Just one more part to go for this series of flashes!

When Spock arrived at the Rec Room, early, he quickly noted that the captain was already there, again not his usual practice, and he was seated at a table for four with McCoy, Scott, and Keenser. They were playing some sort of card game.

Spock approached. “Captain?”

“Oh hi, Spock. Got involved in this game here with the guys. I meant to message you to tell you no chess game after all.” Jim smiled. “Sorry. Another time?”

He could not help it, he felt himself stiffen, even as the other three occupants of the table stared up at him. Spock could not have said why, but he was convinced that Jim had started the game himself with the other three deliberately to get out of the game with Spock.

“Very well, Captain. If you will excuse me.”

And as Spock walked away, he heard McCoy whispering to their captain.

After that, Spock decided there was a reason Jim would not agree to spend time with him, and whatever it was, Jim would tell him when he felt like it. In the meantime, Spock would cease to bother him with invitations to play chess or other time together.

A week went by before, Nyota pulled him aside into the turbolift.

“Spock, what’s going on with you?”

“To what do you refer?”

“You’ve been ignoring the captain for days. Barely speaking to him. Everyone’s noticed.”

Spock frowned slightly, “Has the captain noticed?”

Nyota gave him an incredulous look. “Of course he has. Haven’t you noticed the looks he’s been shooting you? Spock, if this is the way you intend to woo Jim, I’m afraid you’re going to fail.”

“I am not attempting to woo him.”

“Why not?”

“Because he has given no indication that he returns my affections. And in fact…”

“No indication?” She slapped the wall of the turbolift. “I give up. You two are too much for anyone.”

The doors to the turbolift opened and Nyota hurried out, leaving Spock standing there by himself.