Well not really. But 75% done. And I submitted it for claims. I estimated 18,000 words, so if I go slightly higher I’m good, or slightly lower, I’d still be over the 15,000 minimum, but I doubt I will go under.

I guess what’s next, is they review all the stories submitted to ensure they meet what is required, and then the summaries are sent to the artists the week of April 27th. The weekend of May 2-3, the artists pick which story they’d like to illustrate for and authors find out who they are matched with May 4th. My story needs to be finished by May 30th. Piece of cake at this point. So that’s where I’m at.

Posting begins in mid-June. We shall see where everyone is at with this Covid-19 thing by then!

Here’s to my Beta for this story, J, who so far has done a “Bang” up job, I’ll have more for her next month! But it’s been much appreciated so far!
Jim is so overcome by it all, Spock has to carry him!

Anyway, so… that means getting some flashes done to post for the future, and a very short Pinto de Mayo story. Not much plot, and quite simple, but I will have something (Nope haven’t even started it). There will likely be only two of us posting a story that day.

And that’s the happenings right now!