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November 2022

Flash Fic, November 30, 2022

This involves the Jim and Spock from “This Place is Haunted”.

This is a sort of segue from November’s themes to December’s.

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“You’re kind of grumpy.”

Jim eyed Bones as he pushed the grocery cart. “You can out grump anyone I know. Who are you to talk?”

Bones smirked. “Okay, sure. Normally. But you have a sourpuss look on your face despite the fact you just put a jug of eggnog in the cart and ice cream. AND Christmas lights. You are the one who wanted to do ‘festive’ shopping as you called it.

Jim sighed. “I did, yeah. But Spock’s not back from visiting his folks on Vulcan yet.”

“You could have gone with him,” Bones pointed out.

“Mom really wanted me to go home to Riverside for Thanksgiving. It was the first time in I don’t know how long we were all going to be there. I couldn’t disappoint her.”

“Yeah, I get it. When does your Vulcan Romeo return?”

“I don’t know. He hasn’t contacted me since he left two days before Thanksgiving. Almost a week.”

“Maybe the love has worn off already,” Bones cracked. “Weren’t you all cozy as hell like a month ago at Halloween? Isn’t that why we went to that stupid so-called haunted house thing?”

“I’m still annoyed at you for your part in the gardener’s ‘death’. Not to mention freaking me out in the hallway.”

“James ‘I Don’t Believe in Spooks’ Kirk freaked out?”

Jim grinned. “In a totally rational manly way.”

Bones snorted. “I’m sure lover boy will be back before you know it, eyes shining Vulcan bright as he gazes lovingly into your countenance?”

“Where do you get this crap?”

“I’m an educated man,” Bones assured him. He stopped at a Christmas cookie display. “Gingerbread people. You know you could make these yourself.”

Jim grabbed a box and added it to his cart. “Who has time for that? These are pretty good for store bought. Anyway, so I’m going to decorate the apartment while I wait for him to come back.”

“I can’t see Spock caring for all that holiday stuff.”

“Maybe he doesn’t, but he cares about me, and I do, so…”

“All right, then. What else?”

Later, Jim was in the apartment he now shared with Spock decorating with garland and lights, sipping on his eggnog.

He was about to step back to admire his handy work when he heard someone at the door.


Sure enough the door opened to reveal Spock, holding the bag he’d taken with him to Vulcan.

“Jim.” Spock set the bag on the floor, closed the door, and opened his arms for Jim.

“God, I’m glad to see you,” Jim said against Spock’s neck as Spock held him close.

“I am likewise pleased.” Spock looked around. “You have been busy.”

“Yeah.” Jim laughed. “Do you mind?”

“Not in the least. Your gathering for Thanksgiving went well?”

“Yeah, well enough. I mean the food was good. I liked seeing Mom.” Jim shrugged. “And your parents? How are they?”

“My mother is well, my father is…challenging. I am glad to be home.”

“I’m glad too. Come on. I have cookies.”

Thanks for checking out November! See you Friday, December 02, 2022

Flash Fic, November 28, 2022

This one’s a little weird I think, but here it is.

“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go;
The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh, thru the white and drifted snow, oh!”

“There’s no river or woods,” Bones cracked, as he maneuvered the hover car. Jim sat next to him in the passenger seat. Behind them in the back seat sat Spock and Uhura.

They were traveling in Georgia, all right, where Bones was from, but they were in Savannah in the city.

“Thanksgiving’s over,” Uhura spoke up. “By like a week.”

“And we’re visiting my grandfather,” Bones said softly.

“Actually the original poem referred to a visit to grandfather’s house. It was later changed when it was turned into a song.”

Jim smiled at Spock. “Good to know.”

They were on leave, the Enterprise, after a battle with Romulans that damaged the ship. A big investigation was happening but Jim wasn’t really worried as he’d been assured he had Fleet’s full support.

A week ago, they’d all had Thanksgiving together, the four in this car. And then Bones had asked them to go with him to see his grandfather in a home he stayed in.

Bones’ grandfather was the father of Bones’ dad. Jim knew that David McCoy had died while Bones was in medical school. He didn’t talk about it much.

They stopped in front the assisted living facility. Bones had been told his grandfather didn’t have long.

When they were out of the car, Bones turned to them.

“Give me some time first and then you can all come in.”

“Okay, Bones.”

