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Flash Fic, February 19, 2021

Eveningstar had suggested:

I would like to suggest a Kelvin universe flash where Jim’s motivation or actions are doubted by everyone except Spock. Oh and Spock and Jim have yet to enter into a relationship, they are just friends…so far. Spock defends Jim and shows Jim his absolute loyalty! Jim puts his faith and fate in Spock’s hands.”

This isn’t quite that but I tried to make it have close enough elements. She also suggested: Another idea is a flash where Jim and Spock are in a damaged shuttle or life pod that is losing power, as they await a possible rescue. The only way for Spock to survive is going into a Vulcan healing trance to save oxygen. Jim obviously can’t do that without help from bonding with Spock.

I am working on this idea but it’s slightly more involved now than I wanted for a flash so I will likely write it as a one-shot to be published on AO3 in the future.

So anyway, here is today’s flash….

Jim waited until just about everyone else had shuffled out of the conference. All the admirals and their assistants. And many of Jim’s own crew members as well as colleagues.

Jim watched them all chattering as they exited. He felt a renewed sense of peace. And a little hot and sweaty honestly. He tugged at the collar of his dress uniform.

Uhura stopped briefly to say something to Spock, but then she moved on too.

In the end, the only two left were himself and Spock. And Spock lingered, Jim supposed, because he’d had a sense that Jim wanted to speak with him. They were often in sync this way.

Jim smiled when Spock approached him. “Glad that’s over.”


Jim glanced away for a moment, distracted by passersby. He looked back to Spock. “Listen, I wanted to thank you for what you said in there.” He shook his head. “Even Bones seemed to have doubts. That you believed in me, when practically no one else did, I just…thank you. It meant so much.”

“It was only the truth,” Spock said simply. “I knew that you could not have done what was implied. And now everyone else knows too.”

Jim’s smile broadened. “Thanks to you. You swayed them.”

Spock inclined his head. “And now what will you do with the shore leave we have been granted here?”

He blew out a breath. “I don’t even know. I’ve felt such relief that I honestly made no plans.” Jim laughed. “Right now, I’m starving and would love to just have a nice celebratory dinner.”

Spock hesitated only briefly. “I know a place that will meet your needs if you are amenable to me joining you.”

“Are you kidding? I’d love that.”

“Then, shall we?”

Jim accompanied Spock out of the building and down the street to a resort area with a beach and many restaurants facing the ocean there. He directed Jim to one on the corner, dark and intimate.

They were seated at a table for two right by the window. There was artificial candlelight and everything. It struck Jim as pretty romantic.

He bit his lip.

They’d passed many crowded, noisy restaurants. Some with members of their own crew, yet Spock had brought them there.

Jim looked up from his menu and realized Spock was watching him.

It could be that Spock knew after the events of what had just occurred, Jim wouldn’t really want to be surrounded by large crowds.

Or it could be that he was trying to tell Jim something.

He took a chance.

“Spock, this is a really nice place. Makes me feel…cozy and romantic.”

Spock did not immediately reply so Jim had a moment where he thought he might have gotten it wrong after all.

But Spock wasn’t ever really blatant with anything. He liked subtly a little too much for Jim’s tastes. But he guessed that was just who Spock was.

He continued on.

“I think, maybe, that’s what you intended?” Jim exhaled slowly. “I hope it is.”

When Spock looked down at the space in front of him, Jim tried to hide his disappointment. He had gotten it wrong. Spock had merely thought he wanted a quiet place after all the mess that had been Jim’s life lately.

Jim started thinking of what he could say to take it all back. Some way he could save them both from embarrassment.

“I am relieved.”

Jim’s gaze rose quickly to Spock’s face.

“I feared my interest was not reciprocated.”

Jim reached for Spock’s hand and was happy when Spock placed his hand in Jim’s.

“Same,” he whispered.

“Jim, may I ask you to spend your shore leave with me?”

“My cup runneth over.”

Spock’s eyebrow shot up.

“Yes, Spock. I’ll definitely spend it with you.”

Flash Fic, February 12, 2021

Since Sunday is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d use that theme for Kris’s prompt (I will be posting this on AO3 for Valentine’s Day)

“hurt/comfort! Jim injured or sick but it’s not apparent at first and Spock is the one who figures it out and cares for Jim.”

