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Flash Fic, December 26, 2022

As a child (okay and as an adult) I always remember feeling letdown when Christmas was over. You do so much planning and then blam, it’s over, and another year before the next one. So, there’s a slight element of that here.

Happy Day After Christmas

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Winona founder her son outside fairly early on the day after Christmas. She had been quite happy to have him home for the holiday season. A very rare treat. In fact, since he’d joined Starfleet and came its most famous starship captain, this was the only time it had ever happened.

They’d had a good day on Christmas with food and drink and presents. Lots of reminiscing and hoping for the future, whatever that would be. They’d gone to bed late, so it was why she was surprised to spot him outside from her bedroom window so early.

She pulled on her snow boots and a heavy coat and trudged on out there.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” He asked as she joined him, bringing him a travel mug of steaming hot coffee.

“Not really. I got up to pee and saw you out here. You okay?”

“I don’t sleep late most days,” he admitted. “But I was particularly restless this morning.”

“How come?”

Jim shrugged. “Christmas is over. Not much to look forward to. The day after is always a bit of a letdown.”

“Yeah. But there’s always New Year’s. When do you have to be back in San Francisco?”

“January second. It’ll be here before you know it. I’m grateful we’re getting this time together though.”


He smiled. “No but. I do… miss some people though.”

She smirked. “People huh? Not just one Vulcan in particular?”

“I understand he wanted to spend the break seeing his dad on New Vulcan. Just like I wanted to see you.”


“Plus, before the break, we’d barely gotten started. Only involved officially for three weeks.”

She sipped her own coffee. “Who are you trying to convince? It’s okay to miss someone you love.”

Jim snorted. “Love? Who said anything about that?”

“Well either way you’ll be happy to know I have one more present for you.”


“It’s not under the tree though.” Her smile widened as she spotted the hover car down the path to their home, approaching quickly. “In fact, here’s the delivery now.”

“Delivery?” Jim frowned.

“I couldn’t quite get it delivered on Christmas.” She paused. “Him.”

The hover car pulled up right next to where they stood. The door opened and out stepped—


Winona couldn’t keep the beaming smile off her face as Jim went straight into his first officer’s arms.

Yes, she thought, she’d done well.   

Flash Fic, December 19, 2022

Tried to imply a bit that they are looking for McCoy ala City on the Edge of Forever here.

“That is one giant tree,” Jim remarked as he stopped in Rockefeller Center to look up toward the giant Christmas tree. “I can’t even imagine how tall it is.”

Spock, who walked beside him, replied, “82 feet.”

Jim looked at him. “You know that from looking at it?”

“Negative. The brochure I was handed upon entering the area.”

Jim laughed. “Oh. Well if you’re going to read.”

Spock shrugged slightly. “It is an interesting tradition.”

“I figured we had to take a look while we were here anyway.” Jim glanced around at the crowd, and then moved closer to the ice skaters.

“Do you skate?”

“Nah. I mean I think I sorta remember my Gram taking me once when I was young. Just a kid. Little. Had to be as she died when I was eight or so. It wasn’t something I fell in love with.” He smiled at Spock. “I’m guessing they didn’t have much ice skating on Vulcan.”

“Certainly not.”

He put his hand on Spock’s arm. “I guess we should continue. This isn’t helping us locate Bones.”

“No,” Spock agreed. Then he covered Jim’s hand with his. “But we can linger here for a moment longer.”  

“Yeah?” Jim moved his other hand to grasp Spock’s. They both wore gloves but somehow he could feel the warmth, the promise there.

Spock’s dark eyes warmed. “Yes, it is…nice here.”

Jim agreed and moved closer to Spock. They still had a lot to deal with, sure, but for the moment, he felt happy and at peace.

Flash Fic, December 12, 2022

As suggested by J (sorta)

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The thing of it was the planet was charming. Jim couldn’t agree more. He still didn’t want to be a part of the holiday festivities.  

They’d arrived there a few days on a routine mission to update Starfleet on the colony there. Everything had gone well. The colonists decorated for the Terran holidays and the main city even had snow.