Bones’ face was red. “And-and thanks everyone. I’m-I’m grateful for all of you.”

After  he went inside, Uhura turned to Spock and gave him a pointed look.

“I’m going for a walk.”

Jim frowned. “You want us to go with you?”

“Hell no. I do not. You two need to talk.” She turned and went down the street.

“Talk? About what?”

Spock avoided Jim’s gaze as he watched Uhura move out of view.


“Nyota wishes that I would tell you of my…feelings.”

“Your feelings?” Jim smiled. “I thought Vulcans—”

“Romantic feelings.”

Jim stared. “For?”

Spock sighed. “You.”


“If you do not—”

“No. I do.” Jim laughed. “This is just…a really strange time.”

Spock looked at him again. “They’ve been encouraging me for several weeks.”


“Nyota and Leonard.”

“I see.”


Jim laughed again. “Uh. Well yeah. But maybe we should talk about this later?” He stepped close to Spock.  “But of course I do.”

Spock nodded, looking relieved.

Uhura reappeared, smiling. And then Bones invited them in.

It was a mixed bag of a day. Sad but hopeful.

And filled with gratitude.   

Flash Fic, November 25, 2022

Inspired by Chris Evans being “Sexiest Man” recently. I thought this idea would be fun and I hope you do too!

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Sexiest Man on Earth

That’s what the headline read. For a second Jim thought he must be getting punked. But as he glanced up from his PADD to the puffed up display his brother was doing Jim realized that it was legit.

“Are you kidding me?”

Sam grinned. “Pretty cool, right?”

Jim snorted. “Cool isn’t the word I’d use.”

“What word would you use?”

“Gag inducing.”

“That’s two words,” Spock murmured helpfully from beside him.

Jim shot his husband a look. “Right you are, babe.”

Sam was undaunted. “You’re just jealous.”

“How the hell did they choose you anyway? You pay for it?”


That was his mother. She was in the kitchen working on her apple pie for the Thanksgiving dinner they were all at the farmhouse to have.  

Jim and Spock had arrived a short time ago. Sam had arrived the day before, apparently, and had been waiting for Jim to arrive to announce his news.

“Well come on, Mom. Sam the sexiest man on Earth.” Jim rolled his eyes. “He’s not even the sexiest man in this house.”

“Ha ha. Aren’t you funny?” Sam retorted. “You want some wine?”

“I think I’d better get drunk. Sure.”


“No, thank you.”

Sam shrugged. “For your information they approached me in my laboratory.  Said I had been nominated.”

“Who’d nominate you?”

“Jim! Be nice to your brother,” his mother said. “Sam is a beautiful boy. Just like you. You’re both handsome men.”

“You know,” Sam said. “You’re the hero of the universe. Known for saving millions—”

“Billions,” Spock said.

Jim smiled at him.     

“Do you really begrudge me this one little honor?” He handed Jim the glass of wine.

Jim blew out a breath. “Yeah, okay, whatever.”

“Gracious as ever, Jimmy.” Sam’s communicator blipped. “That’ll be my wife. She’s on her way.”

He stepped into the hallway and then another room.

Jim grimaced. “Do you think he’s sexy, Spock?”

“He is not unpleasant to look at.”


Spock nodded. “Of course there is a however.”

“Of course.”

“He has merely been named sexiest man on Earth. You will recall you aren’t even normally on Earth. Not for any length of time.”

Jim smiled. “That’s true.”

Spock inclined his head. “I submit that you are the sexiest man in the universe.”

“Okay, you are so getting lucky.”

“Being your husband, I am already quite fortunate.”

Winona snorted from the kitchen. “You two may be the sexiest men, but Spock wins husband of the year.”

Jim laughs. “I will drink to that!”

Flash Fic, November 23, 2022

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Winona frowned when Jim came down the hallway from where the San Francisco shuttle let off in Riverside. No one walked beside him and no one followed after him.

Still as he opened his arms as he got closer to her, his smile didn’t slip.

“Hey Mom.”

She hugged him tight. Tears sprang to her eyes.

“Hey, why are you crying?” he asked gently.

“It’s been too long since I’ve seen you in person. Even longer since you’ve been home.” She linked her arm with his. “You have a bag to pick up?”


They walked to baggage collection together.

