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April Flashes

Cosmic Love, Chapter 2 April 09, 2021

Jim had been attending Starfleet Academy about a week before he saw Spock. There weren’t a lot of tall, gorgeous Vulcan males on campus, of course, plus Jim recognized him from their very brief prior acquaintance.

Spock hung out with several other cadets in an area everyone called the quad. There was a large leafy tree with several benches surrounding it and it was there Jim spotted Spock on a couple of occasions.

Jim had doubts about approaching Spock. He didn’t know if he would remember Jim and if he did whether he wanted to remember Jim. He certainly knew Tarsus and those from those years was a sore subject for some.

On the other hand, Jim did recognize Spock and didn’t want to pretend otherwise, not to mention Captain Pike had specifically noted their connection. It would probably not be a good idea to ignore it.

So, when he spotted Spock separating from his group, Jim decided now was his opportunity to approach the Vulcan.

“Hello, Spock.”

Spock stopped in mid-stride and gaze blankly at him.

“Uh. Jim. James Kirk. From Tarsus Preparatory School.”

Spock gave a slight nod. “Yes, I recall. Good day to you.”

When Spock started walking again, Jim blinked in shock.

“Hey,” he called after Spock.

Spock stopped and turned around.

“I thought, you know, because we both went there, I should say hello.”

“And you have done so.” Spock paused. “I don’t mean to be rude, Mr. Kirk, but I am not looking to be part of some sort of Tarsus Preparatory School Survival Club.”

When he made to turn around, Jim laughed.


“Excuse me?”

“You don’t mean to be rude?” Jim asked, incredulous. “You sure as hell do. I never said I was looking to establish some kind of Survival Club, dude. Captain Pike told me you were here, and I saw you and thought to acknowledge you. That was it.” Jim held out his hands, palms up. “It’s absolutely no skin off mine if you want to be a jackass. Feel free to go back to your snooty friends.”

This time it was Jim who turned around to leave, every breath he took feeling steamy from irritation. The days where Jim let himself get walked over were long gone.

“Mr. Kirk.”

He almost didn’t turn around. Kind of was made at himself for doing so.


“I…apologize. You have every right to be angry with me. My behavior is uncalled for.”

Jim nodded. “Okay. See you.”

“If you would permit me, Mr. Kirk, perhaps we could go for…coffee?”

Jim should say no. But then, maybe, he’d be as dismissive of Spock as Spock had been of him. And that wasn’t Jim.

“All right, sure. But then it’s Jim. Or if you have to Kirk.”

“This way.” Spock gestured.

Jim looked at him rather sideways as they made their way off campus. “You drink coffee?”

“I do.”

“I always thought Vulcans were more of a tea drinking bunch.”

Spock shrugged. “I enjoy a cup of tea from time to time, but my preferred beverage is coffee.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

Jim was familiar with the tiny coffee shop Spock led them to as he’d been there a few times with his new friend, Bones. Well, Leonard McCoy. He’d met the doctor on the shuttle to San Francisco.

After they got coffee, Jim’s with cream and sugar, and Spock’s black, they chose a tiny wooden table next to the window.

Jim took a sip of his and then thought about the way to break up the kind of awkward silence.

So he was kind of surprised when it was Spock who spoke first.

“Was it your mother or stepdad who picked you up from the space station?”

“You remembered? Wow.” Jim smiled a little. “My mom, thankfully. Up until then we didn’t really have the best relationship. She was off planet a lot. In fact, I was there at the school thanks to him.” He shook his head. “Anyway, he’s gone. Not dead or anything, but out of our lives. We see him around Riverside sometimes though. Iowa. Where I’m from.”

And Jim turned red knowing he was babbling like a fool. Spock was definitely going to be sorry he didn’t just let Jim walk away. To cover his embarrassment, he took another drink of coffee.

“You got off all right with your dad?”

“I did, yes.”

He didn’t elaborate. Jim didn’t want to press.

Instead he said, “I don’t want to keep you if you have somewhere to be or something.”

“I do not. Not until this evening when I am meeting my friend Nyota for dinner.”

Jim knew who he meant. Nyota Uhura. She was one of the ones he spent time with by the tree in the quad. Probably his girlfriend. Jim guessed he didn’t have a right to ask.

“And you?”

Jim frowned. “Me?”

“I do not wish to keep you from something you would rather do,” Spock said. “I had been having rather a troublesome conversation just prior to your approach, so I did not react well. My apologies.”

