This one’s a little weird I think, but here it is.

“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go;
The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh, thru the white and drifted snow, oh!”

“There’s no river or woods,” Bones cracked, as he maneuvered the hover car. Jim sat next to him in the passenger seat. Behind them in the back seat sat Spock and Uhura.

They were traveling in Georgia, all right, where Bones was from, but they were in Savannah in the city.

“Thanksgiving’s over,” Uhura spoke up. “By like a week.”

“And we’re visiting my grandfather,” Bones said softly.

“Actually the original poem referred to a visit to grandfather’s house. It was later changed when it was turned into a song.”

Jim smiled at Spock. “Good to know.”

They were on leave, the Enterprise, after a battle with Romulans that damaged the ship. A big investigation was happening but Jim wasn’t really worried as he’d been assured he had Fleet’s full support.

A week ago, they’d all had Thanksgiving together, the four in this car. And then Bones had asked them to go with him to see his grandfather in a home he stayed in.

Bones’ grandfather was the father of Bones’ dad. Jim knew that David McCoy had died while Bones was in medical school. He didn’t talk about it much.

They stopped in front the assisted living facility. Bones had been told his grandfather didn’t have long.

When they were out of the car, Bones turned to them.

“Give me some time first and then you can all come in.”

“Okay, Bones.”

Bones’ face was red. “And-and thanks everyone. I’m-I’m grateful for all of you.”

After  he went inside, Uhura turned to Spock and gave him a pointed look.

“I’m going for a walk.”

Jim frowned. “You want us to go with you?”

“Hell no. I do not. You two need to talk.” She turned and went down the street.

“Talk? About what?”

Spock avoided Jim’s gaze as he watched Uhura move out of view.


“Nyota wishes that I would tell you of my…feelings.”

“Your feelings?” Jim smiled. “I thought Vulcans—”

“Romantic feelings.”

Jim stared. “For?”

Spock sighed. “You.”


“If you do not—”

“No. I do.” Jim laughed. “This is just…a really strange time.”

Spock looked at him again. “They’ve been encouraging me for several weeks.”


“Nyota and Leonard.”

“I see.”


Jim laughed again. “Uh. Well yeah. But maybe we should talk about this later?” He stepped close to Spock.  “But of course I do.”

Spock nodded, looking relieved.

Uhura reappeared, smiling. And then Bones invited them in.

It was a mixed bag of a day. Sad but hopeful.

And filled with gratitude.