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Rambles and Mini September Walk With Me

So managed to update a couple things on AO3 this week including My Heart Wants to Sigh and The Carrier.

I am still working on getting October flashes done. I need to get my act together because I still have November ones and the Christmas story, oiye.

So I did a mini walk of September. See below.

Just looking down a pathway at a tree with pink flowers
This tree is beginning to lose leaves for the upcoming fall season
See? His leaves! LOL
These guys have lost a lot of their pink flowers now

Even the Jacaranda trees have lost all their pretty purple flowers
The sky is less smoky today then it’s been but we’re still in a bad air alert until Thursday
This tree has little flowers still but not sure what kind it is
One of the fallen ones!

Sorta Walk With Me August and Sorta Ramblings

Don’t remember if I did a walk for August so anyway, thought I’d post a few pictures around my area I took.

The last few days haven’t been bad and it even got into the high 50s at night. But Labor Day Weekend predictions are absolutely beastly with 106 on Saturday. I keep praying they are wrong.

An ugly hazy sky
More ugly haze
The little fountain by my house
Another view of the fountain
Cool flower
Sister-in-law’s cat, Mr. Kitty

Tomorrow will be the last of the summer themed flashes. I am still not done with September. I have 5 left to go. To be honest I am struggling because I feel like I have done everything and it’s hard to come up with something different. But maybe I am overthinking it and you’ll be okay if it’s something I’ve written before, just as long as you can read about Jim and Spock.

Anyway hope everyone has a good week.

Rambles 02/24/2020

The ice plant in the neighborhood is in full bloom.

So I haven’t made any progress on the Bang Story other than the initial 1,000 words I have written. Not sure how I feel about that. TCIGTY is the acronym for the story. I think I can reveal THAT much. This Saturday is our first check-in and half of me is thinking of pulling out (no pun intended). I’m a little unmotivated.

In other news I did get updates done on a few stories and wrote a quick song related story, so all was not lost.

This week, on Wednesday, I think, I am meeting friends for happy hour. Meh. Not really in the mood. Leap Day I am going to a charity event with my sister at the local Elk’s Lodge. Also my Leap Story, Four Years Later, will be posted.

Got flashes on Wednesday and Friday. Wednesdays involves the mysterious time-traveling Spock. Fridays is a fluff piece involving TOS OMS. Something to look forward to.

In the meantime, writing-wise. I will see what I can get done this week on that Bang Story so I can make my decision.

Work is still crazy busy (nope we have not even posted the job for the third person yet).

Last week of February is upon us. Next Sunday is March. Things are looking up!

Ramblings of February 15, 2020

Hello my friends

Here are some flowers for you from our work campus

And here is the cheesecake we bought for last night from the store.

Cute right? The worst tasting cheesecake I’ve ever had. Worst. I love cheesecake. This was not it. I even had to check to make sure it wasn’t vegan. It was not. M thought it tasted like meat. Just awful.

Today my friend is throwing a February Friendsgiving. Turkey is on the menu as well as M’s tiramisu. Also wine. Naturally that.

The good news is I have finished all my flashes and scheduled them through April now. Including a birthday flash for Kris.

So now I can thoroughly immerse myself in the T’hy’la Bang story. Wish I could use the title here but I guess I’m not allowed to reveal any details or whatever. My first check-in is the end of this month and it says something about an “outline”. I do not outline. Ever. Nope. Won’t be this time either. So, yeah, we’ll see how THAT goes.

We are officially back in a drought as we have had a pretty dry winter. I knew it was coming. So that’s about it for now.

Talk soon!

Rambles, 02/09/2020

Nope, I don’t watch the Oscar’s. I did see Chris with his girlfriend in a pre-Oscar party pic. Looks like he is getting ready to start the Walter Cronkite movie based on the stache he is sporting.

I found my favorite wine is now made in cans.

In the continuing saga of the Fraud on my Macy’s American Express card, well, yes, it’s still going on. My mind boggles too. I have come to hate Macy’s with a purple passion. Any other color passion too.

The winds are back. For the next three days. Hurricane force at times. Lovely.

I am…behind. I have made progress on the Leap story but it is not finished. I need to get the chapter of The Fling done THIS WEEK. And I have made zero headway for my T’hy’la story. I have to provide my first update on the 29th. Ugh. Just…yeah. I’ll get there. But if I can get the update for The Fling done and the Leap story finished, then I think I can concentrate on the Bang story for a while. I am SO sorry that will mean less updates on AO3.