Therefore when the powers that be indicated they could have shore leave there, Jim seeing an eager crew, agreed

Everyone had been thrilled, because they couldn’t get to Earth in any reasonable fashion, but this was almost the next best thing.

And so they were basically “parked there” for the next several days of some R and R.

Jim wasn’t anti-holiday or celebrations, he was just so behind on everything and really wasn’t in the mood to watch happy couples canoodle in front of him. Spock and Uhura being the number one couple he had no stomach to view.

It wasn’t only them. Jim had been feeling a bit lonely even before Altamid and Yorktown, in all honesty. His random carousing days were mostly behind him and he sought a much more mature, loving connection with someone.

Except the one he wanted seemed forever out of his reach.

Of course his desire to stay on the ship for shore leave didn’t stop Bones from coming by his quarters to pester him.

“Come on down to the surface with me, Jim.”

“I’ll pass.”

Bones frowned. “How come? You like shore leave. And I understand there are some pretty sexy women there.”

“Not interested in sexy women,” he muttered.

“Sexy men then. Whatever floats your boat.”

“Right now getting this work done is what’s doing it for me.” Jim waved his hand. “But please. You go and have a blast. Tell me all about it. Sing a few carols for me.”

In the end, though Bones tried to argue with him, Bones went down without him.

He was relieved and still oddly hollow.

Perhaps it was the video call he’d had earlier that day with his mom where she told him she was sitting in the living room of the farmhouse watching a fire made with real wood, sipping eggnog with brandy and enjoying her young grandson, Peter, who had arrived with his father and mother for an Earth visit. He found himself wanting to be with family or…someone who loved him.

Jim was listening to music when some of the crew arrived with a fresh cut Christmas tree to Jim’s quarters courtesy of Bones.

He couldn’t deny it put a smile on his face.

He had no decorations for it, but Ensign Mason advised another crew member would be arriving with lights and decorations.

Jim realized after they left they had not said who. He suspected it was either Bones or perhaps his yeoman.

He’d been working on reports for some time when he head a strange mewling. It was soft and somewhat whiny and for the longest time he was trying to decide where it was coming from.

Jim rose from his seat and went over to the tree the crew had placed in the corner. He bent down and peered inside.

Way far in, near the trunk, was a tiny fluffy little feline creature that greatly resembled an Earth domesticated cat.  It was fluffy white like the snow.

“Where did you come from, little one?” Jim reached in and grabbed the little fluff ball, cradling it in his hands. “It’s all right, I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

It had big blue eyes and they stared at Jim, wide and uncertain. But then Jim smiled and used his thumb to gently rub the creature’s head and it began to purr much like an Earth cat.

“God, you’re cute. Were you hiding in that tree?”

Just then someone rang his door. “Come.”

And in stepped, to Jim’s surprise, Spock. The Vulcan carried a shopping bag.


“Jim, what is that you are holding?”

“I. uh, I don’t know. It…” He paused to study the little thing. “She was hiding in the tree Bones got me. What’s that you have?”

“Decorations and lights for your tree.”

“Aren’t you spending time with Uhura?”

Spock looked at him quizzically as he approached Jim and the kitten creature. “Why would I be with Nyota?”

“Well. Couples—”

“We are not a couple, Jim. And have not been for months.”

Jim frowned. “How did I not know that? And, wait, are you calling me Jim?”

Spock arched a brow. He set the bag down. “What will you do with her?”

“Uh, I guess, I should contact them down there and see if this is a wild animal they want back.” She crawled up Jim’s chest and snuggled into his neck.

“She appears to want to stay.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah she does.” He searched Spock’s gaze. “And you? Do you want to stay, Spock?”

Spock leaned in to kiss him. “What do you think?”

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Flash Fic, December 05, 2022

“Come see Santa Claus. Bring your child to Santa. This way.”

Spock stopped in front of the building to stare openly at the…he wasn’t quite sure what he was seeing.

“What are you supposed to be”

“A candy cane.”

Spock nodded, slowly. “I see.”

“It’s for charity. It was either this or…”

Spock arched a brow.  

“A reindeer costume.”

“Either is unbecoming of a starship captain.”

Jim looked disgruntled. “Do you want to put this on here and direct children to Santa?”

