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Bombay, Next Part

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“What?” Even as Spock asked the question, the cats claws dug into his skin painfully, but Spock dared not let him go.

“My cat. That cat belongs to my wife and me,” the man explained. “I saw the notices about looking for the cat’s owners.” He grinned. “Well, you found me!”

Automatically, Spock took a backwards step. He couldn’t even explain why.

“So.” The man held out his hands. “Give him over.”

“What is the cat’s name?” Spock heard himself ask.

“Hmm?” The man frowned. “The name?”

“Yes. You should know his name.”

“Well, of course I know his name! It’s…Kirk.”

Spock’s blood ran cold. It made no sense. It was likely a mere coincidence that this man would name this cat Kirk. And yet…Spock rarely observed coincidences.

“If it’s a reward you want—”

“No, I do not want a reward. I do not believe this is your cat.”

The man’s face reddened. “How dare you! Give me that cat.”

Bombay hissed and this time as he scratched at Spock’s neck, he had no choice but to release the cat. But rather than fly past the fedora man, Bombay ran toward Spock’s bedroom, presumably to hide.

“I demand that you leave my house,” Spock said coldly.

“I want that cat, it belongs to me!”

“I think not.”

The man stepped closer to Spock, who’d had enough. He reached up and pinched the man’s shoulders and watched as he slid to the floor, unconscious.

A while later, he went to his bedroom to seek out Bombay’s hiding place. He crouched down by the bed.

“It is all right. He is gone, taken off by the authorities for trespassing.”

He could see the cat’s glowing eyes under the bed.

Taking a chance, though strange it was, Spock said, “Come, Jim. It is all right. I will help you.”

And then the cat slunk out from under the bed and onto Spock’s lap on the floor.    

Bombay Chapter 6

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The rest of the day proved to be fairly normal, but in the morning when Spock went to leave his apartment, Bombay ran out the door.

“Bombay, come back,” Spock called after the feline, but the cat was gone out of the outside courtyard.

At first, Spock wasn’t sure if he should go after him. Bombay wasn’t his and perhaps the cat had decided to leave to seek his real home. But then Spock knew that he could not just let the cat go without knowing he was safe, especially given his already witnessing a person abusing the animal, and so he set out in pursuit.    

When he got to the street, Spock glanced first to the left which would take him in direction of a less crowded suburban area. He saw no sign Bombay had gone that way. He turned to look to the right toward the city and the direction Spock himself would go when going to Starfleet Academy. He spotted Bombay’s raised tail as the cat trotted off in that direction.

With a bit of a sigh, Spock followed after, increasing his pace the more the cat seemed to get ahead of him. Once more he wondered if he should just let the animal go.

He was about to slow his pace when Bombay ran into the intersection of a street and missed getting hit by a speeding hover cab by mere inches. The cat stopped in the street then, looking disoriented, and for a moment Spock thought perhaps the cab had not missed the feline after all.

Spock rushed to his side, ignoring the twinge in his leg, and scooped the cat up into his arms. Another hover vehicle honked at Spock and the cat, so he hurried back to the safety of the sidewalk.

“You cannot run out in front of cars,” Spock admonished the cat, as though the furball could understand him. He glance back toward the way to his apartment. It would take him time to take Bombay and then he would be late to begin the teaching of his class. His leg already ached from overuse considering his prior injury.

Spock made up his mind. He would have to find something to keep the cat in while he taught, but, “You are coming with me.”


The day proved to be much more uneventful than it had begun, Spock realized, as he made his way home with Bombay in a cardboard box he had obtained at the Academy.

During two of his taught courses, Bombay had made something of a ruckus but eventually when he realized he wasn’t getting free, Bombay had curled up in the box and went to sleep.

He had just fed the cat when there was a knock on his door. The cat jumped into his arms and began to rub against Spock’s neck and purr.

“Apparently you have forgiven me for trapping you n that box,” Spock said, as he made his way to the door. Whoever was knocking was impatient, as they rapped again, this time much louder and with more force.

Spock opened the door, holding onto Bombay tighter so the cat wouldn’t try to escape.

There stood a man Spock did not know. He wore a fedora, which seemed odd. He grinned broadly.

“You have my cat!”

Flash Fic, January 06, 2023

Just a quickie inspired by J advising that this date is Spock’s birthday (years into the future of course)

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Jim found his first officer alone gazing out from a balcony that overlooked one of the parks in Yorktown. It was just outside of a conference room and something about Spock’s body language gave him pause.

