I added Maybe, Probably to AO3 this afternoon. I don’t anticipate it being very very long, but it’s first chapter is up.

I have other stories in the works that I will not be posting until I have The Experiment finished.

Coming up for updating this week is The Mysterious One, Kirk’s Children and My Devotion. And a Friday flash. I had another suggestion for a flash given to me so I might do that. We shall see. And as usual, if I can do more, I will. But I think what I have listed here is probably plenty.

Tonight is Drag Queen Bingo at the Elk’s with my sister. Have no clue what it is, but that’s what we’re doing. Tomorrow is laundry and cleaning. I’ve been trying to give myself the weekends free from writing mostly to recuperate and so far I think it’s been working nicely.

Off to make myself tea and play my game that has a Carnival Event going on right now!

Thank you all so much for your support.