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This is a continuation from Friday’s Flash

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As it happened, in the morning, Jim had to go to his classes before Spock, and after a lingering kiss between them, Jim set off.

Spock used that opportunity to contact his mother.

“Spock, what a wonderful surprise.”

“I do hope I am not disturbing you.”

She waved this away. “You can never disturb me.” She smiled. “Your new semester of classes begin  today, don’t they?”

“They do. But later. I wished to inform you I have a roommate.” He paused. “A special one.”

She looked puzzled. “Who?”

“Jim. Jim is here.” He knew he did not have to give her Jim’s full name. She would know. And she had adored Jim when they met on Spock’s home world.

“That’s wonderful! Is he right there with you?”

“He has gone to class.”

“Class?” Her eyes widened. “Is he at Starfleet Academy?”

“He is. A long story which I am certain he will be happy to share with you himself. I just wished to let you know.” Spock felt suddenly rather embarrassed about his enthusiastic call to his mother. His father would be appalled at his lack of control. He straightened. “You are well?”

She smiled. “Yes. And I’m very happy for you. I know how much you meant to each other in the brief time you had together on Vulcan. I’m sure your relationship will only strengthen now.”

It was Spock who had pursued Jim when he’d seen him on Vulcan in a teashop that catered to Vulcan visitors rather than Vulcans. Spock had seen Jim go inside with a blonde woman he had suspected was Jim’s mother. It had turned out he was wrong about that, it had been his aunt, his mother’s sister.

Spock had entered the shop and told Jim they were going to spend the night together.

Once more Spock felt embarrassed, but he could not feel so bad as it had worked, and now Jim was here in San Francisco.

“I must go now to prepare for my day, Mother. We will speak again.”

“Of course. Love you!”

And she was gone from his screen.

Spock let out a long breath and turned to prepare for his day.