“A monetary donation would have saved you some dignity.”

“Listen mister if I wanted to be dignified—” Jim huffed. “You know what? Never mind. Go away. Or go talk to the reindeer, I don’t care.”

“Who is wearing the reindeer costume?”


Spock tilted his head. “You are assuredly the cutest candy cane I have seen.”

Jim snorted and rolled his eyes. “Don’t try to play nice and flirt with me now. Scram.”

“When will I see you back at the apartment?” Spock asked politely. “I was planning on serving latkes for dinner. And I found a vegan recipe for the sufganiyot.”

“Soon,” Jim assured his husband. “I only have an hour before my relief candy cane arrives.”

Spock bowed slightly. “I will await you.” He raised his fingers to touch his to Jim’s and then decided there was no real place to touch Jim because of the costume. And so with a shake of his head, he left Jim to his charity work.   

A wee bit early for Hanukah this year but here it is. And you can decide TOS or AOS, I see this as TOS, but your mileage may vary.

I sometimes like to include recipes here in December so here’s one for Spock’s Vegan Sufganiyot

Flash Fic, November 28, 2022

This one’s a little weird I think, but here it is.

“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go;
The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh, thru the white and drifted snow, oh!”

“There’s no river or woods,” Bones cracked, as he maneuvered the hover car. Jim sat next to him in the passenger seat. Behind them in the back seat sat Spock and Uhura.

They were traveling in Georgia, all right, where Bones was from, but they were in Savannah in the city.

“Thanksgiving’s over,” Uhura spoke up. “By like a week.”

“And we’re visiting my grandfather,” Bones said softly.

“Actually the original poem referred to a visit to grandfather’s house. It was later changed when it was turned into a song.”

Jim smiled at Spock. “Good to know.”

They were on leave, the Enterprise, after a battle with Romulans that damaged the ship. A big investigation was happening but Jim wasn’t really worried as he’d been assured he had Fleet’s full support.

A week ago, they’d all had Thanksgiving together, the four in this car. And then Bones had asked them to go with him to see his grandfather in a home he stayed in.

Bones’ grandfather was the father of Bones’ dad. Jim knew that David McCoy had died while Bones was in medical school. He didn’t talk about it much.

They stopped in front the assisted living facility. Bones had been told his grandfather didn’t have long.

When they were out of the car, Bones turned to them.

“Give me some time first and then you can all come in.”

“Okay, Bones.”

Bones’ face was red. “And-and thanks everyone. I’m-I’m grateful for all of you.”

After  he went inside, Uhura turned to Spock and gave him a pointed look.

“I’m going for a walk.”

Jim frowned. “You want us to go with you?”

“Hell no. I do not. You two need to talk.” She turned and went down the street.

“Talk? About what?”

Spock avoided Jim’s gaze as he watched Uhura move out of view.


“Nyota wishes that I would tell you of my…feelings.”

“Your feelings?” Jim smiled. “I thought Vulcans—”

“Romantic feelings.”

Jim stared. “For?”

Spock sighed. “You.”


“If you do not—”

“No. I do.” Jim laughed. “This is just…a really strange time.”

Spock looked at him again. “They’ve been encouraging me for several weeks.”


“Nyota and Leonard.”

“I see.”


Jim laughed again. “Uh. Well yeah. But maybe we should talk about this later?” He stepped close to Spock.  “But of course I do.”

Spock nodded, looking relieved.

Uhura reappeared, smiling. And then Bones invited them in.

It was a mixed bag of a day. Sad but hopeful.

And filled with gratitude.   

Flash Fic, November 21, 2022

For this one I decided to post the whole thing (including the previous part from November 1, so you don’t have to go back and find it.)

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Spock had only been seeing Jim for three weeks when Jim announced he would be leaving for a good part of the month of November.

They’d met at the beginning of the school year. Spock had already done all the course work for the Academy and graduated. Jim was behind him a few years but he was speeding through his courses and was teaching a battle tactics class for extra credit. Everyone Spock knew was highly impressed with the young son of George Kirk who had never known his father.

Spock among them.

