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Flash Fic, September 27, 2021

Part 2

Jim spotted Spock sitting in a booth at the café they often all frequented. It was about two blocks away from Starfleet Academy, so close to get there, but often not swarming with other cadets.

But he was not alone.

Standing next to the booth was Finnegan with his usual shit-eating grin. And though Jim had tried to wipe that same annoying grin off his face earlier that day, it was still there.

Jim stayed away because the last person he wanted to deal with in that moment was his nemesis. So he hid himself by the hostess stand, ignoring the amused looks of the hostess, Christine Chapel. He could still see them, mostly.

“Why don’t you just go down there and interrupt them?”

Jim glanced at her. “Because I’d just want to finish what I started.”

“Kicking the shit out of him?’

“Something like that. And I’d end up kicked out of the Academy. Wouldn’t that just prove everyone right?”

Christine frowned. “Who’s everyone?”

“Frank,” he muttered.

“That’s hardly everyone, Jim.”

“Well.” He shrugged. Turned his attention fully to her. “What are you doing here anyway? You’re a nurse.”

“Picking up extra hours at an easy job. I’m looking to get an apartment off campus.”

“Smart. I want one of those too. Spock has one.”

“I’ve heard. Lucky.”

Jim snorted. “It’s luck all right, in the form of fatherly connections. Something neither of us have.”

“Hmm. Finnegan’s leaving.”

“Good. Hope he trips on the way out.”

Christine laughed. “Hate the guy that much huh?”

“You have no idea.”

“I have a pretty good idea. And I think it relates to Spock.”

He gave her a dismissive look and went down the aisle to the booth where Spock sat with a pot of tea and some vegetable tart thing.

Jim slid in across from him. ‘Hey, Spock.”

“There you are. I did see you over speaking with Christine.”

“Oh.” So much for being incognito. “Was trying to avoid the asshole.”

“You are a harsh judge of Finnegan.”

“You might as well say it’s sunny outside, because yep, that’s a fact. He’s been a pain in the ass to me since day one when he tripped me in the aisle of our first class together.” Jim grimaced. “The bigger question is why a guy like you, as brilliant as you are, would give that guy the time of day.”

Spock inclined his head. “I will agree that he can be…”

“The biggest douche bag.”

“I was going to say tedious,” Spock replied with some amusement. “But he has his positive side as well.”

Jim stared at Spock incredulous. He shook his head and then smiled as a waitress appeared. “Coffee lots of it. And the biggest cheeseburger you have. With fries.”

“Is this as a result of your bad day?” Spock asked, when she had moved away from their booth.

“Yeah. I mean, none of it was my finest moment. But that first few hours of that assignment was just a disaster. I’m pretty sure if we are ever on a real landing party together one of us will die. Probably me because Finnegan will think everything’s a great big joke and shove me in front of a giant Jim eating monster or something.”

Spock arched a brow.

“I swear. Imagine being partnered with a guy who yucks it up all the time.”

“Yucks it up?”

“Yeah. Yuck-Yuck-Yuck. That’s what his laugh sounds like. The assignment is on this hostile planetary simulation. We’re to take turns being in charge of the landing party and there’s this holodeck thing that throws stuff at us. Like you know old-time army games or something. Only me and him are real, the others are holograms for the assignment, but you’re still supposed to make sure everyone survives the ordeal, including the fake people. Finnegan doesn’t take any of it seriously. When someone is captured or killed, he just laughs and says, ‘It’s all fake anyway” and I finally just had enough of his stupid attitude and decked him. While we were fighting, the rest of the crew of the landing party was decimated and Lucas threatened to fail us both.” Jim sighed. He smiled as the waitress returned with his coffee. “Thanks.”

“It does sound like a difficult situation.”

“I’m pretty sure you would have taken Finnegan out yourself. Anyway, Lucas said we could take it again tomorrow. I asked that I be given a new partner.” Jim waved his hand. “You know the rest. And seeing Pike…well, I can imagine what he thinks of me now.”

“He still greatly admires you.”

Jim laughed. “Uh-huh.”

