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March 04, 2021 Flash Fic

Some of these will definitely leave you with more questions than answers!

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“What are you doing out here?”

Spock glanced toward the side door of his house where Jim stood, hands on hips. The hot afternoon sun would be beating down on Spock’s head if he were not wearing a sun hat. Currently Spock was on his knees with his hands far down in the dirt of the plant bed in front of him.

“Jim! I was not expecting you until tomorrow.”

“I arrived early. Your dad said you were out here.” Jim wiped his brow. “It’s damn hot.”

“Go inside. I will be behind you in only a moment.”

March 03, 2021 Flash Fic

His first officer lay still as a corpse on the biobed and Jim was very much afraid of the reason for that. He wanted to see if Spock was cold to the touch, but didn’t want to get close enough to do so for fear he’d find out exactly why.

It made no sense.

But when did Jim ever make sense?

A hundred scenarios ran through his head as he watched Bones work on him. All the ways he could have told Spock exactly how he felt. Never had. And maybe now, never could.


“He’s in a healing trance.”   

March 02, 2021 Flash Fic

“So…what do you think?”

He was anxious. Heart pounding. Palms sweaty.

“About what?”

Slowly he let out a breath, long and shaky.

“What-what I told you.”

And now he was regretting everything. It had been a mistake to share this. Why had he done that? No good ever came from sharing his feelings.


He realized he was looking at the ground, dejected and ashamed.


He lifted his gaze and stared into dark eyes that were surprisingly warm.

Spock lifted his hand to Jim’s, touching their palms together.

“I think…it is about time.”

How Cool Is This

Since we’re wearing masks anyway…I could not resist getting these, which arrived today!

4 total!

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 25

Chapter Twenty-Five: Christmas

It had been a long time since Jim had an old fashioned Christmas like this. He had vague memories of his very early childhood with Sam and his mom. But those had long since faded. They were only brief snapshots in the mind now.

Last Christmas, his mother had already been quite ill and it was hard to be festive and celebrate anything. He’d tried for Lily, but fortunately she had been young enough she cared mostly about the paper than the meager presents he’d given her.

He had vowed then that this Christmas would be different for both of them, but then he’d lost his job, and it had looked bleak again.

Not anymore.

If there was such thing as a Christmas miracle, Jim had experienced it.

They all got up early, of course.

Lily could hardly contain herself to wait and really, Jim was like a big kid himself. Only Spock came down much more sedately.

While Lily ran around the house noticing that Santa had eaten her cookies and drank her milk, Jim took the coffee Spock had made him gratefully.

A few years back his mother had given him one of those Christmas sweaters. It had a reindeer on the front that looked more like a moose really, with a string of lights hanging off his antlers. They lit up with some battery hidden in the material. He hadn’t worn it last year because as before it hadn’t been a very festive year last year, but he’d put it on this time, and was delighted by the eyebrow raise it had elicited from Spock.

“Daddy! Daddy! Santa was here!”

Jim grinned. “I know. Let’s go see what you got.”

They ran to the living room, well Lily did, Jim and Spock followed at a far slower pace, and Lily saw the pink and purple bike waiting there. She squealed with delight.

As Jim watched her fuss over the gift, his gaze strayed to his stocking hung by the chimney. Not so much with care as it was quite crooked.

But the thing that Jim noticed was that some sort of paper now stuck out of his stocking. One that had not been there when he and Spock went to bed.

With a frown, Jim went over to his stocking even as Lily started tearing through the wrapping paper of her other presents.

He pulled out the paper, unfolded it, and stared.

It was the deed to the farmhouse and it had been stamped PAID. It was all in his name.

Spock walked over to him. “Is something wrong?”

Jim waved the paper. “Do you know anything about this?”

“What is it?”

“The deed to the house. It says it’s all paid off but…Spock, did you do this?”

Spock shook his head. “I did not.”

“Are you sure? Because it wasn’t there last night and…”

“Jim, I am sure. Vulcans do not lie. I had nothing to do with that paper or paying off your house.”

