“In fact our replicators do and will replicate turkey,” Sarek’s voice carried over to where Jim and Spock listened, hidden in the hallway of Sarek’s house. “Because no actual bird is sacrificed, it is quite acceptable to do so.”

“Oh. I didn’t realize. That’s wonderful.” This was Jim’s mother. And yes, Jim and Spock were listening. “Does it taste like real turkey?”

“I confess I do not know that information as I never have developed a taste for meat and feel even trying something similar would not be palatable. But it is supposed to. In ancient times on Vulcan, pre-Surak, Vulcans would eat the flesh of animals they hunted.”

“Did they? Wow. I wasn’t aware of that either.”

Jim and Spock, and Winona for that matter, were all on New Vulcan visiting Sarek. They’d arrived two days before. Last time Sarek had visited them on Earth, Sarek and Winona had a flirtatious relationship going on. Which was why when Spock and Jim were going to visit during what would normally be Thanksgiving for Winona, she decided to come with them.

“There are many tales I could tell you that I suspect you would find fascinating, Winona.”

Jim looked at Spock, widening his eyes. “God, they’re going to end up sleeping together,” he whispered.

Spock’s lips thinned and he shook his head. For a moment Jim thought he was going to deny it. But then Spock put his hand on Jim’s forearm.

“Jim,” he whispered back. “They already are.”