So…let’s see…

I updated TWO stories yesterday, The Carrier and Cadet Ashayam! Woo hoo. I also wrote my Pinto de Mayo story and it’s good to go for May 5th.

I also got a few May flashes written but I still have many to go.

I did get a comment on Dating a Vulcan complaining about the way I portrayed glasses. Apparently I got it wrong even though I wear them myself. Go figure.

A few days ago, I entered the art claims phase for the T’hy’la Bang. I don’t think I will have any issues with having it finished by the end of May. I am not that far off now, really.

The one good thing about THIS one is they do the art claims differently then the last time I had participated in the Bang with the Art. They had a blog set up that they posted all the summaries of the stories and the artists came on and posted in comments what they wanted to do art for. The problem was, this was all open for anyone to see, including the writers, and so it was sort of like getting picked last for PE class. You could see how long it took for someone to want to illustrate YOUR story. And as you watched, others got picked and you were like, shit, what’s wrong with MINE? It kind of sucked. And I wasn’t even the last picked, but also not among the first.

This time, I think the summaries are only sent to the artists and then we are told who we get paired with when it’s all done. I think!

In other news I am out of bananas. I eat a banana every day and I have been out for three days. I will eventually have to go get some but not yet. I haven’t been to the store since April 01. M has been one time since then but it’s been over a week since either of us has. We aren’t out of much yet, other than bananas, so we will wait. Funny thing is that now there’s a shortage of flour. Can’t even order it on line! And I wanted M’s biscuits. Grr. but the last of the flour went to Hot Cross Buns last week for Easter for my sister.

I know, not much, really to complain about, but well…

Tomorrow’s flash is a good one. I think so anyway.

Oh and supposed to get hot here this coming week. By Thursday it’s supposed to be in the 90s. Yeah. So…from rain to immediately hot. How fun.