“Well. What the hell?” Jim glanced at Lily. “Angel, can you come here a second?”

Lily reluctantly left the coloring book she had been leafing through to come to where he and Spock stood by the stockings.

Jim bent down and scooped her up so that she was relatively eye level with the two of them.

“Do you know who put these papers in Daddy’s stocking.”


“Uh. Yeah. Not Santa. Really, who put them there?”

Lily scrunched up her face. “Santa, Daddy.”

Jim shook his head. “Did someone tell you to put them in Daddy’s stocking?”


“Okay.” He exhaled. “Did you see who did then?”

“No, Daddy. But it was Santa.”


“Jim,” Spock said softly. “It seems clear that Lily does not know where they came from either other than Santa Claus. As you know, you put her to bed yourself.”

Spock was right. But still.

There was no Santa. Well, other than Jim himself. So…

“Angel, was this the wish you wanted for Daddy? The one on your list?”

Lily smiled. “No, Daddy.”

“Did Daddy get the present you wanted for him from Santa?” Jim asked then.

Lily pointed to Spock, smiled and nodded.

Jim laughed. “You asked for Spock?”

“I asked Santa for a present to make Daddy happy. And he gave you Spock.”

Jim grinned as he looked toward Spock. “Yeah I guess he did. Santa’s awesome.”

Lily giggled.

“Okay, sweetie. Spock and I happen to know about a present from Santa that’s going to make you very happy. So why don’t we get it for you?”

Jim put his wiggly excited daughter down, but then turned quickly to Spock. “I meant that, by the way.”


“If you’re my gift from Santa I must have been very very good.” He leaned in and thoroughly kissed Spock. Then he held up the papers again. “I don’t know who’s behind this and maybe the idea someone was in the house without us knowing should freak me out, but…I thought I was going to have to sell this place when we went to San Francisco. And now? Having this place for my daughter someday?”

“Very good news.”

“Yeah. And it sure looks legit.”

“Then it probably is, Jim. Whoever is behind it, wanted it to be in the spirit of Santa, so perhaps, we should just view it that way and be thankful.”

Jim nodded. “You’re right. Let’s get that present.”

He led Lily over to the wrapped cat accessories while Spock went up to Jim’s bedroom to fetch the cat carrier which held the little orange ball of fluff.

Jim sat on the floor next to Lily as she tore open the paper on a litter box and scoop. He withheld a laugh when he could see how confused she was. Then she opened a pet bed. And then finally, a bag of kitten food.

Then Spock arrived and placed the carrier in front of her. He opened the cat carrier and the kitten tumbled out.

Lily clapped with glee. “A kitty!”

Okay, those totally weren’t tears in his eyes, Jim swore.

Spock knelt down next to him and Jim knew that Spock’s dark eyes didn’t look extra moist either. No way.

They shared a look. Of love. Of happiness. Of the future.


And somewhere sleigh bells jingled, but Jim was sure he must have imagined them.

Merry Christmas.  

Let Nothing You Dismay Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen: On the Way to the Next Level

Spock had never been the nervous type. There was no logic to it.

And yet, as he waited for the arrival of Jim to his current place of residence, he had a fluttering in his stomach that might be related to nerves.

Because he planned to run Gad-Shen in Riverside temporarily, he had rented a studio apartment situated on top of the restaurant. There was a small staircase on the side of the building that accessed the front door of the studio.

As typical of most Terran studio apartments, his living quarters was basically one large room with no discernable separated rooms, save for the bathroom and a small closet to hang coats. Spock had placed a sofa and a lamp by the window that overlooked the street Gad-Shen faced, then a few feet from there he had placed a full sized bed and a dresser. Then there was the kitchen which was made up of a stove, a sink, and a refrigerator.

It was all very simple, but it was suitable and efficient for Spock’s current circumstances.