“You wouldn’t be the first one to react badly to me,” Jim joked. But Spock did not crack a smile, not even a Vulcan one, so Jim let it go. “Anyway, no plans either. Just studying later at the library. Other than you I’ve only met Bones.”


“My friend, Leonard McCoy. A doctor. Met him on the shuttle here and he’s got a dorm just down the hall from me.”

“I see.”

And Jim figured he was boring Spock clear to death. So he finished his coffee and made to stand.

“Thanks for the coffee, Spock. It was very nice of you. But I really didn’t intend to bother you. Just wanted to say hi.”

“Very well,” Spock said quietly. “Perhaps at another time, I could call on you?”

“Call on me?”

“For dinner, perhaps?” Spock paused. There was the finest tightening around his eyes. Jim almost missed it. “Unless…you are engaged in a relationship with Doctor McCoy?”

“No.” Jim shook his head rapidly. “No, I’m not.”

“Then my question still applies.”

“Yeah. Sure. Uh. Yeah.” Jim knew he sounded like a fool. “You can.”

And then he did leave the coffee shop, a little befuddled. He hadn’t thought Spock liked him at all, let alone to ask him out. Weirdest date request ever, Jim thought. And he wondered if Spock actually would follow up.                                

Cosmic Love, Chapter 1, April 07, 2021

“Tarsus Preparatory School,” Captain Christopher Pike read off.

Jim nodded. “Yes, sir.”

Pike frowned. He was seated behind his desk, going over Jim’s application for admittance to Starfleet Academy. “Rough time.”

“Fortunately, the school was evacuated before the worst of it,” Jim replied. He folded his hands in his lap and tried not to twist them together.

“By your headmaster.”

“That’s right, sir. Retired Starfleet captain Robert April.”

“Yes, I knew April. Left active duty after the partial loss of his left leg. Settled on Tarsus IV.” Pike pursed his lips. “Got you all off but he was not as lucky.”


“How was the school before all that?”

“I learned a lot,” Jim conceded. “My mother taught me not to speak ill of the dead, though.”

Pike smiled slightly at that. “Confidential, James.”

“I prefer Jim for the most part, Captain.”

“Okay, Jim. Tell me what you thought of Captain April.”

“He evacuated all of us students and ultimately saved our lives. For that he’s a hero, sir.”


Jim shrugged. “He could be a strict disciplinarian. Which is why I was sent there in the first place.” He paused. “That being said, I think he should be remembered from his heroic acts. 

“I see. You might be interested to know that there’s a currently enrolled cadet who also came from the school.”


“Spock is his name. Son of the Vulcan ambassador to Earth. Know him?”

“Only rather nominally, sir. I spoke briefly to him when we were both waiting for our parents on the space station after evacuation. Not even sure he’d remember me after all these years.”

“Understood. Well, if you run in to him, I didn’t want you to be surprised.”

Jim smiled. “Run into him, Captain?”

Pike returned the smile and stood up, hand thrust forward to shake Jim’s hand. Jim rose too.

 “Congratulations on being accepted into Starfleet Academy, Jim. You’ll be starting this next semester.”

“Thank you, Captain Pike, I appreciate it.”


“I want a milkshake. Do you want a milkshake?”

Jim shook his head, amused at his mother as she sat across from him at the diner they’d headed to after he came out of Christopher Pike’s office. They decided to celebrate by coming to this old diner before boarding the shuttle back to Riverside. The next semester didn’t start for a few weeks, so he’d spend most of that time back at the farmhouse.

His mother had told him that back in her academy days she’d gone to this old diner numerous times with Jim’s dad.

“I’ll pass.”

“No milkshake?”

Jim laughed. “I’m already getting a cheeseburger. I have to fit in my cadet uniform, Mom.”

“You’re slim and fit. But okay. I won’t push. I’m getting a salad that way I can have the milkshake.”

“Okay.” Jim glanced out the window. “I’ll have to be careful not to come here too often.”

“Just like George. Did you know your Grandpa Kirk was turned down for the Academy?”

“Turned down?”

“Yep. Idiots. That’s why your father tried so hard to get in there, you know. Wanted to prove them wrong about the Kirk family. I think he’d rather have stayed on the farm to be honest.” His mother shook her head. “I’m not surprised you got right in.”

“Yeah well. Hey, I guess Captain Pike said there’s another cadet there from the school. Tarsus I mean.”


“Spock. From Vulcan. I guess his dad’s some dignitary or something.”

Mom pursed her lips. “Do you suppose he was sent there for getting into trouble?”

Jim laughed again. “Doubtful. I mean not everyone there was sent because they were a delinquent, Mom.” He paused. “Some were, obviously.

