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Totally Modern Jim

Flash Fic, May 31, 2022

Jim sat straight up, gawking at the figure sitting on the edge of the bed.


Then he threw his arms around Spock as Spock’s arms came around his. Spock’s arms tightened and held him very close.

Tears sprung to Jim’s eyes before he could stop them. A gasping sob escaped.

“I am here, Jim, I am here,” Spock whispered.

“Are you even real?”

Spock pulled away but only to frame Jim’s face with his hands so that he could kiss him. Spock’s warm lips crushed his, kissing him as though he needed to make up for a year’s time.

Spock broke the kiss, panting. “I am real.”

“But…how are you here? I thought…”

“I could not leave you, Jim. You are my T’hy’la. My bondmate. You are…everything. I have spent the last year trying to find a way for us to be together. My brother was working on a way to help me.”

“I’m going crazy, Spock. I don’t want to live like this.”

“Nor do I.” Spock put his hand on Jim’s face and in a moment Jim felt a burst of warmth and then so much love and tenderness.

“Is that the bond?” he asked, awed.

“Yes, ashayam. I unshielded. I will never keep you out of my mind again.” He blew out a long breath and leaned their heads together. “No matter how we live it must be together.”

Jim swallowed and nodded. “God, it feels so good to have you here.” More tears fell down his cheeks. “If this is a dream, I never want to wake.”

“I must concur. But if it is a dream, we are both having it.”

Spock kissed him again. “Will you come with me?”

“To the future?”

“Yes. I do not wish to take you from your family, however—”

“They’ll be okay.” Jim felt his pulse racing. “Dad knows. We’ve talked. Mom and Sam don’t, but I think Dad would tell them, I don’t know, but he said they’d all be okay. Spock, I could do it. I can go with you.”

“The other way that we have figured out is to have me stay here, with you in this time.”

Jim frowned. “How would that work? I mean with your different physiology.”

“Leonard McCoy. He said if the only way was for me to come here to be with you, he would come here too, to be my doctor.”

Jim blinked, startled. “Yeah?”

“Yes, Jim. Whichever way we choose, there will be times when we could use the technology my brother has developed to cross over to either the past or the future. Not often, not even as much as every year, but it could be done.”

“Not without risk though,” Jim guessed.

“Yes, there is still the chance something could go wrong.” Spock took Jim’s hands in his. “The choice is yours, T’hy’la. For me, the choice is to be with you, wherever you wish. Where I am from is more familiar to me, but I can adjust to anything, do anything, to be with you.”

Jim pulled away and rose. He ran his hand over his face. “I need coffee.”

Spock got up too. “Come.”

They left the bedroom and went out to the kitchen of Spock’s apartment. Jim silently made a pot of coffee, his mind a whirl of thoughts, mostly confusing ones.

“What do you want?” he asked Spock, when he turned from the coffeemaker after he set it to brew.

“To be with you.”

“Me too. Do they have coffee there?”

Spock smiled slightly. “They do, yes.”

Jim closed his eyes. “My family and friends are here. Your family and friends are there.”


“Here you would always have to hide your true self, there I would have no idea what’s going on, really. But I could learn.”

“Here the weather is good, there it sucks.”

Spock chuckled softly, making Jim’s eyes open in surprise.

“Pros and Cons,” Jim explained. “I can’t help but go through them.”

“I understand.”

“You would outlive me.” He got that thought from Spock. For he’d somehow been given the knowledge that Vulcans outlived Humans by a number of years. “When I die, if you were here, you’d be able to go back there.”


“Theoretically,” Jim agreed. “I don’t know what to do, Spock.”

Spock sighed, it was soft and low. He nodded. “Then allow me to choose for you, ashayam. We will stay here on Earth. In your time. Doctor McCoy will come here as our friend and my doctor. And you will have your friends and family with you.”

“But that’s not fair.”

“What is not fair is to be apart. Everything else is workable, Jim. I want your choice to make you happy.”

The coffee had finished so Jim turned and filled his mug with coffee. It was the Dad mug Jim had found so long ago now. It seemed an eternity but really wasn’t and even though it kind of felt like it, he had not loved Spock for an eternity.

