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I’m working on completing Random Stranger so I hope to have that done and up soon within the next few days.

I’m in the office today for the last time for May. My boss wanted to take us to lunch so we went in.

This Sunday will be two years since my mother passed away so my sister and I are having a little memorial that day, going to the grave, having a special meal, drinking some wine. I have the next day, Monday the 22nd off. I also have a vacation coming up at the end of May and a funeral to attend. So I’ll be happy to get Random Stranger finished.

So that’s it for now! I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

Roses from sister’s backyard

Another Brief Update

Unfortunately I just won’t be able to update any of my WIPs on AO3 this week. Ran out of time and energy and I do apologie

Tomorrow I plan to have a tiny sequel to Monday’s flash and then I will add that to AO3 as requested.

The good news (or bad depending on your POV) is that for the rest of May I plan on devoting my time to updating WIPs on A03 instead of posting flashes here. I will have a flash May 10th for Evening’s birthday and if I feel like it one or two might pop otherwise, but I really need to devote some time to those fics waiting to be updated.

I leave Thursday morning and won’t be back until Sunday night.

Thank you so much for your support

Running Behind

I am SUPER behind on everything (sorry). Life is kicking my butt right now and demanding my attention but I am working on things

In an effort to get Bombay finished this week, I am going to be concentrating on that until it’s done, then I should have part two of yesterday’s flash up Monday.

And then if I have time before my Paso Robles trip I will update Welcome to the Enterprise

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Question for Anyone Who Knows (or wants to discuss)

In many fanfics, people write that Spock doesn’t need as much sleep as Humans, implying that Vulcans don’t. I myself have written that But I think that I was merely echoing other writers without doing my own research. Bad me

Does anyone know where this is from? Did the fandom make it up? Did Spock actually ever say it in an episode and I just don’t remember? Is it from a licensed Star Trek novel?

Last night I watched a first season TOS episode, the Archons one, and Spock is clearly sleeping while Kirk keeps watch. So indeed Spock DOES sleep and there is no mention of him not needing sleep but maybe he does say it at some point and I can’t recall?

Anyone? Please educate me. It’s been eons since I’ve watched every single episode of TOS but I definitely don’t remember it from the TOS movies.


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I got the Bombay update done and it’s scheduled to post tomorrow morning!

And I am almost done with the chapter of The Wrong Captain (I am guessing sometime tomorrow)

So yay!

Oh and FYI if you don’t know about it, AO3 now has a feature where you can mute users. Not block but mute. I’ve been using it quite a bit and it’s great. Everyone who posts Spock/Uhura or Spock/Bones gets immediately muted, LOL. It’s lovely. So I highly recommend it if you don’t care to see that stuff.

Running Behind

Just a bit.

Still catching up from my break, so yes I’ve got lots to do.

I also had an internet outage Tuesday. Our router died and I had to make a trip to Best Buy for a new one. Man have they gone up in price since I bought my last one! Sheesh. Everything has, I know.

I also went to see Dungeons and Dragons Tuesday. Cute! Fun movie. And Chris is adorabe. Spoiler alert: He lives.

When I came back from the movie, I had to set up the router so I was up late. The good news is they make those so easy to set up these days.

Anyhow, I haven’t yet done the next part of Bombaby. But will get it up sometime Friday if it’s not first thing.

I have some home projects to do this weekend but I hope to get the next chapter of The Wrong Captain done too. Busy busy.

I’ve got two trips coming in May. May 04-07going to wine country and doing wine tours and whooping it up with beautiful scenery. That’s in Paso Robles. Then later in May I’m off to San Diego/Temecula again May 25-28.

So look for Bombaby sometime Friday and everything else as I can get it done.

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Happy Easter

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To those who observe.

And I’ll have a flash up tomorrow!

Blog Announcement

As alluded to (or plainly stated) in today’s comments, I am taking April 01-April 09 off from posting.

Here on the blog and on A03. I need the break.

What that means is that April 7 (Good Friday) there will be no “Bombay” post. There will be one for this Friday, March 31, 2023, though.

And alas this is not an April Fool’s Post early. I’ll have something up April 10th. Thank you!

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Bombay Flash

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Spock now sat in his living room, cat on his lap, trying to wrap his logical mind as to why Commander James T. Kirk would be the cat that Spock had rescued and was now fostering.

A line from an old Earth’s scribe came to mind.

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

From all accounts and Starfleet records, James Kirk was an ordinary Human. A brilliant, high-achieving one, notwithstanding. However, if the cat now staring at him with striking blue eyes was indeed Kirk than accounts were not accurate.

Now there was a chance that something on the planet the shuttlecraft had crashed on had somehow turned Kirk into the creature now in Spock’s apartment, but Spock didn’t think so.

He recalled after speaking with George Samuel Kirk that he read that the hole in the door of the shuttle had been too small for a Human to escape through, which was one of the reasons the authorities had decided that Kirk perished along with the others in the crash, even after not finding evidential remains. And that had been a logical conclusion if they did not have all the information needed to determine that.

But George Samuel Kirk had declared to Spock without hesitation that the hole in the door had been big enough for Jim. And if Kirk was in the form of this feline on his lap, that would make him fit through that hole.

Yet Kirk, if this was indeed somehow him, had not changed back to Human form.

“What are your secrets?” Spock asked Bombay.

Bombay made the tiniest of meow sounds, more like a kitten than a full-grown cat and then put his paw on Spock’s face.

Spock blinked at the cat. “You want me to meld with you?”

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