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Cosmic Love Chapter 3 April 12, 2021

Spock had no experience dating Humans.

He had no experience dating Vulcans either, for that matter. But as far as he knew Vulcans did not expect or desire to be courted in the way Humans seemed to wish.

The concept of going to dinner and/or a movie was an odd consideration to him.

Of course, in practical matters, Vulcan children were bonded to other Vulcan children at a young age in anticipation of one day fully forming the marriage bond.

That was for average Vulcan children. Admittedly average Vulcans were considered superior to others, including himself, who had the distinction of being only half Vulcan. The other half being Human, but that led Spock back to his original thought. Being half Human did not give him any particular knowledge when dealing with attractive Humans one wished to pursue.  

Due to his lineage, in that he was fortunate, Spock’s mother, the Human one, had declared her son would get to choose his own mate, and therefore no betrothal bond had ever been established between Spock and another. That had been one of the only arguments between his parents, Amanda Grayson had won.

That left Spock with his current dilemma.

How to pursue James Kirk.

He’d made a terrible impression. Social graces was not his forte, truly, and he had been startled by the unexpected confrontation with Kirk…Jim…when he’d approached. Spock had not been prepared and had, as Jim pointed out, been rude.

Spock simply could not deny he found Jim quite attractive.

He’d thought about discussing the matter with his friend, Nyota, but she was rather judgmental for the most part, and Spock really did not wish to deal with that sort of behavior from her just yet. Any advise she would have given him was not that important, he decided.

Spock had considered contacting his mother for her advice. She was, after all, quite Human herself. But she would no doubt react with more enthusiasm than the current situation indicated, owing to his bad impression on Jim, and he was not prepared to disappoint her should that bad impression not become resolved.

Because he hadn’t been smart enough to get Jim’s contact information when they’d gone for coffee, Spock had been forced to do some research into which dorm was his. Therefore, he now stood outside Jim’s dorm hoping he did not come off as a stalker.

He almost turned away and left but at the last second, he took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

The door opened only seconds later, and Jim stood there, staring in surprise at him.

Jim was wearing glasses which reminded him teenaged Jim Kirk had worn glasses most of the time. Somehow it made the blue irises appear even more striking.

“It occurred to me that I did not obtain your contact information to further our acquaintance,” Spock said after allowing himself ample time to takin in Jim’s attractiveness.

“Uh. Okay. Want to come in?”

Spock nodded. “Yes.”

He stepped inside the dorm room and was relieved to see that Jim was the only occupant. He had no right to be jealous if there had been someone else with him, but he had only just considered that was possible.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?”

Jim smiled then. Slightly, but it was a smile.


Jim was dressed rather casually. Pajama bottoms, Spock thought. And a tank top. On the coffee table next to a sofa was a container of ice cream.

“Am I interrupting?”

“Just an evening with myself. I don’t really feel up to going somewhere, but perhaps you’d want to stay to hang out or something?”

Spock quickly agreed. “Yes. Yes I would.”

“I can make a pot of coffee.”

Ad Spock was in and feeling, perhaps, just a bit more positive.

Cosmic Love, Chapter 2 April 09, 2021

Jim had been attending Starfleet Academy about a week before he saw Spock. There weren’t a lot of tall, gorgeous Vulcan males on campus, of course, plus Jim recognized him from their very brief prior acquaintance.

Spock hung out with several other cadets in an area everyone called the quad. There was a large leafy tree with several benches surrounding it and it was there Jim spotted Spock on a couple of occasions.

Jim had doubts about approaching Spock. He didn’t know if he would remember Jim and if he did whether he wanted to remember Jim. He certainly knew Tarsus and those from those years was a sore subject for some.

On the other hand, Jim did recognize Spock and didn’t want to pretend otherwise, not to mention Captain Pike had specifically noted their connection. It would probably not be a good idea to ignore it.

So, when he spotted Spock separating from his group, Jim decided now was his opportunity to approach the Vulcan.

“Hello, Spock.”

Spock stopped in mid-stride and gaze blankly at him.

“Uh. Jim. James Kirk. From Tarsus Preparatory School.”

Spock gave a slight nod. “Yes, I recall. Good day to you.”

When Spock started walking again, Jim blinked in shock.

“Hey,” he called after Spock.

Spock stopped and turned around.

“I thought, you know, because we both went there, I should say hello.”

