Spock eventually finished meditating and he rose from his mat with a graceful ease I very much envied. Vulcans really were superior.

He turned toward me with a little half smile. “You are staring rather than reading, T’hy’la.”

“Yeah, sorry. Watching you is a lot more interesting.”

I watched him then make his last minute preparations to join me in bed. We weren’t intimate much anymore and I wasn’t even sure why. I wanted to be but I suppose my condition made the appeal of it wane for Spock.

He pulled aside the covers and got in beside me, reaching his fingers out for mine. I touched them.

“Hey, we could…”

“What, Jim?”

I licked my lips. “With Suvoc coming we won’t have any opportunities and I was thinking…” I trailed off, feeling embarrassed.

“You were think?” Spock prompted.

“We could make love.”