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Cosmic Love Chapter 3 April 12, 2021

Spock had no experience dating Humans.

He had no experience dating Vulcans either, for that matter. But as far as he knew Vulcans did not expect or desire to be courted in the way Humans seemed to wish.

The concept of going to dinner and/or a movie was an odd consideration to him.

Of course, in practical matters, Vulcan children were bonded to other Vulcan children at a young age in anticipation of one day fully forming the marriage bond.

That was for average Vulcan children. Admittedly average Vulcans were considered superior to others, including himself, who had the distinction of being only half Vulcan. The other half being Human, but that led Spock back to his original thought. Being half Human did not give him any particular knowledge when dealing with attractive Humans one wished to pursue.  

Due to his lineage, in that he was fortunate, Spock’s mother, the Human one, had declared her son would get to choose his own mate, and therefore no betrothal bond had ever been established between Spock and another. That had been one of the only arguments between his parents, Amanda Grayson had won.

That left Spock with his current dilemma.

How to pursue James Kirk.

He’d made a terrible impression. Social graces was not his forte, truly, and he had been startled by the unexpected confrontation with Kirk…Jim…when he’d approached. Spock had not been prepared and had, as Jim pointed out, been rude.

Spock simply could not deny he found Jim quite attractive.

He’d thought about discussing the matter with his friend, Nyota, but she was rather judgmental for the most part, and Spock really did not wish to deal with that sort of behavior from her just yet. Any advise she would have given him was not that important, he decided.

Spock had considered contacting his mother for her advice. She was, after all, quite Human herself. But she would no doubt react with more enthusiasm than the current situation indicated, owing to his bad impression on Jim, and he was not prepared to disappoint her should that bad impression not become resolved.

Because he hadn’t been smart enough to get Jim’s contact information when they’d gone for coffee, Spock had been forced to do some research into which dorm was his. Therefore, he now stood outside Jim’s dorm hoping he did not come off as a stalker.

He almost turned away and left but at the last second, he took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

The door opened only seconds later, and Jim stood there, staring in surprise at him.

Jim was wearing glasses which reminded him teenaged Jim Kirk had worn glasses most of the time. Somehow it made the blue irises appear even more striking.

“It occurred to me that I did not obtain your contact information to further our acquaintance,” Spock said after allowing himself ample time to takin in Jim’s attractiveness.

“Uh. Okay. Want to come in?”

Spock nodded. “Yes.”

He stepped inside the dorm room and was relieved to see that Jim was the only occupant. He had no right to be jealous if there had been someone else with him, but he had only just considered that was possible.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?”

Jim smiled then. Slightly, but it was a smile.


Jim was dressed rather casually. Pajama bottoms, Spock thought. And a tank top. On the coffee table next to a sofa was a container of ice cream.

“Am I interrupting?”

“Just an evening with myself. I don’t really feel up to going somewhere, but perhaps you’d want to stay to hang out or something?”

Spock quickly agreed. “Yes. Yes I would.”

“I can make a pot of coffee.”

Ad Spock was in and feeling, perhaps, just a bit more positive.

March 29, 2021 Flash Fic

“I can’t stand that guy.”

Jim glanced over to the table in the cafeteria where Gary pointed. “Which one?”

“The Vulcan. Professor Spock. Bastard threw me out of his class.”

Just then Spock rose from his seat where he lunched with several other professors and headed toward them.

“What the fuck? He’s coming here,” Gary complained.

Jim barely stopped from smiling when Spock did, indeed, stop at their table.

He held two fingers out toward Jim, who met them immediately.

“I will see you tonight, Jim.”

When Spock left, Gary sputtered.

“You just Vulcan kissed him!”

“Yep. He’s my boyfriend.”

March 22, 2021 Flash Fic

“Listen.” Jim moistened his lips as they got ready to leave his quarters. “Don’t, uh, don’t tell anyone about what I…you know…how I like it.”

Spock stared at him as if he’d grown two heads. “Why would I discuss either of our personal preferences with anyone?”

