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My June Rambles

Gone again Sunday and Monday.

I worked 11 hours of over time this week. I’ll probably work some more over the next several weeks. I’m beat though but trying to squeeze in updates as I can.

I am working on a 5 Plus 1 story. Don’t knew when it’ll be out for consumption. I’ll probably do a few of these over the next few months as I do enjoy them. This first one is: 5 Times Jim and Spock Were With Other People and the One Time They Were Together.

I’ve been re-reading some old Professor-Cadet stories thanks to Eveningstar continuing that theme after First Impressions. It’s making me itch the write more Starfleet Academy.

But I’m also itching to write something angsty (with a happy ending of course) so we will see. I have all those WIPS to do too plus 3 more flashes for June and the Christmas in July stuff.

Plus later this month, on the 18th, my nephew is renting out an AMC theater for friends and family to see the new Jurassic Park movie for his birthday (36 I think). And at the end of June is Morro Bay. Busy always busy.

Don’t you worry though content is always coming!

See you sometime next week on the blog that’s it for now

May Day Ramblings

I don’t know the date anymore, but it was several years ago, that M and I returned from a trip to find that sister and Mom had purchased for us our first “Smart” TV from Walmart and left it for us in our house. It was pretty small as far as those things are concerned but we only had a small space in our IKEA purchased entertainment center.

We’ve wanted to upgrade for a number of years now but we had the same old obnoxious entertainment center. This year we decided to get a new one, entertainment center, that would accommodate a bigger Smart TV. So M finally ordered one and we’ve been procrastinating ever since. Today we packed away our DVDs/BluRays and gaming systems so that we could finally put together the new one and get the old one out the door.

It’s a big project but we want that new TV and want this old entertainment center that’s been around since the 1990s, no not kidding, gone.

It reminded me though how many movies and television shows I actually own! Probably thousands of dollars worth. When and if the dang thing is ever finished I will post a picture once we get the new television.

Anyway that’s what’s going around here on a Sunday.

Ramblings for the End of February 2022

Well nearing the end anyway

I have one more story to write for the Spring Fling but I did write three already. I also have to finish up February flashes.

This past week we took a short jaunt to Solvang, Santa Ynez and the Chumash Casino. I came home with about $800 so not too bad. I thought you might want to see some pictures from our little getaway.

Pastries from our favorite bakery in Solvang, Olsen’s
Flowers in Solvang
More Flowers from Solvang
Wine Tasting in Solvang
We’ve reached the Casino in Santa Ynez now
My strawberry drink, it was called a Russian Rose. It had vodka in it but tasted like a strawberry shake!

My Cesar Salad with anchovies, YUM

My Salmon, note the fancy plating! LOL
A cute machine with a $500 win for the sister, even the Panda’s are excited!
Heading home, a gloomy day in Ventura Harbor
More Ventura Harbor

Next trip is a 5 day one in about a month in Temecula with wine tasting, a resort pool, and Pechanga!

Ramblings for July 06, 2021

Say hello to my little goat friend. Yep I went to a fruit and vegetable stand that has a little farm and there’s one of the goats. Two, actually, because one is wisely in the shade in this picture. Anyhow, we haven’t gotten the beastly weather they are seeing in some parts of the west, but you know, hot enough.

I have now written and scheduled all but 5 of the Christmas in July stories and I know what two of those five will be.

Coming up and already scheduled is one for “Roommates”, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, TOS OMS set after TVH, a getting together flash, Vanik, and Kirk’s Children.

More to be written as I said.

Not yet sure what I will plan for August, but I promise I am already thinking about it.

This Week’s Rambling 05/19/2020

Finally got my posting date for the T’hy’la Bang story. It’s June 22nd. Yaoichan12’s is June 23rd. So we aren’t first but we aren’t last either. I did manage to write a bit more and I have to have it pretty much done by the end of this month. It will be. I don’t have that much to go.

As you know I finished Cadet Ashayam and my next plan is to finish Nine Lives too. I’m already very much itching to begin fleshing out Vanik’s story, aptly named, The Matchmaker. It will be part of my Starfleet Academy series.

I plan to continue a few threads of flashes for the June flashes, so stay tuned for that.

I must admit there are some really fantastic stories on AO3 right now and it’s a little intimidating. I love it as a reader but as a writer, yeah, I’m a little envious. Ah, well. Such is life I suppose. There is always someone better than each of us at something or other I guess!

I bought myself a desk. Don’t recall if I mentioned this. But I had been at my dining room table for six weeks working from home. I have two monitors. So every single weekend I had to take my equipment down off the dining room table just so we could have a dining room table. My stuff took up a huge amount of it. Six weeks of this.

So I broke down and got a desk for about $220. It’s you know cheap Ikea type furniture, but it works. I’m off the dining room table and by the cat box, ha ha, but it is what it is. I figure I will be here at least another six weeks maybe more, so…desk it was.

We also bought a little bistro set for our patio so we can sit out there this summer and enjoy since we can’t really go anywhere. Things are starting to open up slowly but we figured sprucing up our patio was rather overdue anyway.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend already. So it’s three days off for me and I’ll stop work at 1 on Friday like I would have if I’d been at the office but now I won’t have to walk home. I have a special flash for that Monday too.

And that’s the news that’s fit to print!

So I am…

Thinking out loud. No not the song. Although now that I mention it, you never know when that will become a song fic.