“And you have done so.” Spock paused. “I don’t mean to be rude, Mr. Kirk, but I am not looking to be part of some sort of Tarsus Preparatory School Survival Club.”

When he made to turn around, Jim laughed.


“Excuse me?”

“You don’t mean to be rude?” Jim asked, incredulous. “You sure as hell do. I never said I was looking to establish some kind of Survival Club, dude. Captain Pike told me you were here, and I saw you and thought to acknowledge you. That was it.” Jim held out his hands, palms up. “It’s absolutely no skin off mine if you want to be a jackass. Feel free to go back to your snooty friends.”

This time it was Jim who turned around to leave, every breath he took feeling steamy from irritation. The days where Jim let himself get walked over were long gone.

“Mr. Kirk.”

He almost didn’t turn around. Kind of was made at himself for doing so.


“I…apologize. You have every right to be angry with me. My behavior is uncalled for.”

Jim nodded. “Okay. See you.”

“If you would permit me, Mr. Kirk, perhaps we could go for…coffee?”

Jim should say no. But then, maybe, he’d be as dismissive of Spock as Spock had been of him. And that wasn’t Jim.

“All right, sure. But then it’s Jim. Or if you have to Kirk.”

“This way.” Spock gestured.

Jim looked at him rather sideways as they made their way off campus. “You drink coffee?”

“I do.”

“I always thought Vulcans were more of a tea drinking bunch.”

Spock shrugged. “I enjoy a cup of tea from time to time, but my preferred beverage is coffee.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

Jim was familiar with the tiny coffee shop Spock led them to as he’d been there a few times with his new friend, Bones. Well, Leonard McCoy. He’d met the doctor on the shuttle to San Francisco.

After they got coffee, Jim’s with cream and sugar, and Spock’s black, they chose a tiny wooden table next to the window.

Jim took a sip of his and then thought about the way to break up the kind of awkward silence.

So he was kind of surprised when it was Spock who spoke first.

“Was it your mother or stepdad who picked you up from the space station?”

“You remembered? Wow.” Jim smiled a little. “My mom, thankfully. Up until then we didn’t really have the best relationship. She was off planet a lot. In fact, I was there at the school thanks to him.” He shook his head. “Anyway, he’s gone. Not dead or anything, but out of our lives. We see him around Riverside sometimes though. Iowa. Where I’m from.”

And Jim turned red knowing he was babbling like a fool. Spock was definitely going to be sorry he didn’t just let Jim walk away. To cover his embarrassment, he took another drink of coffee.

“You got off all right with your dad?”

“I did, yes.”

He didn’t elaborate. Jim didn’t want to press.

Instead he said, “I don’t want to keep you if you have somewhere to be or something.”

“I do not. Not until this evening when I am meeting my friend Nyota for dinner.”

Jim knew who he meant. Nyota Uhura. She was one of the ones he spent time with by the tree in the quad. Probably his girlfriend. Jim guessed he didn’t have a right to ask.

“And you?”

Jim frowned. “Me?”

“I do not wish to keep you from something you would rather do,” Spock said. “I had been having rather a troublesome conversation just prior to your approach, so I did not react well. My apologies.”

“You wouldn’t be the first one to react badly to me,” Jim joked. But Spock did not crack a smile, not even a Vulcan one, so Jim let it go. “Anyway, no plans either. Just studying later at the library. Other than you I’ve only met Bones.”


“My friend, Leonard McCoy. A doctor. Met him on the shuttle here and he’s got a dorm just down the hall from me.”

“I see.”

And Jim figured he was boring Spock clear to death. So he finished his coffee and made to stand.

“Thanks for the coffee, Spock. It was very nice of you. But I really didn’t intend to bother you. Just wanted to say hi.”

“Very well,” Spock said quietly. “Perhaps at another time, I could call on you?”

“Call on me?”

“For dinner, perhaps?” Spock paused. There was the finest tightening around his eyes. Jim almost missed it. “Unless…you are engaged in a relationship with Doctor McCoy?”

“No.” Jim shook his head rapidly. “No, I’m not.”

“Then my question still applies.”

“Yeah. Sure. Uh. Yeah.” Jim knew he sounded like a fool. “You can.”

And then he did leave the coffee shop, a little befuddled. He hadn’t thought Spock liked him at all, let alone to ask him out. Weirdest date request ever, Jim thought. And he wondered if Spock actually would follow up.                                