When put like that, Jim supposed he was being ridiculous. He had a feeling he was flushed cause his neck and face felt very warm.

“Bridge or you want to get breakfast?”

This was their first time. The newness of it all was about to do him in.

“The bridge.”

“Me too. Let’s go.”

March 15, 2021 Flash Fic

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Jim was just falling asleep in bed when…


He jumped up, yanking his naked legs away from the ice cubes that had just been plastered to them.

Spock stared wide eyed and remorseful at him.


“How the hell did you get your feet that cold?”

“I apologize.”

And then Spock was moving to get out of Jim’s bed.

Jim put his hand on Spock’s arm.

“No. Please. Stay.”

“It was not my intention to disturb you. I was finished meditating and…wished to join you.”

“I know. Stay.”

Spock returned to lying beside him.

“I want you here.”

March 08, 2021 Flash Fic

“You’re really going to go through with this?”

Jim Kirk glanced at his friend, Leonard McCoy.

“What choice do I have, Bones?”

“I don’t know. There has to be another way, Jim. Sacrificing—”

“There isn’t.  It’s the choice I have to make. I signed up for this.”

Bones put his hand on Jim’s arm to stop him. “So did they. When they joined Starfleet. Everyone knows what could happen. What they sign up for too.”

“I’m still responsible.”

“And the rest of us? We’re just supposed to stand here like dummies?”

Jim blew out a breath. “Yes. Bye, Bones.”

March 01, 2021 Flash Fic

So for flashes this month, I’m going to do something a little different. The flashes for March will all be no more than 100 words. So, I will tell a little snippet of a tale in those 100 words or less. Here is today’s! (I used Archer’s quarters, simply because I liked his better than the teeny one in TOS…we never really see Jim’s in the AOS movies, except his closet and sink in Beyond).

Jim woke to gentle rubbing on his back and for a moment he just let the rubbing continue, eyes still closed.

“Jim, you are due on the bridge in thirty minutes.”

He groaned. “Just a few more.”

“You will be late,” came the murmur.

For a few second, Jim mulishly thought, ‘So what. I’m the captain. What will they do?’

He sighed then, opened his eyes, and turned to lie on his back to stare up at the ceiling. His heart rate picked up as he thought of all the ramifications.

“So, now we’re a thing?”

“Yes,” Spock replied.   

Flash Fic, February 08, 2021

Today begins the prompt flashes. There are only 5 so they will appear today, the 10th, the 12th, the 15th and the 17th. This one is from LPWriter. ” I’d like a flash fic about Spirk becoming adoptive parents. The conflict arises when Spock wants to adopt the child, but Kirk is concerned it will be interfere with their jobs as commanding officer. Will Spock convince him?”

This is my stab at it!

The conversation with his father stays with Spock for a long time. So much so that he spends even more time in meditation than usual, loses his concentration on the bridge, and gets out of plans he’d had with other crew members, in particular Jim.

He knows that Jim has noticed. Jim eyes Spock fervently. And in time, Spock will need to talk to Jim about it. About everything. But he is not yet ready.

Jim stops asking to spend time with Spock, then, and Spock knows this is not a good thing. They have been in a relationship for the past nine months. They are nearing the end of the five-year mission. He knows Jim is considering going out for another five years and if he does, Spock is uncertain how that will work. But he wants it to.

He has been thinking about this for two straight weeks, even Nyota has been giving him strange looks, and he is aware the crew knows he is to blame for Jim’s quiet, pensive mood.

So he goes to his captain’s quarters, prepared to explain everything.

Spock realizes he has left all of this too long. Jim’s gaze is rather cold, which is unlike him since they got together. In fact, the coldness there reminds Spock of the glacial blue directed his way on the day they met.

“What’s on your mind, Commander?” Jim asks. Spock recognizes the defensive move. Jim’s body language is highly defensive too. He’s wearing his pajamas, pants and a T-shirt, but while he usually does nothing to alter his appearance when Spock is there, this time he pulls on a regulation robe. He’s got his arms crossed in front of his chest, too.

“I would like to discuss our personal relationship and the consequences related to it.”