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Jim huddled around a hot cup of coffee in the corner of the mess hoping no one would bother him. He’d even gotten rid of the extra chair at the table.

Of Course, that did not stop Bones.

Bones pulled a chair from another table and straddled it the wrong way. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Just tired. That last mission kicked my butt. What do you want?”

“You won.”


“The crew voted you to be the one to be dressed as cupid for the Valentine’s Day Dance.” Bones smirked.

“Yeah, that’s a no.”

“Come on, Jim. You were the overwhelming favorite.”

Jim raised his brows. “Over Spock?”

Bones shrugged. “Wasn’t in the running. Anyway, they want you.”

“Not going to happen.”


“No way. I am not going to stand up in front of the crew wearing a red diaper and holding a heart shaped arrow. No. I’m the captain and I deserve at least a little bit of respect.”

“The crew respects you.”

“Right. Sure. That’s why they voted for that.”

“They love you and know you’re a good sport. It’s good for morale.”

Jim shook his head. “Then you do it. I’m not.”

Bones sighed. “Fine. You’re such a spoil sport. What are you going to wear then?”


“Now you’re talking.”

Jim snorted. “I’m not going, doofus.”

Bones frowned. “What? Why? And are you going to drink that coffee or pray over it?”

Jim gave him a look and picked up the cup to take a sip. “Happy?”

“Not remotely. What do you mean you aren’t going?”

“Just what it sounds like, Bones. Spock and I are planning a quiet private night in. With no one to bother us.”

“Oh, I know what that means.”

Jim grinned. “I certainly hope it means that. So no Valentine’s Dance. Not this year. And you, Scotty and Uhura can be in charge of the dance. ”

“So, who do I get to be cupid?”

“I still suggest you.”

“Great. You’re no fun at all.”

Captain to the Bridge

“Duty calls, Doctor.”


Spock turned around to look at Jim. Ever since he’d come onto the bridge that day he’d looked…off. He’d seemed all right during the night when he was sleeping, no more restless than usual, but now as he sat in his captain’s chair he was leaning toward the left and often putting his index and middle fingers to his temple. A sure sign of one of Jim’s migraines.

When he noticed Jim dozing off, he knew it was time for him to intervene. He rose from his station and walked over to where Jim sat.


Jim jumped awake. “Oh. Yeah. What’s up, Mister Spock?”

Spock lowered his voice. “You fell asleep.”

Jim blinked rapidly. “Did I?”

Alarmed by Jim’s very pale color and the sheen of sweat on his skin, Spock asked, “How do you feel?”

“Not really good.”

Spock noted that Jim’s breathing was shallow too.

“We are taking you to the medbay immediately.” Spock looked to Sulu. “Mister Sulu, you have the con. Lieutenant Uhura, please let Doctor McCoy we are on our way.”

“Aye, sir.”

Spock managed to get Jim out of his chair and into the turbolift, but once inside he leaned heavily on Spock and his breathing worsened.

“Jim, why didn’t you tell me you were ill?”

Jim shook his head. “Just felt tired,” he rasped.

By the time the turbolift stopped on the floor with the medbay, Jim was too weak to walk on his own, so Spock picked him up and carried him there.

“What the hell?” McCoy demanded as soon as they made it through the medbay doors.

“He is having trouble breathing, fell asleep on the bridge and seems disoriented.”

Spock placed him on the biobed McCoy pointed out. He hovered to the side while the doctor examined Jim.

“Chapel,” McCoy barked. “Bring me the breathing machine.”

McCoy was cutting off Jim’s clothes. He frowned down at the bruise covering Jim’s torso. “Why didn’t you tell me? Damn it, Jim.”

Spock looked over his shoulder and sucked in a breath. “He did not tell me. I did not see this last night.”

“Just a bruise,” Jim wheezed.

“No talking. Chapel!”

She arrived right then and brought with her a breathing machine that they quickly hooked Jim up to.

“What is it?” Spock asked.

“He’s got broken ribs and a pneumothorax. Not to mention a damn head injury.”