He took a few sips of coffee.

“This place, this city…it’s my home.”

Spock nodded.

Jim set his coffee mug down.

“But my home is you now, Spock. I want it to be. I love you. What we have, I think, is the love of a lifetime. I feel you everywhere. This…” He gestured around. “This is my old life. My future is you. With you…in the future.”

Spock’s warm chocolate eyes gazed at Jim intensely. “Are you sure, T’hy’la?”

Jim smiled and kissed him. “I’m sure.”

Spock drew him close and into his arms once more. “You’re my future too.”

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The end. Thank you for reading this two month story!

Flash Fic, May 29, 2022

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Jim had no idea why he was there. It was stupid and pointless. He knew that.

After he had returned to his time, without Spock, he’d gone to Spock’s apartment and found all that Spock had left behind. Even now it was empty, not rented by anyone else, because Spock had, apparently paid the rent well in advance, not wishing to bother with it. He’d been gone a year, and yet according to Jim’s now former apartment manager, the place was still leased for another six months.

Jim came there to this apartment in San Francisco every once in a while.  Just to remind himself of Spock and yes, he knew it was crazy.

Here he was again. Just sitting on the couch, staring into space, wishing for something he couldn’t have.

He’d made himself coffee with the coffeemaker Spock bought for him. And that hurt his heart, to remember that.

When he came here, he brought food with him, cream for his coffee, and just soaked it up, he guessed.

Jim was pretty sure his dad understood. But he knew he got strange looks from Sam and his mom. Once Sam told him that he needed to move on and find love elsewhere, but Jim knew that wasn’t going to happen. Not for him.

Sometimes, Jim tried to reach Spock with his mind but nothing ever happened, and he knew Spock had somehow “shielded” things between them anyway.

Hope sprang eternal or so the saying claimed but he was fast losing any hope he’d ever had, which admittedly hadn’t been much.

With another six months on the lease here, Jim had to make the decision whether to continue coming or just give up. He’d never been one to give up before, but this situation was different. Spock was in the future and for all Jim knew he had forgotten there was any past.

I do not belong there, in your time.

Spock had made his position pretty clear. And he’d also made sure to have Jim go back to his time. Perhaps Spock paid more attention to Sarek than Jim thought he would.

He leaned his head back against the couch.

“This is stupid. You’re an idiot. Coming here for an entire year to an empty place that doesn’t even have a trace of Spock in it.”

Jim had spoken out loud.

There was no response, of course.


Jim woke in the dark sometime later, stretched out on his back on Spock’s bed. Next to the bed, on the floor, was an empty pizza box. Jim had pathetically stuffed his face before lying down.

He had no idea what had awakened him, so he stayed still, listening. It was pitch black and he couldn’t see a thing. He’d left his cell phone on the table by the bed, so he reached blindly for it and activated it so he’d have a light.

He found a text from Sam.

Hey, are you doing okay?

It came through hours ago. He’d call Sam in the morning.

After a bit, he closed his eyes again, not able to figure out what woke him.   

He slept again fitfully.

When he woke again, it was to fingers stroking across his face.

Jim blinked rapidly.

“Shh. T’hy’la, it is all right.”

One more to go, either tomorrow or Tuesday…we will see.

May 27, 2022 Flash Fic

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One Year Later

“There you are.”

Jim peered up at his dad from his position on the ground next to the cabernet grapes. There was a small patch of dying grass, there was a drought you know, and Jim was lying on his back, staring up at the sky.

“Looking for me?”


George Kirk lowered himself to the ground next to Jim. He moved easily now. Absolutely no sign of heart trouble. And damn Jim was grateful for that. He really was.

His dad put his hand on Jim’s leg. “How are you doing?”

It was on the tip of his tongue to say, ‘right as rain’, but he choked on the words, and anyway there was nothing right about the lack of rain these days so it didn’t apply.

Instead he shook his head.  

“Listen, I don’t know what all went on a year ago,” he dad admitted. “I feel great. I was pretty sure I was going to die.”

“I’m really glad you didn’t.”