Nine Lives is coming to an end soon. By mid to late summer, surely. And I’ve been promising for a while to continue the story I started in Hello Darkness, My Old Friend, part one of the T’hy’la Chronicles. So I am thinking when Nine Lives is complete, that’s where I’m headed. Likewise, it won’t be much longer for Cadet Ashayam and that leads me to my next story after, Best Friends, in the How I Met My T’hy’la series.

That’s where my thoughts are going. Not sure when I will get to them, but they are coming.

I have a million stories I could write, we all know that. The one from here where Spock marries Uhura and Jim is suddenly very much in Carol Marcus’ orbit again. A full story with Vanik, the match-making child.

First I have to finish the Bang story. Has to be basically finished by the end of this month and then posted in June. I will get my posting date next week I believe. I had been matched with an artist but that’s all I have now. I think I can tell you the title now (pish even if I can’t I’m going to) and it is “The Closer I Get to You”

The closer I get to you
The more you make me see
By giving me all you got
Your love has captured me

Anyway there you have it. I’ll post more as I know it.

I have only one more flash to write for May. Will there be M,W and F flashes for June…stay tuned.

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Rambles, May 09, 2020

Don’t really have any May pictures yet. So you get one of theirs. Nice, huh?

Photo by Mike on

Today I heard that a place out here called the Soup Plantation was going out of permanent business. If you don’t have those out there, it’s basically a buffet restaurant, think Hometown Buffet or Golden Corral, is you have those. Basically they don’t think the health agencies will ever let them operate again under this modern day life with the pandemic, so they closed down. I’m not much of a buffet person, but that place was okay, when I went there, and it’s more sad to me that 4,400 people are permanently out of jobs.

This time, this year, is just…there are no words really.

My company seems to be indicating now that we won’t be getting back into the office for months. They are even temporarily closing entire offices so they don’t have to pay for space/electricity we are not using. I definitely don’t anticipate going back at least through the summer. This really is stunning and unprecedented to say the least. I don’t think they want to rush anything only to have us all sent back out again. But it has made for a significant adjustment.

And I feel like I am whining a bit because I have a job still, at least for now, unlike so many many others. And I am not sick, at least for now, and they are continuing to take steps to ensure not too many of us do get sick.

The media and government on all sides these days makes me a little nuts so I have cut back on my amount of news intake. I recommend you all do the same if you haven’t already.

A few good things with working from home is absolutely no commute. I get to sleep in about an hour later. When I turn off my computer in the afternoon I don’t have to get in a car and drive anywhere. I just move to the couch! I can change the sheets on the bed while at work and I can throw a load of laundry. I can also serve myself good coffee as often as I’d like. I get to see my cat all day, every day. So yeah good things. And I think we have to think of good things in this life when we can.

I still have four more flashes left to write for May, so if anyone has a suggestion, and by that, I mean a SIMPLE one. PLEASE. Not some long involved multi-chapter thing. I have enough of those now! Anyway, let me know.

Ramblings, 04/19/2020

So…let’s see…

I updated TWO stories yesterday, The Carrier and Cadet Ashayam! Woo hoo. I also wrote my Pinto de Mayo story and it’s good to go for May 5th.

I also got a few May flashes written but I still have many to go.

I did get a comment on Dating a Vulcan complaining about the way I portrayed glasses. Apparently I got it wrong even though I wear them myself. Go figure.

A few days ago, I entered the art claims phase for the T’hy’la Bang. I don’t think I will have any issues with having it finished by the end of May. I am not that far off now, really.

The one good thing about THIS one is they do the art claims differently then the last time I had participated in the Bang with the Art. They had a blog set up that they posted all the summaries of the stories and the artists came on and posted in comments what they wanted to do art for. The problem was, this was all open for anyone to see, including the writers, and so it was sort of like getting picked last for PE class. You could see how long it took for someone to want to illustrate YOUR story. And as you watched, others got picked and you were like, shit, what’s wrong with MINE? It kind of sucked. And I wasn’t even the last picked, but also not among the first.

This time, I think the summaries are only sent to the artists and then we are told who we get paired with when it’s all done. I think!

In other news I am out of bananas. I eat a banana every day and I have been out for three days. I will eventually have to go get some but not yet. I haven’t been to the store since April 01. M has been one time since then but it’s been over a week since either of us has. We aren’t out of much yet, other than bananas, so we will wait. Funny thing is that now there’s a shortage of flour. Can’t even order it on line! And I wanted M’s biscuits. Grr. but the last of the flour went to Hot Cross Buns last week for Easter for my sister.

I know, not much, really to complain about, but well…

Tomorrow’s flash is a good one. I think so anyway.

Oh and supposed to get hot here this coming week. By Thursday it’s supposed to be in the 90s. Yeah. So…from rain to immediately hot. How fun.

Rambles for April 04 2020

During my walk at lunch Friday I took pictures of one of the neighbor’s roses and thought I would share.

I finished The Fling as you all know. It had been a while since I finished one of my ongoing WIPs so it felt good to get it done.

And now the next check in for the T’hy’la Bang if the 18th of this month. If I want art claims I must be 75% done (or if it’s going to be 15,000 words at least 12,000 done). So that’s what I intend to work on for the next little while in April. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Tomorrow we are due a little rain, and I think Monday as well.

I am firmly entrenched at home with work and not going out even to the grocery store. At least for several days. I’m trying to stay in as much as I can. Originally on the 11th, we were supposed to go to a child’s 5th birthday party but that had to be canceled, obviously.

That’s the latest here. Stay in and stay well.

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