So my time in Solvang has come and passed. It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it?

We had a great time even though it was beastly hot. I am afraid I gained back a couple of pounds but this is certainly a lifetime journey of getting healthy again. So today is a fasting day. Coffee, tea, and broth for me.

It was nice to have a weekend by ourselves. I got a new teapot and we also got some flavored vinegars and oils. They have a year round Christmas shop there that I seldom buy anything at but this time they had a gingerbread man tree skirt. The sister has a collection of gingerbread men similar to my elves, so we texted her about it, and sure enough she wanted us to get it. All they had was one on display but they were able to sell it to us.

This coming weekend is our night at the Hollywood Bowl. We pick one every year to attend, go to a restaurant there, and then enjoy the whole outdoor arena under the stars thing. One year we saw Star Trek 2009 there with music played live to it. We are doing something similar to that this year but instead it is Empire Strikes Back from Star Wars. They also had a night with Harry Potter which I would have preferred but sometimes you have to go with what everyone else wants to see or whatever day happens to work out better for everyone. Anyway, I go for the dinner and the whole Bowl experience.

I put up The Ties That Bind on AO3 (formerly Bonding). Next up to update is Where My Demons Hide and then we will see where I go with updates after that.

We are in the middle of an excessive heat warning. I just read that the entire world is going to be faced with many more of those with global warming and climate change. I am sure you read or saw about the water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa, and fortunately they have beaten it for now. How scary. But I see Australia and Israel are facing severe droughts as well. So are we for that matter but I think it’s worse there. Humans are such wasteful creatures. So even if you aren’t facing a drought where you are, please consider some water conservation, for the planet if nothing else.

Have  a good week.