His pulse quickened when he heard footsteps on the stairs leading to his door. He had seen Jim only a short time ago at the restaurant, and yet, yes, Spock was filled with a certain anxious anticipation.

Spock was not at all without experience, but he found Jim to be more attractive than anyone he’d ever encountered and he also found himself feeling a rather interesting connective warmth whenever he touched Jim, even briefly. He had a theory as to the reason behind this very pleasing warmth, and he hoped to be able to test it that very evening.

He had moved to stand by the door when Jim tapped lightly on it.

Jim had dressed in a maroon pullover sweater and black pants, no doubt in deference to the chilly evening. It had been overcast all day and the restaurant staff had even speculated about the possibility of the first snow of the season.

“Welcome, Jim.” Spock stepped back to let Jim inside.

“Thanks. It’s getting really cold.” Jim rubbed his hands together. His cheeks were a becoming shade of red.

“What can I get you to drink?”

“What do you have?”

“I actually have a small bottle a red blend wine if you are interested.”

Jim blinked in surprise. “You have wine?”

“Yes. Though I admit I obtained it for you in anticipation of this evening.”

“Then by all means, I’ll have some.”

Spock opened the bottle and poured Jim a glass in a water goblet, since that was the only kind of glass he had there in the apartment. As he handed the goblet to Jim, Spock made sure their fingers brushed. He felt that same warmth immediately. Jim showed no outward signs that he experienced the same sensation, however.

“Thank you.” Jim took a sip, then nodded his approval. “What’s on the menu?”

“A Vulcan version of ramen noodles,” Spock replied.

Jim laughed. “That’s great. I love ramen.”

“I have included stir fried vegetables too. You may sit there on the sofa and relax with your wine while I finish up.”

“Okay, sure.”

Jim looked good sitting in Spock’s apartment, even though Spock knew it was no permanence there. To the apartment, of course. Jim and himself was a different story. Certainly he hoped so if what he suspected was true.

But he was, perhaps, getting ahead of himself. He had to get through dinner, and then, he hoped, something more.

Yes, Spock realized. He’d been using that word a lot in his mind.


Throwback Thursday #6

We have The Flu from the One-Shot Collection 2, first posted September 07, 2014

Jim accessed Spock’s quarters and entered into a blast furnace. He winced. He swore he almost started sweating immediately.


“Here, Captain.” The raspy, barely there voice sounded like Spock. Kind of.

Jim approached the bed where Spock lay under what could only be described as a mountain of blankets and sheets. In fact he was covered by so many Jim suspected he’d absconded with those from Jim’s quarters and perhaps several other crewmembers.

He looked down at the very pale Vulcan.

“Hey, sweetheart. Bones told me you have the Norvarian flu.”

Spock nodded. His brown eyes were glazed and his hair stood on end.

Jim sat on the edge of the bed and touched his forehead. “You’re burning up. How hot do you have it in here?”

“95 degrees Fahrenheit.”

“That’s—that’s hot.”

“If you would like me to lower it—”

“No, Spock. I want you to have what you need. Are you cold?”


“Damn. I’m sorry you got sick. I’m gonna ream Bones a new one for not figuring this out before you got infected. What happened to Vulcans being immune to everything?”

“That is a fallacy. And I am half-human.”

Jim leaned down and kissed Spock’s feverish brow. “What do you need? What can I do for you?”

“I do not wish to inconvenience you,” Spock said with obvious reluctance.

“I’m on a break right now. Scotty’s on the bridge. I’m yours for the next four hours.”

Spock was quiet and simply stared at Jim.

“What?” Jim asked, stroking Spock’s hair. “What do you want, sweetheart?”

“I am told body heat is a good way of keeping warm,” Spock said, his soft voice straining. “I do not wish to infect you.”

“You won’t. I was inoculated against the Norvarian flu when I was on Tarsus. It was one of the few good things from those days.” Jim did not look forward to roasting to death under the covers with Spock but he also would do just about anything for his still secret lover.

Jim removed his shirts and then reached to yank off his boots.