“He does,” Spock assured him. “He does think you used poor judgement in Lucas’ exercise, though. But he is correct when stating that it is a requirement of all Starfleet officers to get along with their peers.”


“As a future captain, there will be members of your own crew that might not be your favorite people, but you must learn to accept and deal with them.”

“I know, Spock. But that asshole’s never going to be on my crew.”

“I bow to your good judgment. What are your plans for this evening?”

Jim smiled. “Got a date with a hot babe. Or a couple of them.”

“I see.”

“You remember that Caitian lovely we met a few months back? She contacted me and I guess she has a sister.”

“Indeed. How…nice for you.”

“What about you, Spock? What are your plans?”\Spock sipped his tea serenely just as Jim’s cheeseburger arrived.

“I guess you’re probably studying or something, right?”

“Not tonight. I, too, have a date.”

Jim had just taken a big bite, so he chewed and swallowed. “You…do?”

“Yes with Finnegan.”

Jim was dumbfounded and his chest hurt too. He rubbed it. Must be the cheeseburger giving him indigestion.


“Indeed, Sean. We are going to see a movie. Just before you came he asked and I accepted.”


“Yes, Jim. While I am aware you are not fond of him, he does have his charms.”

“He does? Mind telling me what those are?”

“Jim,” Spock said reproachfully. “I hope you enjoy your date.”

“Yeah,” Jim said mulishly. “You too.”

Flash Fic, September 23, 2021

This is actually taking several suggestions given to me and making it one fic.

This is going to start today and finish Monday and Wednesday of next week. This one is from Pike’s POV. The other two are from Spock and Kirk.

This is AOS but I used Finnegan’s picture from TOS

“There are two cadets waiting to see you, Captain.”

Christopher Pike looked up from the reports he had been surveying into the steady, calm gaze of Ensign Marks.

“Oh? Did they have an appointment, Helen?”

“No, sir. But they do insist it’s important.”

“Who are these Cadets?” he asked with no little suspicion. She was starting to look far too amused.

“Cadet Kirk and Cadet Finnegan.”

He glanced over at Spock, who was assisting him with the reports, and sat in an oversized chair in front of his desk.

“Give us five minutes, Helen, and then bring them in.”

“Yes, Captain.”

When she had departed, he turned back to Spock.


Spock arched a brow. “I know nothing, sir.”

“Nothing? Jim didn’t inform you he was intending to come here this afternoon?”

“He did not. Cadets Kirk and Finnegan have been assigned to work together on an away mission simulation by Professor Lucas. I believe today was their first day.”

Pike frowned. “Lucas? Should I send for him?”

Spock shrugged.

He gave Spock a look before Ensign Marks returned with the two cadets in tow.

Both looked worse for wear. Spock was studying Jim’s appearance, but honestly Pike thought Finnegan looked worse.

Jim had a cut lip that was covered in dried blood and another cut on his forehead up over his right eye. Finnegan’s left eye was black and blue, there was a large ugly red bruise on his jaw, and a sling on his arm.

“What can we do for you…gentlemen?”

Jim’s gaze strayed briefly to Spock, then back to Pike’s. “We’d like to be let out of this assignment.”

Pike leaned back in his chair. “Why?”

It was Finnegan who snarled, “Because Kirk’s an insufferable immature, arrogant jerk.”

“I am? You’re the one who—

“Cadet.” Spock spoke softly but curtly and Jim closed his mouth immediately though Pike could tell he wasn’t at all happy about it.

Pike made sure they saw his displeasure. “Why come to me with this petty business? Why not go to Professor Lucas?”

“Lucas refused to excuse us from the assignment, sir. Or give us new partners. He suggested if we had a problem with that we seek out you.” Jim paused. “Sir.”

“And I suggest you get out of my office and stop bothering me. You’re going to find out, Cadets, there are many throughout your Starfleet careers that you will intensely dislike. It is your job, a requirement in fact, that you learn to deal with it and work together for the greater good. This, I am sure, is why Lucas refused your request. Out of my office.”

Kirk through one last nasty glance at Finnegan, who winked in the direction of Spock, and then turned on his heel and left. But not without shoving Finnegan as they went through the door.

Pike sighed. “Jim’s a friend of yours.”