“Me too. But it cost you something, didn’t it?” His dad’s tone was gentle.

“No. That didn’t. What cost me is…I just…I didn’t fight for what I wanted, Dad. I just gave up and let someone decide what was best for me.”

“Maybe you can change that.”

Jim laughed without mirth. “No, I can’t. Of all the things that can be changed in the universe, Dad, that’s the one thing I can’t change.”

George was quiet for a while. “I remember some things I am not sure I am supposed to.”


“When I was in the hospital, I remember you sitting with me. I was pretty out of it, but you were telling me something.”

Jim nodded.

“About Spock.”

He sighed. “You should probably try to forget what I told you, Dad.”

“Was it true? What you said? Spock’s an alien from another world? Another time?”


“I’m remembering right, aren’t I? Jim, I remember being in some other hospital bed with strange machinery and a completely different doctor.”

“Doctor McCoy,” Jim said softly.

“Then I’m not crazy.”

“Not unless both of are.” Jim sat up so that he sat side by side with his dad. “I took you to Spock’s world and Spock’s time, which is in the future, and they had advanced medicine and they saved your life.”

George frowned. “And that’s why it seemed like my heart hadn’t been damaged.”

“Yeah. Only…I wanted to stay with Spock. Spock and I…we had the love of a lifetime, I guess, I don’t know. We were soulmates. But he saw how much you all meant to me and told me I should come back here and live my life and basically forget about him and never see him again. His dad was big on not changing the future when changing the past, that kind of crap.”

“So you came back here.”


“And now you’re miserable.”

Jim shook his head. “Not miserable. Exactly.”

“You quit your job in San Francisco to come stay here with us. That was what Sam wanted, though, not you.”

Jim shrugged. “It’s beautiful here. It’s not a hardship. But…my friend Nyota got married last week to the guy she’d wanted and the crazy thing is she was getting with him when I was seeing Spock and…it makes me a little sad. I’ll-I’ll get over it. Because I have to, Dad. He’s in the future in a place I can’t go.”

“Nothing is truly hopeless, Jim.”

“Yeah right.” Jim snorted. “My alien boyfriend from the future is never coming back. And the problem is, I don’t want to be with anyone else.”

“If I could help you, I would, son. But you should know that we would be all right, you know, if that opportunity ever came up again, your mom and me and Sam with Aurelan and their baby, Peter. We’d be all right.”

Jim smiled and wiped at his eyes. “Thanks, Dad. But it’s just too late.”

May 26, 2022 Flash Fic

Spock felt Jim’s distress pouring off of him. It lead to Spock feeling distressed in reaction. Thus, definitely the problem with having your T’hy’la bond with a Human.

He could shield and that would make Jim’s emotional state less of a burden to him, but Spock didn’t really wish to do that. Not at this point.

But as Spock watched Jim anxiously standing by his father’s bed as Leonard McCoy treated him, Spock knew what he would have to do. The sacrifice he would have to make.

It would tear him apart, but for Jim, yes.

Spock put his hand on Jim’s back to get his attention, then turned him to face him, stepping away from where McCoy worked for just a moment.

“Jim, we need to talk.”

Jim licked his lips and then glanced back at his father. “Okay.” He nodded.

“When your father has been cured, you need to return to your time with him.”

Jim did not respond but was looking at Spock.

Here was the hard part.

“And I must stay here.”

“What?” Jim whispered.

“Your family is very important to you, Jim. You love them and they love you. You have a rare, very close relationship. Your life is full and rich and everything you want it to be.”

“Except without you.”

“I cannot come with you,” Spock made himself say. “I want to be with you, I love you, and that will never change.” Spock shook his head. “It amazes me that in the little amount of time I have known you, you have come to mean so much. But I do not belong there, in your time.”


“Always having to hide myself, worrying about exposure as to who and what I am. Your world is not yet ready for me. And I cannot ask you to leave your family behind to stay here with me. This is not your life; your life is there.”

“I-I could do it,” Jim insisted.

“You shouldn’t have to.”

Jim’s eyes were filling with tears, which was making it even more difficult for Spock.

“But your T’hy’la bond, don’t you need it?”

