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Updates of a Sort

Yes, yes, I am well aware I need to do an update on Random Stranger. I am working on it. Actually that’s a lie. I’m not. But I will be. I am actually working on chapter 2 of Bombay as I need to have that up for Friday, but once that chapter is done, I will on Random Stranger.

So little time to get everything I need to get done. Sigh. And I have been admittedly lazy lately. Maybe I should have that AI program write my chapters as the spam I keep getting on this site suggests, LOL

This weekend is one of my great niece’s 5th birthday party. They live in a place called Rancho Cucamonga and it is about an hour and a half away, so not only do you have to spend hours at the party but tack on 3 hours for travel to and from. Ah, well. Such is life.

I don’t have any pretty pictures of my own I am afraid as I have been lazy there too. No walking or anything. Shameful.

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February Theme

If I’m gonna keep this thing going and I guess I am for now, the plan for February is Love, obviously.

How does this differiante from every other Spirk flash? Who knows.

Well, okay, Love in February is how.

Anything you just MUST see,let me know.

Haven’t decided what the days of the week will be yet

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Happy New Year 2023

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Saw This Posted Somewhere and Thought I’d Share

Would have been cuter had they had the same poses but cute nonetheless!

Flash Fic, December 09, 2022

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“I’m afraid the storm is just getting worse, m’lord.  It’s best not to travel to the country right now and stay in London.”

Of course Zach knew his solicitor was right. The snow had begun in London that morning and instead of letting up, it snowed harder, the wind picked up to be a biting cold, and visibility was next to nothing. It would be far too dangerous to travel England’s country roads by carriage.

He’d briefly thought of taking his stallion and making his way to his country estate, but even he knew that was foolhardy. It just wasn’t going to be the Christmas he had planned for. Perhaps, weather permitting, he’d  get the chance to be reunited with Chris on Twelfth Night.  

“Yes, you are correct, of course. And speaking of, it’s time for you to go home to be with your family, Jenkins. I’ll see you after the new year.”

After that, Zach spent the rest of the day sending the rest of his servants on their way so that he’d have his London residence to himself, at least until the next afternoon.

“I’ve set out your dinner in the dining room, sir,” his housekeeper, Mrs. Anderson, advised. “And I’ll be back in the morning to prepare your breakfast.”

“No, no, don’t bother. I won’t be up for hours. I plan on sleeping in. No need to come tomorrow until about two. And if the storm is worse, don’t bother coming until the day after.”

“But m’lord—”

“Now, Mrs. Anderson, be on your way.” He pressed some extra coins in her hand. “And Merry Christmas.”

“Thank you, sir.”

And she was the last of those he dismissed. He was now quite alone in his London home and on the Eve of Christmas.

Zach ate his dinner of roasted goose, vegetables and a Christmas pudding.

Later he sat in his parlor, sipping some sherry and staring glumly into the roaring fireplace. He was feeling a bit sorry for himself to be sure. And it certainly it wasn’t the only Christmas he’d ever spent alone. And once the storm passed, he could travel to the country and eventually see his lover.

At some point he must have fallen asleep because he woke to the unmistakeable sound of a key in his front door.

Straigtening, he got up from his settee, left his parlor, and made it to the front entryway in time to find the door opening and Chris stepping into his home.


Snow covering his hair, Chris laughed, and closed and locked the door. “Happy Christmas.”

And as he went into Zach’s arms, he murmured, “It is now.”

*Kind of has a Cyndi Lauper’s I Drove All Night feel to it I think*

Please Check it Out

The K/S Advent Calendar has begun and the very first entry is to my prompt! Do yourself a favor and read this adorable kid fic!

The Bestest Gift of All

If that doesn’t put in you in the holiday mood I don’t know what will!

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Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar 2022

The information about the K/S Advent Calendar for this year is up. Check it out! Thanks to J for the reminder as I forgot entirely when it was supposed to go live!

I have already “claimed” 4 prompts including one of my own. But should you desire to create one that you’d like me to attempt just let me know here in the comments which one once you posted it.

My particular Do Not Wants for these stories: McSpirk, MCD, BottomSpock, Rape/Non-Con, Mpreg, FemKirk, FemSpock

Other than that I am open to almost anything else.


I am pretty sure my state ha moved to the sun.

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If I can make it to Saturday it’s supposed to be down to 83. I can’t wait. That seems so cool now. LOL

Had to block someone else on AO3. This person felt the need to tell me my stories made no sense and also that I should be tagging my stories for her triggers. So yep, blocked. I just don’t get why people are like that but whatever.

I expect to work over time again starting tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers this might be the end of it. We will see. I have gotten a good start on chapter 3 of A Heart Needs a Second Chance.

Gotta work on more September installments too,

I think that’s all I have to say for now! HA

Things Will Still be a Little Slow

Sorry to say it is going to be slow still with updates a bit as I catch up on so many things

When I do get to it, it will be the second chapter of my controversial cheating Jim story. This chapter will be from Spock’s POV.

Thanks for hanging in!

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