“Indeed.” Spock paused. “They…both are.”

This did surprise Pike. “Finnegan?”

“He has his…charms.”

“I’ll take your word for it. I strongly suggest you advise your friends it is in their best interests to complete their assignment.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Christmas in July, Post 13

I suspected I must look particularly hapless and forlorn when my butler, Hartford, offered to stay behind for the holiday season I generally gave the staff time off for. He’d never made the offer before, being eager like all the rest, to spend time with their families rather than look after me.

With a forced smile, I shook my head.

“No, Hartford. You are free to depart with all the others and I will see you the day after the new year.”

Hartford hesitated. “I did set up the kitchen with plenty of provisions as usual.”

“I am sure you did. You are a godsend, as usual. Happy Christmas to you and your family.”

Hartford began to turn away then. But then he looked back at me. “Do you expect your usual guest to visit? Lord Christopher?”

“I do not. But all is well, nevertheless. See you on January second.”

My reluctant butler became less reluctant then and hurried out before, I suspected, I changed my mind. He was wise.

I sighed with a tiny bit of melodramatic melancholy when the house was empty save for myself. I considered heading back to London. While there was no season of social engagements at the moment, I knew there were still my usual haunts that would be open to me. And in many ways, London could be quite festive during the Christmas season.

I decided I’d have a nice meal there at my country estate, perhaps drink far too much sherry after, and give the idea some thought by morning. If I decided it still had merit, I would ride to London.

Lord Christopher, as Hartford had alluded to, would be spending the holidays with his new wife and infant daughter, I imagined. An arranged marriage, of course, as most were. I’d escaped such a thing for along time myself and intended to continue doing so. I didn’t care which of my living relatives would inherit everything upon my death. I’d be past caring, wouldn’t I? But I had no parents left to nudge me into marriage to a female I could barely stomach. In that, I guessed, I was fortunate.

I knew Chris would be expected to tow the line in that direction, but it still hurt, and that was unfair. I had not seen him since the wedding, but I had heard, of course, of the birth of their daughter.


Since his wedding, I had hardly been celibate. I had physical needs, after all. I’d even engaged quite briefly with sex with Shaw, though I’d once vowed I would not. Shaw was blond and handsome and in some ways reminded me of Chris, though he was far more polished and sophisticated than Chris had ever been. Which is why I preferred Chris. Well, many reasons actually.

But whatever satisfaction I got from others it was hollow compared to my times with Chris.

I was on my second sherry, seriously convinced I would leave for London in the morning, when there was a rather loud knocking upon my front door.

For a moment, I waited for Hartford to answer it, then remembered it was me alone. I thought about ignoring it, but then someone had come all the way out to the middle of nowhere to see me.

I struggled out of my chair, placed my glass of sherry aside, and made my way out of the parlor and to the door.

It occurred to me as I unbolted it, that it was likely someone in need during this particular season of which, I knew, there were many. I would give them whatever I could.

But instead of a beggar or poor villager as I expected, Lord Christopher stood upon my doorstep looking almost absurdly fetching with a hat upon his blond head and a scarf wrapped around his neck. An overcoat dotted with the first hint of falling rain.


He smiled. “None other. And it has stared to rain, so…would it be permissible for me to come inside?”


I yanked him inside so fast I was amazed I hadn’t broken anything.

Looking past him for a moment to ensure he was alone, I drew him tightly into my arms, thrilled to hear his hearty laugh.

“I can’t believe you’re here. I didn’t think you were coming.”

“Silly man. Where else would I be?” He drew back just enough to cup my face with his gloved hands and thoroughly kiss me.

“With your wife and daughter, I imagine,” I said, after coming up for air. I wanted to kiss him again. I did as I closed and re-bolted the door.

Chris shook his head as we walked into the parlor arm in arm. “An arranged marriage, Zachary. We have an understanding. She is happy to live her own life behind closed doors.”

“She has a lover?”

“Two or three as far as I know. It matters not at all to me. We are friendly but that is as far as it goes for each of us. We do our duty and nothing more.”

“And your infant daughter?”

