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I Know

I said I would finish up Cosmic Love on AO3 and I swear I will soon. But right now I am concentrating very heavily on getting the Christmas in July stuff written, so it’s not going to happen as soon as I originally planned. I did finish up flashes for June and as of last night started the first Christmas in July Flash but I have many more to write so for right now that is where my thoughts and muse are!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

This Week’s Rambling 05/19/2020

Finally got my posting date for the T’hy’la Bang story. It’s June 22nd. Yaoichan12’s is June 23rd. So we aren’t first but we aren’t last either. I did manage to write a bit more and I have to have it pretty much done by the end of this month. It will be. I don’t have that much to go.

As you know I finished Cadet Ashayam and my next plan is to finish Nine Lives too. I’m already very much itching to begin fleshing out Vanik’s story, aptly named, The Matchmaker. It will be part of my Starfleet Academy series.

I plan to continue a few threads of flashes for the June flashes, so stay tuned for that.

I must admit there are some really fantastic stories on AO3 right now and it’s a little intimidating. I love it as a reader but as a writer, yeah, I’m a little envious. Ah, well. Such is life I suppose. There is always someone better than each of us at something or other I guess!

I bought myself a desk. Don’t recall if I mentioned this. But I had been at my dining room table for six weeks working from home. I have two monitors. So every single weekend I had to take my equipment down off the dining room table just so we could have a dining room table. My stuff took up a huge amount of it. Six weeks of this.

So I broke down and got a desk for about $220. It’s you know cheap Ikea type furniture, but it works. I’m off the dining room table and by the cat box, ha ha, but it is what it is. I figure I will be here at least another six weeks maybe more, so…desk it was.

We also bought a little bistro set for our patio so we can sit out there this summer and enjoy since we can’t really go anywhere. Things are starting to open up slowly but we figured sprucing up our patio was rather overdue anyway.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend already. So it’s three days off for me and I’ll stop work at 1 on Friday like I would have if I’d been at the office but now I won’t have to walk home. I have a special flash for that Monday too.

And that’s the news that’s fit to print!

I Know

Here I am again!

Got the update done for The Fling. Yay.

I am now diligently working on April flashes which I should have done in the next few days so that all flashes are done until May.

Leap story will be done this week and ready to go on February 29th. Then…the T’hy’la Bang story will be in very full swing.


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Rambles, January 16, 2020

Yesterday, I posted Chapter 11 of The Space in My Bed. I hope to have the final Chapter 12 up in the near future. I’ll be so happy to have another one finished. I am super excited by that prospect. I have new ideas to post, as you know (having done some sneak peeks) and I’d rather get a few more done before I do that.

Once that is all done I will turn my attention to an update for The Vulcan Who Fell to the Earth and Orchestral Maneuvers. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

Tomorrow is a flash that pretty much continues from a flash we saw at the end of December. Now when they become an ongoing story I think they lose flash status but whatever. I might write more on this storyline so stay tuned.

It’s a three day weekend for me and M as both of our companies get Monday as a holiday (MLK). I am quite happy about this. Sunday night we are going to dinner with the family, so that will be nice, but I have no other concrete plans other than to sleep! This is my last official holiday until Memorial Day (M’s company gets Good Friday off).

In other news we are supposed to get rain tonight, so wish us luck with that, as we always need rain.

In the continuing saga of what a pain cats are, we got this new bed for Luna for Christmas. See it there, all fluffy and cozy? Yeah, that’s not the one she is lying in. She’s in her old stupid bed. She is AFRAID of the new one. She sneaks up on it like it will attack her. Sigh. Cats.

Ramblings October 21, 2019

So I am struggling with the next part of Our So-Called Life. I kind of know what’s supposed to happen next, but I am not feeling the urge to write it. I tried. I opened it up and wrote a paragraph. And then closed it.

The answer? I’m going to put it away for now and mull on it. I may change what happens next slightly. We’ll see.

So while I am still working on my December stuff (6 and a half days done and scheduled. I should have the 7th done soon), I will move on to The Vulcan Who Fell to the Earth next instead. So expect that some time this week.

I’ve been enjoying writing the December stuff anyway. Other stuff will be updated as needed.

My three day weekend is at an end and it’s back to work tomorrow. Sigh. Wish I was rich. Don’t we all?

I’m a Little Behind

Went to see It Chapter 2 last night, of course, and it was good, but super long.

We got Subway before and I don’t know, maybe the turkey was bad, because I ended up sicker than a dog in the middle of the night. I didn’t go to work today but didn’t do much of anything but moan and groan.

Plus what I am working on is all at work, so…thus I am falling behind this week.

The flash for November 6th with my TOS guys is a little more complicated than I first thought it would be and I ended up making it into a series-ish thing like the other Wednesday Flashes. But stay tuned for more on that when November comes.

Then I was working on Nine Lives but it’s a bit stalled. I’ll get through it.

This Saturday I plan to finally make that cheesecake I found the recipe for I want to make, so Friday after work I need to go shopping for the stuff.

I will take pictures and let you know how it comes out.

And speaking of here’s one of Luna

Your Sunday Night Ramblings, September 08, 2019

I am currently working on the second to the last flash for October. This is the Wednesday flashes as I had already finished the Friday ones. Soon, October will be scheduled completely and in the bag.

For November, all my Friday flashes are done and scheduled. I need to finish my OMS story for posting for the challenge in November on A03 and then I will move on to my OMS Wednesday flashes for November. There are four Wednesdays in November.

Whew. Once that is all done, which I hope is this week, I will have everything written for October and November and so can than move on to updating another story on AO3. December stuff can wait just a bit.

I did manage to update The Space in My Bed. When I do update it will probably be Stranded 3, but we shall see.

In other news, the Insurance did pay us for the garage door, so now we have to order the door and wait until that comes in before we can get it installed. We’ve been told it can take a month! It’s never easy! But the insurance paying was good news.

Ramblings, September 01, 2019

We had a smashing time at the Hollywood Bowl and John Williams appeared himself. A spry 87 year old.

Of course probably his most famous music is Star Wars (even though he also wrote ET, Jaws, and Raiders of the Lost Ark among many others), and so naturally all the Star Wars Geeks were there with their light sabers.

A fun time was had by all. And we may have gotten a little smashed. I have a big time hangover.

As you know I went a little nuts and started Cadet Ashayam on AO3. Hope to get another chapter up this coming week as well as Didn’t We Almost Have it All, The Space in My Bed, and we will see what else.

It’s hot here but at least we aren’t facing a hurricane. My friend J keeps sending me stuff on Earthquakes, the latest one telling me that a previously thought dormant faultline under LA is not so dormant! Good times. It’s all kind of fascinating really. There’s so much we don’t know about this planet.

Still working on getting the garage door fixed. It’s a long and developing project/thing. Hopefully by the end of September we will have a lovely new garage door! Sheesh.

I still have flashes and OMS etc to write too but with my head pounding today who knows. We also invited the cousin over for shrimp kabobs later.

Anyhow, that’s it in my world right now. Hope yours is stable, cool and healthy

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