I am currently working on the second to the last flash for October. This is the Wednesday flashes as I had already finished the Friday ones. Soon, October will be scheduled completely and in the bag.

For November, all my Friday flashes are done and scheduled. I need to finish my OMS story for posting for the challenge in November on A03 and then I will move on to my OMS Wednesday flashes for November. There are four Wednesdays in November.

Whew. Once that is all done, which I hope is this week, I will have everything written for October and November and so can than move on to updating another story on AO3. December stuff can wait just a bit.

I did manage to update The Space in My Bed. When I do update it will probably be Stranded 3, but we shall see.

In other news, the Insurance did pay us for the garage door, so now we have to order the door and wait until that comes in before we can get it installed. We’ve been told it can take a month! It’s never easy! But the insurance paying was good news.