“You okay?”

Spock let out a slow, soft breath, then glanced at Jim. “Nyota and I have ended our relationship.” He paused. “For good I believe.”

“Yeah? I mean, you guys seemed like you were getting close again just two days ago.”

“We disagree on the direction our relationship should take,” Spock replied. “It is not altogether unexpected. It has been challenging between us for a while.”

Jim nodded. “Okay. Listen, how come I didn’t know today was your birthday?”

Spock blinked at him. “I do not know. Vulcans are not in the habit of marking their birth as a remembrance, but it is a part of my official record.”

“I think there’s a reprimand there somewhere,” Jim said. He put his hand on Spock’s arm. “Funny our birthdays are so close together. That’s crazy.”

“I see no particular significance in it.”

“Well, I do. I’ve never had a birthday buddy before.”

Spock frowned. “Birthday buddy?”

“You know you really should have been part of the party two days ago. If I had known…you know, Bones has to know, right?”


“I’m sure he does. I’ll have to have a word with him.”

“Captain, I do not think that is necessary.”

Jim ignored that to say, “Want to go have a birthday drink with me?”

Spock glanced away, out at the park. “I am not in the mood.”

Jim deflated. “Oh. Okay.”

Spock straightened away from the railing and faced Jim. “But if you are amenable, we could have tea in my temporary quarters.”

Jim’s gaze met Spock’s and the warmth there made him smile. “I’m definitely amenable.”   

Flash Fic, December 30, 2022

Here is your NYE fic for this year

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It was nearly midnight and Jim knew he should be sticking around for the virtual ball drop and for everyoe to scream Happy New Year while kissing everyone that they could get their lips on. But he’d finished his champagne, set down his glass, and snuck out a side door.

He’d explain to his date, Olivia, later. When last he’d seen her, she was surrounded by her throng of admirers. If she didn’t talk to him again, he wasn’t really sure that was a bad thing.

It was crisply cold outside and windy. It blew the scarf he’d wrapped around his neck around so violently it was a wonder it didn’t fly off into the air never to be seen again. He quickened his stride, wanting to be anywhere else but the streets of San Francisco as midnight struck.

There was only five minutes to spare when he made it inside the apartment building. He took the stairs two at a time not wanting to chance getting stuck if the lift broke down yet again.

It was a foolish dream. Time wasn’t even the same where Spock was. And yet, he had this burning need to contact his former first officer.

It has been months since their…whatever it was they’d had before their mutual departure.

He opened his apartment door, ordered the lights on, and rushed to his terminal. He immediately pulled up the information for contacting New Vulcan. But as the seconds ticked away and there was no answer, Jim’s heartbeat slowed, and disappointment soured the champagne that sat inside his stomach.

Jim briefly closed his eyes, willing himself not to give into the illogical emotion of regret. He hadn’t seen Spock since February. And yes they’d spent a night of scorching intimacy but parted as mere friends.

Spock had said so and Jim had done his best to convince himselr that was what he wanted too.

A knock on his door had him rising, prepared to face an angry Olivia or even a nosey Bones. He could hear the countdown to midnight outside his apartment even as he opened the door.

“Hello Jim.”

“Spock,” he whispered.

“Happy New Year.”

And the kiss he received at midnight was the best he’d ever had.  

Flash Fic, December 23, 2022

It was funny to be stuck on a planet doing diplomatic negotiations on Christmas. Not to mention the three-year anniversary of when he had asked his now husband to marry him during a crew performance of the Twelve Days of Christmas. He smiled faintly remembering Spock dressed as a piper while he presented the Vulcan with a golden ring.

 They had bonded and married a month later, but still Jim would rather be spending the holiday with his husband, family, and friends rather than fighting off the advances of a planetary inhabitant who couldn’t or wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Jim had just resigned himself to go back into a conference when a male from the planet approached him.

“Captain Kirk?”


“Lieutenant Uhura from your ship has contacted us and advised that you are required to return for an urgent situation.”

Jim nodded, all business, as he retrieved his communicator. “I’ll be in touch. Enterprise, energize.”

He stepped off the transported immediately.

“What’s the emerg—”

Standing there in the transporter room was Spock dressed in his dress uniform, holding a rose. Around his neck was a wreath with a big red bow.

“Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary, Jim.”

Jim laughed. “Well, hell. There’s no emergency?”