It took him until the middle of October before he asked Jim out. It was for something simple, coffee and tea. Jim had accepted with this soft smile that showed his bunny teeth and Spock had been smitten.

They’d taken things rather slowly, in Spock’s opinion. In the three weeks they had seen each other nearly every night, they had shared a few kisses, but nothing more.

He’d gotten advice from Pike one day and he had shared with Spock that despite appearances and rumors that Jim was actually shy.

When Jim told him he would be going away for November, Spock had been stunned into momentary silence.

“Nothing to say?” Jim asked, with that same soft smile.

“Are you leaving the Academy?”

“No.” Jim laughed though Spock didn’t know what was funny. Jim laughed a lot and it often puzzled Spock but it was such an infectious laugh, Spock didn’t mind. “I’ve cleared it with them. I’ll be back before the end of the month. My friend will be covering my battle tactics class while I’m gone.”

“Where are you going?”

“I have a friend I need to visit on a faraway planet.”

He never said what planet and after he left, Spock realized he should have asked. He’d only said he would be back on November 21 in the afternoon.

Jim had said before he departed, “Don’t worry, Spock, I’ll be back before you know it.”

That turned out not to be true. Spock knew that some said time flew but all Spock realized that each day with Jim gone was agonizingly long.

Spock had fallen in love with Jim without even knowing it. And when Jim did come back, because Spock found himself almost praying that he would, Spock would make sure Jim knew.

At some point Spock began to become concerned that this “friend” Jim went to visit was a lover. He hadn’t explained and Spock hadn’t thought it was right to ask, but now he wished he had. There were so many things he wished now.

In the meantime, he would have to wait until November 21st.

It was agonizing.

Spock had made the decision as the date for Jim to return approached to try to guess what time Jim would be arriving so he could be there to wait for Jim. He didn’t want to waste another moment.

He had narrowed it down to two shuttles as Jim had indicated he’d be back in the afternoon.

One was a direct shuttle flight from Venetia and the other one connected from Tarsus IV to Space Station 6 and then to San Francisco.

It was this second one that gave Spock pause. He was familiar with the story of Tarsus IV and with dread he realized, maybe by instinct, that this was where Jim had visited.

This likely meant Jim had spent time there himself if he knew an occupant, and that, to Spock, explained his rather shy, reserved behavior.

Spock was determined more than ever to be waiting there for Jim.

To be absolutely certain he was not mistaken, Spock waited at the shuttle bay for the Venetia shuttle arriving first that afternoon. No Jim stepped out of the crowd getting off that shuttle.

After that he had some small amount of anxiety that Jim would not be on either shuttle, and had, in fact, decided not to return. After all he had received not a single message from Jim since he’d left.   

But he tamped down that insecurity. No need to look for trouble where it might not exist.

And when that other shuttle arrived, Spock tried not to hold his breath. At least for too long.

But about way through the exodus of passengers, Jim came down the ramp toward the direction Spock waited.

At first he didn’t appear to notice Spock. But then at the bottom of the ramp his steps fumbled just a touch and then he smiled brightly.


That removed any doubt that Jim would find him waiting there unwelcome. And for some completely unVulcany reason, Spock opened his arms at Jim’s approach.

If Jim had hesitated even an instant, Spock would have been overcome by extreme embarrassment. Because yes, Vulcans could be embarrassed, despite protestations to the contrary.

But Jim went straight into Spock’s arms and wrapped his own around Spock, drawing him in close.

It felt like home.

So much so that Spock was reluctant to let go and step back, but mindful of prying eyes, always, he eventually did.

Jim continued to smile warmly at him. “I didn’t expect you to be waiting here.”

“I could not resist,” Spock admitted. “I found I missed you more than I had expected.”

“God, I missed you too. Seemed like torture.” Jim reached for Spock’s hand and held it.

“Your-your visit went well?”

Jim nodded. “Yeah, it went okay.” He looked around and then back to Spock. “Listen, can we get out of here and go where somewhere where, uh, we can be alone?”

Spock’s insides churned. “I’d like nothing better.”

Jim leaned in then and kissed Spock so quick it was almost as if it hadn’t happened, except that Spock’s lips tingled.

