I think I win.”

He frowned. “Win what?”

“Your mother is much more agreeable than my father.”

Jim chuckled. “Okay maybe. At least so far she hasn’t give us the ‘what are your future plans in Starfleet, James?’ speech.”

“Exactly. I’d rather look at old pictures of your youth anytime.”

Mom reappeared in her coat. “I’m ready.”

Jim smiled and kissed her cheek. “Come on. Time to spoil you.”

“Oh, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Me too, Mom. Me too.”

Flash Fic, June 10, 2022

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“Maybe meeting your dad isn’t such a great idea.”

Spock gave Jim the side-eye. It was not the first time Jim had suggested he didn’t want to go with Spock to his father’s hotel in San Francisco.

Currently they were on leave between Enterprise missions. Sarek was on Earth and in San Francisco at the same time, performing ambassador duties.

Spock had, he thought wisely, suggested it was the perfect time for Jim and Spock’s father to become better acquainted.

“Technically you have already met him.”

“Are you…you’re talking about the time I emotionally compromised you, aren’t you?”

Spock hesitated. It was not something either of them liked to talk about. Jim felt guilt and Spock shame.


Jim shook his head. “Great first impression.”

“Jim my father bears no ill will toward you regarding that. He is anxious to become more familiar with you as my mate.”

Which Jim was. They were fully bonded and had been for some time. Spock did not understand Jim’s hesitation.

He had absolutely no doubt Jim loved him and was fully committed.

“What is your hesitation in having dinner with my father at the hotel?”

“Parents of significant others do not like me.”

Spock was unaware Jim had ever had this experience before, so he stopped walking and made the query.

“Which significant other have you—”

“Back in Riverside. Before I enlisted. I was supposed to meet this girl’s mom and dad, right? Well. Turns out I had met one of them before and had a one-night stand with them.” Jim shook his head and winced. “Beyond awkward.”

“Which one?”

“Which…that doesn’t matter, Spock. The point is we were all mortified. That was the end of that.”

“You have not had a prior liaison with my father,” Spock pointed out.

“No, I know. But…”

Spock could not hide the fact he was disappointed. However, he would do anything to avoid hurting Jim in any way. “I will meet my father for dinner without you.”


“It is fine, Ashaya. I wouldn’t want you to feel forced or uncomfortable.”

“No, I’ll go. I know it’s all part of it and I’d have to anyway. It’s just…I love you and I hate the idea of your dad not liking me.”

“I do not believe that will be the case, Jim, but if it is, that will change nothing between us. You are the most important being in my life and will remain so.”

Jim sighed. “You know what this means, don’t you?”


Jim laughed then and leaned in to kiss Spock. “You are so meeting my mom.”

Flash Fic, May 31, 2022

Jim sat straight up, gawking at the figure sitting on the edge of the bed.


Then he threw his arms around Spock as Spock’s arms came around his. Spock’s arms tightened and held him very close.

Tears sprung to Jim’s eyes before he could stop them. A gasping sob escaped.

“I am here, Jim, I am here,” Spock whispered.

“Are you even real?”

Spock pulled away but only to frame Jim’s face with his hands so that he could kiss him. Spock’s warm lips crushed his, kissing him as though he needed to make up for a year’s time.

Spock broke the kiss, panting. “I am real.”

“But…how are you here? I thought…”

“I could not leave you, Jim. You are my T’hy’la. My bondmate. You are…everything. I have spent the last year trying to find a way for us to be together. My brother was working on a way to help me.”

“I’m going crazy, Spock. I don’t want to live like this.”

“Nor do I.” Spock put his hand on Jim’s face and in a moment Jim felt a burst of warmth and then so much love and tenderness.

“Is that the bond?” he asked, awed.

“Yes, ashayam. I unshielded. I will never keep you out of my mind again.” He blew out a long breath and leaned their heads together. “No matter how we live it must be together.”

Jim swallowed and nodded. “God, it feels so good to have you here.” More tears fell down his cheeks. “If this is a dream, I never want to wake.”

“I must concur. But if it is a dream, we are both having it.”

Spock kissed him again. “Will you come with me?”

“To the future?”

“Yes. I do not wish to take you from your family, however—”

“They’ll be okay.” Jim felt his pulse racing. “Dad knows. We’ve talked. Mom and Sam don’t, but I think Dad would tell them, I don’t know, but he said they’d all be okay. Spock, I could do it. I can go with you.”

“The other way that we have figured out is to have me stay here, with you in this time.”

Jim frowned. “How would that work? I mean with your different physiology.”

“Leonard McCoy. He said if the only way was for me to come here to be with you, he would come here too, to be my doctor.”

Jim blinked, startled. “Yeah?”

“Yes, Jim. Whichever way we choose, there will be times when we could use the technology my brother has developed to cross over to either the past or the future. Not often, not even as much as every year, but it could be done.”

