J asked for President’s Day so…

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels.com

“Happy President’s Day.” Jim sat down hard in the rec room chair across from Spock. He clutched a giant cup of coffee in his hands.

Spock looked at him with no sense of friendliness. “The Federation recognizes no such day.”

“Yeah, I know. But where I come from, what used to be America, well they did. You know Washington and Lincoln. That kind of thing.” At Spock’s barely concealed derision, Jim sighed. “Never mind.”

“Is that all you are having for breakfast?”

Jim glanced down at his coffee. “Mm.”

“That’s not very good nutrition, Captain.”

“Thanks Mom.”

“I am not your mother.”

“No kidding. Or my doctor.”

Spock continued to study him. “You seem tense and a bit pale. Are you feeling all right?”

“A little…out of sorts. Not sure what’s wrong with me. I’m cranky. Crankier than you or Bones, which is saying something.”

“I…am sorry for contributing to your general bad mood. I spoke with my father last night.”

“That explains a lot.” Jim sipped his coffee. “It’s fine, Spock.”

“Is there anything I can do to make you feel better, Captain?”

“Not unless you wanna give me a full body massage,” he joked.

Spock’s eyebrow rose.

“And don’t report me for that, Spock. It was a joke.”

“I am amenable to providing you with a massage.”

Jim had seen some cartoon once where the character wiggled his finger in his ear to establish the joke that he couldn’t believe his ears. Jim did that now.

“Say what? I think I didn’t hear you right.”

“You did. When our shift is over, I’ll come to your quarters.”

“Spock, are you…you’re not…are you coming on to me?” Jim felt foolish even asking that. He figured he’d got it wrong and Spock would tell him.

“Of course I am.”

Jim’s mouth opened.

Spock stood. “Do you accept?”

“Uh.” Jim blinked. “Yeah?”

Spock nodded. “I will be by your quarters with my massage oils after shift.”

After Spock walked away, Jim gasped, “Massage oils?” His day had definitely improved.