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Tuesday Rambles, September 17, 2019

I hope to get one more walk with me in September posted before the end of the month. Only two weeks to do it in though and I don’t like to walk too much when it’s hot, which it’s been.

As you know I posted You Sang to Me on AOS and will do Nights are Forever soon.

I also ended up posting a Star Trek TOS story related to Amok Time. I’m pleased with the response I’ve gotten for it. Thank you.

Next up in Nine Lives when I can get to it.

And speaking of It…we are off to see It Chapter 2 tonight. I know you are all cowering and making faces as you read this. HA HA

Tomorrow is the next part of the Clueless Vulcan Wednesday flashes. Alas that Vulcan is still clueless. The conclusion is September 25th. Friday is the next song flash which I must admit greatly amuses me and is quite clever. It’s based on a song from my absolute fanatical love of a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical as a kid. I own the DVD of the musical. So…look for that. I know I will! LOL

Thursday Rambles and Updates

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I’m working on other updates (getting my Fall Spirk’s flashes done through November, I got next Wednesday’s flash done, and there are some other things I’d like to get taken care of writing-wise) so this basically means a short wait for the next AO3 update, which will be The Space in My Bed, before another update for Stranded 3. Those might be pushed to Sunday and beyond into next week. But you can expect the first song flash tomorrow.

Saturday afternoon and evening I will be at the sister’s. She’s having wood floors put into her house next week so we’re going there Saturday to help her pack some stuff up as a result. We’ll have dinner and sit out on her patio afterward. We will consider it the last hurrah of Summer even though we can expect it to remain quite warm here.

Still working on the garage door stuff. We had the last estimate yesterday of four estimates. We’ve submitted everything to insurance and are just waiting. All these places have to order a door which can take additional weeks until we can get it done so we are hoping we can get that ordered soon. Nothing is ever simple, is it?

So I’m going to be slowing down a bit on AO3 updates so I can get all the stuff done on here too. So please bear with me. I have just two chapters left of Didn’t We Almost Have it All (And I absolutely know how I want to end it) and though I could write on them forever, on the other hand, it’s not fair to those who want their firm happy ending. So look for that soonish as well as the ending of The Ties That Bind and possibly Nine Lives. All good things must come to an end, don’t you think? So while I work on millions of other things, look for those too. Hopefully I can keep my sanity!

Brief Rambles

Lazy Luna

A few brief things. You may see a new color scheme on here. Not sure yet if I like it so I might change it again. Right now it looks…bloody.

I’ve written my first two song flash fics for September and scheduled them. Two left to go. For October I might do pumpkin/autumn/Halloween themed flashes, but don’t worry you scaredy cats, I’m not going to get too scary. After all, you may recall Professor Spock began on Halloween several years ago now.

Haven’t decided on November yet, but when I get to December, I bet you can guess what they will be related to! HA

I updated the Pinto story, Orchestral Maneuvers. Again, there’s a Pinto flash on Friday. I may just hit those other two song fics before tackling Transfer Request, so that’s liable to push that out until next week.

It’s 101 today. Yeah. So.

Next week begins August already, if you can believe it. I’ll try to do a walk with me for that month without dying from heatstroke, but I might actually change locations for it, so you can see something different.

Weekend Ramble July 20, 2019

Hello friends

I stalled a bit on All I Ever Wanted because of getting Our So-Called Life started again, but I still intend to get the last two chapters of this fic done this week. It’ll be good to have another story finish.

Once that is completed, I will be going back to Nine Lives and then Transfer Request. I don’t think I will be completing those, just updating them.

I don’t really remember but I thought last year at this time the coordinator who does the OMS challenge got in touch with people who do it or were interested or posted something about it in July and so far I haven’t heard anything about this year. So I wonder if that means it’s a no go or if I am mis-remembering! HA. If it is a go, I will probably put something together for the November posting.

Today isn’t supposed to be too hot here. I know it’s horrible right now in other parts of the country. Only 81 today. But then getting up into the 90s the rest of the week.

We get a free lunch today at the local seafood restaurant. I am excited! Because we are on their emailing list. So that’s something we are doing today. The rest of the weekend is just chill.

Hope you have a good weekend, time, etc, with whatever you are doing.

And stay cool

Ramblings March 31 2019

I made pea soup. Yes, I did. It’s made with spring peas. It was not terrible.

Where M is he gets no phone service. I am very very sad. We’ve exchanged a couple of emails though.

I was challenged to write a new chapter of Primal Lust. It’s coming soon and may shock the more feint of heart.

I will also be posting chapters of The Mysterious One and My Devotion. I did already finish a flash for Friday. I think that’s about all I can manage for this week, honestly, since I am watching stuff.

I watched all of I Am the Night. Chris was fantastic in it. And so was the little actress in the main roll. Creepy story though.

I’m catching up on the first season of Discovery as well. I watched Rio Bravo and some Harry Potter movies also. We’ll see what else I can get up to.

And now we’re going into April already. Time flies.

March 08, 2019 Ramblings

I know it didn’t get a whole lot of reaction, but Didn’t We Almost Have It All was updated yesterday. I figure there are a couple of reasons. It’s been an angst fest, honestly, and that chapter certainly was, plus, yeah, it’s been going on for a while, I get that. Which actually leads me to the question in my own head how much longer it should go. Jim needs to talk to Bones again, to check on him, and there’s more stuff he could deal with Spock about, and the plain truth of it is, I’m not really ready to let this Jim and Spock and even Bones go yet. So it’s a dilemma. At what point are you simply indulging yourself with no real purpose? I don’t know.

I’ve started the next chapter of The Experiment. It’s a much happier, fluffier chapter, leading to the conclusion of that one. I could write on them forever, really, but there are other Academy fics waiting in line to show their pretty faces, so alas, I must let go.

It sure was hard to get out of bed this morning. M got a new phone, the 7, which you know I know Apple has passed by, but it was an improvement on his old one, believe me, but it was a pain to set up and he was in a very bad mood, and even said he was just going to send it back. I got it up and running after some curt words between us, LOL, and believe me, he’s quite apologetic and grateful to me now.

Today I booked our favorite hotel in Morro Bay, but the day we are going is not until October. See we decided we might be able to go in the fall, so I recalled that there was one year we were up there when one of the nearby towns had a scarecrow festival. Basically the whole town decorates scarecrows all over. Some are really really impressive. We had such a good time looking at all their creations and it’s just fun. So I thought I should book it for when it’s going on. It’s only one night but I hope we can make it. I have to cancel by October 15 (the night is the 19th), so we shall see.

After I get the Chapter of The Experiment done, I intend to rest my brain the rest of the weekend. Mindless fun will be on the menu. And then back at all the writing on Monday. I think up next is The Ties That Bind but not positive.

In the meantime, be at peace.

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