Cosmic Love, Chapter 1, April 07, 2021

“Tarsus Preparatory School,” Captain Christopher Pike read off.

Jim nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Pike frowned. He was seated behind his desk, going over Jim’s application for admittance to Starfleet Academy. “Rough time.”

“Fortunately, the school was evacuated before the worst of it,” Jim replied. He folded his hands in his lap and tried not to twist them together.

“By your headmaster.”

“That’s right, sir. Retired Starfleet captain Robert April.”

“Yes, I knew April. Left active duty after the partial loss of his left leg. Settled on Tarsus IV.” Pike pursed his lips. “Got you all off but he was not as lucky.”


“How was the school before all that?”

“I learned a lot,” Jim conceded. “My mother taught me not to speak ill of the dead, though.”

Pike smiled slightly at that. “Confidential, James.”

“I prefer Jim for the most part, Captain.”

“Okay, Jim. Tell me what you thought of Captain April.”

“He evacuated all of us students and ultimately saved our lives. For that he’s a hero, sir.”


Jim shrugged. “He could be a strict disciplinarian. Which is why I was sent there in the first place.” He paused. “That being said, I think he should be remembered from his heroic acts. 

“I see. You might be interested to know that there’s a currently enrolled cadet who also came from the school.”


“Spock is his name. Son of the Vulcan ambassador to Earth. Know him?”

“Only rather nominally, sir. I spoke briefly to him when we were both waiting for our parents on the space station after evacuation. Not even sure he’d remember me after all these years.”

“Understood. Well, if you run in to him, I didn’t want you to be surprised.”

Jim smiled. “Run into him, Captain?”

Pike returned the smile and stood up, hand thrust forward to shake Jim’s hand. Jim rose too.

 “Congratulations on being accepted into Starfleet Academy, Jim. You’ll be starting this next semester.”

“Thank you, Captain Pike, I appreciate it.”


“I want a milkshake. Do you want a milkshake?”

Jim shook his head, amused at his mother as she sat across from him at the diner they’d headed to after he came out of Christopher Pike’s office. They decided to celebrate by coming to this old diner before boarding the shuttle back to Riverside. The next semester didn’t start for a few weeks, so he’d spend most of that time back at the farmhouse.

His mother had told him that back in her academy days she’d gone to this old diner numerous times with Jim’s dad.

“I’ll pass.”

“No milkshake?”

Jim laughed. “I’m already getting a cheeseburger. I have to fit in my cadet uniform, Mom.”

“You’re slim and fit. But okay. I won’t push. I’m getting a salad that way I can have the milkshake.”

“Okay.” Jim glanced out the window. “I’ll have to be careful not to come here too often.”

“Just like George. Did you know your Grandpa Kirk was turned down for the Academy?”

“Turned down?”

“Yep. Idiots. That’s why your father tried so hard to get in there, you know. Wanted to prove them wrong about the Kirk family. I think he’d rather have stayed on the farm to be honest.” His mother shook her head. “I’m not surprised you got right in.”

“Yeah well. Hey, I guess Captain Pike said there’s another cadet there from the school. Tarsus I mean.”


“Spock. From Vulcan. I guess his dad’s some dignitary or something.”

Mom pursed her lips. “Do you suppose he was sent there for getting into trouble?”

Jim laughed again. “Doubtful. I mean not everyone there was sent because they were a delinquent, Mom.” He paused. “Some were, obviously.

“Jim, if I could change—”

“I know. I know it was Frank. And the experience wasn’t all bad,” Jim said, softly. “Anyway, I am guessing not everyone who was there got there because of someone like Frank, but the truth of it is that I know nothing about Spock at all. Maybe he is a secret troublemaker.”

They both laughed at that. The idea did seem absurd.

Later when they had finished their dinner, they headed back for Riverside. Jim couldn’t wait to return to San Francisco to begin the next chapter of his life.

Flash Fic (Roommates), February 03, 2021


Jim’s lips on his are warm…hot even…and Spock wants to drown in them. He’s been kissed dozens of time before, yet, illogically this feels like his first time.

First he framed Jim’s face, hands on his jaw, holding him to Spock, not that he was trying to remove himself. But it quickly ramped up his desire as Spock felt the tightness in his pajama pants due to his rising erection.

He slid his hands down from Jim’s face to his round buttocks, squeezing there.

“Spock,” Jim moaned.