“Jim, if I could change—”

“I know. I know it was Frank. And the experience wasn’t all bad,” Jim said, softly. “Anyway, I am guessing not everyone who was there got there because of someone like Frank, but the truth of it is that I know nothing about Spock at all. Maybe he is a secret troublemaker.”

They both laughed at that. The idea did seem absurd.

Later when they had finished their dinner, they headed back for Riverside. Jim couldn’t wait to return to San Francisco to begin the next chapter of his life.

Cosmic Love (Prologue) April 05, 2021

“James Kirk.”

Jim looked up shyly from the borrowed PADD he had been looking through. He wiped his sweaty palms on his slacks and rose. “I’m James Kirk.”

A guard kind of scowled at him as he surveyed a list he carried with him. “Your parent has come to claim you. Dock 4.”

“My mom?”

The guard shrugged. “No clue, kid. Be on your way.”

Jim walked trepidatiously up to the counter where he’d obtained the borrowed PADD. He handed it back to the lady who took it without comment.

Pulling up his hooded sweatshirt, which had been given him by the volunteers at the space station he and the other children had been taken to when they’d been evacuated from Tarsus IV, to cover his head, Jim shuffled over to Dock 4.

He had a ball of dread in his stomach that it would be Frank, his stepfather picking him up.

As he made his way in the direction of the dock, he noticed another one of the kids from the Tarsus Preparatory School standing alone by himself. He was older than Jim by a few years and Vulcan.

All of the students who attended the school had been evacuated as far as Jim knew. The planet was experiencing a dangerous famine and the headmaster of the school decided to send the kids back to their home planets. Jim didn’t know what else had happened since because there was a news block coming from the planet itself.

All the kids had been taken to this space station where they waited until a parent or guardian could collect them. Some students had already been picked up. Jim was among the last, he guessed, and so was the Vulcan. Spock, he remembered.

“Uh. Hi.”

The Vulcan looked up from the paper book he held in his hands. There was no sign of recognition in his dark eyes as he gazed back blankly at Jim.

“Jim Kirk. The school. We weren’t…you know…in the same year. I think you attended the school longer than I did too.”

When there was no reply, Jim shifted a little, then bit his lip.

“You still waiting for your parents? Spock, right?”

“That is correct to both questions.”

Jim noticed Spock looked a bit blurry. He grimaced, then removed his glasses to wipe them on his shirt. “Sorry, my glasses keep fogging up.”

“It is the moist hot air of this space station.”

“Yeah.” He licked his dry lips and then stuck his glasses back on. “Anyway, I should go as I guess my parent is here. Not sure what to expect.”

Spock did not reply to that, so Jim figured he was certainly not very chatty.

“Could be my mom or my stepdad,” Jim continued. “Hope it’s not him. When will your folks be here?”

“I do not have folks,” Spock said stiffly. “I am expecting my father later this afternoon. He is an ambassador.”

“Ahh.” Jim nodded. “Okay. Well, see you around then, Spock.”

“That is doubtful.”

And that made Jim laugh. Not that it was particularly funny. And he supposed to a Vulcan it wasn’t rude at all, but to Jim? Yeah, okay.  

“Right,” he agreed. “Good travels home, Spock. And sorry we never got to know each other at school.”

He expected no answer to this, so he made to turn around and head to Dock 4 to go home with whomever had arrived.

“Live Long and Prosper, Jim Kirk.”

Jim looked back, smiled, and nodded, and continued on his way.

To Jim’s everlasting relief, Frank did not stand waiting. It was his mother, Winona Kirk.

“There you are! That man left an hour ago to tell you I was waiting here.” She shook her head as she opened her arms to him. Jim went to her and allowed her to wrap him in her embrace. “How are you, sweetie?”

“Okay,” he whispered. “Ready to go home.”

“I bet. We have a long shuttle ride home though. Want to eat something first?”

“No, I just want to go home.” Jim pulled back and looked at her.

She yanked down his hoodie. “I can barely see you. What? Are you in disguise? You’re so gaunt. Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Mom? Uh. Frank?”

She hooked her arm with his and drew him forward. “Kicked him to the curb.”

Jim tried not to smile too much, but damn, he felt good.

“For good?”

“Yeah, I think so. His idea of sending you to that school was terrible. And Sam never has come back.”

Jim sighed. “Yeah. Have you heard from him?”

She shook her head sadly. “Looks like it’s just you and me, Jim.” She stopped and turned to him. She tucked a longish strand of hair behind his ear. “Let’s get you something to eat, okay?”

