Just a teensy sequel to Monday’s flash

Jim opened the door to his dorm to his “bestie” Leonard “Bones” McCoy.


Bones thrust a paper bag into Jim’s hands and then brushed past him and into the dorm.

“What is this?” Jim asked, opening the bag to peer in.

“Custard filled donuts. And don’t eat them all at once. You shouldn’t be eating them at all. You should be eating salad. Or broccoli.”

“Salad or broccoli flavored donuts suck.”

“Har har. Where’s the coffee?”

“Haven’t made it yet.”

Bones frowned. “Didn’t you remember we were having breakfast this morning?”

“Well, see, uh, Yesterday, I kind of talked to Spock about—”

“Oh, good. So you got that straightened out, right? You’re definitely better without—”

Just then Spock emerged from the bedroom area of Jim’s dorm. To Jim’s amusement he was wearing Jim’s own robe and his hair was still quite messy. It was a very good look on him, Jim thought.

“Good morning, Doctor,” Spock said cooly.

When Spock came near, Jim put his hand on Spock’s arm and smiled.

“As I was saying, I talked to Spock yesterday about our relationship and he ended up spending the night. I did forget about breakfast. Sorry, Bones. I’ll get that coffee going right now.”

Bones stared at them. “You know what? Three’s a crowd. So Why don’t we make it another day?”

“You don’t have to leave. Now I feel bad.”

“Don’t. It’s fine, Jim. You deserve, uh, well, you know, if this is what you want, I support you.”

Jim smiled. “Thanks, Bones.”

When Bones was gone, he closed and locked the door, and faced Spock.

Spock quirked a brow. “I believe your plan was to show me another one of your secret talents.” Jim laughed and flung himself into Spock’s arms. “Yep. Let’s go back to bed.”