“Of course I got all your favorites. Turkey and stuffing. Mashed potatoes. Stuff to make gravy. Pies. Rolls.”

He laughed. “Sounds great.”

She bit her lip. “I, uh, I thought…I got some vegetarian food too. Because. Well, wasn’t Spock coming with you?”

Jim bent down to retrieve his bag, then straightened to give her a smile. “We had a fight.”

“Oh no.”

He nodded. “He’s a big pain in my ass lug head.”

“Now Jim.”

“Well. He is.” His communicator beeped and he took it out of the leather jacket he wore. “Speaking of lug heads.”

Despite his words, Winona knew Jim loved Spock. Sometimes that’s all he talked about. From her limited experience with Spock, she figured he felt the same.


Jim’s smile was much more genuine and triumphant. “His shuttle arrives in twenty minutes.”

She returned his smile. “Guess we’d better get a coffee while we wait, huh?”

Jim laughed again and hugged her. “Yeah.”

A happy Jim was her jam, and so…it would all be grand.

The best Thanksgiving in years. She was giddy.  

Happy Thanksgiving my American friends. M and I host Thanksgiving at our house and all told there will be six of us. May yours be filled with great food and gratitude.

Flash Fic, November 21, 2022

For this one I decided to post the whole thing (including the previous part from November 1, so you don’t have to go back and find it.)

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Spock had only been seeing Jim for three weeks when Jim announced he would be leaving for a good part of the month of November.

They’d met at the beginning of the school year. Spock had already done all the course work for the Academy and graduated. Jim was behind him a few years but he was speeding through his courses and was teaching a battle tactics class for extra credit. Everyone Spock knew was highly impressed with the young son of George Kirk who had never known his father.

Spock among them.

It took him until the middle of October before he asked Jim out. It was for something simple, coffee and tea. Jim had accepted with this soft smile that showed his bunny teeth and Spock had been smitten.

They’d taken things rather slowly, in Spock’s opinion. In the three weeks they had seen each other nearly every night, they had shared a few kisses, but nothing more.

He’d gotten advice from Pike one day and he had shared with Spock that despite appearances and rumors that Jim was actually shy.

When Jim told him he would be going away for November, Spock had been stunned into momentary silence.

“Nothing to say?” Jim asked, with that same soft smile.

“Are you leaving the Academy?”

“No.” Jim laughed though Spock didn’t know what was funny. Jim laughed a lot and it often puzzled Spock but it was such an infectious laugh, Spock didn’t mind. “I’ve cleared it with them. I’ll be back before the end of the month. My friend will be covering my battle tactics class while I’m gone.”

“Where are you going?”

“I have a friend I need to visit on a faraway planet.”

He never said what planet and after he left, Spock realized he should have asked. He’d only said he would be back on November 21 in the afternoon.

Jim had said before he departed, “Don’t worry, Spock, I’ll be back before you know it.”

That turned out not to be true. Spock knew that some said time flew but all Spock realized that each day with Jim gone was agonizingly long.

Spock had fallen in love with Jim without even knowing it. And when Jim did come back, because Spock found himself almost praying that he would, Spock would make sure Jim knew.

At some point Spock began to become concerned that this “friend” Jim went to visit was a lover. He hadn’t explained and Spock hadn’t thought it was right to ask, but now he wished he had. There were so many things he wished now.

In the meantime, he would have to wait until November 21st.

It was agonizing.

Spock had made the decision as the date for Jim to return approached to try to guess what time Jim would be arriving so he could be there to wait for Jim. He didn’t want to waste another moment.

He had narrowed it down to two shuttles as Jim had indicated he’d be back in the afternoon.

One was a direct shuttle flight from Venetia and the other one connected from Tarsus IV to Space Station 6 and then to San Francisco.

It was this second one that gave Spock pause. He was familiar with the story of Tarsus IV and with dread he realized, maybe by instinct, that this was where Jim had visited.

This likely meant Jim had spent time there himself if he knew an occupant, and that, to Spock, explained his rather shy, reserved behavior.

Spock was determined more than ever to be waiting there for Jim.

To be absolutely certain he was not mistaken, Spock waited at the shuttle bay for the Venetia shuttle arriving first that afternoon. No Jim stepped out of the crowd getting off that shuttle.

After that he had some small amount of anxiety that Jim would not be on either shuttle, and had, in fact, decided not to return. After all he had received not a single message from Jim since he’d left.   