“Not without risk though,” Jim guessed.

“Yes, there is still the chance something could go wrong.” Spock took Jim’s hands in his. “The choice is yours, T’hy’la. For me, the choice is to be with you, wherever you wish. Where I am from is more familiar to me, but I can adjust to anything, do anything, to be with you.”

Jim pulled away and rose. He ran his hand over his face. “I need coffee.”

Spock got up too. “Come.”

They left the bedroom and went out to the kitchen of Spock’s apartment. Jim silently made a pot of coffee, his mind a whirl of thoughts, mostly confusing ones.

“What do you want?” he asked Spock, when he turned from the coffeemaker after he set it to brew.

“To be with you.”

“Me too. Do they have coffee there?”

Spock smiled slightly. “They do, yes.”

Jim closed his eyes. “My family and friends are here. Your family and friends are there.”


“Here you would always have to hide your true self, there I would have no idea what’s going on, really. But I could learn.”

“Here the weather is good, there it sucks.”

Spock chuckled softly, making Jim’s eyes open in surprise.

“Pros and Cons,” Jim explained. “I can’t help but go through them.”

“I understand.”

“You would outlive me.” He got that thought from Spock. For he’d somehow been given the knowledge that Vulcans outlived Humans by a number of years. “When I die, if you were here, you’d be able to go back there.”


“Theoretically,” Jim agreed. “I don’t know what to do, Spock.”

Spock sighed, it was soft and low. He nodded. “Then allow me to choose for you, ashayam. We will stay here on Earth. In your time. Doctor McCoy will come here as our friend and my doctor. And you will have your friends and family with you.”

“But that’s not fair.”

“What is not fair is to be apart. Everything else is workable, Jim. I want your choice to make you happy.”

The coffee had finished so Jim turned and filled his mug with coffee. It was the Dad mug Jim had found so long ago now. It seemed an eternity but really wasn’t and even though it kind of felt like it, he had not loved Spock for an eternity.

He took a few sips of coffee.

“This place, this city…it’s my home.”

Spock nodded.

Jim set his coffee mug down.

“But my home is you now, Spock. I want it to be. I love you. What we have, I think, is the love of a lifetime. I feel you everywhere. This…” He gestured around. “This is my old life. My future is you. With you…in the future.”

Spock’s warm chocolate eyes gazed at Jim intensely. “Are you sure, T’hy’la?”

Jim smiled and kissed him. “I’m sure.”

Spock drew him close and into his arms once more. “You’re my future too.”

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The end. Thank you for reading this two month story!

Flash Fic, May 19, 2022

Spock felt a rush…of yes emotions. From Jim and from himself.

From Jim confusion, sorrow, and even terror.

From himself relief, joy, anxiety, and sadness.

And it was all a jumble.

They were on Vulcan in his father’s house. Besides Sarek, in front of Jim and him there was Spock’s brother, Sybok, and his mother Amanda as well as the Human doctor, Leonard McCoy.

“Jim,” Spock spoke softly in his ear. “You are safe. This my home. This is Vulcan.”

Jim turned in Spock’s arms and looked at him, and then stepped away. “Uh. Okay.”

“Spock, dear, who is this?” Mother asked, coming forward at once.

“This is Jim Kirk, my T’hy’la.”

Sybok choked. “Your what now?”

Sarek arched a brow. “Highly unlikely. And unfortunate that we inadvertently brought him with you. Doctor, will you examine my son?”

McCoy came forward toward Spock, tricorder in hand.

Jim backed away, bumping into Spock.’

“Don’t worry, kid,” McCoy said. “I’m a doctor, not a sadist.”

Spock held out his hands towards the doctor. “Please. Give us a moment to explain. In the months I was on long ago Earth, I met Jim, who was my neighbor in San Francisco.”

“What became of Sutok?” Sarek interrupted.

“He perished in the crash and was buried with remnants of the ship.”

“We will need to retrieve—”

“I was speaking, Father. May I continue?”

Spock watched his father bristle, but it could not be helped.

While he spoke Doctor McCoy continued to scan him with the tricorder. Spock was aware of Jim watching him curiously.

“After our initial acquaintance, Jim and I become close, intimate even, and during that intimacy I discovered his connection to me as my T’hy’la.”

Sybok fingered his bearded chin. “That sort of bond hasn’t been in existence for some time in history. Are you quite certain of your findings?”

“There is no mistake.”

“You will both need to be examined by the Vulcan Priestess to ensure your facts,” Sarek said. “If it is the case, then naturally this Human should remain. But if you are mistaken, we must return him to his Earth’s time.”

“Now let’s not be rash—”

And as the others began to argue amongst themselves, Spock noticed Jim had crept closer to the doctor.

“Your medicine is very advanced, isn’t it?”

