Gone again Sunday and Monday.

I worked 11 hours of over time this week. I’ll probably work some more over the next several weeks. I’m beat though but trying to squeeze in updates as I can.

I am working on a 5 Plus 1 story. Don’t knew when it’ll be out for consumption. I’ll probably do a few of these over the next few months as I do enjoy them. This first one is: 5 Times Jim and Spock Were With Other People and the One Time They Were Together.

I’ve been re-reading some old Professor-Cadet stories thanks to Eveningstar continuing that theme after First Impressions. It’s making me itch the write more Starfleet Academy.

But I’m also itching to write something angsty (with a happy ending of course) so we will see. I have all those WIPS to do too plus 3 more flashes for June and the Christmas in July stuff.

Plus later this month, on the 18th, my nephew is renting out an AMC theater for friends and family to see the new Jurassic Park movie for his birthday (36 I think). And at the end of June is Morro Bay. Busy always busy.

Don’t you worry though content is always coming!

See you sometime next week on the blog that’s it for now