It was funny to be stuck on a planet doing diplomatic negotiations on Christmas. Not to mention the three-year anniversary of when he had asked his now husband to marry him during a crew performance of the Twelve Days of Christmas. He smiled faintly remembering Spock dressed as a piper while he presented the Vulcan with a golden ring.

 They had bonded and married a month later, but still Jim would rather be spending the holiday with his husband, family, and friends rather than fighting off the advances of a planetary inhabitant who couldn’t or wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Jim had just resigned himself to go back into a conference when a male from the planet approached him.

“Captain Kirk?”


“Lieutenant Uhura from your ship has contacted us and advised that you are required to return for an urgent situation.”

Jim nodded, all business, as he retrieved his communicator. “I’ll be in touch. Enterprise, energize.”

He stepped off the transported immediately.

“What’s the emerg—”

Standing there in the transporter room was Spock dressed in his dress uniform, holding a rose. Around his neck was a wreath with a big red bow.

“Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary, Jim.”

Jim laughed. “Well, hell. There’s no emergency?”

“Only for you to spend the evening with me, having dinner, and then later celebrating with our friends.”

Jim rushed at him then, thoroughly kissing him. “Thank you. You always know just what I need.”

“It is the bond,” Spock murmured, kissing Jim back.

“No, it’s just you.” Jim hugged him. “I sure hope you’re my present because I have intentions of unwrapping you.”

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