“She is with her nursemaid. She will hardly comment on my absence at this age.” He drew me down to sit on the settee and then he sat upon me instead of the sofa and I was gladdened.

“How long can you stay?” I asked after kissing him again.

“How long would you like?”


That was a fool’s dream, so I did not and could not say it.

“As long as you are able.”

Chris nodded. “About a week then.”

It was more than I expected and everything I hoped for.

After some more lengthy kissing, I murmured, “I had planned to leave for London in the morning.”

“Did you?”

“I think I’ll delay that about a week.”

He grinned. “A very wise plan.”

“Are you hungry, my love?”

“Yes, but at the moment, it’s for you. Take me to bed. It’s been far too long.”

It certainly had.

Hours later, we held onto each other in a warm bed, a fire in the hearth, and spoke of our plans for our time together. I was happy he had come. Some day, perhaps, he would not. And I would deal with that.

When he was in my kitchen eating food I had leftover, he gave me a look. “Shaw, Zachary?”

I knew I blushed. “How did you know?’

“I know.”

“It won’t be repeated. I was really quite lonely.”

Chris smiled, his sweetest smile. “I understand what you do when we are not together and accept it. We each have our duties we must tend to, but I hope you know that no matter where we are, when not together, I love you with all my heart and soul.”

“And there is no one in my heart but you, Christopher.”

“Happy Christmas,” he said, kissing me once more.

And indeed, the happiest of Christmases was had.   

Flash Fic, June 25, 2021

“Do you understand what I’m telling you, Spock?”

“Yes, Doctor. Jim does not recall that we are together.”

McCoy nodded. “Yep. I’m sorry. I think he’s going to come out of the amnesia but it could take a bit of time.”

“Can I still go and see him?”

“Sure. But don’t expect a loving, romantic reunion, is all I’m saying.”

Spock arched a brow. “I won’t be long.”

McCoy patted his arm. “I’ll give you some privacy.”

Spock entered the area containing Jim’s biobed. He had his eyes closed and still looked pale to Spock. He opened his eyes when Spock approached.

“Hi,” Jim said softly.


“Bones said, um, that you and I are…”


Jim shook his head. “Strange.”

“And why is that?”

“We once hated each other.”

“I never hated you. But even still, that was a long time ago. Even prior to our relationship we had become friends,” Spock gently reminded him.

“Yeah. I know. Just…I don’t know what I’m trying to say. Sorry.”

“You owe no apology,” Spock told him. “Please rest. I will come again later.”

Spock turned away in disappointment even as Jim went back to closing his eyes. It was temporary, he tried to remind himself. Surely it was so.

to be continued

Flash Fic, June 23, 2021

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

Jim shook his head. “Uh. I dunno. Waking up here in medbay, I guess.”

Bones frowned. “And nothing at all about the mission or the landing party?”


“Well. You did get conked on the head. It’s probably temporary.”


Bones smiled slightly. “Most likely. I’m keeping you overnight and then I can release you to your quarters under supervision and observation of Spock.”

Jim paused. Then asked, slowly, “Spock?”

“Yes. He’s waiting to see you.”


“Oh likely because he’s worried sick.”

“Doesn’t want to take over captain duties?” Jim asked, puzzled.

“Jim, what do you remember about who Spock is?”

“First officer.”

“And that’s it?”

Jim thought. “Science officer. Vulcan and Human.” Jim smiled. Shook his head. “Pain in the ass.”

He could see Bones’ face change and definitely not in a good way.

“What?” Jim asked.

“Spock is…your husband, Jim.”

“My what?” Jim laughed. “Spock? Oh come on, Bones. Pull the other one. He’s with Uhura.”

“No, not for a long time. You and Spock got married and bonded last year.”

“That’s crazy.”

“I thought so, but it’s true,” Bones said wryly. “You’d better rest, Jim. I think I better go have a word with Spock.”

Jim shook his head as Bones walked away. Him and Spock? Maybe it was Bones who got conked in the head. But, now that he thought about it, he was feeling pretty sleepy. He closed his eyes.

to be continued

Cosmic Love, Part/Chapter 14

Probably not safe for work

Clothes were strewn about Jim’s dorm. They finally were lying on the little bed. Spock on Jim, kissing him breathless. Whatever experience neither of them had, Spock was a damn fine kisser.