Jim looked at them, his eyes unexpectantly wet. “Sorry. I just thought…”

“Don’t talk for now. We’ll get you fixed up,” McCoy said. “Helluva way to make sure you don’t have to dress up as cupid!”

Jim just grimaced.

McCoy rubbed his arm and then turned to Spock. “I’ll be right back. You can stay with him.”

Spock had no intention of going anywhere. He moved closer to Jim and took his hand.


Jim smiled faintly. “It’s gonna be okay, Spock.”

Spock squeezed Jim’s hand. “Yes. It better be.”


Jim woke up feeling rather groggy but much better than he had in days. He was staring at the ceiling of the medbay. He could breathe. And the pain in his head and ribcage was gone too.


Like magic Bones appeared over him and smiling too. “There you are. Back good as new.”

“Yeah? I feel much better. That mean I can leave?”

“Fat chance. You’re in for over night or maybe two overnights. Three if you make me cranky.” But he was petting Jim’s hair as he did so. “Listen, I have to notify your husband in a second you’re awake.”

“Where is he?”

“Bridge.” Bones pulled out his PADD. “But look. I wanted to show you something.”

He brought the PADD closer to Jim and Jim’s mouth dropped open.


Right there on his so-called friend’s PADD was a manip of Jim on the body of a mostly naked cupid holding a bow and arrow.

Bones cackled. “Thinking of showing this at the Dance tonight.”

“You do and I’ll replace you with Boyce.”

“He’s retired.”


Bones took his PADD away. “Fine. You’re such a baby.”

“You didn’t actually get some idiot to dress up like cupid, did you?”

“As a matter of fact I did.”

Jim stared. “Not you.”

“In a pig’s eye.” Bones rolled his eyes. “Keenser.”

And then he walked away leaving that image in Jim’s mind.

Jim had been kind of dozing when Spock arrived at his bedside to see him.

“Hi.” Jim smiled, sleepily. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Spock leaned down to kiss him. “I am relieved you are recovering.”

“Sorry we can’t have our private evening.”

“There will be opportunities when you are out of the medbay. I am going to be certain you are off duty for a few more days.”

“But that puts more of a burden on you,” Jim protested.

“I am more than willing to take it to ensure your health and well-being.” Spock paused, then, looking uncomfortable. “I do have a gift for you.”

Jim brightened. “Yeah?”

“It is…silly.” Spock sighed then. “I saw it when we were on shore leave on New Vulcan visiting my father. I should not have—”

“Spock, gimme.”

  Spock handed him a pink tissue rapped misshapen thing. Jim raised both brows at Spock. He unwrapped it.

It was a stuffed sehlat. Quite furry and accurate really. And to Jim’s surprised amusement it was clutching a red heart that read Be Mine

Jim giggled. He couldn’t help it. “This is an anatomically correct human heart, isn’t it?”

Spock nodded. “You could have it made to suit your…mate.”

“Are those claw marks on the heart?”

“It is a sehlat after all.”

“It sure is.” Jim grinned. “This is fantastic, Spock. Thank you.”

“I know it seems…trivial at the moment.”

“I couldn’t be happier with it, sweetheart. Really.”

Spock looked doubtful so Jim hugged it to him.

“Anyway, I didn’t get you much,” Jim admitted. “But if you go into my sock drawer there’s a heart-shaped box of chocolates that has your name on it.”

Spock moistened his lips. “Chocolate?”

“I did think we were having a private evening alone.” Jim laughed at himself. “Stupid me.”

“We will still have that night like I said. I will save your gift until.”

Jim smiled faintly and looked at the sehlat again.

“I am yours, by the way.”

“Oh, I am well aware of that, Captain.” Spock touched his fingers to Jim’s. “Rest, T’hy’la. I will be here, watching over you.”

Flash Fic (Roommates) February 05, 2021

The conclusion

It wasn’t until lunch the next day that Spock, together with Jim, joined their friends at the Academy’s Universal Cafeteria. It was well-known to serve food known to every Federation planet. Spock often chose Vulcan dishes, though on that particular day he chose vegan potato leek soup. Jim chose the same thing.

At the table, already seated, were Nyota and Jim’s friend, Leonard McCoy, who had been lately making himself more at home with their group.  

“Where were you two all day yesterday?” McCoy asked.