Spock was well aware there flimsy cheaply bought sofa would be no match for intense sexual activity, so he with his hands still gripping Jim’s bottom, he rose from the couch and carried Jim toward Spock’s bedroom.

He soon had Jim on the bed, Spock atop him, hungrily kissing him, devouring those plump lips, hands eagerly smoothing over Jim’s still clothed body.

“Off,” Spock grunted against Jim’s lips.

Spock wasn’t even sure how they got all their clothes off, but as soon as they did, he was right back to kissing Jim, rubbing their erections together. It was too much really, as they were both on fire for each other.

Spock got a hand between them then, grasping both of their hard, straining cocks. He stroked them once, twice, three times. And that was enough. They both came, cum coating over Spock’s fingers and the bed.

Jim made a noise that sounded like “unnh” and Spock returned to kissing him.


Jim panted, turning over onto his back, naked body slicked with sweat. “How-how many times is that?”

“I did not count.”

“Fuck, you’re insatiable.”

“It would seem so.” Spock flopped onto his back beside Jim. He supposed at some point he should get up and get a wash cloth or something to wash them off. He didn’t feel like it now, though. After just pumping cum into Jim’s ass for the the…well as Spock said, he had not counted…he did not at all feel able to move.

“Next time it’s my turn,” Jim mumbled.

“You think so?”

“Uh-huh. My ass is too sore for more, mister.” But Jim was grinning. And looking so beautiful and debauched, really, Spock’s breath caught.   

“Perhaps it is best to rest for a time,” Spock replied. “It is now morning and we have not yet had breakfast.”

“True and I’m starving.” Jim yawned. “Weren’t we supposed to have class like an hour ago?”

“Indeed. Apparently we have decided to shirk our responsibilities today.”

Jim laughed. “Okay, yeah, so I can totally see me doing that, in fact, well I have, but it’s a little bit surprising for you to.”

“You are a terrible influence.” Spock ran a hand over Jim’s stomach. “Jim, may I make an inquiry?”

“Yeah, of course. You can ask me anything.”

“One evening, a while back, I saw you with an Orion female—”

“Gaila,” Jim supplied.

“Yes. Are you…”

“Wait. Is that why you…” Jim sat up. “She was just…I don’t know. A diversion.”

“A diversion?”

Jim laughed and scrubbed a hand over his face. “Spock, I’ve been crazy in love with you since you picked me up that night my bike broke down. Only, I don’t know, you didn’t seem even a little interested, and I…I just.”

“I had diversions, too,” Spock admitted.

Jim’s smile was gentle. “I know. What do you say we forget all that crap and just admit we want each other?”

“I am more than amenable to that.”

Jim once more flopped down on the bed, but he tugged Spock over him when doing so.

“What about breakfast?” Spock asked.

“Eh. Shut up and kiss me.”    

Flash Fic (Roommates), February 01, 2021

Spock did not know what his next move was as he sat beside Jim.

Jim had not yet removed his feet from being curled up under him. He was looking toward the screen where the movie had begun to play. There was a blonde actress and a dark haired actor. Spock was unfamiliar with both.

Spock let out a breath. “Should you wish to…place your feet on me, I will allow it.”

Jim’s head slowly turned toward Spock, his wide gaze landing on Spock. “I…what?”

Spock’s mouth felt dry. “Your feet. If they are cold, you are welcome to lay them across my lap.”

Jim’s tongue came out to trace his bottom lip. Then very carefully he unfolded his legs and stretched them across the small couch to rest his bare feet on Spock’s lap. Those eyes stared at Spock, the blue so saturated that Spock’s breath caught in his throat at their beauty.

“Okay…uh, thank you.”

Spock swallowed heavily, trying to pretend to look at the movie while looking at Jim, instead. “I…the other evening when I left, the night we moved in.”


“It was…I believe you were under the impression I went out with a…for a sexual…”

“Spock, it’s okay, you don’t have to—”

“It was my mother.”

He felt Jim’s stare then. He did not look directly at Jim, but he felt the heat of Jim’s gaze. On the screen, the actress had just fallen into a fountain and the actor was trying to get her out.

Jim cleared his throat. “I may be going out on a limb here, but, do you…?”

Spock looked over.

The tongue came out again. “Spock, do you…are you interested in me?”

Jim had turned a little pink as though perhaps a blush. And Spock saw something that cause an answering leap in his own heart. Hesitant hope in Jim’s gaze.