“Are you certain?” Spock whispered. “I do not wish to make you unhappy.”

“You make me happy. Everything else doesn’t matter.”

“Computer, lower temperature twenty degrees,” Spock ordered.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Jim stood to remove his pants and boxers.

“With you in bed beside me I will not need it.”

Jim smiled and slipped under the covers. Spock immediately pulled Jim to him and plastered him against him, his arms looping around Jim’s middle. Spock gave a contented sigh and Jim decided his discomfort was worth it to make Spock happy.

Jim woke up to the sound of someone entering Spock’s quarters. He blinked his eyes blearily, trying to struggle up from the Vulcan who had decided to make Jim his bed. Spock was too heavy and would not budge.

“Okay, Spock, this should make you feel a lot better,” Bones declared from right next to the bed.


Spock stirred and began to move off Jim. “Doctor?”

“Yeah, I—Jim!” Bones had lifted the blankets that covered them.

Jim smiled sheepishly even as Spock tried to cover Jim from Bones’ gaze.

“Doctor, please let go of the blankets,” Spock said. “You are exposing the captain.”

“I can see that!” Bones said, dropping the blankets and covering his eyes.

Spock tucked the blankets around Jim. “Why are you here?”

“To give you a shot! You’re supposed to be sick.”

“And I am. The captain was keeping me warm.”


Jim laughed. “I think you might be making it worse, Spock.”

“Jesus, Jim. Spock? Spock is your lover?”

“That is not your business, doctor.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “I think the cat’s out of the bag now, Spock.”

“The cat, doctor?”

“Never mind.” Bones stabbed Spock in the neck with a hypospray. “This should make you feel a lot better. Almost as good as new.”

“Looks like you lost that wager, Bones,” Jim said with a huge grin.

“Well, how was I supposed to know you’d lost your damn mind?”

“To what do you refer, doctor?”

Bones snorted. “I can tell he’s feeling better already. I’m going. And I just have to say, no details.”


“Shut up, Spock. Though, I gotta know, when? How?”

“One month and two and a half weeks ago,” Spock replied. “If you desire hours and minutes as well as seconds—”

“I don’t,” Bones interrupted.

“And as for how,” Jim said. “That’s easy. Spock was upset I got hurt during a landing party and when you released me he attacked me and fuc—”

“La, la, la,” Bones said loudly, plugging his ears. “Forget I asked. In fact, forget I was here. In fact, I never was.”

They both watched as Bones practically ran out of Spock’s quarters.

“I believe I have won the wager, Captain.”

Jim shook his head and then frowned up at Spock. “What?”

“I placed an anonymous wager.”

“You-you did? But Spock, that’s-that’s cheating.”

“Is it?”

“Yes, because you had inside knowledge.”

Spock nodded. “I see. I suppose I must forfeit my winnings. I am not used to gambling.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah, I know. How do you feel?”

“I am greatly improved.”

“Good. I think I’m due back on the bridge soon. I’d like to get a shower.”

“Do you desire company?”

Jim’s eyes widened. “Do you feel that much better?”


Jim licked his lips. “Hot damn. Then, yeah. Hell, yeah. If you’re sure.”

“I am sure.” Spock leaned down to kiss him, pressing him into the mattress.

Jim groaned. “Maybe the shower can wait.”

Tuesday Guess the Fic #5

This fic was posted January 19, 2014 and was the first story in a series…

The first thing Bones said to him was, “You look like shit.”

Jim stood just inside the doors of the medbay, “Thanks, doc.”

Bones said something in a low voice to the nurse standing by a biobed and then he started walking toward his office. “Come on, Jim. I have what you need.”

Jim followed and Bones shut the door, then turned to the small liquor cabinet there. “Seriously, Jim. You don’t look good. Are you sick? Should I be examining you?”

Flash Fic, November 02, 2020

And so we begin with the November flashes. They will be mostly gatherings, family stuff, probably a few continuing stories.