And damn fine too. Before they’d gotten on the bed, Jim had snuck a look at Spock’s nude body. Maybe he was wrong, but Jim was pretty sure Spock was extremely well built.


And perhaps that part being well built ought to scare him a bit but it didn’t.

Jim sucked in a gulpful of air when Spock paused long enough to allow it. When Spock resumed his mouth’s assault, Jim lowered his hand between their bodies and closed his fingers around Spock’s hardening shaft. Of course, Jim knew what one felt like, having one himself, but this seemed somehow different. Having his fist around someone else’s dick, and Spock’s for pity’s sake, well…Jim considered his mind blown.

Spock moaned and stopped kissing Jim long enough to say hoarsely, “I can blow something else should you desire.”

Mirth bubbled up inside him. “Oh, I desire all right. Wait, were you reading my mind?”

“I am a touch telepath,” Spock reminded him. He groaned loudly when Jim swiped his thumb over the head of Spock’s cock. “For someone who has not done that you remarkably talented.”

“Well.” And Jim was blushing. “I have one, you know, and have done some…practicing.”

Spock arched a brow. “Yes, I take your meaning. I cannot deny a bit of research myself.”

Jim grinned, pulled him down for another kiss, but this time Spock pulled away.

“If your desire is for me to work my mouth on that particular appendage of yours, we will need to cease kissing, so that I may move down there.”

This time Jim laughed out loud. “Oh, my gosh, you’re so cool. I never imagined sex would be so funny and fun at the same time.”

Spock shrugged, kissed Jim once more, and then began to crawl down Jim’s body, dislodging Jim’s fingers from his own dick as he did so.

Jim’s breaths shorted. This was real. Spock was about to—


Cosmic Love, Chapter 13, May 07, 2021

When I post this all at once on AO3 (if I do so we can all collect it if we want), I’ll probably play around with chapter placement, for now, this is the chapter numbers you get.

Spock kissed Jim for a long time. Holding him close. Arms around his waist. Just kissing. He wanted no pressure on either of them. Yes, he’d brought the necessary lubricant. And yes he wished for them to do whatever they felt like doing, but…on the other hand, he didn’t want to rush Jim. Or himself. They had time.

They made it over to Jim’s single bed. Fell on to it. Lips still connected. Arms still locked around each other. A fleeting thought was that they really needed bigger beds, both of them.

During a particularly heated kiss, Spock managed to knock Jim’s glasses askew, which caused a puff of a laugh to escape from Jim’s mouth to Spock’s and somehow it was like breathing the same air.

Spock removed the glasses and put them on a little side table by Jim’s bed. Now as he drew back and looked into those sapphire eyes, Spock thought they were like the most beautiful of jewels. He felt a bit foolish thinking this but he did anyway.

Jim licked his lips and Spock watched him. He watched Jim’s every move.

“Do you want to…do what we talked about or…like the-the full thing?”

Jim’s shy question filled Spock with so much warm affection and yes, lust, that it was almost too much for a Vulcan. He put his hand on Jim’s face. Everything about him, about this human, felt perfect, felt right.

“I want…everything with you.”

“Have you-you ever—?”

“I have no more experience than you, Jim, but…I have done research and I understand the logistics.”

Jim turned a bit pink, but his smile lit up his face. “Well…as long as you understand the logistics.”

“You are laughing at me.”

Jim shook his head, but his smile widened. “No. I mean, sure, but only a little. I, uh, too did some research. And I know how it works too.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “That is good.”

Jim returned to kissing him, and all amusement fled Spock’s mind, and his thoughts turned to what would happen next.    

Cosmic Love, Chapter 12, May 03, 2021

Got the next part done, so am posting it. Not sure about the rest of the week, but you get this, anyway.

Jim opened the door tentatively to the knock on his dorm door. He had a feeling it was Spock, though he certainly hoped Spock hadn’t thrown his mother out on Jim’s account.

Sure enough the Vulcan stood there.

