Recently, as most of you know, I updated A Heart Needs a Second Chance where Jim’s conversation with Rex revealed clues to the truth many suspected regarding Jim’s alleged cheating. A chapter along time coming in more ways than one!

I have a flash scheduled for tomorrow.

I am working on the next chapter of Our So-Called Life but since it will be their first sexual experience together it’s taking a bit of time. They have waited a long time for this, as have we, so it needs to be good. I don’t kid myself that it will be perfect. Look for that some time this week.

After that I’ll get to updating Cosmic Love and Welcome to the Enterprise. And of course after that the highly anticipated next chapter of Random Stranger (I’m joking of course).

All of my regular stories took a necessary step back due to the holidays, but with those behind us we can go back to regularly scheduled programming.

In the meantime, my company gets a holiday this next Monday for MLK and so the sister and I are off to one of our weekend adventures. I’ll be gone Saturday-Monday. This will be the last long weekend adventure for a couple of months so I will use it well.

Thank you for listening.

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