But he tamped down that insecurity. No need to look for trouble where it might not exist.

And when that other shuttle arrived, Spock tried not to hold his breath. At least for too long.

But about way through the exodus of passengers, Jim came down the ramp toward the direction Spock waited.

At first he didn’t appear to notice Spock. But then at the bottom of the ramp his steps fumbled just a touch and then he smiled brightly.


That removed any doubt that Jim would find him waiting there unwelcome. And for some completely unVulcany reason, Spock opened his arms at Jim’s approach.

If Jim had hesitated even an instant, Spock would have been overcome by extreme embarrassment. Because yes, Vulcans could be embarrassed, despite protestations to the contrary.

But Jim went straight into Spock’s arms and wrapped his own around Spock, drawing him in close.

It felt like home.

So much so that Spock was reluctant to let go and step back, but mindful of prying eyes, always, he eventually did.

Jim continued to smile warmly at him. “I didn’t expect you to be waiting here.”

“I could not resist,” Spock admitted. “I found I missed you more than I had expected.”

“God, I missed you too. Seemed like torture.” Jim reached for Spock’s hand and held it.

“Your-your visit went well?”

Jim nodded. “Yeah, it went okay.” He looked around and then back to Spock. “Listen, can we get out of here and go where somewhere where, uh, we can be alone?”

Spock’s insides churned. “I’d like nothing better.”

Jim leaned in then and kissed Spock so quick it was almost as if it hadn’t happened, except that Spock’s lips tingled.

“And I’m back right in time for Thanksgiving.”


“I have a lot to be grateful for. And you will too after tonight.” Jim laughed then, turning a little pink.

“Yes,” Spock murmured. “I believe you are correct.”

They grabbed Jim’s luggage and then headed for the exit, Jim still keeping hold of Spock’s hand in a most unseemly way. Spock didn’t mind.


Jim stopped and turned to Spock. “Yeah?”

“I…uh…I find that I have fallen in—”

Jim grinned and squeezed Spock’s hand. “Me too, Spock. Come on.”

Jim was quite right, Spock felt a lot of gratitude. And later, he would learn just what Jim’s connection to Tarsus IV was, but for now, he was content to have Jim where he belonged…with Spock.

Flash Fic, November 18, 2022

Jim opened the door to see his older brother, George Samuel Kirk, standing there and wearing a smile as if he hadn’t taken off on Jim all those years ago.

Fortunately Jim had been forewarned of Sam’s imminent arrival.

He stepped back without a word to let Sam in. And just for an awkward moment it appeared Sam was going to hug him and Jim would have to recoil because that was the last thing he wanted. But Jim figured his body language must have given away his revulsion because Sam abruptly aborted the action.

“Mom’s in the living room,” Jim said flatly. “Your bags out there?”

“Yes. I can get them.”

Jim shook his head. “I will.” And he went outside and slammed the front door shut on Sam and Sam’s issues.

Sam had two bags, about the size of duffel bags. According to Jim’s mom, Sam would be staying for a couple of months at least. He was having marital problems with his wife that Jim had never met. Probably never would.

Jim exhaled, watching his cold breath swirl out like mist. He hadn’t put on a jacket and regretted it now. But he wasn’t ready to go back in there and face the new family dynamic.

The door opened behind him and a coat was draped over his shoulders. Arms wrapped around his waist pulling him back against strong, solid muscles.

Jim closed his eyes. “I just need a moment.”

“I know,” Spock said softly.

Jim put his hands on Spock’s hands that held him so tight. Jim smiled as a snowflake fell from above to land on him. The first snow of the season. “Love you.”

“I love you.”

 “Thank you. For my coat. For being here.”

“I’ll always be here, Jim.”

Flash Fic, November 16, 2022

Jim had asked Spock before they’d invited Sarek and Amanda to the farmhouse for Thanksgiving if his mother would eat meat.

Jim wanted to make a roast turkey with all the fixings. He knew Spock wouldn’t eat it. Sarek too. And though Jim was okay with fixing a whole turkey for just himself because he’d eat leftovers, it would be more fun if Amanda would eat it too.

Spock had said he didn’t think so as he’d never seen her eat meat that he could remember. Because of course there were some things Spock still didn’t remember, probably never would, but that was okay. He was here with Jim and that was more than enough.

