As a child (okay and as an adult) I always remember feeling letdown when Christmas was over. You do so much planning and then blam, it’s over, and another year before the next one. So, there’s a slight element of that here.

Happy Day After Christmas

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Winona founder her son outside fairly early on the day after Christmas. She had been quite happy to have him home for the holiday season. A very rare treat. In fact, since he’d joined Starfleet and came its most famous starship captain, this was the only time it had ever happened.

They’d had a good day on Christmas with food and drink and presents. Lots of reminiscing and hoping for the future, whatever that would be. They’d gone to bed late, so it was why she was surprised to spot him outside from her bedroom window so early.

She pulled on her snow boots and a heavy coat and trudged on out there.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” He asked as she joined him, bringing him a travel mug of steaming hot coffee.

“Not really. I got up to pee and saw you out here. You okay?”

“I don’t sleep late most days,” he admitted. “But I was particularly restless this morning.”

“How come?”

Jim shrugged. “Christmas is over. Not much to look forward to. The day after is always a bit of a letdown.”

“Yeah. But there’s always New Year’s. When do you have to be back in San Francisco?”

“January second. It’ll be here before you know it. I’m grateful we’re getting this time together though.”


He smiled. “No but. I do… miss some people though.”

She smirked. “People huh? Not just one Vulcan in particular?”

“I understand he wanted to spend the break seeing his dad on New Vulcan. Just like I wanted to see you.”


“Plus, before the break, we’d barely gotten started. Only involved officially for three weeks.”

She sipped her own coffee. “Who are you trying to convince? It’s okay to miss someone you love.”

Jim snorted. “Love? Who said anything about that?”

“Well either way you’ll be happy to know I have one more present for you.”


“It’s not under the tree though.” Her smile widened as she spotted the hover car down the path to their home, approaching quickly. “In fact, here’s the delivery now.”

“Delivery?” Jim frowned.

“I couldn’t quite get it delivered on Christmas.” She paused. “Him.”

The hover car pulled up right next to where they stood. The door opened and out stepped—


Winona couldn’t keep the beaming smile off her face as Jim went straight into his first officer’s arms.

Yes, she thought, she’d done well.