Jim grinned. “Oh. Well. Spock and I were getting to know each other a little better.”

“Haven’t you guys been roommates for months, why would you…” McCoy suddenly turned red as Jim laughed. “Never mind.”

Nyota was covering her own laugh with her hand.

“Sorry, Bones. But yeah, we, uh, spent the day together.”

“I see.” He huffed. “Does that mean I have to do the shovel talk?”


Spock took a sip of his soup. “Allow me.” He turned to McCoy. “Should you ever interfere with my relationship with Jim, your family and friends will never find a trace of you.”

“What the hell!”

“Spock.” Jim was now squealing with laughter. Nyota was joining him.

“I am,” Spock said slowly, coldly, “of course…jesting.”

“Oh, of course.” McCoy leaned back in his seat, arms across his chest. “Now listen here you green blooded—”

“All right, enough,” Jim interrupted.  “No insulting my boyfriend. It’s not cool.”

“Jim is correct. It is not wise to throw insults at me. I should warn you that I have contacts with several nefarious organizations that can see to it that you are never heard from again.”

“Spock.” Jim smiled and shook his head. He briefly touched his fingers to Spock’s. “Bones is going to think you’re serious.”

“Hmm. I can see how things are going to go around here now. Luckily I have a class.”

Nyota pushed back. She picked up her frappe. Spock was starting to think that was all she ever had. “Me too. See you two lovebirds later.”

And then she chased after McCoy, as they left the cafeteria together.

Jim smiled faintly. “Nefarious organizations, huh?”

“Indeed. At least five.”

Jim reached his spoon over to Spock’s soup and stole a mouthful.

“You have your own.”

“It doesn’t taste as good.”

Spock nearly rolled his eyes. “It is the same.”

“Maybe.” Jim rested his chin on his hand. “What do you say we go home?”

“I have a class in an hour and you have two,” Spock reminded him.

Jim sighed. “Yeah. What do you say we go home anyway?”

Spock’s lips twitched. “To get to know each other better?”

“Hell yeah.”

Spock pushed away from the table. “I say again, terrible influence. We really must attend our classes tomorrow.”

“It’s a Saturday.” Jim grinned as he hurried to keep pace with Spock’s long strides.

“Monday then. Yes, let’s go home.”

Flash Fic (Roommates), January 22, 2021

Decided to do this from Amanda’s point of view

It was  a rare occasion when Amanda’s son asked to meet with her. It wasn’t at all that Spock did not love her. She knew he did, though he had not said so since he was a very small boy. She knew it, nonetheless.

But Spock, being Spock and Vulcan, he was not very sociable. And certainly not with his parents.

They were currently in San Francisco, though, where Spock was going to school and she had hoped to see him while there. On her own of course. Sarek was still not pleased with their son’s choices, though he had welcomed a visit just before the holidays with Spock.

Still the late invitation to meet with Spock at one of the family’s favorite restaurants had been surprising and unusual enough that Amanda was certain something was up.

When she arrived to be seated, Spock had already arrived and been waiting for her. Amanda herself was punctual, but Spock was always early.

He stood when she approached the table he had selected, but she waved him back into place. She knew better than to greet him with a hug or kiss.

She smiled though, very pleased to see him. “You look well.”

“Thank you, Mother. You do as well.” Spock hesitated. Then said, “I have moved locations.”

“You’re not at the dorm anymore?” This was surprising news to her. “I thought you liked staying with that boy. Um. Jim?”

Amanda had been surprised how warm Spock’s eyes had gotten when discussing his roommate, because that had not been like her son at all. She’d even theorized out loud to Sarek that Spock might have a crush on his roommate but Sarek had downplayed the idea.

At that moment, the waiter arrived with a pot of tea Spock had ordered and they both ordered their usual favorite dishes at the restaurant.

Spock poured them tea and said, “Yes, Jim. Jim moved with me.”

She paused in the middle of stirring sweetener into her tea. “Did he?”

Her son shook his head. “It was not my intention, initially but then…”


“He inferred that moving out would be ‘ditching’ him, he realized I intended to move because I was not comfortable living with him, and he thought we were friends and…” Spock paused.

“Wait. You wanted to move out to get away from him?”

Spock nodded.