“Only for you to spend the evening with me, having dinner, and then later celebrating with our friends.”

Jim rushed at him then, thoroughly kissing him. “Thank you. You always know just what I need.”

“It is the bond,” Spock murmured, kissing Jim back.

“No, it’s just you.” Jim hugged him. “I sure hope you’re my present because I have intentions of unwrapping you.”

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Flash Fic, December 16, 2022

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“It is crooked.”

Jim glared at the star on top the Christmas tree and then stood back to inspect it, hands on hips.

“No, it isn’t.”

Vanik sighed. “Yes. It is.”

Now he glared at the boy, but he moved to stand next to him so he could see what Vanik saw.

He screwed up his mouth as he looked at the tree topper from this way and that. “Nope, not crooked.”

“I believe we should get a third opinion.”

“Fine. Spock!”

Spock who had been sitting on the couch working silently on his PADD and doing his best to ignore Jim and Vanik as they decorated the freshly cut tree they’d carried into the apartment a short time ago.


“Come see if the star is crooked on the top of the tree.”

Spock gave a resigned and put upon sigh, put down his PADD and rose from the couch.

“I advised that I did not desire to be part of this unnecessary merriment.”

Jim looked at him and then lowered his voice, “And I advise you if you ever want to get lucky again, you’ll give your opinion.”

Spock cleared his throat. “Let me observe the tree.”

Vanik, arms folded across his chest, stared Spock down. “I am quite certain it is crooked.”

“Go and get a snowball cookie,” Jim told him.

Vanik shrugged, always willing to have a sweet, and left to fetch one in the kitchen.

Spock angled his head as he studied the tree, then he glanced sideways at Jim.

Jim frowned, already knowing what Spock was going to say. “It’s crooked, isn’t it?”

“A very small amount.”

“Aha!” Vanik crowed from the kitchen.

Spock stepped toward the tree, adjusted the star and stood back with Jim. “There, that is better.”

“Vanik, is it?”

The Vulcan boy came back to the tree. “Yes, that is better.”

Jim sighed inwardly. Two Vulcans to one Human. “Okay, thanks, Spock. You can go back to your oh so important task.”

Spock looked as though he was considering things. Then with a shrug, he said, “I suppose I could help decorate the tree for a time.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Can we get a pizza?” Vanik asked, picking up a box of decorations.


“Aweee. Fine.” Jim smiled and touched Spock’s fingers with his own, then winked.

Flash Fic, December 09, 2022

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“I’m afraid the storm is just getting worse, m’lord.  It’s best not to travel to the country right now and stay in London.”

Of course Zach knew his solicitor was right. The snow had begun in London that morning and instead of letting up, it snowed harder, the wind picked up to be a biting cold, and visibility was next to nothing. It would be far too dangerous to travel England’s country roads by carriage.

He’d briefly thought of taking his stallion and making his way to his country estate, but even he knew that was foolhardy. It just wasn’t going to be the Christmas he had planned for. Perhaps, weather permitting, he’d  get the chance to be reunited with Chris on Twelfth Night.  

“Yes, you are correct, of course. And speaking of, it’s time for you to go home to be with your family, Jenkins. I’ll see you after the new year.”

After that, Zach spent the rest of the day sending the rest of his servants on their way so that he’d have his London residence to himself, at least until the next afternoon.

“I’ve set out your dinner in the dining room, sir,” his housekeeper, Mrs. Anderson, advised. “And I’ll be back in the morning to prepare your breakfast.”

“No, no, don’t bother. I won’t be up for hours. I plan on sleeping in. No need to come tomorrow until about two. And if the storm is worse, don’t bother coming until the day after.”

“But m’lord—”

“Now, Mrs. Anderson, be on your way.” He pressed some extra coins in her hand. “And Merry Christmas.”

“Thank you, sir.”

And she was the last of those he dismissed. He was now quite alone in his London home and on the Eve of Christmas.

Zach ate his dinner of roasted goose, vegetables and a Christmas pudding.

Later he sat in his parlor, sipping some sherry and staring glumly into the roaring fireplace. He was feeling a bit sorry for himself to be sure. And it certainly it wasn’t the only Christmas he’d ever spent alone. And once the storm passed, he could travel to the country and eventually see his lover.

At some point he must have fallen asleep because he woke to the unmistakeable sound of a key in his front door.

