Yes my head

I said something about finishing The Ties That Bind. Er…I finished THAT story on August 15th! Lord save me from myself.

Really what is up next for updates is the kid story, Our So-Called Life. So, once I do the new chapter of Stranded 3 and Orchestral Maneuvers, THAT will be next.

None of that will be done before I finish September, October and November. The very good news is I have ONE story left for October. And one conclusion to write on the Wednesday flashes appearing this month. Then I move onto November. The Friday flashes for November are done but none of the Wednesday ones (4 of those). But I did finish my AOS OMS story to debut on AOS in November. Wooh.

Then one more quarter of my brain will be restored and I will have 3/4s to work on other stuff. Yah….