Amanda frowned. “I see. Well. Then, Spock, was it wise to have him move with you? I don’t really understand.”

“Nor do I. But his clear disappointment in me drove me to alter my plan and I said he could move with me. Completely illogical.”

“Hmm. I had gotten the impression you liked Jim.”

“I do.”

“Yet you were uncomfortable living with him. It can’t be because he’s human, since you lived with me.” She laughed. But Spock did not look amused. “Spock, will you explain?”

He blew out a long breath and took several sips of tea. Then the waiter arrived with their dinner, so Amanda ate for a bit before pressing him.


“The reason I was uncomfortable living with Jim is that I developed feeling of affection for him.” Spock looked away. “More than friendship.”

Then Amanda had been right. Of course she would gloat to Sarek later. Right now this required her serious attention.

“Well. Why didn’t you tell Jim that you wished to consider him…romantically?”

“That is not an easy conversation for me. And while I was still contemplating the exact nature of my emotional attachment to him, I saw him with a paramour.”

“Oh.” Amanda tried not to sigh. And be affronted on her son’s behalf. She hated seeing her quite sensitive son getting hurt. “Well.”

“I did not wish to live with Jim while experiencing unrequited love. But when he expressed disappointment, I could not refrain from inviting him to move with me.”

“Is that why you wanted to see me?” Amanda guessed.

Spock nodded. “Today was moving day. It went well enough, but Jim already mentioned each of us having intimate partners over and I…”

“What?” She asked gently.

“I am not comfortable having him bring paramours over.”

Amanda sat back. “I think that you have to be honest with him, Spock. I recommend expressing your deeper feelings to him.”

“And when he says he does not share them?”

If he says that, then you must accept it of course. But I think perhaps his expressed disappointment at exiting your sharing the dorm with him just might be because he has similar feelings and just doesn’t know how to tell you.”


She smiled softly. “If you aren’t comfortable telling him how you feel personally about him, then at the least you should tell him you aren’t comfortable with him bringing lovers over to your apartment. If he doesn’t accept your terms, then he’s welcome to move back to the dorms. Your feelings and needs matter too, Spock. Speak up for yourself.”

Spock knew she was right and agreed, but he forecast that he’d have another stomachache when he had such a conversation with Jim. But if it sent Jim packing, it would be, perhaps, for the best.

Flash Fic, January 15, 2021

This continues the ongoing antics/relationship of the roommates, Spock and Jim.

Spock’s crush, if that’s what it was, as he found that to be such a very odd term, hadn’t gotten any better. Or rather, resolved itself.

He had spent the better part of the Winter Break with his roommate, James Kirk, eating human foods Jim introduced to him as well as watching holiday entertainment. He had found himself very much enjoying their time together, but it never really seemed to move past a friendly camaraderie.

Spock was positive that was his own doing. He was not, as it happened, inexperienced sexually. He’d had a few casual sexual encounters both on Vulcan and Earth. But he wasn’t especially good at forming friendships and romantic pairings.

While it was true he had not come right out to Jim to express an interest in sexual intercourse, all Spock’s usual subtler methods had thus far failed to bring forth an answering response in Jim.

Normally, Spock might think Jim was simply not interested in male sexual partners, but since they had begun rooming together, Spock knew he’d gone out with a few males. He hadn’t to this point thought seriously that it might be that Jim did not find Spock himself attractive.

Winter Break was now over and they were back to their courses at Starfleet Academy.  Spock found that meant he saw Jim far less. Because of their different coursework majors, Jim spent study time in a different campus library then Spock.

Spock has told himself that this is a good thing, because it means he will get over this strange affection he has for Jim if he doesn’t see him as often.

But as he returned to their dorm one night, along the way walking from the Science Library, he spotted Jim and he was not alone. Jim was engaged in kissing a female Orion. Spock didn’t linger, but instead quickened his pace.

Once he was in his dorm, Spock brought up his PADD. It might just be time to request a new dorm. Or even to get his own apartment off campus. He had the means to do so, he had just assumed the experience of living on campus would serve him well. No longer certain, Spock contemplated his next action.

When Jim returned to their dorm a short time later, smiling brightly, Spock avoided looking in his direction after spotting the “hickey” along Jim’s collarbone.