Spock was going to have to take a giant leap.

“Yes, Jim. I am.”

And just like that Jim moved in a flash and was suddenly sitting on Spock’s lap.


“Shut up and kiss me.”

Flash Fic (Roommates) January 29, 2021

When Spock arrived home, Jim greeted him with a ready smile. Jim had changed out of his cadet’s uniform and into loose fitting sweat pants and a form fitting T-Shirt. He should not have looked unbelievably attractive to Spock, but he did.

Spock was rather… rattled anyway, given his most recent conversation with Nyota.

Spock, that sounds like Kirk asked you for a date.  

A date, if she was correct, implied Jim’s romantic interest. Which, of course, would be a very positive occurrence to Spock, if that were indeed the case. But Jim had invited Spock to watch movies with him before and there had been no particular indication at that time that Jim thought of it as romantic. Spock was torn.


Spock blinked. Jim had been speaking to him and he had missed it. “I apologize. Can you repeat that?”

Jim bit his lip. “Uh. Just, um, I have everything set up and ready. Did you want to change into something more comfortable?”

Spock was still in the process of trying to analyze all of his interactions with Jim since they met at the start of the fall semester. Therefore, he did not respond, at first, and admittedly, continued to stare at Jim.

And that’s when Jim’s expression disappeared altogether. No smile, hesitant or otherwise, no dismay, nothing. Spock thought he might be able to give some Vulcans lessons.

“It’s all right if you’ve changed your mind and don’t want to watch with me,” Jim said, his voice casual, his tone easy.

Spock shook his head. “Negative, I have not. I am…I intend to join you.”

Jim moistened his lips and nodded. “Okay. Did you eat something? I can make you some rice and veggies.”

“I had a vegetable wrap with my tea.” He paused. “I would like to take a shower first.”

“All right, cool. When you’re ready, I’ll be on the couch.”

Spock went into his bedroom and sat on his bed, breathing deeply. There were so many mixed signals and he just did not understand Humans. And perhaps Jim most of all.

Spock, that sounds like Kirk asked you for a date.  

He had shared his plans with Nyota when they met over tea and vegetable wraps. And this is what she had told him.

His mother had advised him to share his feelings with Jim. He had been opposed to doing so, because…despite her advice, Spock had seen two outcomes.

If he told Jim he was interested in Jim romantically, what if Jim replied that he did not see Spock that way and decided to move, leaving Spock alone.  Perhaps that is the outcome he should wish for if Jim had no feelings, but Spock absolutely did not want Jim to depart. He knew that was not logical since he hadn’t wanted Jim to move with him.

If he told Jim that it was preferable that Jim not bring his paramours to their apartment, then Jim might spend his nights elsewhere and cause Spock concern and consternation.

It was all of this that had prevented Spock from speaking up. But Jim seemed in an odd mood and Spock had a feeling that he was being tested in a way he simply didn’t understand.

After a few minutes of mini-meditation, Spock rose and found his pajamas pants, flannel, and a long sleeve shirt he often wore to bed with the pants. They seemed in keeping with the spirit of Jim’s attire.

He allowed himself a quick hot shower, then he dressed in these casual clothes, and prepared to join Jim for the movies.  As he exited his bedroom after changing, he could smell popcorn.

Sure enough, Jim sat on the couch, feet drawn up so that he formed a rather defensive looking ball. He held a large bowl of popcorn.

Jim smiled tentatively. “Hi.”

“Hello Jim.” Spock approached the couch. “Scoot over.”

Flash Fic (Roommates), January 27, 2021

“How’s the new place?”

Spock paused in the middle of cutting his asparagus spears in half. He was seated in the cafeteria at a table across from his fellow cadet and friend, Nyota Uhura.

“It is…an interesting experience.”

Nyota smirked. “What does that mean exactly?”

“The last two nights the neighbors in the building next door have had loud parties that have not ceased until one in the morning. While I do not need as much sleep as full Humans, I do find the experience troublesome. Jim acquired ear plugs and has visited there a couple of times to request they cease. He said if they do not his next choice is to acquire a phaser.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh dear. He’s threatening to become violent?”

“I believe his words are in jest.” Spock shrugged. “Otherwise the living situation is manageable.”

“Hmm.” She tapped a manicured fingernail on the table. “Did you sign a lease?”

“A six month one, yes.”