“Sure, okay,” Jim agreed. And as she led him toward the food court, he spotted a rather severe looking older Vulcan headed in the direction they’d come from. Jim would bed that was Spock’s father. He looked kind of mean to Jim, but he hoped he was wrong.

April 01, 2021 Flash Fic

Here’s a bonus flash…look for regular flashes to reappear MWF of next week

“So, I’ve decided to resign my commission and retire to Risa,” Jim announced to his senior officers during a briefing on the recently completed mission. He’d risen to give his speech.

“Sir?” Sulu asked, frowning.

“I know it’s a big shock, but I’ve actually been thinking about it for a while.” Jim glanced at Spock, who sat nearby, blank-faced. “Probably a good time to tell you Spock and I got married two months ago too. So he’s coming with me. As to who will be captain–”

Everyone began to talk at once, so many in fact Jim couldn’t make out who was saying what.

“I knew it! You owe me fifty credits.”

“It’s about time.”

“I thought they were never going to get around to it.”

“I thought the idiots weren’t even at the point where they realized it themselves.”

Okay, that was Bones.

Jim sat back down and glanced at Spock. His first officer was looking very concerned. Jim figured he looked the same.

“At what point do I say April Fools?”

Flash Fic, 04/29/2020

Jim used his bare big toe to poke Bones under the table where they sat eating breakfast. Well, if a huge plate of cinnamon rolls counted as breakfast. To Jim, it totally did. Jim still wore his pajama bottoms and a tank top, though Bones was fully dressed.

“Do you know what day it is?” 

Bones scowled over the rim of his coffee. “April 29th.”

“Well, yeah, obviously. And a Saturday, too. Before you add that.”

Bones smirked and popped gooey cinnamon roll bits into his mouth. “These are wicked good. Where’d you get them?”

“Get them?”

“What bakery?”

“They’re home made.”

“There’s no way you made these. You cook with two feet.”

Jim rolled his eyes. “Do not. And no, I didn’t. They were made for my anniversary.” He grinned.

“Anniversary? Of what?”

“The day Pike talked me into enlisting in Starfleet, of course.”

“Oh, of course,” Bones said, sarcastically. “Why didn’t I mark that on the calendar?”

“Why indeed.”

There was a knock on their door. Jim wiped his mouth on a napkin, rose and opened the door.

“Good morning.” Jim leaned in for a quick kiss.

“Good morning,” was the murmured response.

Jim returned to the table.

“Doctor. Are you enjoying the cinnamon rolls I made for Jim?”

Bones choked and stared at Spock with wide eyes. “You made them?”

“Of course Spock did! You didn’t make me anything.”

“Spare me.” Bones sighed. “But okay, yes, Spock, you made fantastic tasting cinnamon rolls.”

“Thank you, doctor. And they are from a vegan recipe.”

“Well, then, doubly impressive.” Bones got up from the table. “I should get to class.”

Jim looked at him quizzically. “It’s Saturday, there’s no class.”

“Still going,” Bones called, as he grabbed a coat and went out the door.

Jim snorted. “Sorry about that.”

“It is fine. In fact, I have the perfect solution for the doctor being uncomfortable.”

“Oh yeah? What?” Jim picked up a cinnamon roll and offered a bite to Spock, who took it.

“Move in with me,” Spock answered, after chewing and swallowing.

“Oh, that is perfect. I say yes.” He kissed Spock again and then made a yummy noise. “Mmm. Frosting.”

Flash Fic, April 27, 2020

Spock found his captain ruminating on the observation deck, where he could usually be found after a problematic mission. Fewer missions were these days, Spock mused. The crew and her officers being far more experienced than their first years. Still, like now, there were times when missions went terribly wrong.

“Hi, Spock.”

He was not surprised Jim knew of his presence even before his footsteps sounded on the floor in approach. Their link was strong, deep, and impenetrable by outside forces now.

“Doctor McCoy advised you insisted on being released.”

“Nothing wrong with me that a few days of sleep won’t cure.”

“Jim, the mission…”

“I know, babe. It’s just…that one was a little rough.”

“Ensign Davers was quite young.”

“Yeah. And will never get older now.” Jim sighed. Turned to look at Spock. “I’m grateful you’re safe.”

“As I am filled with gratitude for your apparent health.” Spock paused. “Come to our quarters. It has been too long since you’ve had anything proper to eat. And you could use a shower.”

“Saying I smell?”

“Certainly not. But your muscles are ill-used. I would like to pamper you. Cleanse you. Take care of you.”