“It’s mere existence is a comfort to me. Before you leave, I will shield both of our minds to lessen any trauma or distress brought on by separation. It will be easy for you and quite manageable for me.”

“You think this is going to be easy for me?” Jim asked, choking up. “Nothing about any of this is easy. Telling me we’ll never see each other again, but hey, it’s okay, Jim because I can shield myself from you? That may work for your brain, Spock, but it sure as hell won’t work for my heart!”

“Jim—” Spock let out a shaky breath. “You know yourself that you do not want to simply disappear from your family without knowing what happened to you. You’ve said as much and I know how you feel.”

Jim closed his eyes and a tear squeezed out of his eye onto his cheek. “I get it. I understand what you’re telling me. But I want you to know, this is anything but easy.”

“I am sorry.”

Jim shook his head. “Me too.”

“Jim, only a few more minutes,” McCoy said from by the bed.

Jim embraced Spock then, holding him close, and letting the tears fall. “I don’t want this.”

“I know, T’hy’la. I do not either.”

Spock put his hand on Jim’s face.

“Will shielding hurt? I mean…physically.”

“Negative.” And yes, it will be excruciating, Spock thought.   

Jim leaned his head on Spock’s shoulder.

Spock probed Jim’s mind and placed a shield there so being apart would do not damage to Jim’s mind. He did the same for his own, though he knew it would not be enough to dull the pain and torment of not being with his T’hy’la.

And some day, if he entered Pon Farr…but no, he would not think of that. It did not matter. Only ensuring Jim would have what he needed was important.

It was the best he could do under the circumstances, but already he felt the loss of the comfort of Jim’s mind with his. He could no longer feel Jim’s deeper emotions, only surface ones where he touched.

“Jim,” McCoy called.

Jim pulled back and kissed Spock.

Amazingly, Spock let him go and walk away. He was uncertain how he managed it.

Jim went to his father’s bedside.

“He’s fine now. He’ll recover,” McCoy assured Jim. “Heart’s good as new. You may have to explain that miracle—”


“If you’re going with him,” Leonard said, with a glance at Spock, who nodded, “sit on the bed and hold onto him. That way you should both transport.”

Jim did as Leonard said, but he didn’t look at Spock. For that Spock was grateful, for he might beg Jim to stay after all.

“Okay, Sybok, they’re ready,” Leonard said into the comm.

George Kirk opened his eyes and looked around. “Jim? Who are—”

Then they were gone. Both of them.

Flash Fic, May 25, 2022

Jim didn’t really know what any of that meant, but it was plain enough that the two Vulcans, Sarek and T’Pau, were none too pleased. Still, it was Spock who drew him away from those two and his mother to speak privately.

“I apologize for them putting you through that. I know your thoughts are on your father and other matters.”

“What does it even mean?”

“In essence our bond is unbreakable as far as they are concerned. If we had bonded under ordinary circumstances, simply because we fell in love and sought to be connected in that way, as happened between my own parents, they would have made an attempt to convince us to have our bond severed so that you could return to your Earth’s time and I could remain here.”

Jim nodded. “This is about it being difficult for you to be separated from me because of that bond, right?”

“In a word…yes. Bonded couples do part,” Spock clarified. “Even without severing their bond, there are those that live apart permanently. It can be done. It is simply not preferable as your mind is always bereft of that bond. That is why when couples choose not to be together, as a divorce would be in your time, it is better to sever that connection.”

“Spock, Jim.”

They both turned as Sybok and McCoy approached them.

“Jim,” Sybok spoke up. “I have altered my systems and calculations to allow us to beam your father directly up from his hospital room in his time to our facility here for Leonard to treat him.”

“Really? That’s great!”

Sybok looked to Spock. “It is not without risk, I should caution.”

“What risk?” Jim asked.

“It’s possible, slight but not nothing, that your father would perish in the attempt to bring him here or when we send him back. It is also possible that bringing him here could potentially damage the machinery I developed that rescued Spock from your time and location and I could send none of you back. That would mean both you and your father would stay here and you would simply disappear from Earth in your time.” Sybok shook his head. “This is new technology still in development by me and a few assistants. We were lucky to be able to bring Spock here when we did, along with you. I’ve finagled certain parts, but as I said, there is risk.”