As it turned out, Amanda would eat turkey after all. Jim had contacted her directly.

“Oh yes I will. I haven’t had any in many years of course. Living on Vulcan with Sarek, well, obviously opportunities didn’t present themselves. But I’d love to join you for roast turkey. And I’d be happy to make my family’s apple pie.”

Jim had been pleased.

Jim had been a starship captain for years, even an admiral for a bit, and yet he was still somewhat intimidated by his in-laws. It was hard to intimidate Jim. But he always wanted to make a good impression on them and sometimes thought maybe he failed.

“I’m thinking of frying the turkey,” Jim announced the day before Thanksgiving. Spock’s parents would arrive later that day.

“I thought you wished to roast it.”

“I’m rethinking that. I want a delicious, moist turkey. I think frying might be better.”

“Are you certain you wish to fry a turkey?” Spock asked him.

“Yes, it’ll be easy,” Jim assured him.

“I do not wish you to harm yourself, Ashaya.”

“Spock, I’ve fought Klingons, Romulans and Gorns. I think I can handle frying a turkey.”

Spock did not respond to that, but later…

“What happened to your hand, Jim?” Amanda asked as she took in Jim’s bandaged hand when she went to embrace him in greeting.

“Just a little kitchen accident.” Jim smiled and returned her hug.

Amanda pulled back. “Spock said you were thinking of frying the turkey.”

“I’m back to roasting it.”

Amanda nodded. “Probably wise. Now if you’ll point me to the kitchen I’ll get started on that apple pie.”  

And as usual for your enjoyment Deep Fried Turkey

Flash Fic, November 14, 2022

“In fact our replicators do and will replicate turkey,” Sarek’s voice carried over to where Jim and Spock listened, hidden in the hallway of Sarek’s house. “Because no actual bird is sacrificed, it is quite acceptable to do so.”

“Oh. I didn’t realize. That’s wonderful.” This was Jim’s mother. And yes, Jim and Spock were listening. “Does it taste like real turkey?”

“I confess I do not know that information as I never have developed a taste for meat and feel even trying something similar would not be palatable. But it is supposed to. In ancient times on Vulcan, pre-Surak, Vulcans would eat the flesh of animals they hunted.”

“Did they? Wow. I wasn’t aware of that either.”

Jim and Spock, and Winona for that matter, were all on New Vulcan visiting Sarek. They’d arrived two days before. Last time Sarek had visited them on Earth, Sarek and Winona had a flirtatious relationship going on. Which was why when Spock and Jim were going to visit during what would normally be Thanksgiving for Winona, she decided to come with them.

“There are many tales I could tell you that I suspect you would find fascinating, Winona.”

Jim looked at Spock, widening his eyes. “God, they’re going to end up sleeping together,” he whispered.

Spock’s lips thinned and he shook his head. For a moment Jim thought he was going to deny it. But then Spock put his hand on Jim’s forearm.

“Jim,” he whispered back. “They already are.”

Flash Fic, November 11, 2022

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Chris looked up from his maple bacon donut at Zach who stood next to the counter where Chris leaned against eating his donut and sipping his espresso. “What?”

“Why don’t you do a Friendsgiving?”

“Why would I?”

“To have a big turkey feast with your friends.”

Chris shook his head. “Just come to my parents for Thanksgiving.”

Zach sighed. He turned away to nuke his coffee which had cooled after he put tons of cream in it. Chris had teased him about it.

“I won’t be here for Thanksgiving. Which is why I want you to host a Friendsgiving.”

Chris frowned. “Where will you be?”

“Back to New York.”

“Well.” Chris paused to take a bite of his donut. He needed a moment to deal with Zach leaving again. “When are you returning?”

“The Monday before Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to beat some of the crowds.”

“When would I do Friendsgiving then?”

“Saturday before. I just think it would be nice. All of us. You, me, our friends. Turkey, stuffing, pies.” Zach smiled. “I’d help of course.”

“Damn straight you’d help.” Chris made a face.

“What’s wrong, Christopher? You like to entertain.”

“Just bummed you’re leaving I guess.” He avoided Zach’s gaze.

“Hey.” Zach put his hand on Chris’ arm to draw his attention back to him. “I always come back.”


Zach put his hand on Chris’ jaw. “To you. It’s always back to you.”

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