Jim didn’t seem to notice. He went into the kitchen for some orange juice out of the fridge. “Want to play some chess, Spock?”

“Thank you, no.”

It probably came out more curtly than Spock had intended for Jim’s smile slipped, but he simply nodded and poured himself orange juice.

Spock had made the acquaintance of a Betazoid just prior to the Winter Break. After sending a quick message to him, Spock reached for his coat.

“Going out?” Jim asked, sounding merely curious.

“Indeed. I have a date,” Spock replied, though he wasn’t sure why he bothered sharing that information.

Jim blinked. “Oh. Okay. Will you be back later—”

“That is uncertain. In any case, goodnight, Jim.”

And though his night with the Betazoid ended up being physically satisfying, Spock returned to their dorm in the early morning hours…empty.   Flash Fic, September 30, 2020 Flash Fic, October 21, 2020 Flash Fic, November 06, 2020 Flash Fic, November 23, 2020

Flash Fic, January 8, 2021

“How many times is this, Jim?”

“I don’t know, Bones. One hundred? You tell me.”

Bones frowned. “Not funny.”

“I’m not trying to be. Bones—”

“Spock’s here, so…”

Bones moved away and Jim sighed, staring up at the ceiling of the medbay. He’d have to smooth it over later with his best friend. And hell, it wasn’t like he’d tried to fall off that cliff. Or take Spock with him. That had been all Spock.

“So, let’s go back to the ship and…”


And as the ground gave way beneath him, Spock charged at him to prevent the fall, and they ended up falling to the ground below…together.

Jim was just glad Spock hadn’t been as seriously hurt as he was.

Speaking of…

Spock was there now, by his bedside. He looked like a cross between concerned and furious. Jim didn’t know if that was a good or bad thing.


Oops. Bad.

“Hiya, sweetheart.”

When Spock merely stared at him blankly, Jim had a panicked moment where he wondered if he had dreamed that he and Spock were a-well-a thing.

But Spock stepped closer, reached for Jim’s hand, and held it.

“Never do that again.”

Jim smiled. “Okay.”

They both knew he probably would. But still.

Spock leaned down and kissed him.

He felt better already.  

Flash Fic, November 27, 2020

I hadn’t always been eager for the arrival of my son, to be honest. We’d had a tumultuous relationship for many years.

Nobody could argue I hadn’t handled things well after his birth as the Kelvin died and my son’s father right along with it. Not even me.

I was long haunted by the final sound of his voice just before it winked out forever.

At first I had drowned my sorrows in a lot of drink, something I came to realize Jim did as well. It was tough for me to raise two boys on my own, one who would never know his father, and the other one full of a burning, bitter resentment at not only the loss of the father he barely knew, but at being left behind while his father and I were on the Kelvin. Left with grandparents that had long forgotten what it was like to deal with a young curious boy.

I suspected that leaving George Samuel with George’s parents had been wise as I wasn’t sure if he’d had survived the Kelvin. Many of our friends had not. While it was true George’s actions had saved some eight hundred lives, he couldn’t save all of them, no one could. The Kelvin’s captain had been among the casualties.

And it was the tormented grief of a widow left behind with those boys that caused me to drink and make the terrible choice of Frank.

Frank who’d driven George Samuel away for good, as neither myself nor Jim ever found out what happened to him once he hitchhiked out of Riverside one particularly difficult day.

Both of us tried, sometimes together, sometimes apart, to learn my older son’s fate, but never with success. That grief stays with me always. And my own inadequacy.

I know there are those who judge me lacking as a mother, but certainly never as much as I judge myself.

Frank who’d sent my youngest son away to a colony called Tarsus IV that nearly destroyed him and likely changed him forever.

And it was those actions that finally opened my eyes to how awful Frank truly was.

When Frank left, or I made him leave, I got my son back. Damaged yes. And a stranger. We were both strangers to each other.

I had quit Starfleet at last, lucky with the drinking, I suppose, that they hadn’t dishonorably discharged me, and taken on the task of raising my son, as I certainly always should have done.

But it wasn’t at easy between us at first. When he was just a teenager I had to bail him out of jail for a horrific fight he’d gotten into. He would never tell me exactly what started it, but there were others that told me things were said about him and his family, things he had been unable to tolerate.