Jim pursed his lips. “And yet if we don’t take that risk my dad’s going to die anyway.” He shook his head. “Do it.”

“Are you certain, Jim?” Spock asked. “You and your father could be parted from your mother and brother for what remains of all your lives.”

“Or Sybok could fix his machine to make it work again.” Jim shrugged. “I have to take that risk. Spock, I don’t know why, but it’s really important to me that my dad lives. I love him. He’s my dad. But I don’t know…I almost feel like there’s a time when I didn’t get to have him with me and I don’t…please?”

“Very well.” Spock turned to Sybok. “We are ready.”

“Come this way.”

Spock and Jim followed after Sybok and McCoy, who led them to a very high-tech hospital room.

“We’ll wait here,” McCoy told them. “If all goes well, your father will appear here directly in this bed.”

“And then?”

“After I repair the damage done to his heart, we’ll make the attempt to send him back to his bed in his time. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if everything works the way it’s supposed to.”

“And then Jim Kirk should be returned with his father,” Sarek said from the doorway.


“What is your problem?” Jim demanded as he turned on Sarek. “You know what? You aren’t helping. So if all you can do is be a negative nellie than please get out of here.”

Sarek looked startled. “Negative Nellie?”

Jim turned his back on him.

Sybok’s lips twitched as he brushed past his father to leave the hospital room.

Jim moved closer to Spock, who to Jim’s surprised delight, put his arm around Jim to draw him close.

He didn’t know how long he held his breath, but his very pale father suddenly appeared from thin air onto the hospital bed before him. If Spock hadn’t been holding onto him Jim might have collapsed.

And he was weeping in relief.

McCoy smiled gently at him. “Let me get started.”

Flash Fic, May 24, 2022

Amanda sighed slightly. “Long ago my son did as he pleased with no regard to what either myself or my husband said.”
“Still…wouldn’t it bother you? Never to see him again?”
“Whatever the circumstances my son finds himself in, what matters to me is his contentment. I can see, as I said, that my son values his bond with you very much. He isn’t going to find it easy to part from you.”
“And if this healer decides he’s wrong, what then?”
“Do you think Spock cares for you only because he believes you have the T’hy’la bond?”
Jim frowned. Thought about it. “No.”
She smiled. “I believe you have your answer regarding what my son intends to do.”
“Your husband would fight it.”
“Most certainly. But the thing is, Sarek doesn’t always get his way.” She leaned back in her chair. “And what about you, Jim? Would you consider staying here on Vulcan in your future?”
“I don’t know,” Jim replied. “My family is very important to me. If I came here, I’d not be able to see them again, right?”
She hesitated. “Probably not.”
“I can’t put them through thinking I just disappeared one day and never know what happened to me. I’ve seen that happen to families on the news and stuff, and I couldn’t let that hurt them like that. But on the other hand, having Spock stay with me in my time would hurt him.”
“There’s no easy answer, I agree.”
Just then Spock and Sarek returned with a Vulcan woman.
Jim stood up. “Have they figured out how to help my dad yet?”
“Not yet, Jim. They are working hard at it though. This is T’Pau, sh is an elder here, and trained in healing and an expert at bonds.”
Jim glanced at her. She was studying him with barely disguised derision.
“You name this outworlder T’hy’la?” She turned to Spock.
“I do.”
T’Pau looked at Jim again. “You are from ancient Earth.”
“It’s not ancient to me. It’s just home.”
Apparently, she didn’t like that as she made an even more pronounced prune face.
“”If you will step forward with Spock, I will examine your minds.”
Jim’s gaze went to Spock, who gave a slight nod.
He blew out a breath. He’d rather deal with all this after finding out about his dad, but apparently that wasn’t going to happen.
So he stepped over to where Spock stood and let the Vulcan approach, with her hands extended toward each of them.
Her left hand landed on his face while her right hand was on Spock’s. Spock closed his eyes, so Jim did the same.
T’Pau said nothing, but Jim did feel a bit of pressure in his head, like having a sinus infection or something. It could have lasted a minute or thirty, he wasn’t sure because he sort of lost awareness.
Spock spoke softly and Jim opened his eyes. She no longer had her hand on his face and the pressure was gone. He blinked rapidly.
“There is no mistake,” she declared. “They are bonded. They have the ancient warrior bond.”