“Too bad. Or I’d tell you to move.”

“Who’s moving?” Jim slammed down a lunch tray, causing the fries in the little paper container to jump and spill on the table. He didn’t seem to care, because as he wedged himself in next to Spock, he scooped one off the table and popped it into his mouth.

“No one. I was simply telling Nyota about our neighbors.”

“Oh. Right. They’re going to be moving if I have anything to say about it.”

“I’m surprised, Kirk,” Nyota spoke up, leaning back in her chair with her frappe. “I expected you to ask to join them.”

“Me? Nope. I’m actually a bit of a nerd,” Jim said. “Not the partying kind.”

She didn’t seem convinced, but she didn’t pursue the topic.

Jim looked at Spock’s plate. “You’re gonna get asparagus pee.”

Spock could practically hear Nyota’s eyes rolling. Her chair scooted back and she rose. “I have to get to class. Tea later, Spock?”

“Yes, that would be agreeable.”

Jim watched her leave, his lips pursed. “Don’t think she likes me much.”

Spock was surprised by this. “She has never said so.”

Jim smiled. “What are you up to tonight? After tea with Uhura.”

“I have no specific plans. I might go to the Science Library.”

“Mm. Okay.”

“What about you?”

“Nothing I guess. There’s a Rom Com marathon on tonight and I thought I might veg on the couch and watch that with a big bowl of popcorn. I thought maybe you’d like to veg with me, but if you want to study, that’s cool.”

Spock absolutely should not ‘veg’ with Jim on the couch watching Rom Coms. He should stick with the idea of studying at the library. Because he needed to have at least some distance between himself and Jim.

But as he was about to say that he would commit to studying, he glanced at Jim, and those sapphire eyes. His stomach hurt again.

“I can go to the library tomorrow night instead,” he heard himself say.


Spock inwardly sighed. But on the other hand, it also meant he would not come home to a sock on Jim’s door.

Flash Fic (Roommates), January 25, 2021

When Spock returned to the apartment it was to Jim sitting on the new couch, curled up with his bare feet on it, eating directly from a carton of ice cream. His eyes were red, though not moist, so Spock could not tell if he had been crying or his eyes were red from something else.


“Good evening, Jim.”

Jim said nothing else for a moment, just shoved another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth. He seemed distressed, but Spock could not quite put a finger on it as to why or how he even thought it was the case. Jim’s body language seemed relaxed enough but there was something off about him even taking away the red eyes.

“I didn’t know you were going out,” Jim said then. “Came out of the shower and you were gone.”

Spock nodded. “I had an engagement. I did leave a message.”

Jim’s shoulders hunched in then. Just a tiny bit. “First night in our apartment, I kinda thought we’d spend it together. You know?”

Spock did not know. Jim had not said and Spock didn’t know there were rules about these things.

He cleared his throat. “An unspoken rule?”

Jim blinked, then shrugged. “No. Just an assumption on my part I guess. But I guess there’s that old saying my Gran used to say for a reason.”


“To assume. Makes an ass out of you and me. Get it?”

Spock did not, exactly, but he knew there were many things Humans paid attention to that Vulcans did not.

“I do apologize for leaving, but I had arranged to meet someone.” Spock went into the kitchen to make tea.

He was surprised when Jim unfolded himself from the couch and followed him. He put what was left in the container of ice cream in the freezer.

“Where did you obtain that?” Spock wondered. They had not shopped for any food that he recalled and they hadn’t moved any either

“Convenience store on the corner. When I realized you were gone, I went down there and got that.”

“I see.” Spock put a teakettle on for hot water. “Do you want some tea?”

Jim bit his lip. His hair was in disarray and he somehow looked far younger than Spock knew him to be. “You got any of that tisane with the little blue flowers?”

“I do, yes.”

Jim nodded. “That would be nice.” He leaned up against the counter. He had pulled on loose fitting pajama bottoms and an oversized T-shirt with some cartoon character Spock did not recognize. It was likely why he seemed so young just then. “Did you, uh, have a good time?”

“It was…educational.”

Jim smiled very slightly, but his gaze slid away, his cheeks vaguely pink.

Spock once more thought he might be missing something, but he had no idea what.

When he made Jim his tea, he picked up the cup and gave Spock a rather shy smile. It made Spock’s stomach hurt again.

“I think I’ll take this to my room and get to bed early. Have a morning class I can’t be late for. Thanks, Spock. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Jim.”