He was eighteen before I stopped the drinking. He’d had to clean me up after one particular nasty binge, and the next morning he had looked at me with blue eyes so like my own, and they were hard like ice.

“I won’t ever do that again.”

He meant it.

And I decided right then, I would never give him a reason he’d have to.

We became close then, I told him about his dad, and we bonded in a way we hadn’t before.

We became estranged again when he came home one night, bruised and battered, after getting in a fight with some Starfleet thugs in a downtown bar.

After I was done fussing over him and his injuries, declaring angrily I intended to contact those in charge to file charges, Jim told me he was enlisting the next morning at Christopher Pike’s urging.

We spent the better part of the night arguing about this decision. I’d been filled with a dread I could not shake that he would end up just like George. And maybe George Samuel. And Jim was all I had.

But Jim was the most stubborn of all of them combined and in the morning he had kissed my forehead, told me he loved me, and left anyway.

There were those who thought I should express pride in Jim’s decision. They simply did not understand what it was like to lose everyone you ever loved.

We didn’t speak for a while. Me because the second most stubborn person I knew after Jim was me. And Jim because he decided it was better not to worry me.

When he died after Khan, and yes I learned about it, and I visited him in a San Francisco Starfleet hospital, I think my point had been paid. I never expected him to be revived, but I had expected him to die.

But this time, I didn’t let go of him. I’d learned some lessons myself and become less stubborn. And though I still didn’t get to see him nearly enough, and he still didn’t tell me how many times he almost died, we kept in touch, and I loved him.

I’d been absolutely thrilled when he notified he was getting very rare shore leave on Earth and pretty much giddy when he revealed he intended to spend those days with me in Riverside at a farmhouse that was suffocatingly lonely most of the time.

He further thrilled me by notifying he was bringing with him, his new significant other, his first officer, Commander Spock. He had written me about the change in their relationship, but I had never met the Vulcan.

And they were coming in November, and it made me decide I had to have a feast. Not at all for a prodigal son, but for being thankful. Thankful for my beautiful, heroic, and alive son, who seemed to suddenly happy to be with Spock. And thankful for that Vulcan, who at last chose my son over everyone else.

Yes. I was eager.

So eager that I awaited their arrival at the shuttle bay, not waiting for them to come to the farmhouse.

Jim did not appear to be at all surprised when he saw me waiting. He nudged the tall, dark haired man with him.

“Told you,” he said with a grin.

And as they approached, I immediately approved of and liked Spock just by the indulgent affection he had in those dark eyes of his for my Jim. He won me over instantly.

Jim and I embraced for a very long time. It had been years since I got to hold my son, and I had missed him painfully. His hold of me was tight and comforting. I didn’t want to let go of him and I was frankly of the opinion I wouldn’t want him to leave to return to his beloved Enterprise either.

But finally, Jim pulled back, gentle and sweet, as he touched my cheek and smiled at me. He turned to Spock.

“Spock, Mom. Mom, Spock.” He laughed. “Obviously.”

“It is very much a pleasure,” Spock greeted me.

“Oh, it’s all mine, believe me. I can’t wait for us to all go back to the farmhouse.”

Jim gave me a smile. “Us too. But…oh wait. There’s one thing.”

I looked a question at him. “What?”

“Well.” He exchanged a look over my head with Spock. “A surprise.”

“A surprise? Oh, Jimmy, you know I don’t like surprises.”

He laughed. “You’ll like this one.”

And then suddenly as if appearing by thin air, a very tall, sandy haired man with familiar blue eyes appeared next to Jim and Spock.

My heart stopped, then quickened to a rapid pounding, my lungs seizing, as I knew him instantly, though I had not seen him since he was a boy.

My eyes filled with tears as he came toward me, arms outstretched. I flung myself at my older son, who squeezed me tight.

I looked over at Jim with blurry vision and mouthed “How?”

He shrugged. “Surprise.”

And I burst into tears completely lost for the day.

But it was okay. Amazing even.


Flash Fic, November 20, 2020

It was all over except the goodbyes. And they were happening.

It was, admittedly, a huge relief to Spock. He’d never really wanted everyone over, of course. It wasn’t that he had a problem with their guests. Really, he did not.