Flash Fic, May 23, 2022

Sorry for the short flash today, had a very full weekend and just didn’t have much time to get something done. I barely managed this. I’m working toward the end though. Hopefully!

I’m off Friday from work but am doing a quick overnight trip. I’ll have Friday’s flash up though!

Jim was pacing around this strange place. If he hadn’t been brought there himself he might have not believed it, no matter what Spock had said, and how green Spock’s blood was, which he’d seen himself.

Vulcan was hot. Jim had been to Palm Springs in the summer. It was that hot. And apparently Vulcan was like that all year round.

While Spock’s brother, Sybok, and the doctor, McCoy, planned how to get Jim’s dad there so that he could be treated and returned without notice, Spock’s father had proclaimed that he wanted what he called a “Vulcan Healer” to examine Jim and Spock to determine if Spock didn’t know what he was talking about as far as his T’hy’la bond.

Jim didn’t really want to be examined by anyone, but Spock seemed unfazed by the idea, so Jim assumed that meant Spock wouldn’t be worried that they would hurt Jim. He trusted Spock, so he’d allow it.

As long as they helped his dad, he’d agree to anything.

Waiting with Jim while Spock and Sarek went to get the healer was Spock’s Human mother, Amanda. So far Jim found that she was very kind, the most kind of anyone there except Spock.

“You must have many questions, Jim,” Amanda said, patting his leg.

They were seated in chairs, sipping a cold drink Amanda had brought them. Jim kept leaning forward, impatient, even though he knew there wasn’t much he could do to speed things up.

Sybok and McCoy were meeting in some other area about getting to Jim’s dad, so for now it was only him and Amanda.


She gave him a sympathetic look. “If they can help your father, they will. Leonard is a very skilled and kind doctor.”

“I’m going to be kind of freaked out until I know,” Jim admitted.

“Once we have everything sorted out we’ll know what to do. My son cares a lot about you, I can see.”

“We…yeah, we fell in love where I’m from.”

“Spock won’t allow them to separate you,” she said, obviously trying to reassure him.

Jim looked at her. “What if that means him returning to my time and my Earth with me?”

Flash Fic, May 20, 2022

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“And I strenuously object,” Sarek said. “Doctor McCoy, I know as a healer you mean well, however the less we interfere in Mr. Kirk’s time the better.”

Jim stepped forward. “Hey, listen—”

Spock put his hand on Jim’s arm. “Perhaps we should all take a step back for the moment. Jim, this is my father, Sarek, and my mother, Amanda, as well as my half-brother, Sybok. And this is Leonard McCoy, a doctor from your Earth’s future who happens to be a friend of Sybok’s.”

“Which is why I asked Bones to be here,” Sybok said. “Knowing we were retrieving you today from Earth’s past, give your physiology as both Vulcan and Human, I thought it wise to have Bones here.”

Jim frowned. “Bones?”

“A nickname for Leonard,” Sybok replied. “It’s taken me some time to figure out how to retrieve my brother from where he was and I succeeded in doing so just now, as you yourself experienced coming with him.” Sybok looked toward Sarek. “It might be risky for Doctor McCoy to help your father.”

“And ill-advised,” Sarek spoke up again. “Our goal at this point is to remove all traces of Spock’s time there and return Mr. Kirk to where he belongs. We cannot have any other complications.”

“Why not?” Jim asked, stubbornly. “If your goal is to just disappear like you never existed what’s the harm then of this doctor here helping my dad?”

“Jim.” Spock held Jim’s arm tighter. “Returning you to your time is not my goal. You are my T’hy’la. I do not intend to be separated from you.”

Jim looked at him. “Okay. Then convince this doctor here to help my dad.” He pulled Spock away from the others. “You know how important my family is to me. This is killing me. And you have a guy right here who can help my dad to live. Spock, you know he’s going to die otherwise. You know it.”

