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Coming to an AO3 Update Near You

Time marches on and so do expectations.

My next writing adventure (chapter) will be Our So-Called Life. When last we left our intrepid T’hy’la pair Spock was off to Starfleet Academy, leaving Jim once more behind.

And soon enough I am going to be skipping right ahead three years to Jim being an adult and joining Spock there. I haven’t decided whether to have one more chapter at 15 or skip ahead to Jim going there.

I’m at 37 chapters and I think 40 might be a good place to stop and it would be nice to have three chapters of them both as adults. But it’s not like there’s a rule that says I can’t do 41.

But that might be a few days as I am understandably behind at work and life in general.

Look for that next though!

And as the sergeant used to say at the end of every Hillstreet Blues (old show), “Let’s Be Careful Out There.”

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Er Just a Quick Update

As you see the summer Jacaranda trees are in full bloom

In other news, M got a new job and starts on this coming Monday the 21st. The hours suck at 9-530 but it is what it is and it’s a job, so that’s excellent.

I updated my sound of music AU, My Heart Wants to Sigh today. Yay!

That’s it for updating for a few days as tomorrow I am away for a few days on the family getaway.

I do have a flash set up for tomorrow and Friday so all is not lost.

Sunday Rambles, October 06,2019

So sorry I haven’t been around much this week. Work has been…work. And with crappy cell service, it’s been challenging. Then this weekend I have been busy too. I will try to be better about keeping in touch as I go forward.

I did update The Fling today.

I also posted the latest update to my Fall Guys this past Friday right here on the blog. Eventually, when their story is done, I will be posting the whole fic on AO3 but don’t look for that until the end of December.

I have to go to a party today, which I am dreading. Oh well. I will live through it.

Coming up next in updates will be My Devotion. I am back in the pattern of spreadsheet updates.

Finally, on October 23rd, our garage door will get replaced. TWO MONTHS later. But at least it will finally happen. I will be sure to post pictures of it when it does.

Wednesday coming up is an October related flash. And then Friday is the next update for the Fall Guys. Can’t wait for you to read it.

This week both of my co-workers are on vacation so I will be alone for much of it, working like mad to cover their jobs as well as mine. Fun fun fun. LOL

Talk soon

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Sunday Night Ramblings, September 15, 2019

Well, if I needed proof no one pays the slightest bit of attention to me on tumblr, I got it the other day when I attempted to tout my two song fics I posted here on there.

Crickets (yeah you get a cute animated one)

Ah, well live and learn.

I am excited for you all to read all my flashes coming up. I am thoroughly scheduled all the way through October now. I am soooo pleased with myself. I really am. Some of these flashes coming up are just great, if I do say so myself.

I have only the four Wednesday ones to write for November and then I will be finished for flashes all the way through then. I plan to have those done this coming week. My OMS story for November is complete too.

Once November’s are finished, I will take a break from writing flashes and not start the December ones until October.

AO3 updates for this week are Nine Lives and Cadet Ashayam. Sorry, that’s all I can manage right now.

Mylochkatee from tumblr has been going crazy with artwork today and she did a bunch for me. I have added some here for you to see but please check her out on AO3 and give her your kudos. They are well deserved. In particular check out the “Princes” one she did. Stunning.

Your Sunday Night Ramblings, September 08, 2019

I am currently working on the second to the last flash for October. This is the Wednesday flashes as I had already finished the Friday ones. Soon, October will be scheduled completely and in the bag.

For November, all my Friday flashes are done and scheduled. I need to finish my OMS story for posting for the challenge in November on A03 and then I will move on to my OMS Wednesday flashes for November. There are four Wednesdays in November.

Whew. Once that is all done, which I hope is this week, I will have everything written for October and November and so can than move on to updating another story on AO3. December stuff can wait just a bit.

I did manage to update The Space in My Bed. When I do update it will probably be Stranded 3, but we shall see.

In other news, the Insurance did pay us for the garage door, so now we have to order the door and wait until that comes in before we can get it installed. We’ve been told it can take a month! It’s never easy! But the insurance paying was good news.

Updating Stories and Stuff

I added Maybe, Probably to AO3 this afternoon. I don’t anticipate it being very very long, but it’s first chapter is up.

I have other stories in the works that I will not be posting until I have The Experiment finished.

Coming up for updating this week is The Mysterious One, Kirk’s Children and My Devotion. And a Friday flash. I had another suggestion for a flash given to me so I might do that. We shall see. And as usual, if I can do more, I will. But I think what I have listed here is probably plenty.

Tonight is Drag Queen Bingo at the Elk’s with my sister. Have no clue what it is, but that’s what we’re doing. Tomorrow is laundry and cleaning. I’ve been trying to give myself the weekends free from writing mostly to recuperate and so far I think it’s been working nicely.

Off to make myself tea and play my game that has a Carnival Event going on right now!

Thank you all so much for your support.

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