Wednesday is My Funny Valentine, a TOS Valentine’s Flash, and also a Song Flash. Yay. It will get posted to AO3 too eventually under my holiday collection. Friday is an AOS Valentine’s story.

I did go for a walk yesterday but there were no new pictures to take for February. We’ll see what I can come up with later!

Hope everyone has a good week.

Rambles 01/21/2020

Not a whole lot to report that you don’t already know. It’s back to work today after my long weekend. Bummer.

I’m still trying to decide what to write for the T’hy’la Bang. I’d like to start it sooner rather than later. I have an issue here at work with Word now. I can send files back to myself at home that open just fine, but if I work at something at home and try to send it here, they won’t open. This is going to be challenging on a longer fic like I have to write here.

They have a new chat room set up with this group of participants and I did get a nice comment from someone on there saying they were a fan. From the introductions so far everyone will be working on TOS, sigh. I’d like to see mylochkatee sign up as an artist because I am sure she would be amazing but I haven’t seen her on tumblr in sometime, so bummer.

Next up for updating when I get to it is The Vulcan Who Fell to the Earth. I did get my Friday flash done but it’s pretty short. I need to get my February stuff done too so other updates might take a backseat to that while I get those done. I have one Valentine flash done and scheduled but I need one more. Since I am restarting Wednesday flashes in February I think I have seven still to write.

I may revisit the two times a week flashes in the future if it starts interfering with my writing for the T’hy’la thing, but we shall see.

Ramblings, January 14, 2020

Here are some pictures from January including a very lazy cat.

January Trees
Different Colors of Leaves
Luna sleeping in

I’m behind schedule at the moment. I’ll throw something together to post as a flash for Friday but I haven’t done it yet.

Sunday I went to drop something off at the sister’s house and we got to doing some wine drinking and before I knew it I was three sheets to the wind. I didn’t barf, but Monday I woke with a bitch of a hangover. I even called out sick and pretty much spent the day vegging and watching youtube videos of which I am not proud. But it put me behind on updates.

Before I get to working on finishing The Space in My Bed, I will get that flash done.

Last week we saw Jumanji 2 and I quite liked it. Very cute and amusing. Tonight is Star Wars.

Still haven’t gotten back to normal food and financial wise after the holidays but I am working on it.

Rambles for November 12, 2019

In case you are wondering (did I tell you this already? Might have), I got the wine. They had it.

Yippee. Funny story. Sister had offered to split it with me so I was only going to get 6 days. I am sure I told you this part. Didn’t I? So she gave me $35 and I went through the box to take her 6 out and then…

She bought another collection from World Market that was 24 days of wine for $100 (attorney, retired but still she has more moola than I do). So she told me to keep all of mine and the money too.

As you know I started posting At His Side (Fall Guys) on A03. I will not be posting November until all the entries for November are done here.

Wednesday is Try to Remember

I am working on the conclusion of Transfer Request so that will be done this week. Yay, I’ll have another finished.

Tuesday night’s movie is the latest Terminator.

Rambles for a Monday, November 04, 2019

Had a fairly quiet weekend at home with M. We did have someone come over on Sunday though but with the time change and it being dark as hell by 5:30, she thankfully left at a decent time.

Didn’t get much done writing-wise. I did post a short flash as you know. I am determined this week to update Cadet Ashayam, just don’t know when. I did get two more Holiday flashes done and am half way through another and those are just taking precedence right now, but I will get to Cadet Ashayam.

This week is supposed to be warm and dry, though thankfully, I think, anyway, wind-free. It cools off at night at least.

We’ve already begun to plan for Thanksgiving even though it’s at the end of the month. It’s at our house. We’ll have about seven of us again this year. That means decorating! HA. Those are leaves and pumpkin lights though you can’t really tell.

Anyway, later this month I will indulge in my two Thanksgiving-related movies.

Of course, I have other writing to finish as well, including the AOSJim/Prime Holiday story. Not sure what I will title it yet, but if anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear. Here’s the plot:

After his revival, Jim finds himself mostly alone in the hospital. The crew has been given leave, and with it being holiday time, they’ve all dispersed since Jim will make a full recovery. Into this come Spock Prime. He reveals that he knew of Jim’s “death” due to their T’hy’la bond. When Bones wants to go to Georgia for the holidays to see his daughter, Prime volunteers to watch over Jim during his absence, and Jim moves into an apartment with Prime. Jim begins to add bits of the holidays into their lives and an indulgent Prime allows it and eventually succumbs to the adorable charms of the season and his young T’hy’la.

Title ideas? I’d like something merry/holiday sounding.

Hope everyone has a great week.

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