“Jim’s right.”

Spock turned to see his mother had drawn near. She gave Jim a gentle smile.

“It’s clear you’re of utmost importance to my son. And of course, your father needs to be saved. Whatever else happens, that is the least we can do in this situation.”

“My wife—”

Amanda turned to Sybok. “You can get Leonard to that hospital to help Jim’s father, can’t you?”

Sybok shrugged. “Well…”

“It actually would be better if Jim’s father were brought here to Vulcan,” McCoy interrupted. All my better equipment is here. In the past where Jim’s father is, I’d have to work with the equipment available there. Not easy.”

Sarek made a frustrated noise. “If it can be done, then do it, Sybok. But then once Mr. Kirk has been healed, both Mr. Kirk’s will be returned to Earth of the past where they belong.”

Jim glared at Sarek but did not respond to that. Spock had no intention of letting it happen either. But first they needed to see to Jim’s father.

Spock walked over to where his brother stood.

“Can it be done, brother? Can we bring George Kirk here, have Doctor McCoy help him, and then send him back to the hospital in the past without anyone the wiser?”

Sybok fingered his beard again. “Yes.”

Flash Fic, May 19, 2022

Spock felt a rush…of yes emotions. From Jim and from himself.

From Jim confusion, sorrow, and even terror.

From himself relief, joy, anxiety, and sadness.

And it was all a jumble.

They were on Vulcan in his father’s house. Besides Sarek, in front of Jim and him there was Spock’s brother, Sybok, and his mother Amanda as well as the Human doctor, Leonard McCoy.

“Jim,” Spock spoke softly in his ear. “You are safe. This my home. This is Vulcan.”

Jim turned in Spock’s arms and looked at him, and then stepped away. “Uh. Okay.”

“Spock, dear, who is this?” Mother asked, coming forward at once.

“This is Jim Kirk, my T’hy’la.”

Sybok choked. “Your what now?”

Sarek arched a brow. “Highly unlikely. And unfortunate that we inadvertently brought him with you. Doctor, will you examine my son?”

McCoy came forward toward Spock, tricorder in hand.

Jim backed away, bumping into Spock.’

“Don’t worry, kid,” McCoy said. “I’m a doctor, not a sadist.”

Spock held out his hands towards the doctor. “Please. Give us a moment to explain. In the months I was on long ago Earth, I met Jim, who was my neighbor in San Francisco.”

“What became of Sutok?” Sarek interrupted.

“He perished in the crash and was buried with remnants of the ship.”

“We will need to retrieve—”

“I was speaking, Father. May I continue?”

Spock watched his father bristle, but it could not be helped.

While he spoke Doctor McCoy continued to scan him with the tricorder. Spock was aware of Jim watching him curiously.

“After our initial acquaintance, Jim and I become close, intimate even, and during that intimacy I discovered his connection to me as my T’hy’la.”

Sybok fingered his bearded chin. “That sort of bond hasn’t been in existence for some time in history. Are you quite certain of your findings?”

“There is no mistake.”

“You will both need to be examined by the Vulcan Priestess to ensure your facts,” Sarek said. “If it is the case, then naturally this Human should remain. But if you are mistaken, we must return him to his Earth’s time.”

“Now let’s not be rash—”

And as the others began to argue amongst themselves, Spock noticed Jim had crept closer to the doctor.

“Your medicine is very advanced, isn’t it?”

“Yes, compared to where you’re from, I would say so.”

Jim nodded. “Doctor?”

“McCoy. Leonard McCoy.”

“Do they still have triple bypass surgery now?”

McCoy snorted. “We don’t live in the dark ages son. Nothing like that is needed in these days.”

Jim worried his lip with his teeth. “Can you fix my dad?”

“Your dad?”

“Please. He’s in the hospital where I came from. He’s dying and I bet you could save him. If you could go there or bring him here or whatever it takes.”

The room got quiet, and Spock was aware of them now all staring at Jim.

“Please,” Jim asked. McCoy shifted awkwardly and then shrugged. “Well. I could, I guess.”

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