Getting really close to the end here, folks. It’s going to be a “promising ending” rather than a happily-ever-after type but that leaves room for part two, doesn’t it?”

Even though this picture isn’t relevant anymore (see below LOL) I thought he’s too cute not to use one more time

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Spock was left at something of a standstill. Not quite sure what to do since the Kirks took Bombay…Jim…off his hands.

Several days passed where he heard from no one but Spock decided until he did, he would  not return to his apartment, and he remained staying at the embassy until he was able to either learn more information or find out that no one else would be returning looking for Jim.

Spock did attend Nyota’s class on Jim Kirk, but he wasn’t able to learn anything he didn’t already know, and of course he knew more information than Nyota and her class did.

Afterwards, she came to speak to him.

“Spock! It’s wonderful to see you. It feels like it’s been forever.”

“I apologize, I have been…occupied.”

“I wasn’t even sure you were coming to today’s class. You only expressed mild curiosity.”

Spock inclined his head. “I have developed more of an interest in his case as of late.” Though he trusted his friend, Jim being alive in whatever form he was in was not his story to tell.

“Want to have dinner tonight?”

“Can we plan for another day?”

She smiled. “Of course. I’ll be in touch. Don’t be such a stranger.”

Spock could not deny he was likely neglecting his friends, his job at the Academy. He had asked for a leave. Hadn’t even admitted that to Nyota though he supposed she’d soon learn of it.

He was focused solely on Jim. It had become something of an obsession ever since he had touched minds with Jim as a cat. He felt somehow connected to Jim Kirk and that connection had been abruptly taken away.

He might never get it back.

Despite turning down Nyota’s invitation to dinner, Spock was hungry, so he stopped at a vegetarian restaurant near to the Embassy that included several authentic Vulcan dishes.

After obtaining the to-go packages, Spock made his way to his small studio quarters at the Embassy. He blinked at the flashing light at the door. When he’d left it had been solid red, indicating it had been locked. Flashing meant someone had accessed the door.

Alarmed, he set the bags down and cautiously opened the door.

A Human male with sandy-colored hear and startling blue eyes stood up from where he had been sitting on the edge of Spock’s bed.

Spock’s breath caught.

The man smiled. “Spock? I’m Jim Kirk.”

And of course he was. Spock would know that smile, those eyes, anywhere. Even though this was the first time he’d ever seen them on this absurdly handsome face in front of him.

He just stood there like an idiot, Spock imagined, by the door, staring in silent wonder at Jim.

Jim’s smile turned quizzical but no less charming. He walked over to where Spock stood.

“You okay?”


And he was at a loss for words.

Seeming to understand something he himself did not, Jim stepped even closer and threw his arms around Spock in an embrace.

Spock’s breath hitched and his arms came around the man, pulling him close. And all at once that connection he’d felt seemed to ignite.

Jim pulled back to look at Spock’s face. “That’s pretty cool? Do you feel that?”

“I do, T’hy’la.”