“And I’m back right in time for Thanksgiving.”


“I have a lot to be grateful for. And you will too after tonight.” Jim laughed then, turning a little pink.

“Yes,” Spock murmured. “I believe you are correct.”

They grabbed Jim’s luggage and then headed for the exit, Jim still keeping hold of Spock’s hand in a most unseemly way. Spock didn’t mind.


Jim stopped and turned to Spock. “Yeah?”

“I…uh…I find that I have fallen in—”

Jim grinned and squeezed Spock’s hand. “Me too, Spock. Come on.”

Jim was quite right, Spock felt a lot of gratitude. And later, he would learn just what Jim’s connection to Tarsus IV was, but for now, he was content to have Jim where he belonged…with Spock.

Flash Fic, November 14, 2022

“In fact our replicators do and will replicate turkey,” Sarek’s voice carried over to where Jim and Spock listened, hidden in the hallway of Sarek’s house. “Because no actual bird is sacrificed, it is quite acceptable to do so.”

“Oh. I didn’t realize. That’s wonderful.” This was Jim’s mother. And yes, Jim and Spock were listening. “Does it taste like real turkey?”

“I confess I do not know that information as I never have developed a taste for meat and feel even trying something similar would not be palatable. But it is supposed to. In ancient times on Vulcan, pre-Surak, Vulcans would eat the flesh of animals they hunted.”

“Did they? Wow. I wasn’t aware of that either.”

Jim and Spock, and Winona for that matter, were all on New Vulcan visiting Sarek. They’d arrived two days before. Last time Sarek had visited them on Earth, Sarek and Winona had a flirtatious relationship going on. Which was why when Spock and Jim were going to visit during what would normally be Thanksgiving for Winona, she decided to come with them.

“There are many tales I could tell you that I suspect you would find fascinating, Winona.”

Jim looked at Spock, widening his eyes. “God, they’re going to end up sleeping together,” he whispered.

Spock’s lips thinned and he shook his head. For a moment Jim thought he was going to deny it. But then Spock put his hand on Jim’s forearm.

“Jim,” he whispered back. “They already are.”

Flash Fic, November 07, 2022

And so it begins for November. Family and Gatherings. If sentimental hogwash isn’t your thing, you may want to skip this month and next! HA HA

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We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing

He chastens and hastens his will to make known:

The wicked oppressing now cease from distressing

Sing praises to his name, he forgets not his own.

Jim Kirk smiled faintly as he stood outside the old church, listening to the hymn they sang. It brought back many memories. Good ones this time.

He glanced overhead at the sky, fluffy white with clouds. A perfect Earth day.

A short time later he was aware of the service breaking up, so he stood aside as church members exited the church and waited.

It had slowed to a trickle when he saw her. She was frail, very thin and slightly hunched over. But he would recognize her anywhere.

He stepped out. “Gran.”

Her eyes widened and then almost immediately filled with tears. “Jim!”

She practically ran into his open arms as he pulled her close, holding her tight against him as she wept.

“They said you were dead,” she managed to wail out.

“Nah.” He tightened his grip.

After a few minutes of crying she finally pulled back but only a little. Her shaky hands touched his cheeks.

“It is you. I’d know that beautiful face anywhere.”

He laughed. “Of course it’s me.”

‘Gran’ was his dad’s mom. As close as he’d ever get to knowing his dad. As a child he’d spent a few summers with her and even a Christmas. She was his favorite person in the whole universe, really.

He linked his arm with hers. “I’m here for a visit.”

“How long?”

“A week.”

And then Spock appeared, walking toward them.

Gran frowned slightly. “Who is this?”

Spock stopped before them and bowed slightly. “Spock of Vulcan, ma’am.”

“Vulcan.” She nodded. “I’m sorry for the loss of your planet, young man.”

“Thank you.”

She looked from Jim to Spock. “And you are?”

“Jim’s first officer.”

“Hmm. I’d say you’re more than that. My home’s right there.”

And it was. She’d always had a home right next to the church she attended. She liked to walk there.

A few minutes later, she was letting them into her house.

“And here you are at Thanksgiving!” Her eyes lit with joy. “You’ll be staying here of course!”