This continues one of them…

Jim still hasn’t told his mother his decision about the Academy. He’d sent in his application right after Spock came back from his retreat and told Jim he was purging his emotions. He still felt a bit foolish for having pinned his hopes and his possible future on the possibility of more with a Vulcan he had gone on only one date with.

In a way Spock had done him a favor by setting him straight there. And his talk with Sam had been prominent in his mind when he applied.

Even after he and his mom had seen Sam off for the ship back to Earth, Jim had held back the news. After all it was certainly possible he would be turned down. Mom told him once that Tiberius Kirk, Jim’s grandfather, had been rejected after all.

Why have such an important discussion if nothing was to happen?  

But when his acceptance came for the upcoming next semester, Jim knew he was going to have to tell her.

“Hello Jim.”

Jim looked up from his PADD with the acceptance. Spock stood in front of him wearing dark pants and a heavy sweater. It made Jim hot just looking at him. For more than one reason obviously.

“Hi. Nice to see you,” Jim said politely. He’d seen Spock walking from a distance with an older human woman Jim assumed was his mother.

Spock inclined his head. “And you.” His gaze moved off Jim to somewhere beside him and Jim got the weirdest feeling that Spock was nervous. “I wonder if you would consider joining me for dinner again.”

“Uh. You want to have dinner?”

“If you are free.”


“The soonest I suppose.”

A part of him was inclined to say no. Where would it go? Spock was purging himself and Jim was joining Starfleet. But another part was curious. And he did like Spock.

“You are reluctant,” Spock murmured.

“Well. I think you should know that my time here is pretty limited now. I’ve applied and been accepted at Starfleet Academy for the next semester in January.”

Then Spock surprised him.

“I have also applied and been accepted.”


“Indeed. I have also applied for the Vulcan Science Academy. I am to meet with the board for the VSA tomorrow for their decision.”

Jim frowned. “You applied for both?”

“I was hedging my bets.” Spock fell silent for a moment. “Dinner?”

“I’ll have to check with my mother as to when she won’t need me for the shop.”

Spock nodded. “Understandable. You know how to message me, you have my contact information, please let me know when you are available.”

“Okay, sure.”

Spock walked away then and Jim went back into the ice cream shop to help his mother.

Later when the shop was closed, and they were in their apartment above the shop, Jim talked to her.

“Mom, are you getting a house here?”

She looked surprised he knew. “I am looking into it, but nothing has been completely decided. Sam told you?”


She sighed. “I know I said this was going to be short, but I like it here.  I do. And the company asked if I would stay here at least two years to get everything more permanently established. I didn’t want to live in this apartment for that amount of time.”

“I completely understand that. But Mom. Uh.”

“You want to leave,” she guessed.

Jim exhaled and then nodded. “I applied for acceptance into Starfleet Academy and I just received word that I can attend beginning with the January semester.”

“January? That’s only two months away.”

“Yeah. If you want me to cancel or postpone it—”

“No, no, don’t be silly. Of course you should go. I’m just adjusting to having neither of my sons with me. Empty nest, they used to call it.” Her smile was sad, but it was a smile.

“It’s still two months away.”

She wiped her eyes then and hugged him. “Congratulations, Jim. I know you’re going to be wonderful.”

“Thanks,” he whispered. “And, uh, Spock wants to have dinner with me again.”

She gave him a look. “That guy that dumped you after one date?”

Jim laughed. “He didn’t dump me. You have to be something to be dumped, Mom. But yeah, him. I was surprised but he asked.”


“I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow night? He’s meeting with the VSA in the afternoon I guess about applying there.”  

“I’m sure I can cover the shop if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Thanks Mom. For everything.”

She hugged him again and then went to go have her video conference with her superiors at her company.

Jim messaged Spock.

Tomorrow night?

A moment later.


You’ve probably guessed by now that I am setting this up for Spock to give his FU to the VSA like he does in the film, so that he and Jim can join the Academy together in January.

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