“Yes, compared to where you’re from, I would say so.”

Jim nodded. “Doctor?”

“McCoy. Leonard McCoy.”

“Do they still have triple bypass surgery now?”

McCoy snorted. “We don’t live in the dark ages son. Nothing like that is needed in these days.”

Jim worried his lip with his teeth. “Can you fix my dad?”

“Your dad?”

“Please. He’s in the hospital where I came from. He’s dying and I bet you could save him. If you could go there or bring him here or whatever it takes.”

The room got quiet, and Spock was aware of them now all staring at Jim.

“Please,” Jim asked. McCoy shifted awkwardly and then shrugged. “Well. I could, I guess.”

Flash Fic, May 18, 2022

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Spock heard someone approaching the bedroom door just before a light tap on it.
“Jim,” he whispered, shaking the Human awake. “I believe your brother is here.”
Jim rubbed his eyes and sat up. After a moment, he rose and went to the door, opening it.
“An ambulance is on its way to take Dad to the hospital,” Sam explained, grimly. “You’d better get dressed. It’s pretty bad.”
Jim nodded and turned to get dressed. His own heart hurt in his chest, but he knew it was bound to be nothing compared to how his dad must feel.
He wasn’t ready to lose his dad. But would he ever be?

Jim stood by his dad’s hospital bed, looking at his pale, unconscious dad. They were talking putting him on a transplant list, but that was if he made it over the next few hours, and then days. He knew how those transplant lists worked. People were on them for years and never got squat.
Before coming into the room, he’d made a call to Nyota.
“Listen, because of my dad’s condition, I’m taking a leave of absence from the University. Not sure for how long.”
“I’m so sorry, Jim. How’s he doing?”
Tears pricked his eyes, but he wiped them impatiently away. “Not good. Think you can cover some of my classes?”
“Physics isn’t my forte. I’ll ask Monty.”
He smiled faintly. “Monty is it?”
“Well. I’ve made some progress.”
“Good. Listen, can you feed my fish? You still have a key, right?”
“I do. I thought those fish died.”
“I got new.”
“Okay, Jim. I will. What about your neighbor?”
“Spock’s with me now.”
“I’m not the only one whose made progress.”
“Yeah. I have to go, Ny. I’ll call you later. And thanks.”
And now here he was. They said people in comas or unconscious or whatever could hear you, but Jim wasn’t sure.
He reached for his dad’s hand but recoiled a bit when it felt cold.
“I met a Vulcan, Dad. He’s not from here. From Earth.”
And very soon, Jim found himself telling his father everything. He had no idea if his father heard him, would remember, or understand. But it felt good to tell someone.
Just as he finished, he felt Spock’s arms come around him, and pull his back into Spock’s front. He wrapped big strong arms around him, and Jim closed his eyes.
“Spock, I love—”
Suddenly there was a loud piercing shriek and Jim felt like he was on fire, it burned so much. He heard Spock gasp behind him.
His father’s hospital room and his father himself faded away and Jim was looking at an older man with pointed ears.

Flash Fic, May 13, 2022

They stopped first to get some baked goods Jim knew from his old days spent with Mavis, and then made it to the car.
The whole time Jim considered things.
Considered the potential of him going with Spock to Spock’s world if they could get Spock there.
The biggest obstacle to that, other than the logistics, was Jim’s family. He loved his parents and his brother. Loved their life at the vineyard. He couldn’t just leave them. Couldn’t just disappear without a trace with them never knowing his fate. That would be far too cruel.
He stood by the driver side and looked over top of the car toward where Spock stood.
“I think you should meet my family.”
Spock angled his head.
“It’s not that far to Napa from here. Just over an hour or so east from our location. If we’re…bonded soulmates, I think whatever the future holds, Spock, I’d like them to meet you.”
They got in the car then by unspoken agreement and as Jim started up the engine, he glanced at Spock, who stoically stared straight ahead.
Spock looked his way. “Is it your intention to reveal my secret?”
“Nope. The less said the better about that. I don’t think anyone else should know right now. People talk, even when they shouldn’t or think they aren’t, if that makes sense. Stuff is revealed unintentionally. You’re just my boyfriend who lives next door and meeting my family is the next step. Okay?”
Spock nodded. “Okay.”
He then lifted his index and middle fingers toward Jim, who for a moment frowned in confusion. Then with a shrug, he lifted his mirror fingers to Spock’s. When the pads of their fingers met, Jim felt a thrilling warmth.
Jaw dropping open he said, “What is that?”
“An intimacy between bonded couples.”
Jim smiled. “Cool.”
They stayed that way for a moment or so and once more Jim felt Spock’s presence in his mind. He wasn’t entirely sure he could get used to it, but it was not unpleasant. Not at all.
Finally, he pulled his hand away, started the car, and headed for Napa.

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