Straigtening, he got up from his settee, left his parlor, and made it to the front entryway in time to find the door opening and Chris stepping into his home.


Snow covering his hair, Chris laughed, and closed and locked the door. “Happy Christmas.”

And as he went into Zach’s arms, he murmured, “It is now.”

*Kind of has a Cyndi Lauper’s I Drove All Night feel to it I think*

Flash Fic, November 25, 2022

Inspired by Chris Evans being “Sexiest Man” recently. I thought this idea would be fun and I hope you do too!

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Sexiest Man on Earth

That’s what the headline read. For a second Jim thought he must be getting punked. But as he glanced up from his PADD to the puffed up display his brother was doing Jim realized that it was legit.

“Are you kidding me?”

Sam grinned. “Pretty cool, right?”

Jim snorted. “Cool isn’t the word I’d use.”

“What word would you use?”

“Gag inducing.”

“That’s two words,” Spock murmured helpfully from beside him.

Jim shot his husband a look. “Right you are, babe.”

Sam was undaunted. “You’re just jealous.”

“How the hell did they choose you anyway? You pay for it?”


That was his mother. She was in the kitchen working on her apple pie for the Thanksgiving dinner they were all at the farmhouse to have.  

Jim and Spock had arrived a short time ago. Sam had arrived the day before, apparently, and had been waiting for Jim to arrive to announce his news.

“Well come on, Mom. Sam the sexiest man on Earth.” Jim rolled his eyes. “He’s not even the sexiest man in this house.”

“Ha ha. Aren’t you funny?” Sam retorted. “You want some wine?”

“I think I’d better get drunk. Sure.”


“No, thank you.”

Sam shrugged. “For your information they approached me in my laboratory.  Said I had been nominated.”

“Who’d nominate you?”

“Jim! Be nice to your brother,” his mother said. “Sam is a beautiful boy. Just like you. You’re both handsome men.”

“You know,” Sam said. “You’re the hero of the universe. Known for saving millions—”

“Billions,” Spock said.

Jim smiled at him.     

“Do you really begrudge me this one little honor?” He handed Jim the glass of wine.

Jim blew out a breath. “Yeah, okay, whatever.”

“Gracious as ever, Jimmy.” Sam’s communicator blipped. “That’ll be my wife. She’s on her way.”

He stepped into the hallway and then another room.

Jim grimaced. “Do you think he’s sexy, Spock?”

“He is not unpleasant to look at.”


Spock nodded. “Of course there is a however.”

“Of course.”

“He has merely been named sexiest man on Earth. You will recall you aren’t even normally on Earth. Not for any length of time.”

Jim smiled. “That’s true.”

Spock inclined his head. “I submit that you are the sexiest man in the universe.”

“Okay, you are so getting lucky.”

“Being your husband, I am already quite fortunate.”

Winona snorted from the kitchen. “You two may be the sexiest men, but Spock wins husband of the year.”

Jim laughs. “I will drink to that!”

Flash Fic, November 18, 2022

Jim opened the door to see his older brother, George Samuel Kirk, standing there and wearing a smile as if he hadn’t taken off on Jim all those years ago.

Fortunately Jim had been forewarned of Sam’s imminent arrival.

He stepped back without a word to let Sam in. And just for an awkward moment it appeared Sam was going to hug him and Jim would have to recoil because that was the last thing he wanted. But Jim figured his body language must have given away his revulsion because Sam abruptly aborted the action.

“Mom’s in the living room,” Jim said flatly. “Your bags out there?”

“Yes. I can get them.”

Jim shook his head. “I will.” And he went outside and slammed the front door shut on Sam and Sam’s issues.

Sam had two bags, about the size of duffel bags. According to Jim’s mom, Sam would be staying for a couple of months at least. He was having marital problems with his wife that Jim had never met. Probably never would.

Jim exhaled, watching his cold breath swirl out like mist. He hadn’t put on a jacket and regretted it now. But he wasn’t ready to go back in there and face the new family dynamic.

The door opened behind him and a coat was draped over his shoulders. Arms wrapped around his waist pulling him back against strong, solid muscles.

Jim closed his eyes. “I just need a moment.”

“I know,” Spock said softly.

Jim put his hands on Spock’s hands that held him so tight. Jim smiled as a snowflake fell from above to land on him. The first snow of the season. “Love you.”

“I love you.”

 “Thank you. For my coat. For being here.”

“I’ll always be here, Jim.”

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