I plan to end Bombay within a few short weeks. Once that’s done it will eventually go up on AO3.

I don’t know yet what I plan on here for May. I’d like to start getting work done on the Vulcan Jim/Vulcan Spock story that came from Granted but I intend to wrote some erotic scenes for that so I don’t think that’s appropriate for here. I still want to write a sequel to DWAHIA too but again, probably not here. Who knows I may never get to all the things I have planned. Sigh.

So as I said, no idea what’s in store on the blog for May and if I will do a continuing story on here like Bombay once it is done.

I’m busy busy in May as I already advised I have 2 trips for May. Oh and May 8th is Evening’s birthday which is a Monday so if she wants a flash for that, please let me know what you’d like to see, Evening. Nothing too complicated PLEASE. LOL

Hard to believe also in May that it’ll be 2 years since Ma passed. Strange how we think about stuff like that. I think we’ll be going to the cemetery that day and then having a special dinner that she used to make for everyone.

Luna was sick this past weekend so that was nerve wracking. She’s doing much better but we were at one point considering a trip to the emergency vet.

Haven’t been for any walks lately so I don’t have any pretty pictures to post so you get a freebie one from this site.

Thanks for listening!

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com