“Hey.” Jim shifted a bit and pushed up his glasses on his nose. He’d changed into them earlier. “Uh. I’m sorry I bailed on you earlier. It was just…well…”

“I do apologize for the unexpected intrusion of my mother. May I come in?”

Jim held the door open and stepped back. He saw Spock carried a bag.

“What’s that?”

Spock seemed to hesitate and moment, but as Jim closed the door, he opened the bag and withdrew the contents. “I made a stop on the way.”

Jim stared at the bottle of lubricant. Moistened his lips. “Oh.”

“I thought, perhaps, given the interruption, we might wish to…start again.”

“I didn’t mean to be rude to your mom. I just, well, I hadn’t really expected that.”

Spock nodded. “Nor had I. That is not the norm for her. It was to be a surprise.”

Jim smiled a little. “She got that part right.”

“Indeed. Will you…allow me to stay?”

Jim came to him then, put his arms around Spock’s neck, and kissed him, deepening the kiss until Spock murmured low in his throat, kind of a cross between a purr and a growl.

It did crazy things to his heartrate.

“I think…you’d better.”   

Cosmic Love, Chapter 11, April 30, 2021

Spock had Jim lying on his bed—not sure they’d fit on the single, but certainly willing to try—squirming underneath him as he assailed Jim’s mouth with kisses. He had managed to get his finger under Jim’s shirt and was scooting it up to reveal smooth bare skin when—

There was a rather loud knock on his dormitory door.

And right then, Jim basically freaked out. He made a yelping sound, shoved Spock off him, and scrambled to his feet. He was so red that Spock became concerned.


Jim was yanking down his shirt and pressed his palm to his crotch.

Resigned as yet another knock sounded, Spock went to the door and opened it, quite aggravated at the interruption, and ready to bite the head off of whoever it was.

“Spock, I…”

His mother.

She looked past Spock and immediately saw the very embarrassed Jim looking so uncomfortable, Spock had the urge to hold him to calm him down. He could not though.

“I’m so sorry,” Mother exclaimed. “I didn’t know…Hello, I’m-I’m Spock’s mother.”

Jim had already made a beeline for the exit. His blue eyes were a bit shiny and he had reddened more if that was possible.


Mother moved out of his way, because otherwise Spock was certain he’d plow right through her.

“I’ve gotta go, Spock.”

And he was gone.

Mother covered her mouth with her hand. “I’ve interrupted something rather important, haven’t I? I’m sorry, Spock. My visit to San Francisco was unexpected and I just assumed you’d be here and…alone.”

Spock exhaled very slowly. “It is pleasant to see you in any circumstances, Mother.”

“I really am sorry. He looked like a very nice young man.”

Spock nodded. “He is.”

Mother embraced him then, as was her usual way, and Spock brought her to the dining room table while he made tea, her preferred drink.

“You didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend.”

He shrugged slightly. “It is a recent event and one that still included preliminary exploration.” He realized how that sounded, given on what she nearly came in on, and cleared his throat. “I will make sure all is well later. For now, I am anxious to learn the meaning of your unexpected visit.”

“It’s nothing nefarious, I assure you. A friend had business here and invited me along. I thought it would be fantastic to see you. It was last minute and I wanted to surprise you.” She smiled warmly. “I guess I have.”

“Indeed.” Spock took a sip of the tea he had made. “A friend.” Though he did not wish to think of her moving on from his father, they had been separated for some time, and the possibility was there. “A male friend?”

“Yes, Spock, my friend is male.”

He felt his jaw clench, though he wished it was not so.

“How is your father?” she asked then.

“Given circumstances, I believe he is well.”

Mother finished her tea, then made to stand. “I’m staying at the Imperial Hotel. Join me for breakfast?”

“Just you?” Spock could not help himself. It was illogical to resent his mother from trying to move on from a relationship that had not worked for her, yet, he supposed he would always be that small boy who watched his mother leave his father and somehow blamed himself.

“Just me.” She smiled as she made her way to the door. “You can bring Jim if you’d like. If he’s willing to see me after what happened tonight.”

“I will see.”

When she left his dorm, Spock did not hesitate. He would go to Jim’s dorm now that she had gone. But first, he made a quick stop at the corner market for, as Jim had said, lubricant.

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