Jim purses his lips, but nods.

“May we sit?” Spock gestures to the small sofa in the sitting room of Jim’s quarters.

Jim walks over to sit down without comment. Spock joins him there.

“I would like to take the next step between us,” Spock says simply. “If you are amenable, I believe by regulation 213a we are required to file papers with the admiralty. I believe—

“Wait. What?” Jim’s mouth is hanging open and his eyes are wide.

“A bonding ceremony at the soonest opportunity on New Vulcan is wise, but I believe that you as well as our crew and friends would also prefer to experience a Terran traditional marriage ceremony.”

“Spock, Spock. Slow down.” Jim exhaled. “Is this…are you proposing?”

Spock nods. “Yes. We are, at this point, fully committed to the long-term, are we not?”

“Uh. I thought so.” Jim traces his lips with his tongue. “But…Spock, you, uh, you’ve been kind of distant and I thought, maybe, you were having second thoughts.”

“I am sorry for giving you that impression or causing you to doubt the sincerity of my feelings, Jim. Discussing this was something I should have already done, but recently, after a conversation with my father, it became more important.”

Jim seems to take this in. “What does Sarek have to do with this?”

And this is where it gets tricky.

“There is a…small Vulcan boy. My cousin’s son. He is half Vulcan and half Betazed. His parents were killed in the recent freighter ship crash on Loewen 12. He is but four years old and an orphan. No one wishes to take charge of him. My father would do so but he is troubled by some recent indications of declining health and would not like to put the child in a position of losing another parental figure.”

Jim’s eyes were so wide now that with his suddenly very pale skin, Spock is alarmed.

He continues anyway.

“The suggestion was made that you and I could foster the child with the ultimate goal formal adoption,” Spock says carefully. “However, the terms would require that we were a bonded pair to give some sense of stability. I know that it likely seems as though I am bringing up bonding and marriage solely so that we make take charge of this child, but…”

Jim lowered his gaze. “But?”

“That is not the case.  My love for you is unparalleled. There is no one I would rather spend my lifetime with and as I said I know I should have brought this up before, but I did feel as though there was no rush, but now—”

“There is.”


“Spock, you know I love you.”


Jim shakes his head. “There is no but. I’m willing to bond with and marry you. That’s never been an issue with me. Whenever you want to, I’m on board with that. I’ve never loved anyone. Not really. You’re it. That isn’t going to change if we wait another five years.”

And Spock is gladdened by this. He is.

“Then the issue is the adopting of the child?”

Jim laughs. It is a welcome sound even if it does sound a tad hysterical. “We’re on a starship, Spock. A child under those circumstances?”

“Our five-year mission is close to an end. I believe my father would care for him until we can take over his care.”

“So, then, what, we retire to raise a kid?”

Spock purses his lips this time. He tries not to show that he is disappointed in Jim’s response. He isn’t even sure why as he was certain Jim would not immediately agree.

“I…” Spock sighs. He cannot help it. He rises from the sofa and walks over to Jim’s terminal. Jim is watching his every move. He finds what he is looking for. “Come.”

Jim does. He rounds his desk and looks down at the holo portrait of the four-year-old boy. Spock hears the sharp intake of Jim’s breath. Sees the softening in Jim’s eyes as he focuses on the little pointed ears.

“Spock,” Jim whispers.

“Please, Ashaya.”

He pulls Jim down to sit on his lap, showing him all the information on the boy that Sarek has sent. They go over everything together and by the end, Jim has tears in his eyes.


Jim takes a deep breath, then nods. “All right. Somehow…we’ll figure this out.”

Spock closes his eyes in relief and in the great magnitude of his love for this incredible human.


“Yes,” Jim agrees. “Always.”

Flash Fic (Roommates), February 01, 2021

Spock did not know what his next move was as he sat beside Jim.

Jim had not yet removed his feet from being curled up under him. He was looking toward the screen where the movie had begun to play. There was a blonde actress and a dark haired actor. Spock was unfamiliar with both.

Spock let out a breath. “Should you wish to…place your feet on me, I will allow it.”