Jim blinked rapidly and Spock knew he was trying to keep the moisture that threatened at bay. He didn’t hesitate any longer. He pulled his husband close, wrapping his arms around Jim and holding him as tightly as he dared.

“Thank you,” Jim whispered. “I love you. So much.”

Spock closed his eyes. “I love you too.”

Flash Fic, 04/24/2020

A Conversation

“Are you angry?”

“No. Not anymore. You?”

“My ire has significantly decreased.”

“Now see how can I stay mad when your Vulcan snootiness is such a turn on.”


“Well. I can hardly be blamed. You’re the hottest thing on two legs. Not that I’ve had anything on four legs.”


“Lately. Totally kidding. Oh now I’m getting your best snooty look. You did that on purpose to make me hotter.”

“If your temperature is elevated—”

“Oh it’s elevated buddy. And so is something else.”

“We had better go to the mess room.”

“Huh? For what?”

“Crackers to go with your cheese.”

“Oh. My. God. You just made a joke. Come here and kiss me.”

“You are impossible.”

“Impossible not to love.  Come on. Admit it.”

“I refuse to respond.”

“Afraid of incriminating yourself, huh?”

“Indeed. You spoke of kissing.”

“To make up. From our fight. And we can go beyond kissing too. If we want.”

“We do.”

Flash Fic 04/22/2020

“Can we get a dog?”


“Ah, come on, Spock,” Jim whined as they walked along the streets heading for their newly acquired apartment. “That dog we just saw was so damn cute.”

“Jim, we’ll be living in a high-rise apartment, a dog needs…”

“I’ll walk him. Like four times a day.” Jim paused. “Or her.”

“And when will you find time for that?” Spock asked wryly.

“I’m semi-retired.”

“Emphasis on the semi. Jim, I will be spending the better part of my days acting as an instructor at the academy and you will be working at HQ. You know there will be demands on your time.”

“I’ll hire a dog walker for those times we can’t walk the dog.”

Spock stopped, turned to Jim, and sighed. “You are very difficult to deal with when you are determined.”

Jim smiled. “You just figured that out after all this time, honey?”

“You do try my patience.”

“That’s why you adore me so.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “I adore you in spite of it.”

“Says you. So? Can we get the dog?”

“I do not know why you ask me when you have already made up your mind.”

“It gives me emotional security. Come on. Let’s go get that dog.”

Flash Fic, April 20, 2020

The door slammed shut behind Jim making him wince. He didn’t miss the way Spock’s back stiffened around the shoulders.

“Uh, sorry. Didn’t know it was going to do that.” He sidled up beside Spock, who was looking out at the yard, though Jim wasn’t really sure what there was to look at. Nothing but dirt for miles.

This place was…desolate to say the least. And the sooner they could get off this wreck of a planet and back up to the Enterprise, the better.


“Of course, Captain.”

Whenever Spock used that snooty tone, well, Jim was torn between two things. Being turned on, okay, well, with Spock there was always an element of that, and knowing he was in big fat trouble.

“What they said in there.”

“Is this when you tell me they didn’t mean it?” Spock’s voice was as cold as a glacier.    

“No. They meant it. And it was cruel and nasty and unacceptable. I won’t tolerate xenophobia or their disrespect to you.”

Spock turned to look at him. “Captain…”

Jim shook his head. “Every one of them is going to have a mark on their record. If we get out of this.”

“We will get out of this.”

He smiled a little. “I know. And the first Space Station we can reach, I’m getting rid of Hanson. I’ve already told him.”

“The appearance of…”

“This has nothing to do with our personal relationship, Spock. You’re my first officer as well as my science officer. A brilliant member of Starfleet. You deserve respect and nothing less.”

“Very well.”

Jim put his hand on Spock’s arm. “And this is coming from me…Jim. The guy who is crazy in love with you. I’m really sorry they said that shit to you and hurt you. I really want to kick their asses.”

Spock’s lips turned upward just a bit. “T’hy’la.”

“No, I mean it. Fuckers. I wish I could take every one of them out. But I can’t.”

Spock nodded. “I know.”

“When we get home, I want to wrap myself around you and hold you forever.” He paused. “Or at least until we have to go on shift.”

“I would like that very much,” Spock said softly. “I am used to behavior such as theirs.”

“I know. And I hate that you have to be used to it.” Jim put his hand on Spock’s face. “Let’s get to work. I can’t wait to get off this rock.”

“Agreed, Captain.”

And they turned to go back into the shack to figure out how to return to the Enterprise.

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