Jim smiled. “We’d love to.”

“Sharing a room, are you?” She looked pointedly at Spock.

“If convenient.”

She waved her hand. “I’m old enough to have seen everything, young man. If you’re sweet on my Jim, that’s good enough for me.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “I am.”

Gran laughed. “Good. Now we can plan our feast.”

“I’ll cook for us, Gran. You should rest.”

She snorted. “Stuff and nonsense. We’ll cook together.”

“Like old times.”

“Yes.” She took his hand and held it. “George would have been so proud of you.”

He leaned in and kissed her cheek. “I’m happy if you are. That’s what matters to me.”

She got teary again. “Of course I am. And absolutely thrilled to know you aren’t dead. I’ve lost too many of my boys.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I should have found a way to let you know.”

She sniffed. “You’re here now. And it’s going to be quite the party!”

He laughed, kissed her and hugged her again.

“It sure is.”  

Flash Fic, October 31, 2022

And now we come to the end of October flashes for 2022

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Vanik knew his two uncles, Spock and Jim, were not having a costume party, per se, but he didn’t get a chance to dress up in a getup, well, every, so he dressed in a medieval knight costume, made of fabric rather than steel, of course, and headed over to their apartment in eager anticipation.

He was momentarily nonplussed when the door did not open as soon as he knocked. They had been expecting him.

Vanik knocked again.

This time it opened after a short hesitation and his uncle, Spock, stood there. He did not look happy to see Vanik. He never did, of course as no Vulcan wanted to look happy, but this was a…specific unhappiness.

“Vanik, I think we have to cancel tonight.”

Vanik stepped inside the apartment, filled with dread. He recalled the winter season when his uncle had made a mess of everything with Jim and Jim had gone to Riverside. Vanik had to go after him to fix things. He certainly hoped Spock hadn’t sent Jim packing again.

Then he saw Jim.

Jim was pacing back and forth, looked very upset, and had a red face as though he’d been crying.

“What is wrong? What happened?” Vanik asked.

“Vanik.” Jim stopped. Shook his head. “I’m sorry, buddy, but I can’t do this. Not tonight.”

And then to Vanik’s astonishment Jim left both him and Spock standing there in the living room, departing for the bedroom he shared with Spock.

Vanik turned to Spock with a questioning look. “What have you done?”

“I have not done anything. I am not responsible.” Spock eyed him. “What are you supposed to be?”

“A knight. What has him upset if not you?”

“Vanik, this is adult stuff and—”

“Please do not dismiss me as though I am incapable of understanding adult upsets. If our plans are canceled I would like to know why.”

Spock was quiet for a moment, then nodded. “Jim’s brother was here in San Francisco and failed to let Jim know. When Jim asked him about it he told Jim he had no desire to reconnect with any of his family members, Jim included.”

“That is terrible.”

“Yes. Jim says he doesn’t really have a family and he’s been upset since.”

Vanik crossed his arms over his chest. “And you told him that was wrong, right?”


He sighed. “We are his family. It sucks that his brother is too stupid to want Jim in his life, but that does not mean Jim has no family. He has us. We are his family. Plus, I believe Jim still has his mother, wherever she is. But regardless, he definitely has us.”


Vanik nodded. “You go in and tell him he has all the family he needs.”


Vanik stared Spock down, but to his satisfaction Spock finally went to the bedroom.

Many minutes passed but Vanik decided to occupy himself by getting all their food, snacks, and candy ready. If Vanik was correct, Jim would come out and wish to gobble lots of food. Humans often ate when upset and Jim was no different as far as Vanik could tell.

A half an hour later, the bedroom door opened and both Jim and Spock came out.

Jim smiled when he saw what Vanik had done to set up the place for their festive night.

“This looks great.” Jim walked over to Vanik and knelt down beside him. “And I’m sorry.”

“Are you feeling better now?”

“I am. Thanks to you. Spock told me what you said. And you’re right.” He gave Vanik a hug which Vanik happily returned. “Now let’s get this party started.”

It was a food fest as well as a scare fest and Jim even let Vanik sit on the couch with him and Spock.

It was a Happy Halloween.   

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