But life with Jim was still so new and special, he didn’t really like anyone interfering with that. And then there was all the fuss Jim had gone through.

His boyfriend had risen early and spent all day cooking and fussing. They had so much food left over, even with giving care packages to their friends and family, it couldn’t put a dent in it. They would never eat it all.

The pie contest had been called as a tie, thankfully. And perhaps Spock had a little something to do with persuading the judges to declare it so. But at the end of the day, Jim and McCoy seemed satisfied.

Jim lingered at the door, hugging everyone. Well, except for Spock’s dad.

Finally, Jim closed the door, with promises to have breakfast with his mother in the morning, and dinner with Spock’s parents’ tomorrow night. Still far too much socializing.

Spock looped a finger in the belt-loop of Jim’s pants and pulled him away from the door, turning him around to face Spock, then drawing him into his arms.

Jim sighed wetly against Spock’s neck, snuggling close. “God, I’m exhausted. I think I’m barely standing.”

“It is no wonder. You were up early and overdid everything.”

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing,” Jim muttered against him. “Everything was so good too. I’m happy about the way it turned out.”

“You should be. I believe everyone considered it an enormous success.”

Jim pulled back to smile at Spock. “Yeah?”

“Very much so.” Spock kissed him. “What are your plans now, my love?”

“Clean up and then veg on the couch with a big turkey sandwich.”

Spock stared at him. “You wish to continue eating?”

“Well.” Jim laughed. “Sure. It’s a tradition.”

Spock shook his head. “You go relax on the couch, I will clean up.”

Later, when Spock was done, he went to check on Jim, who was snoring away. With an affectionate sigh, he leaned down, scooped Jim up and carried him to their bed.

“Didn’t get the turkey sandwich,” Jim mumbled.


“For breakfast.”

Spock shook his head and leaned down toward Jim. “Goodnight, Jim.” Spock kissed his forehead. “And happy gathering. Next year, I hope we will be in space.”    

thank you, this concludes this little short series of vignettes on this Academy couple.

Flash Fic, November 06, 2020

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Spock came home late one night from a lengthy visit with his visiting parents to his shared dorm room with Jim. He expected one of two things. Either Jim would be asleep already or Jim would be out doing his own thing.

Neither turned out to be correct.

Jim was crying.

At first Spock was completely alarmed and rather panicky. He was not sure how to handle an emotionally overwrought Human. The only excessive emotion he had ever experienced with his mother was joy.

There was a part of him who wished to slip back out of the room, pretending he had not witnessed this bit of weakness.

Jim was sitting on their couch, watching television, crying into tissues. His blurred blue eyes glanced over at Spock and Spock was caught. He could not leave.

“Oh. Hi.” Jim sniffed and then blew his nose. “How’d your visit go with your folks?”

Spock was not sure how to respond for Jim seemed so distraught. But he answered, “It went well.”

“Good. Great. I’m glad.”

Spock was now confused. Perhaps it had to do with Jim’s mother again. He recalled how upset Jim was when he wasn’t going to see her. Though, Spock had made sure he had. Spock approached the couch and sat down on the edge.

“Jim, what is wrong?”


“You are crying.”

To Spock’s surprise, Jim laughed. He waved a tissue.

“Oh. I was watching a movie. It takes place at Thanksgiving on a homestead. And the mom has cancer, their house is hit by a tornado, and then the dog dies and…”

“Why would you watch that?” Spock asked.

Jim laughed again. “Cause I’m crazy. I didn’t know it would make me cry. Stupid I know.”

“If that was the only reason…I am relieved.”

“Yeah that was it.” Jim yawned then. “Gosh, it’s late though. I didn’t realize.”

Spock inclined his head. “I…I intended to make myself some tea before bed. It is herbal. Would you care to have some?”

Jim’s smile made his heart pick up pace. “I’d love to.”

Spock rose to prepare their tea and Jim followed him into the kitchen. He felt so much better knowing Jim had not really been upset.

That was good. They had tea, spoke more about their day, and then went to bed. Spock meditated for a while on his growing attachment to Jim, but he slept at last.

More to come with the roommates (either later this month or perhaps in January we shall see)

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