Should I do Jim’s POV or stick with mostly Spock (Amanda’s part an exception)

Flash Fic (Roommates), January 22, 2021

Decided to do this from Amanda’s point of view

It was  a rare occasion when Amanda’s son asked to meet with her. It wasn’t at all that Spock did not love her. She knew he did, though he had not said so since he was a very small boy. She knew it, nonetheless.

But Spock, being Spock and Vulcan, he was not very sociable. And certainly not with his parents.

They were currently in San Francisco, though, where Spock was going to school and she had hoped to see him while there. On her own of course. Sarek was still not pleased with their son’s choices, though he had welcomed a visit just before the holidays with Spock.

Still the late invitation to meet with Spock at one of the family’s favorite restaurants had been surprising and unusual enough that Amanda was certain something was up.

When she arrived to be seated, Spock had already arrived and been waiting for her. Amanda herself was punctual, but Spock was always early.

He stood when she approached the table he had selected, but she waved him back into place. She knew better than to greet him with a hug or kiss.

She smiled though, very pleased to see him. “You look well.”

“Thank you, Mother. You do as well.” Spock hesitated. Then said, “I have moved locations.”

“You’re not at the dorm anymore?” This was surprising news to her. “I thought you liked staying with that boy. Um. Jim?”

Amanda had been surprised how warm Spock’s eyes had gotten when discussing his roommate, because that had not been like her son at all. She’d even theorized out loud to Sarek that Spock might have a crush on his roommate but Sarek had downplayed the idea.

At that moment, the waiter arrived with a pot of tea Spock had ordered and they both ordered their usual favorite dishes at the restaurant.

Spock poured them tea and said, “Yes, Jim. Jim moved with me.”

She paused in the middle of stirring sweetener into her tea. “Did he?”

Her son shook his head. “It was not my intention, initially but then…”


“He inferred that moving out would be ‘ditching’ him, he realized I intended to move because I was not comfortable living with him, and he thought we were friends and…” Spock paused.

“Wait. You wanted to move out to get away from him?”

Spock nodded.

Amanda frowned. “I see. Well. Then, Spock, was it wise to have him move with you? I don’t really understand.”

“Nor do I. But his clear disappointment in me drove me to alter my plan and I said he could move with me. Completely illogical.”

“Hmm. I had gotten the impression you liked Jim.”

“I do.”

“Yet you were uncomfortable living with him. It can’t be because he’s human, since you lived with me.” She laughed. But Spock did not look amused. “Spock, will you explain?”

He blew out a long breath and took several sips of tea. Then the waiter arrived with their dinner, so Amanda ate for a bit before pressing him.


“The reason I was uncomfortable living with Jim is that I developed feeling of affection for him.” Spock looked away. “More than friendship.”

Then Amanda had been right. Of course she would gloat to Sarek later. Right now this required her serious attention.

“Well. Why didn’t you tell Jim that you wished to consider him…romantically?”

“That is not an easy conversation for me. And while I was still contemplating the exact nature of my emotional attachment to him, I saw him with a paramour.”

“Oh.” Amanda tried not to sigh. And be affronted on her son’s behalf. She hated seeing her quite sensitive son getting hurt. “Well.”

“I did not wish to live with Jim while experiencing unrequited love. But when he expressed disappointment, I could not refrain from inviting him to move with me.”

“Is that why you wanted to see me?” Amanda guessed.

Spock nodded. “Today was moving day. It went well enough, but Jim already mentioned each of us having intimate partners over and I…”

“What?” She asked gently.

“I am not comfortable having him bring paramours over.”

Amanda sat back. “I think that you have to be honest with him, Spock. I recommend expressing your deeper feelings to him.”

“And when he says he does not share them?”

If he says that, then you must accept it of course. But I think perhaps his expressed disappointment at exiting your sharing the dorm with him just might be because he has similar feelings and just doesn’t know how to tell you.”


She smiled softly. “If you aren’t comfortable telling him how you feel personally about him, then at the least you should tell him you aren’t comfortable with him bringing lovers over to your apartment. If he doesn’t accept your terms, then he’s welcome to move back to the dorms. Your feelings and needs matter too, Spock. Speak up for yourself.”

Spock knew she was right and agreed, but he forecast that he’d have another stomachache when he had such a conversation with Jim. But if it sent Jim packing, it would be, perhaps, for the best.

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