Jim’s head slowly turned toward Spock, his wide gaze landing on Spock. “I…what?”

Spock’s mouth felt dry. “Your feet. If they are cold, you are welcome to lay them across my lap.”

Jim’s tongue came out to trace his bottom lip. Then very carefully he unfolded his legs and stretched them across the small couch to rest his bare feet on Spock’s lap. Those eyes stared at Spock, the blue so saturated that Spock’s breath caught in his throat at their beauty.

“Okay…uh, thank you.”

Spock swallowed heavily, trying to pretend to look at the movie while looking at Jim, instead. “I…the other evening when I left, the night we moved in.”


“It was…I believe you were under the impression I went out with a…for a sexual…”

“Spock, it’s okay, you don’t have to—”

“It was my mother.”

He felt Jim’s stare then. He did not look directly at Jim, but he felt the heat of Jim’s gaze. On the screen, the actress had just fallen into a fountain and the actor was trying to get her out.

Jim cleared his throat. “I may be going out on a limb here, but, do you…?”

Spock looked over.

The tongue came out again. “Spock, do you…are you interested in me?”

Jim had turned a little pink as though perhaps a blush. And Spock saw something that cause an answering leap in his own heart. Hesitant hope in Jim’s gaze.

Spock was going to have to take a giant leap.

“Yes, Jim. I am.”

And just like that Jim moved in a flash and was suddenly sitting on Spock’s lap.


“Shut up and kiss me.”

Flash Fic (Roommates), January 25, 2021

When Spock returned to the apartment it was to Jim sitting on the new couch, curled up with his bare feet on it, eating directly from a carton of ice cream. His eyes were red, though not moist, so Spock could not tell if he had been crying or his eyes were red from something else.


“Good evening, Jim.”

Jim said nothing else for a moment, just shoved another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth. He seemed distressed, but Spock could not quite put a finger on it as to why or how he even thought it was the case. Jim’s body language seemed relaxed enough but there was something off about him even taking away the red eyes.

“I didn’t know you were going out,” Jim said then. “Came out of the shower and you were gone.”

Spock nodded. “I had an engagement. I did leave a message.”

Jim’s shoulders hunched in then. Just a tiny bit. “First night in our apartment, I kinda thought we’d spend it together. You know?”

Spock did not know. Jim had not said and Spock didn’t know there were rules about these things.

He cleared his throat. “An unspoken rule?”

Jim blinked, then shrugged. “No. Just an assumption on my part I guess. But I guess there’s that old saying my Gran used to say for a reason.”


“To assume. Makes an ass out of you and me. Get it?”

Spock did not, exactly, but he knew there were many things Humans paid attention to that Vulcans did not.

“I do apologize for leaving, but I had arranged to meet someone.” Spock went into the kitchen to make tea.

He was surprised when Jim unfolded himself from the couch and followed him. He put what was left in the container of ice cream in the freezer.

“Where did you obtain that?” Spock wondered. They had not shopped for any food that he recalled and they hadn’t moved any either

“Convenience store on the corner. When I realized you were gone, I went down there and got that.”

“I see.” Spock put a teakettle on for hot water. “Do you want some tea?”

Jim bit his lip. His hair was in disarray and he somehow looked far younger than Spock knew him to be. “You got any of that tisane with the little blue flowers?”

“I do, yes.”

Jim nodded. “That would be nice.” He leaned up against the counter. He had pulled on loose fitting pajama bottoms and an oversized T-shirt with some cartoon character Spock did not recognize. It was likely why he seemed so young just then. “Did you, uh, have a good time?”

“It was…educational.”

Jim smiled very slightly, but his gaze slid away, his cheeks vaguely pink.

Spock once more thought he might be missing something, but he had no idea what.

When he made Jim his tea, he picked up the cup and gave Spock a rather shy smile. It made Spock’s stomach hurt again.

“I think I’ll take this to my room and get to bed early. Have a morning class I can’t be late for. Thanks, Spock. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Jim.”

Should I do Jim’s POV or stick with mostly Spock (Amanda’s part an exception)

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