I hope to get one more walk with me in September posted before the end of the month. Only two weeks to do it in though and I don’t like to walk too much when it’s hot, which it’s been.

As you know I posted You Sang to Me on AOS and will do Nights are Forever soon.

I also ended up posting a Star Trek TOS story related to Amok Time. I’m pleased with the response I’ve gotten for it. Thank you.

Next up in Nine Lives when I can get to it.

And speaking of It…we are off to see It Chapter 2 tonight. I know you are all cowering and making faces as you read this. HA HA

Tomorrow is the next part of the Clueless Vulcan Wednesday flashes. Alas that Vulcan is still clueless. The conclusion is September 25th. Friday is the next song flash which I must admit greatly amuses me and is quite clever. It’s based on a song from my absolute fanatical love of a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical as a kid. I own the DVD of the musical. So…look for that. I know I will! LOL