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“And I strenuously object,” Sarek said. “Doctor McCoy, I know as a healer you mean well, however the less we interfere in Mr. Kirk’s time the better.”

Jim stepped forward. “Hey, listen—”

Spock put his hand on Jim’s arm. “Perhaps we should all take a step back for the moment. Jim, this is my father, Sarek, and my mother, Amanda, as well as my half-brother, Sybok. And this is Leonard McCoy, a doctor from your Earth’s future who happens to be a friend of Sybok’s.”

“Which is why I asked Bones to be here,” Sybok said. “Knowing we were retrieving you today from Earth’s past, give your physiology as both Vulcan and Human, I thought it wise to have Bones here.”

Jim frowned. “Bones?”

“A nickname for Leonard,” Sybok replied. “It’s taken me some time to figure out how to retrieve my brother from where he was and I succeeded in doing so just now, as you yourself experienced coming with him.” Sybok looked toward Sarek. “It might be risky for Doctor McCoy to help your father.”

“And ill-advised,” Sarek spoke up again. “Our goal at this point is to remove all traces of Spock’s time there and return Mr. Kirk to where he belongs. We cannot have any other complications.”

“Why not?” Jim asked, stubbornly. “If your goal is to just disappear like you never existed what’s the harm then of this doctor here helping my dad?”

“Jim.” Spock held Jim’s arm tighter. “Returning you to your time is not my goal. You are my T’hy’la. I do not intend to be separated from you.”

Jim looked at him. “Okay. Then convince this doctor here to help my dad.” He pulled Spock away from the others. “You know how important my family is to me. This is killing me. And you have a guy right here who can help my dad to live. Spock, you know he’s going to die otherwise. You know it.”

“Jim’s right.”

Spock turned to see his mother had drawn near. She gave Jim a gentle smile.

“It’s clear you’re of utmost importance to my son. And of course, your father needs to be saved. Whatever else happens, that is the least we can do in this situation.”

“My wife—”

Amanda turned to Sybok. “You can get Leonard to that hospital to help Jim’s father, can’t you?”

Sybok shrugged. “Well…”

“It actually would be better if Jim’s father were brought here to Vulcan,” McCoy interrupted. All my better equipment is here. In the past where Jim’s father is, I’d have to work with the equipment available there. Not easy.”

Sarek made a frustrated noise. “If it can be done, then do it, Sybok. But then once Mr. Kirk has been healed, both Mr. Kirk’s will be returned to Earth of the past where they belong.”

Jim glared at Sarek but did not respond to that. Spock had no intention of letting it happen either. But first they needed to see to Jim’s father.

Spock walked over to where his brother stood.

“Can it be done, brother? Can we bring George Kirk here, have Doctor McCoy help him, and then send him back to the hospital in the past without anyone the wiser?”

Sybok fingered his beard again. “Yes.”